: the funniest part is that spoils of war still counts towards your ally's CS
: League would be 1000x better without assassins.
Assassins are incredibly important, and help keep the game balanced... when they themselves are balanced... about that part...
Rustypug (NA)
: when youre playing support and your adc wont stop talking shit
1 stolen minion = 1 report I dont care if you have relic shield. MY CS COUNT IS MORE IMPORTANT
Elohaven (NA)
: i support this statement [2]
Stop supporting statements and use flash to shield me boosted ~~bronze~~ iron scrub
Elohaven (NA)
: ADC Players: *Breathe* Boards:
: To the people who disliked Tyler1 since back when he was banned, how do you feel about him now?
Haven’t really watched him regardless, but he does seem to have improved, and he does seem like a funny guy.
: ADCs and Unbalance in the Game
Most ADCs can still do their steamroll "carry" thing. Especially Kai'Sa, a hyper carry. Sounds like you played a poor game
: Fear of Tank Metas vs What We Have Now
This is a supreme false dilemma. There are many other outcomes apart from the ones you presented. Ill list a few. 1. Tanks are able to threaten assassins enough to protect their ally/allies from a face roll assassin dive (I am not saying assassins are face roll characters). But not be absolute burst machines despite their bulk. 2. Enchanters provide the utility required to be a worthy pick for the team, yet not overbearing as to entirely wall out opponents. 4. Mages gain anti-tank itemization additions allowing characters like Brand to threaten not only squishies but tanks as well. For a post complaining about whiners, you sure are whining alot yourself. Instead of having such a narrow mindset assuming the worst and most extreme cases, mayhaps you should consider alternative outcomes which could prove beneficial instead of shutting out ideas entirely.
Farkinob (NA)
: Can somebody please tell me what OOF means/stands for?
It's a light hearted way to say "yikes" or "ouch"
: > [{quoted}](name=Xäyąh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y5oVJs7w,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2018-12-17T16:33:51.145+0000) > > A lot of people since it was known how it works. It removes all interaction between the akali and the enemy, and removes the 1 tool a laner can always rely on, the tower. A lot of champs "remove the one tool laners rely on" when they dive. Yi does. Vlad does. Fizz does. LB blinks away. Xerath doesn't even really *dive* more than he snipes from the middle of the lane into your turret range. Shaco does, too. Eve also blinks away. Zed and Kayn take refuge in the target, then Zed blinks away. Plenty of champs don't give a shit about your turret if you're too low. Akali's "LoOOkinG BroKEn" doesn't mean anything if it's just a flashier, harder method of doing what everyone else does.
Yi does. And it's complained about. Vlad's does, but he can't cast his spells during it or attack beyond the damage of the W itself. Fizz does, and is complained about. LB's blinks (and every other form of blink/rapid movement) isn't the same due to them still being targetable, and when she blinks away, she can't harm you anymore. The difference with akali is she can sit under your tower for an extended period of time auto attacking, casting her spells, and moving around.
: Who said true stealth was the issue ? it's sure annoying but not the main problem , removing it won't fix anything , it's the shroud itself.
A lot of people since it was known how it works. It removes all interaction between the akali and the enemy, and removes the 1 tool a laner can always rely on, the tower.
: "Games Change... Adapt or Leave."
isn’t it the game that’s supposed to adapt or die, instead of the players?
: > [{quoted}](name=Xäyąh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pJ1FqHMp,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-12-04T16:38:06.803+0000) > > shouldn’t have to play Rock Paper Scissors to justify a champion having uninteractive mechanics. It’s on the level of saying if you don’t like (x ADC who is/was too strong) just play yasuo. Ok but out of all my responses, because I wasn't gonna respond to any of them, I had to respond to your lmao. Yasuo's windwall, as someone who likes to play adc, is extremely easy to get around. Every time I see a Yasuo bottom, we completely stomp him. So it's really not on that level because Yasuo bottom is horrible.
Have fun getting around a windwall without getting blown up by the enemy Assassin.
: Unpopular opinion: Akali isn't that annoying to play against.
shouldn’t have to play Rock Paper Scissors to justify a champion having uninteractive mechanics. It’s on the level of saying if you don’t like (x ADC who is/was too strong) just play yasuo.
: I think there's a really cool possibility for the Female Darkin, that we haven't seen yet.
First image that popped into my head in regard to visuals was Atraxa, Praetor's Voice from MTG
: > [{quoted}](name=Pandemic Punch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fEeNbAEc,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-11-29T09:58:40.975+0000) > > They have been especially weak ever since the shielding supports got nerfed. They can't protect vs assassins and divers nearly as well anymore. Some of us remember why we wanted that meta nerfed Don't you ever try to bring us back there
That was during a time where assassins lacked the ability to get close to and nuke their targets effectively to be fair.
: I am sorry, but stop. Since I started, during season 5, ADC’s have been dominant. During season 7 it was bad, and I mean, really bad. You could not play the game unless your ADC was fed. The ADC’s had main game priorities, if they fed, their team losses. About Tanks. Let me be clear and repeat after me, TANK META WAS A THING AND WAS THE MOST HATED META OF THEM ALL FROM HIGH TO LOW, THIS META IS NOTING COMPARED TO THE TANK META. The damage is fine, because more than 75% of champions with high damage are loaded with skill shots. If you think I am crazy, go play Dota. Everything is point click, with ridiculous damage.
Tank metas come in 2 forms. Tanks being sturdy and able to shut out opposing divers, and tanks being unstoppable walls of damage. The Damage-Tank meta was the most hated one.
: ADCs are 'too weak' and Riot is planning buffs.
ADC isnt fun when either you die instantly or your opponents die instantly.
: The tank meta was more fun then the one shot meta,change my mind
Tank meta as being hard as fuck to kill, stalling out teamfights? Yes Tank meta as being hard as fuck to kill, while also steamrolling the enemy team? No
: Just another ADC shitpost
: I like how everyone thinks ADC's are OP when they actually have the least agency in game
I agree that ADCs arent the OP shitstorm the boards like to paint them as, but using data like players of the role being in the top X isn't very conclusive.
: Xayah isn't edgy to me. Neither is Zoe, Rakan, Ornn, Camille, Ivern, Kled, Taliyah, Illaoi, or Tahm Kench. You included Aatrox which is pretty old at this point. Are you counting reworks also? Because one of the most recent reworks is Nunu.
: Let's talk about excessive mobility
Jhin having movement speed is essential to him being successful. Now that all the "I cant read more than 1 sentence" people have downvoted, I'll give the kicker: The AMOUNT of speed he gets is too much. I love Jhin, but he's gotta slow it down.
l MrD l (NA)
: Can we change GA back to being a pure defensive item?
Even when im playing AD hyper carries I fucking hate the changes. If I want GA, I want it for the extra resistances, not for a glorified Sterakk's.
CIayman (NA)
: I like how everyone except ADCs says that riot favors ADCs
Gross generalizations are fun. Lets do it to other roles: Top laners do nothing but stay top lane and bitch to riot top lane sucks Junglers do nothing but camp and bitch when they arent 27/3 Mid laners are fucking edgelords who bitch when mages contest them Supports are whiney assholes when the adc accidentally takes the siege minion when they have a stack Drop this "when they had to diversify" bullshit. Nobody, no matter what class they play, likes it when their favorite class is thrown in the dumpster. Assassins don't like it. Mages don't like it. Tanks don't like it. Marksmen don't like it. If it's okay to ruin a class on the bounds "they just need to try other classes" each season lets fuck with another class, how about next season all mage items don't give AP, and only Deathcap gives AP, but also gives true damage, max hp damage, and a flash. Your post states you aren't reading responses, which clearly shows you have no confidence in your claims and want to avoid having a level headed discussion.
: Unpopular opinion: "Generic quotation nobody says"
We've come too far as a species. This is madness.
: Question for all: Why do you love the champions you play?
{{champion:498}} Very satisfying character overall, and I like her feather mechanic. {{champion:202}} The embodiment of characters being brought to life, and who doesn't love big damage numbers. {{champion:55}} freelo at bronze {{champion:412}} I dunno why, but characters with Hooks are just appealing to me, and I am also pretty good at thresh.
Eedat (NA)
: I'm not "triggered" by you throwing insults.
I’ve never agreed with a post more.
: Why does MF have to be flirtatious OR a badass pirate. Why can't she be a flirtatious badass pirate?
Pretty sure she already is both. Don't flat out lie to spit a political message.
: banned because i say that getting one shot is retarded
Seems to me you got banned for being an ass to your team.
Namîste (NA)
: For One Trick Ponies: Do you Dodge if your champ is picked/banned?
Whenever I need to play support, I guess I could call myself a Thresh OTP. Let's say I'm autofill supp and Thresh is banned, I'll suck it up, inform my team, and pick a character I atleast have an alright understanding of.
: Who is worse, the inter or the one who forces someone to int?
: > [{quoted}](name=Zac x Me,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kQjwEpWE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-12T22:01:18.946+0000) > > i can't answer that until past 2:30 Its been posted at 6:00 pm
> [{quoted}](name=Snapp2Kill,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kQjwEpWE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-10-12T22:03:02.989+0000) > > Its been posted at 6:00 pm timezones lol
: Mastery 8, I even designed it for you!
Is this the same better jungler that 1v1’d cactopus live
nubulas2 (NA)
: How about if a player disconnects, it auto kicks the corresponding member of the other team? I also like the idea of a FF gives the winning team max credit for the game. You get more XP for dragging the game out than you do for ending early. FF robs the winning team from getting an S rating and also takes away credit for actually winning too hard. You could also monitor the average and max ping of each player. Any lag spikes would kick the player and then end the game. Lag over 500 is auto kick then auto end . lag of 120 plus or pick some number...auto kick....maybe give them 2 minutes to reconnect and recheck, then kick and auto end. Of course none of you will like any of this, because it would be simple and easy and requires no troll vote.
Ah yes, if one team is having issues we kick an enemy who is just trying to make the most of his game! And better yet, if you’re having a good game, and DARE have a pingspike? kicked and match ended.
: Some clear cases where the item designers didn't learn from past mistakes
Well, WoTA was removed because it was a nightmare to balance because characters like Vlad and Old Swain exist(ed), and when it was strong to make them viable, other champions abused it.
: I find it kinda ironic reading this from someone named after a champion who even has crit scaling built into her kit. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} The question is, with what would you want to replace crit chance? People suggested some kind of "ramp up damage" alot, but I fear that such a mechanic would feel pretty useless in this state of the game, in which burst is simply everywhere. ADCs would get annihilated before they are able to ramp their damage up at all. Not to mention that I actually like crits thematically. =/
This name was made back when you hit 100% crit fast enough for it to not be a major complaint. Good meme though. I remember someone spitballing the idea of Crit Damage scaling with Crit chance, which I actually like the idea of.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xäyąh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1bXj9mbs,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-10-04T15:05:40.955+0000) > > Critical Strike Chance as a mechanic ruin ADC. So the thing that's been in the game sense the beginning ruins the class that was designed around them, error 404 logic not found
Because its been in the game since the beginning makes it healthy... Remember when Dodge was a mechanic? The laning phase and fights in general shouldn't be determined by something as blatantly random as crit chance. especially in the laning phase.
: Unpopular Opinion: Lethality isn't the damage problem
I'm still pretty firm that Lethality combined with the Runes Reforged update are part of the problem.
: Is it safe to say now that the ADC rework was a complete and utter failure?
: > [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5yJktFE8,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-10-03T19:18:51.505+0000) > > "You should have gone to the Baron pit" is often written as "You should of gone to the Baron pit." Oh. So they're mistaking "should've" for "Should of". Meh. There are worse crimes. Like the constant confusion between "affect" and "effect". Tbh it should be a capital crime.
> [{quoted}](name=The Oasis,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5yJktFE8,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-10-03T19:19:50.530+0000) > > Oh. So they're mistaking "should've" for "Should of". Meh. There are worse crimes. Like the constant confusion between "affect" and "effect". Tbh it should be a capital crime. 30 Years in the Gulag.
: With 0 proof to back that up and considering it was their response to being called out for being low elo it was def the top 5. The only rioter ive ever seen above diamond was a cass 1 trick who wasn't on the balance team. Its a well known fact all balance team players are in low elo or chall players wouldn't be saying that because they'd be in their games. Rioters are on average silver-gold with a few low diamond players, you can literally just google the team staff members and then op.gg their accounts
E V I D E N C E is all i ask for. All im getting is "DO IT YOURSELF"
: other dia+ =/= higher rated, anyways since you are clearly lacking any idea of what you are talking about i'm done with this discussion now.
Other diamond plus LITERALLY means other players in diamond and above. You've lost my friend.
: The contradiction is that Riot was in a position to show their "high elo players". That type of situation means they would provide their best players, as that would be most effective to dispel the 'myth' that their balance team is 'silver'. They provided low diamond players, so the person above you claims. If they had higher tier players, they would provide them to dispel the myth, but they didn't provide anyone higher.
Except, Meddler states in the post, and I quote: "This isn't the full Live Gameplay team. There are some lower ranked folks on the team too, and some other Diamond+ players as well."
: They literally named the 5 highest elo rioters and the highest was d3 0 lp peak and none of them play more than enough to just not decay and none of them have high winrates
Where does it say they are the highest ELO? The same post says there are other Diamond+ Rioters on the teams.
: the post mentioned that there are other low dias not "higher ranked".
: what you quoted: "These aren’t the only members of the gameplay team, there are more that are higher or lower rank", was literally never said, it doesn't get any more clear than that when it comes to misquoting.
: you even misquoted the post and you didn't have any evidence to begin with, i ain't got shit for you asides from "think for once".
I just provided evidence in the form of a quote. Claiming its misquoting without saying how is as good as saying "no you're wrong because I'm right"
: Look at challenger. See and rioters? Nope. Look at every rioters op.gg, see anyone who has peaked above d3 in the past several seasons? Nope. They're mostly silver and gold garbage players.
I highly, highly, highly doubt you have even the slightest clue of the entire gameplay and balance teams summoner names.
: these people were literally cherry picked to show that the team is """"high elo"""", if you actually want to believe rest of em are higher elo feel free but it isn't the case.
Until you provide evidence for that which contradicts mine, I'll gladly hold my position.
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