Moody P (NA)
: Garen rework misconceptions
I'll support any revert from the mass reworks except maybe Darius. The juggernaut update was when Riot jumped the shark.
Wordse (NA)
: I've been arguing with a friend of mine about the glut of offensive options in the game and why Defense is not a real option which boils down to if defense was too great the individual games would not move forward reaching a stalemate of tanks being actually unkillable which I think is a little hyperbolic but not entirely wrong is there really a way to make tanks happy and damage dealers happy?
The problem with Defense vs Offense is actually with a problem with Esports. In a game where objectives can be taken without really needing to interact with the enemy team, the overall meta trends towards being unable to die than being able to kill. This isn't prevalent at low skill levels because even if they go defense they can be steam rolled because they make too many mistakes, but at the pro level there will always be a slow trend towards defense if defense is good. This makes pro play a lot less fun to watch. So as a function of esports existing the game is eternally cursed to be a nukefest.
: I love League, I played it for 10 years. But you make me want to quit.
The tank item rework really messed everything up. What's even the point when you can't get enough stats to spam laugh under enemy turrets in the middle of their team?
: Completely Random Question: If a Champ's VGU was made today, who would you do?
You have given me too much power. I'm going to rework {{champion:2}} to be a cute anime girl and watch the fallout from a safe distance. Also his kit is exactly the same, but he's unkillable and none of his attacks do damage. If {{champion:23}} is in the game they can do a gem fusion to create a character that is immune to death and CC, permanently locked at 1 HP and gains attack speed and crit based on how low his health is. This brings up important philosophical questions, is the fusion still married to Ashe? There are other, more inappropriate questions too. Starting at 25 minutes, Olaf initiates Ragnarok and all fun is removed from the current match. There is no towers. There is no minions. There is no mobs and no bushes. The game timer stops moving and the nexus is no longer targetable. All there is left to do is respawn in fountain over and over again while Olaf kills you. Eventually your death timer inflates to actual years and you die in real life. dear god I need to go to bed
Aamano (NA)
It'd be much better on a new character than used for Fiddle.
: All you did was downplay the 4 champions you consider to be a dull design. You can do this with *any* character: {{champion:157}} samurai with sword {{champion:164}} cyborg with scissor legs {{champion:136}} dragon with powers {{champion:3}} statue with wings {{champion:202}} masked man with gun {{champion:14}} undead man with axe {{champion:83}} gravedigger with shovel Fucking etcetera
You just proved that they're more interesting even on the most basic and stripped down level conceivable.
: Riots champ design is incredibly dull now
Finally someone says it, I've been thinking this for a long time and it's a big reason why I haven't been interested in much that's been coming out. I miss when we were getting stuff like Vel'koz, Aurelion Sol, Rek'sai, Kindred, Bard, Ivern and Tahm Kench on the regular. It's 90% humans now, which would be okay if it weren't for most of them also having weak or non-existent personalities. There was a trend years ago where people were asking for more human characters but this is entirely overboard. It feels like there's no "concept" to them, or artistic goal, like they're just all branches of the same bland tree.
: Morde is simply perfect.
: The New Mord is a Dark Souls Boss
I can't believe I'm about to come back to this game.
The binding mechanic needs to be removed with a new ultimate in its place.
: Jesus Christ, just remove Tahm's ally Devour at this point.
Maybe considering and balancing a character as a support entirely off of one dominating ability was a bad idea in the first place.
Anl0rian (NA)
: Definitely not Rakan and Definitely not Xayah
GigglesO (NA)
: Why aren't we nerfing Riven, Vayne, Zed.
Don’t pretend you don’t know exactly why.
: I'm not happy. First we lost Shyvana's human mother, instead her egg was tampered with by a mage and that mutated her. Yvva wanted to kill Shyvana and her father wanted to raise Shyvana. Now we got this kidnapper who doesn't have a name, who I don't care about, who dies. Where is Shyvana's father? Where is the time Shyvana's father was killed by her mother? Where is the time she spent trading game in a Demacian town? This is a straight up emotional investment downgrade. They removed the explanation behind Shyvana being a half-dragon. We went from human parent and dragon parent to a mage tampering with her egg to make her a mutant, and THEN to no explanation at all. She was just kidnapped. Screw that guy. He's just a kidnapper. Yvva. What is up with Yvva? She LOST her motivation. First she goes after the stolen egg. Later she feels Shyvana is still out there and goes looking for her. At this point, presumably because she wants her child back. She goes and burns down anything between her and her daughter. I can understand the ire. She burns and kills Shyvana's kidnapper, understandably so. Yvva isn't trying to kill Shyvana for being a mutant here. As far as can be seen, she just wants her daughter back so she can be raised properly, like her other children that left the nest. The scene of the battle between Jarvan, Shyvana, and the Demacians has been downsized. What happened to the petricite building and petricite arrows that helped ground Yvva so Shyvana could fight her? What about the burning power of the fire rune in Shyvana that she dug deep into to draw out power from so she could RIP Yvva's heart out? This was a change for the sake of change that decreased investment in the character and removed side characters that helped with investing the audience. The narrative presented here? I would say I just didn't care about it, but it is worse, because I know there is a better version of this story. I am disappointed. I expect better because it WAS better.
It's like they're systematically trying to remove any sort of tragedy in league's lore, except with zac where they added it in where it wasn't wanted.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Riot please give us this Kayle
I still don't like the helmet.
Kayle's first form with the purple stuff looks awful, like a rejected wow paladin tier set. Second one with all the wings looks great. Morgana is looking perfect. A bit early to tell for now but it's good to see some signs of quality from riot after so many years. Edit: Just watched the english trailer and the voice work seems pretty bad, but I had low expectations so it's okay.
: The reason why we hated both damage meta and tank meta.
Long time to kill = more time to play and outplay your opponents.
: Hey riot, shieldbreaker wasn't a bad mechanics, it was on the wrong champion
Generally stuff that breaks through defence belongs on slow bruiser characters where the option of dodging is readily available.
: After 500+ Games Played of Nexus Blitz With a ~60% Winrate, Here is My Feedback
1v1ing the entire enemy team down one by one with evelynn when my team was dead was the most fun I’ve had playing lol in the last 6 months and it was only possible due to the conditions of paranoia bardle royale. Because the enemy team couldn’t know where I was, they couldn’t all gang up and deathball me because I was the only one left.
: Awaken shows we need Draven's Ponytail removed for his canon Classic skin.
Now that I see it I'm going to be upset if it ever goes away.
: Which region would you want to live in?
Shadow Isles. Just fuck me up fam.
: I think there's a really cool possibility for the Female Darkin, that we haven't seen yet.
A long time ago, before Kayn release, I had an idea for what the whip champion could be and it was basically this except the host was in love with the Darkin, but the Darkin was extremely weirded out by that and just wanted to move on to possessing a different body. The sheer potential for dialogue there is great.
: WTF happened mid season 5 That made riot lose all grip on reality
Juggernaut update fried their brains. That was the exact moment the game jumped the shark and it still hasn't recovered. There seems to be a weird brain-drain in video games right now, where the people capable of making good games have all left and leaving people with no talent in charge IPs that everyone expects to continue be good.
: Riot please answer.. Will Varus voice over include Kai and Valmar?
Cetri (NA)
: Ornn was last year, though. And Ivern the year before him.
Yeah but I think I remember them talking about he spent a long time in the oven before they actually released him, so he was made before this whole weird streak and plopped in the middle of it.
: I don't like Neeko's character or design
I think it's a problem when the only champion design I've liked since Ivern was Ornn and Ornn was apparently made a long time ago. That's two straight years of uninteresting and unimpressive releases which really isn't keeping me coming back to the game. Feels bad man. An individual case is fine but when it gets so consistent it points to a systemic problem. I honestly don't think "Accept that your opinion doesn't really matter" is a healthy way to go about things. It stifles discussion and doesn't really contribute anything.
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: New colorful mage Teaser!
Jhin's dweeb little brother.
Rue (EUNE)
: Aatrox - Ultimate: World Ender Rework Suggestion
That's metal as fuck so I support it wholeheartedly.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: PSA: If you've never played on Twisted Treeline, you're not gonna get gold on the last day
Every other ranked was 10 games straight to gold so I had to play like 50 games of this stuff and I still didn't make it. Fug I just want 4 teammates again.
: It’s 2018. Bland AOE damage + CC ultimates are no longer up to Riot’s standards for tank design. Only HOTS is lame enough to keep that stuff in the game.
His new ult is literally AOE damage and CC though.
: Old Zac had a boring ass kit outside of his E, I don't know why people try to push a narrative where it isn't true when his Q is a simple slow button, his W is a "I do damage if you near me" and his R is "I move around to push people". His E is iconic but a champion kit should be more than one spell. I agree that his old ult was nice, but the new one fit far better his thematic of being a goo/slime character. His new Q is very powerful but fit far better his kit than him doing a gomu gomu no boringo.
Man you don't need to be complicated to be fun.
: You should not ask Riot to balance her. You should ask Riot to make her a normal looking girl so they can sell skins for her and make her op every few months to sell another skin.
She's 2nd best girl just the way she is.
Gntex (NA)
Huh...maybe they shouldn't have crammed two champion ideas "permanent link between teammates" and "dashes every autoattack" haphazardly onto the same kit.
: I missed when Tanks can be, y'know, TANKS
Squad5 (NA)
: Ornn changes on PBE
I absolutely fucking love that unstoppable is coming back of a mechanic. I agree with the other people that he shouldn't be focused so heavily on damage though. Here's my idea: Keep unstoppable and shield on W but severely reduce its offensive power. Basically give it a niche as a primary defensive tool in his kit and his way of applying brittle. Then to compensate you add damage to Q's terrain rising out of the ground. This would give him much needed counterplay because honestly nothing else in his kit is dodgeable without flash. Really the appeal of playing tank characters is being unkillable, not doing tons of damage.
: New item: Woodsman's boots. A new option for smite with champs who don't want those jg items
: Anyone else notice the lack of Harrowing?
Destaice (NA)
: Our Heimerdinger said one thing all game and got most honorable
A couple games ago I had teammates call me useless all game then when we turned it around and won I got unanimous tilt-proof honors and they started calling the enemy team's best player useless.
: I literally cannot win a game and I just need to vent
I think in situations like these you try so hard to win so you don't keep losing that you don't actually do the stuff required for you to win. Just ignore pointless numbers and play the game.
Tarew (NA)
: For the love of god fix the way Tristana's jump works with CC
I'm so glad that Ornn's hyper armor was removed while Tristana and Ezreal still have there's. ....
CLG ear (NA)
: Remove Yasuo's windwall and give it to Janna as her ultimate
Okay but Yas gets Janna's ultimate on his W.
: Just saying, but that isn't a Mary Sue. A Mary Sue (Or Gary Stu in Yasuo's case) is a character that warps the story around themselves. Each and every other character somehow relates, interacts, and is dependent on this character for everything. While Overpowered/Does too many things is a common trait of *a* Mary Sue, that alone does not make one. You're mixing Gameplay and Story terms just to insult someone. S'kinda rude. Just saying.
But that's a perfect analogy to how he is in gameplay. He warps everything to be about him.
Ætheist (NA)
: Why do I see people acting like the old Aatrox was some amazing design compared to the new one?
Auto attacking diving fighter that can really fuck people up if he's able to find an opportunity which he can attack freely without getting kited -----> Juggernaut that's kind of like Riven but weirder and without the tech. You can't fault people who liked the former for not liking the latter.
: Gaming mentality is a weird thing.
I wonder how it would go to have a game like a MOBA but with no incentive to play other than the game being fun. Everything is unlocked from the start, there's no ranking system, the game doesn't even tell you whether you won or lost, etc. Would people still get angry at their team? Would people appreciate it or hate it?
: No, some champs need a full VGU, like Poppy, Sion, and Warwick. Their kits were outdated, lacked any sort of counterplay, and they were just plain ugly
And that could still occur without drastically changing the core of the character, and it pretty much did in Warwick's case.
: > [{quoted}](name=Arthem69,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TvNwXy0w,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-09-28T05:25:06.309+0000) > > Hey remember the juggernauts? Yeah that was the worst time in my opinion. The juggernaut patch was the patch that started the decline of the game.
I remember right before that patch the game was so good I actually gave money to Riot. At no point since that patch have I felt an even remotely similar feeling.
: Seriously, Riot we need more Ezreal tier VGUs.
Every VGU should be Ezreal tier. Minimum possible changes, keep the core thematics of the champion and just enhance them. Only fix blatant problems in the kit and let the rest stay basically as is.
FNC Jinx (NA)
: The recent Zed post in gameplay with the season 4 faker video is completely wrong.
Damn it's just so unimpressive now. Wherever there was once skill there is now just ludicrous amounts of damage that do all the work.
: The hypocrisy is insane...
Segregation is back lads ahahahahahaha....shit....
: > [{quoted}](name=Wyrmblade,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=p3K20iFv,comment-id=0033,timestamp=2018-08-28T19:36:16.180+0000) > Thanks for the thesis paper I actually made this thread because I noticed that literally any time mages are mentioned, I automatically think of Viktor xd; if battle mages are mentioned, Vlad
> [{quoted}](name=SugeMinPikk,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=p3K20iFv,comment-id=00330000,timestamp=2018-08-28T19:39:32.922+0000) > > Thanks for the thesis paper > > I actually made this thread because I noticed that literally any time mages are mentioned, I automatically think of Viktor xd; if battle mages are mentioned, Vlad I saw this thread right before leaving for college yesterday so I was thinking about it a ton in between classes. I'm thinking of making a gameplay+ post to use all that stuff to show why certain champions and classes have consistent problems.
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