: Toxicity ain't wurf
Riot if you see this, I do this not for sympathy, nor to have myself unbanned. The rioter I talked to said good luck in my future games/ new account, and so I make a new one, leaving this toxic name as a way to warn those who may follow my old path. Toxicity drove the era of slave owning in the United States, the Holocaust in Germany, the Labor camps of North Korea, the anti-Muslim sentiment of today (perpetuated by the media through fictional television shows that portray Muslims as terrorists), the hate crimes in Charleston SC, the lynchings of the old South, and so many more events beyond what I can list here. In addition, do not condemn all those of Libyan descent for the Manchester attack, for that is a continued path of war and hate. When we look through history books, what we see is a lot of blatant toxicity and prejudice, and ultimately, humanity has never learned thus far. When we give the respect to a group we have previously persecuted, we find another to which we turn our hate. Let's stop this madness. For League, the world, and humanity.
: You know, implying the community is going to get better, is a rather foolish notion. Its the most punished community, as well as the worst community in online gaming, a correlation that many need to figure out. Hopefully league will fall into obscurity as soon as possible.
> [{quoted}](name=PandaPenyihir,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=BcE8E0Js,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-23T22:23:17.452+0000) > > You know, implying the community is going to get better, is a rather foolish notion. > > Its the most punished community, as well as the worst community in online gaming, a correlation that many need to figure out. > > Hopefully league will fall into obscurity as soon as possible. That's what I hope my little farewell will help people understand and fix, rather than letting League, and the world, become a cesspool of hate speech and prejudice.
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: The whole team will hear them. So if three players OMW ping dragon, you'll hear those first three tones from the video.
So if you mute pings you basically defeat the idea of team communication...I think there needs to be a harder limit on the number of pings you can ping per time period, but not a full on mute option
: Champion Relative Height and Weight
I thought teemo was shortest
: No thanks.
> [{quoted}](name=Annie X Lulu OTP,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=dV870hTF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-28T05:22:50.802+0000) > > No thanks. I'd like to see hentai of your name.
: New champion select
Too complicated.
: I can't draw for shit either nor can I fully explain how a skin idea I have would look. My idea is a continuation for the Soulstealer line, Soulstealer Mordekaiser.
> [{quoted}](name=Durimzi,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=VE96rxJd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-28T02:06:07.020+0000) > > I can't draw for shit either nor can I fully explain how a skin idea I have would look. My idea is a continuation for the Soulstealer line, Soulstealer Mordekaiser. Mordekaiser is not a soulstealer. He is a Djentleman.
: A Question about Fanfictions (and perhaps third party works as well)
I want lesbian boot fetish Lux + Syndra erotica.
Asterfix (NA)
: When they figure out how to turn poppy's giant hammer into a drum set. Teemo's blow pipe into a guitar. Tristana's canon into a bass.
> [{quoted}](name=Asterfix,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=nvB8ieol,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-27T02:27:15.413+0000) > > When they figure out how to turn poppy's giant hammer into a drum set. Teemo's blow pipe into a guitar. Tristana's canon into a bass. To be fair...Teemo could be like Jethro Tull and rock out on a flute...But we all know the real question here...But does it Djent?
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Freckled (NA)
: New Game Mode: Throwback
Zephyr Yi, Instant ER Anivia, Sword of the Occult + Mejai Akali..........
: Riot games please make a champion like cell from dragonball z
Rioter Comments
Kilray (NA)
: Starting a team for flex, Silver+, All roles available
Midlaner silver in Solo/duo, Anivia main; can top/mid. Prefer mid. Only thing i absolutely refuse to try is jungling because I get blamed for everything.
: Patch 7.8 notes
: It passes the [Turing Test](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_test) before it even launches, since most players already think their teammates are as dumb as beginner bots.
How many League players does it take to change a lightbulb? All of them! One to do it and the rest to say how they coulda done it better because they're Challenger smurfs!
: April Fools joke is my best guess. {{champion:7}}
I'm gonna call it. Riot replaces our names with "[Champion] Bot" in game.
: Patch 7.4 notes
EVERYBODYS HEARD ABOUT THE BIRD....Awella Bird bird bird, the bird is the word...
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alhillx (NA)
: ARAM Bot Epidemic
Nunu, Thresh, Nasus, and Xin seem to be the most common bots. I've seen disproportionate amounts of those champions, especially Nunu.
6Sfool (NA)
: Why would you ever copy the pros? I don't get that. I don't copy anyone, even if I have something to learn from them, and that is clearly not the case. What do you learn? Make flashy plays? Farm good? Use wards? Pick up a champ not because you like them but because their numbers are good?
I actually agree to some degree. True, you can probably learn some techniques, but many times, the pro players have very specialized situations that call for specific builds that don't pop up in lower elos, and sometimes there are more effective builds for lower elos that enable snowballing, which doesn't really happen in pros that much. Generally low elo games can be carried just by getting ahead and then building hyperaggressive, whereas you open yourself up to possible lategame destruction. At a certain point, certain champions will hurt no matter how far they are behind. Take yasuo. Even though he requires an insane amount of skill to play throughout the entire game, sooner or later, he can two shot people. So unless you keep snowballing, if you aren't building defensively, you're going to die lategame. I prefer to just snowball my way through bronze, tone it down a bit more in silver, but still go slightly aggro. From what I hear from people who have made the climb from bronze to diamond, it seems that the aggressiveness is highest in bronze and diamond plays more tactically. Therefore meta itself changes with elo and consequently, a bronze player building a pro build and playing bronze style isn't gonna do well. You have to have the skillset to match your specific build.
: When do you NOT copy the pros?
Lux...Riot's worst blunder since Ivern imo. I refunded it. I dislike the way she transforms. It's not like you can control it like you can Udyr or Sona's different stuff.
: Academy Adventures
Do I see a Prehistoric Me?
Spoonkin (EUW)
: Champion background on profiles (Alpha Client)
I have Anivia. I also have over 1 million mastery on Anivia so...
Solerian (NA)
: Profile Background Customization
You should extend that to just "the highest level skin available for that champ" because anivia doesn't have an ultimate skin...most champions don't.
: I don't play support just because I don't feel satisfied in the role like you said. People don't give a shit about what you do as support. 1/8/32? Feeder. Why be support when I can see my icon next to a pentakill across the top of the screen? If I was in charge I would make it so champs get a banner thing for saving an ally multiple times, or receiving several assists without dying
I think that the banner for multikills needs to have any assisting people with it, and remove the side popouts. Put the assists below the kill, and it will look like they are literally supporting the announcement banner. The reason I say this is because if you keep adding more announcements, pretty soon you have a place on the screen that is permanently covered up.
: I don't like how when your support you're literally at the bottom of the totem pole on the team, at least that's how it feels (maybe it doesn't for support mains understandably). Having to rely on the ADC's skill level is also not a fun mechanic if you end up losing. They try with the champ variety (character design) but when I think of playing vel'koz or brand for example I don't see them as "supports" in any way so when playing it kind of ruins the fantasy. And personally as a guy I want to play male champs more often than not, but there's a plethora of female supports.
Really? I think a lot of guys play female champs because they're hot.
: Been playing Support since before Support was a role (Preseason 1/Beta). Simple answers for the above sections: **Gold Income as a Support** - Make it so support champs scale off something entirely different than AP/AD. Make their items stronger through tank stats for tank support items and cdr/movespeed/gold per 10/mana hp regen for the mage supports and heal/shield supports. As they scale they do not gain in damage but rather utility. This could be seen as a radical shake up, but it would make a huge impact to have insane supports providing longer cc, better shields/heals, but at the end of the day, still unable to 1v1 anybody. A support should always be rewarded for being one of the first to group up, and provide vision/utility. **Recognition** - I think everyone who mains support receives the recognition they always wanted. Ally recognition is all that matters. I don't need the "Pentakill Woman" telling me I made a "Penta Save" because that seems worthless and hard t judge. Only solution I see here is more stats in the post game. Shielding, Keystone numbers (how often did bond of stone or windspeakers negate dmg). **Itemization **- Feels good with 6.22 making items cheaper. Two quick fixes here and a control ward idea... Make Sightstone after a certain champion level gain another ward charge AND increase total green wards on map ex: At level 11 Sightstone has 5 wards and you can place a max of 4 on the map (scales with Ruby and Sightstone + Support item merged items). Maybe make the Merged item have an added benefit to the ward you've placed ex: I buy Eye of the Oasis typically an item for Soraka, maybe for X seconds my placed ward provides a heal. Maybe a Tank Support who scales buys Ruby or Equinox gains a reduced damage aura around his wards? This makes a supports wards truly the most impactful, and will incentivize purchasing wards. With more wards available for a support, he can still ward for vision but also have a few pocket wards for fights. Also maybe a control ward gains more gold per ward killed after being placed? 30 gold + 10 gold per additional wards killed. **Pre-Game** - This section sucks. I feel like gold per 10 runes blow, the xp runes do not even feel like they work, and there has never been utility style runes. Mastery side is decent but I was personally upset when they got rid of the xp per 10 seconds when underlevelled. I used to purposely let my ADC get level 2 so I could create a steady source of xp for lane phase, and reap free xp all game. I thought it was a clever use of the mastery. I have always felt that supports should get their own Tree on the mastery section. 3 Lines down to 3 keystones one for heal/shield, a mage support, and a tank support. The secondary 12 pt tree could still be unique as mages might go ferocity, tanks in resolve, and utility supports in cunning. If any of your above sections gets a radical shake up, please make it this section. Believe me. This one matters the most. 6 years of supporting. This. One. Matters. Most. **Laning Patterns** - I don't personally understand why this section is being questioned. This feels great. Very rock paper scissors. I main healers/shielders and I know I negate mages damage to allow my adc to out win trades, but I also know how I am weaker against the tanks or the hook champs. Lanes feel amazing. Do not change this. I recently hit 1 Million Soraka mastery, so please whatever you do... don't touch her. You cannot have her. ~Utility Backline I have all the answers, and I am big league smart.
: [Suggestion] Mastery Seven Summoner Icon
Make it mastery 7, 1 million points.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:34}} You are the weakest link, Good bye
> [{quoted}](name=CrazyBear1987,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=0lqcOypz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-27T09:02:58.490+0000) > > {{champion:34}} You are the weakest link, Good bye Reported offensive.
: When you're smurfing and winning your final promo game.
All he had to do was faceroll on qwer...
Kuzja1 (NA)
: What's a good dance for new champions?
Naw. Here's how it's gonna go down. Anivia's gonna get a Surfing Bird skin and dance like Peter Griffin.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: *he's on to me...* BACK ON YOUR BENCH!
> [{quoted}](name=Tidal Tyrant,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=LwMtKwbQ,comment-id=00030000000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-27T21:06:06.981+0000) > > *he's on to me...* > > BACK ON YOUR BENCH! Better not be talkin to Kench.
: Personally never had a problem with 2560x1440 while playing league, just scaled up the size of the hud and the minimap v
I scale my hud/minimap to smallest so i can actually see where people are coming from ._.
: For gamers familiar with this type of game it's probably best to give them everything up front. True newbs, though, benefit from the simplicity of only dealing with the lanes before figuring out the jungle afterward. But maybe that gradation of complexity should be handled with tutorials only.
Thank you for not spelling it "noob" and showing a bit of decency and respect.
: I don't think anyone else really appreciates having only been able to use Heal and Ghost when Flash, Teleport, and Smite are so much more essential to gameplay in general, and of course none of the champs who _really_ like Ghost are free for noobs, so by the time they actually start playing them they forget that Ghost actually does something because it's one of the noob summs.
"Noob." And here we have a fine example of someone who is probably toxic and forgot their days as a new player.
: I have talked to so many people who never learned to jg or are scared of it and I'm like why? I remember that feeling too though, and the lvl restriction is definitely part of it. It should be available at lvl 1 and maybe just give a brief tutorial on what jg is, the very basic concept.
I'm silver and I'm STILL scared of learning to jungle because I never learned, and now I feel like I can never learn because people will flame at me if I try in norms, and nobody ever wants a jg in bot games. I want to learn to jungle, but I'm not really sure I am willing to take the heat.
Beedle (NA)
: It seems like you agree for the most part in regards to lower level players being able to jungle. The fact that I was restricted from jungling made the task seem daunting and really complex so I didn't put the time in to learn it until I had been level 30 for quite a while. I missed out on the opportunity to play what is now my favorite role because the current system overemphasized the difficulty of jungling. In retrospect, learning to jungle wasn't that hard. I wish I had known that when I first unlocked smite. I wish I had known that from before I unlocked smite. That's why smite needs to be available from level 1 (or level 5). This applies to runes and rune pages, too. I'm glad they intend to fix these things, but I don't understand why it takes so long. They should just lower the costs of runes and give everyone 3 (maybe 4) rune pages instead of just 2. The high costs of runes themselves is ridiculous. It doesn't incentivize players to experiment, and just feels like a way for Riot to drain our IP and push us to purchase RP. I can understand that Riot may want to profit off of rune _pages_, but additional rune pages should be for people that want to have many champion-specific rune pages. Two rune pages doesn't allow a player to have enough runes to cover the standard AP, ADC, Tank, and Support setups. It takes money to have enough rune pages, and it takes too much time to fill them.
Here's the only problem I see with smite at level 1. Jungling is extremely hard without runes and masteries, as the sustain/damage required at the early levels just isn't there to clear jungles effectively. If we could allow full access to runes and masteries, I believe that the community as a whole would CERTAINLY benefit from level 1 jungling. On the other hand, people often blame the "bad jungler" who may or may not actually be bad when things go wrong in lane, so this is kinda letting someone set him/herself up to be flamed at during their learning process.
3T Luna (NA)
: Silver IV Mid/ADC main looking or people to play with
Hey. I'm an Anivia mid/top main silver V, 90 LP . Currently playing my unranked smurf ReiXHino Also love my topgot.
: ''League of Legends'' for mobile phones?...
Same for ace of arenas. They have a legit teemo. And wukong. And darius...
: Riot's biggest issue this pre-season should be to fix....
Please consider donating to the "Minion Civil Rights" campaign. They are not just gold. They have feelings and sometimes they get hurt and need a hug before they suicide under an enemy tower.
: stop playing tank roles if you AREN'T GOING TO TANK
Just play anivia and one shot people
TsuMist (NA)
: Getting outta ELO H3LL
Play Kat b5-b3 and anivia/urgot b3-b1. Nobody even knows that those two are champs in that elo.
: Few things to consider when picking off meta
Hiltz (NA)
: Looking for a bronze acct to play on
: Road to Pre-Season: Assassin Update
Awesome. so we can no longer see akali or twitch...or evelynn..so now they're totally broken?
: Looking for a Ranked team to help me get out of Bronze 5
It's really easy to get out of bronze. Learn two these champions and queue for Mid/top: Play Anivia/Urgot as needed.
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