ajmail (NA)
: The funnest Dr. Mundo build :) Thoughts?
I have mixed views on this build. While it does a quite some damage, it doesn't have any armor. Only more games with this build will tell if its a good build or not.
: Does anyone else think that "only 5% of players are toxic enough to be punished" is horseshit?
Of course you are going to have a toxic person. They could be having a bad day. It is the people that have a history of being toxic get banned/punished.
: Why is only 1 in 20 games a close match?
First of all, where is your evidence to support that every one in twenty is a close game? The MMR system in my opinion is perfectly fine. If you cannot win games, then you cannot advance. If you cannot carry, then you can't win. Also, while you will get bad players, the other team is going to bad players. Its part of every game, some are bad and some are good.
Xunthrae (NA)
: when does ranked officially go into preseason
When the preseason starts in a week or two, the new ranked season will start then(ranked will come back). Your rank will be reset and you will be unranked. You then have to play another 10 placement games.
migu3l30 (NA)
: So. Its not just range its how they are played. ADC's are supposed to do sustained damage, Graves is just a bruiser now.
Marksmen are supposed to do damage with their autos. Marksmen are also ranged. Graves meet both of those requirements.
: My friend was banned for no reason
I have no idea. I highly doubt bans are a mistake, they rarely are. If it is though, it really must suck. You could go through his replays to check for anything suspicious but I highly doubt that Riot will change their stance on this even if you give them evidence. You could maybe ask Riot Support what caused his ban? Did they suspect he was using scripts?
: Remake only affects people with Toasters. They need to do something about when someone rq and then you are stuck with a 4v5/3v5. Even if its just half the LP lost, I wouldn't care, it is something.
Lets say you are queuing up with a friend. If you guys are guaranteed to lose, then one guy can just rage quit and everyone else loses half the LP.
: just lost a game due to 2 afk players
What if your friend is doing really badly. He could just rage quit and then you guys could get a buff. This would give you guys a better chance. It happens and Riot can't do much about it
Zephlix (NA)
: Haven't recieved Rewards yet.
Riot says they will be giving them out over the duration of this week.
weenking (NA)
: Looking for people to duo with in the new season
: Ignite does less damage, on a single target and is unaffected by most cdr. No one wants his 1k ap ult to be up every 100 seconds.
: It has a 30 second cool down and requires you to be close to the enemies to gain a larger shield. Thresh wouldn't take this because his hook has him at a range, but if you wanted to take it you would have to be that Thresh that walks up to the enemy team and then uses CC.
Also, an champion like Malphite can get a huge shield. He gets a AOE knockup and he also gets a huge shield once his ult is done.
: W has the slow debuff that last for a few seconds. While the debuff is active have the "no dash" thing work for half the length. The laugh is just icing same with the laugh for Veigar.
Ah. I would also reduce the cool down of his ult a little. Its like a 200 second CD. That is almost as long as ignite.
: Question For Yasuo Mains
That would be too good. When you are in a 5 vs 5 situation, you get a shield equivalent to 42% of your max health. This shield also lasts for four seconds. If you are playing a champ like thresh, would you get this shield every time you hit your hook. If so, you can build 45% CDR, and you will have 4 second Q's(If you hit your previous hook). This means an infinite shield for him. This shield is also 42% of his max health. Thresh will be pretty much invincible
: QoL changes to make Karthus a better champion
How would the W work? People that would pass through it will not be able to use gap closers for 2 seconds? The Q cast time is completely unnecessary. I agree with you that Riot should get rid of it. The E damage is a good idea. As for the laugh.....does it really matter?
Oglaf (EUNE)
: How does Frozen Heart work against Jhin?
It will affect his attack speed and the bonus AD he gets.
kookaru (NA)
: how can matchmaking be so bad?
Were you playing with anyone else?
pieboy (EUNE)
: what
I didn't happen to me. Its only a five minute leaver buster(right?) so might as well wait. There are many things that could've happened. It could be your ISP or your computer.
Zûlrah (NA)
: looking for a decent support to support me
I would be down. I am around the same rank as you, and I am pretty good at thresh.
migu3l30 (NA)
: Gnar? Jayce?
Gnar and Jayce both have melee forms.
Meep Man (NA)
: Correction: If he gets Swiftness Boots, not Mercs, he has 40/45/50% Slow Resistance. Iron Pot doesn't provide Slow Resistance, it provides Tenacity. Tenacity reduces the duration of crowd control effects, while Slow Resistance reduces the potency of slows. For example, if you have 25% Slow Resistance, a 100% Slow is reduced to a 75% Slow and a 40% Slow is reduced to a 30% Slow. Never the less, I agree and reduced it.
There is no way to prove this article true. It could be all fake. Also, they did well on League, why not make another game and see if they will do well on that game? They are a company that wants to make money after all. Maybe they are trying to make something like Overwatch. That's why they need a FPS game developer.
a1eks3 (EUNE)
: I was in gold 8 days before season ended when it end i got silver rewards and i was still in gold
I do not think they have handed out the ranked rewards yet. Also, you should contact Riot Support if you want the gold rewards. Posting here will not do much, in my opinion.
migu3l30 (NA)
: Put Graves in the fighter section
Marksmen means he is ranged and builds AD. However, he doesn't have a secondary. So you could have his secondary be an assassin.
: Out of all the champions in league. . . WHY LUX
They give the coolest skins to the most popular champions. Riot is a company after all and this is one way to make money
Meep Man (NA)
: Pretty Crazy Yi Idea- What if Part of his R Became a Passive?
I don't think this is a bad idea. Maybe tone down the movement speed a little. Also, you should tone down the slow resistance. If he gets mercs, he has a 45/50/55% slow resistance. If he gets an iron pot, he gets 70/75/80% slow resistance without his ult which is a bit too good
: Well I hope I can at least dismantle them for ORANGE essence or, with as many as I have, gemstones. Like a 1:100 ratio would be fine with me. I'm only 3 gemstones away from owning SS Vayne on top of my Hextech Annie haha!
Maybe contact Riot Support?
: How to team fight vs backline as adc???
I don't know. Just stay in rocket form 24/7? If they get close, just run. You could also get a {{item:3022}} xD. Maybe you could build more defensive items. You could also try to prevent team fights. If your support was half way decent, he could've peeled for you and blocked the caitlyn ult.
RivetAce (NA)
: The burst would be weaker than a traditional fighter's burst, but it would last longer. When I wrote the comment, the first thing I was thinking of was {{champion:5}}. He really likes being able to knockup in only two hits.
Yeah, that wouldn't be too bad of an idea. I have heard this idea many times. I'm not against it.
Avios1 (NA)
: Other than the fact that you kept calling {{champion:30}} a her, and I have been heavily http://i.imgur.com/wnIaRyJ.gif?noredirect , I thank you for replying, means a lot ^.^
: No, ~~Trundle~~ Tahm Kench tped to a completely DIFFERENT location.
: Guinsoos
The passive already lasts for five seconds. Maybe increase it to eight seconds?
Wild Wes (NA)
: Same. I think there has to be something to be done about it because no one ever uses it anymore. It was hyped for ADCs when it first came out but only the odd person even thinks about buying it. It's honestly like that AP book item that gave spellvamp that no one ever bought except for Vlads.
Will of the Ancients?
: Leftover Championship Jewels?
I don't think you can do anything with the championship jewels. I guess they are just gonna stay there forever.
Avios1 (NA)
: What if Karthus could move while using Q? (Lay Waste)
If she can still move while casting Q, she would be a little better but not an god tier pick. I would feel that this would be a step in the right direction. However, adding this wouldn't do much. If she could move when casting her Q, it just gives her a little bit more mobility. I really don't see any problems with this idea however, so why not?
: Something I found on Reddit that was fkin amazing
That is pretty cool. I think it wouldn't be to hard to pull off with enough communication. If you just start your tp, and yell through the mic "TP TO THE MINION IM TP'ING TO", then you would be able to pull the trick off.
: The teemoing icon
I believe you should contact Riot Support. If you can verify that you beat both game modes (AKA show them your match history), then they will most likely give you the icon. However, Riot might not be done distributing the icons. You could contact Riot Support and ask them if they are done distributing.
: Preseason Question
It says the 2017 season will begin on December 6th meaning that season seven will be live on December 6th. Also, ranked will most likely start when season seven comes out.
: Extend it to one more day before season ends, please? ):
Not trying to be mean, but what would one day do? I highly doubt that Riot would even change the season end date anyway.
RivetAce (NA)
: True, but it's too weak if you can't burst with it. It needs to be available at the start of the fight.
Why would you have a fighter with burst that doesn't run out?
RivetAce (NA)
: The fatal design flaw of Guinsoo's Rageblade. Double-hit theory item
I feel like that this item would be too good. Essentially, you are getting a little less than the attack speed of Statikk Shiv and you are getting an extra fifteen damage on hit. You are also getting an extra 30 damage also. Also, I dont get the part about where you say a unique passive would be the "double hit thing". Does this mean without the passive of Rageblade with the ramp up? Also, one of the passives of Rageblade is the that when you basic attack, you gain stats. If this new Rageblade keeps this passive, this would be an item that gives massive amounts of damage, attack speed, on hit effects, and a double hit passive that HURTS. Also, this item is good on champions with good AP and AD scalings. Also, if you get items that prevent the effectiveness of kiting, Rageblade can be good on those champions since you won't lose your stacks. Also, since Rageblade lacks tankiness, just do not teamfight. For example, Master Yi doesn't have any AP scalings. Master Yi, however, has a very high attack speed and uses the double hit passive of Rageblade often. He also has his ultimate to prevent his enemies from kiting away. Also, Master Yi has to get up close in order to do damage anyway. Rageblade won't force him to get closer in teamfights. Overall, Rageblade really doesn't need a rework.
: MYTH: Kassadin is a late game hypercarry
I completely agree with you. Kass doesn't do as much damage as other hyper carries. I feel like there are champs who are always better than Kass. Riot destroyed Kass. Riot nerfed all of Kass's abilities. I played Kass a while back. He felt really weak. I would combo their feeding ADC, and the ADC would some how live. I agree with you completely. Kass really does need a buff
Ignaize (NA)
: Bug with Orianna W?
Personally, I have never seen this happen. It might be due to the fact that I rarely play mid lane. This, most likely, is a bug. I cannot think of one case where Riot intentionally had the damage apply before the animation was finished. Riot is slow when responding to bugs, so that is most likely the problem here. I _highly_ doubt that this is intentional.
: Get more CDR on Zed and you can Ulti even more... More dead ppl :)
But, with maxed out CDR, zed doesn't burst anymore. Zed's only CDR is Lucidity boots and Black Cleaver/Youmuu's Ghostblade
SouL1ess (NA)
: >All Zed does now is use his ultimate on a guy, kills him, and waits 1 minute to kill a target again. Well shit, as if other assassins aren't in the same boat. And Zed without his ult is still a threat, unlike Fizz and to a lesser extent Talon.
Fizz can still burst. For zed, It's 1/3 less damage and since all shadows are not always close to the target, 1/2 the DMG without his ulti. For Fizz, he can still burst because his E ratio is high and his W ratio is OK. His ultimate just makes killing more targets easier or killing the tank easier.
: No one is talking about Nasus buying Sunfire Cape. This thread is about champions buying Sunfire Cape against Nasus.
Sorry Friend! Thanks for telling me! Well, it doesn't so anything when he's MILES away just chillin
Leahana (NA)
: Reinstalling is THE only thing that works, i know it does, but what im asking is there a fix because having to reinstall every other time I want to play, sometimes multiple times in a single day, is fucking ridiculous
I see. I have had a thing right when I log on, I get logged of. I keep trying and after 30 times, I stay in. Riot needs to fix the login client period.
: CertainlyT should not be allowed to make another champion
All of these champions are hard to play, but are nerfed. Most champions get needed when the win rate to play rate is high.
Leahana (NA)
: [Client] Game won't launch after hitting Launch, just closes out and doesn't launch.
I don't know what to say. I'd start right now by deleting ALL folders and the client and reinstalling the game. If that doesn't work, I don't know what would. Maybe reset and reinstall League if you absolutely LOVE league
: Zed's Nerf
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