: I think anyone that does a lot of true damage needs to have that tuned down
Kadexe (NA)
: Should the true damage Infinity Edge be kept in the game as a separate item?
No we need Conqueror gone too. True damage needs to be a rear thing.
Rioter Comments
Alzon (NA)
: The buff is basically an extra 4 stacks per minute. That’s 80 more damage per Q at 20 minutes. While that is a pretty hefty buff, it’s hardly game-breaking.
The issue is that it is exponential. Yes at 20m its 80 damage but at 30m its 200 damage. Imagine Viegar getting a buff like this (actually he should if it was needed on Nas its needed on Viegar)
: Dear Riot Games (my thoughts on the position ranking system)
: The map is simply not balanced and carrying isn't risky. Playing top lane it is up to the player to get him/herself carrying, and there is little risk if you are quicker or have a favorable matchup, so a lot of top play is simply not letting that happen because you are on an island. It is more fun to have a good game on a safe pick, than be forced to play a 1v1 fighting game top while the rest are in a 4v4 battle to take the the opposing nexus. Also damage needs to be taken out of the support role. If you want to carry out of top, which should be an option, you should need help and be vulnerable early. Outplay champs should have to use their outplay tools to get a lead to have a net positive effect on a game.
This is why I like playing {{champion:30}} top. I can Farm under Turret and lose out on CS and affect the map with my Ult. I just keep the enemy wave from taking my turret and wait for my other lanes to fight. If the enemy Top leaves lane I push and can still help a lane with my Ult. If he stays in lane I just keep him there and clear waves.
: Jax is OFFICIALLY getting nerfed.
Is Dark Harvest still OP? Conqueror to me is still seen more and more OP. Dark Harvest is ONLY good on a few champs and its only good in long games. {{champion:17}} {{champion:30}}
: Sylas getting released along with AP nerfs
He is still fuked up by Yasuo and Zed midlane. Even Ekko is good vs him His Trades are not as good as any of those. Kat is also good vs him because she can dodge all of his attacks other then W. He is good if he hits all of his Skill shots AND gets his auto off. Mobile champs are hard to hit.
: What people that don't play Riven or know her need to understand: * Mastering Riven to the point where climbing is fairly easy (up until Master) takes thousands of games. Matchups have to be learned over and over and her playstyle changes with every matchup. On top of it, Riven mains need to learn the playstyle in every scenario (for instance how to behave vs Renekton when he starts W or Q) This goes for any matchup. * Her cooldowns aren't low. All of her abilities before any CDR item is around 10 seconds. Yes, even E her shield. In harassing matchups Riven players often have to decide whether they want to go in with E to take that one cs before getting harassed too much and lose all cs before her E comes back again, or get all cs but end up with no hp. Her E shield is weak before any items. Her Qs and her E are dashes that need to be understood. They are her ins and outs. For instance if Riven goes all in, she will deal damage but will get too much agro from creeps as well as return damage from enemy and since Riven used her dashes, she is free to be harassed for the next 10 seconds. Therefore, Riven needs to constantly do short trades and do small amount of damage, with half of her kit being All in and half her kit being used to escape with the least damage taken. This is also a variable in every matchup, when Riven is playing vs range harass champ she usually after the game has medium or lowest damage dealt according to graph and early she is down 15 20 cs. Why? Because in early game since enemy harasses her for cs, she can't even trade, therefore Riven starts to deal damage usually out of lanning phase but even that is questionable since most of Rivens split and continue to not deal damage until enemy comes to fight her. Up until then she doesn't deal damage since she can't pick trading over csing. * She is very much killable, despite her having 40% cooldowns mid to late game, if Riven doesn't wait the last second before her Qs expire to Q again in order to reset them over and over, she will not have abilities in a 3,4 seconds period. For instance, if she Fast Qs into enemy, she will not have her Q for that period, but if she harasses from time to time with her Q she will always have her Q due to 40% cdr, but she will not deal damage close enough to when she goes for Fast Q combo. * Lethality doesn't work on her at least for now, but not due to items being hard nerfed but because everyone feels tanky for lethality to work. Therefore she usually rushes Essence R. with gives her Cd, damage and reduces her cooldowns when she activates her ult. But the risk is huge, because it is a greedy build and she is very squishy and fairly easy to be dealt with. * Lower elo doesn't know how to deal with Riven and usually when you see a Riven doing well in low elo, she is smurfing. Still, lower divisions don't know how Riven works nor how to deal with her which is why these kind of posts are made usually by lower elo players. Nobody in higher elo is complaining about Riven nor posts on lol boards, so don't bring up higher elos if you aren't high elo. I have yet to see a high division master/challenger player complains about Riven. * You mention there are 5 Riven mains in 100 challenger? Yeah one tricks that only play Riven. What about Kaisa mains in challenger, or Kassadin mains, Irelia,Jax Mains? This is another absurd information and pointless one to be added from OP. You forget Kha zix mains that constantly climb with that champion, Rengar as well, or any other. If you open OPGG to see leader you won't see many players that got 1000 games with Riven and their second champ is 10 Irelia, but you will see players that abuse constantly 2,3 same champions that are broken. Riven players play only Riven in any situation even when they dont have the upper hand and when they are countered, while there are players that constantly swap between Jax,Irelia,Akali to gain an upper hand (since we talk about toplane) . Same goes for ADCs where they abuse Lucian,Kaisa and now Vayne to get an upper hand over their enemy. I urge anyone that is complaining about Riven to post their OPGGs to show their rank and confirm my statement where only lower elo players complain about Riven. You will see i guarantee that a huge majority is bellow Plat (gold,silver, even some plats). Don't get annoyed with my comment because it is a fact, and if you think you can win this argument prove my statement wrong. Finally to add, you talk about you and your friends playing Riven and getting on a win streak, like its a miracle for you (maybe it is idk) but i can pick any champion for toplane and still be on a win streak and climb as well as anyone else. Why? Because as i already said people don't know how to deal with Riven, and you stating that you were gold, confirmed my statement. i've seen players playing Kled and skipping divisions, abusing Sion and skipping divisions, Camille etc. Doesn't matter how hard Riven is to master, unless you are dumb you can understand how her abilities work in game to make her to some degree work in low elo and win games. But you will not win against a good player every nor you can win a single game in high elo like that. Because you didn't master her. Your basic knowledge on any champ can get you out of low elo. end.
All I know is that I play three champs top and I have learned to win vs her. But if its a good Riven player she can still out play even her counters because of her Kit is so forgiving.
: 52.4% Win rate. 14.4 Pick rate. 4.5% Ban rate. In Diamond...yes..I think its a little bit to much,once riven gets black cleaver,death dance.Shes just jumping around the map with her spells. She needs a little nerf for sure. Till then..we have only Jax option for her...good old jaxy.
I should start playing her as main top. Riot seems to nerf everything I start playing.....
: Honestly i can't remember his old passive. His old kit wasn't bad other than his q just being godawful. His W was an aoe root. His e was a point and click damage amplifier which did a small amount of damage on its own. And I actually really liked his old toggle ult.
?? I sooo miss his Q Bellatrix. It zoned. It would attack your E target as long as they were in range. With {{item:3146}} it was single target so healed for 33% of its damage. His Ult was single target (each Crow was a single attack) and so healed for 33% with {{item:3146}} His W was much better as an AOE root and easier to hit then his current W Drain tanking was his Jam and it was so fun.
: Revert the swain rework
Keep the skin changes and the way his Ult looks but ya I prefer the old over the new.
: > [{quoted}](name=SuffocateMeDaddy,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HMQ53WK3,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-17T20:10:58.413+0000) > > Who said that I want to abuse low elo players? This entire post is about how it can be avoided and about giving riot money for that. You're contradicting yourself then. Riot doesn't want you to play in a elo that you do not belong in and they will place any of your accounts in the right elo no matter how many accounts you have. That's all. You can't do anything about it. New players quit because they always play against people much better than themselves.
Since when does Riot put all new accounts into the ELO they should be in? My main account has over 1500 Ranked games and the SECOND I go over 50% win rate I get chain Smurfs put on the enemy team (not my lane always) but they STEAM ROLE the game. I drop to 49-48% win rate and the games get easy again. These Smurfs are not one tier over me, they are upper plat playing in upper silver. My Smurf account with less then 200 Ranked games has WAY better matches and less smurfs it seems. I find climb way easier on my smurf because of that even tho its the same rank as my main. I account this to that my main is 1500 games and Riot is forcing 50%. While 200 games they give lea way to the 50% rule. Its more of a 53% then I start seeing the smurfs. But at 53% I can actually climb. Riots MMR system is so badly designed it sickens me as a Programmer.
: Sylas Isn't Going To Be Good
Sylas is going to be more balanced then most new champs I think. He is strong but has weak spots and can fall behind. He is one of the "Just CC him" type champs tho.
rober999 (EUW)
: Katarina's E change is horrible
Kat has ZERO skill shots. She is all point and click. Its part of why she is toxic to the game.
The system knows when you do that and will change your "Role"
: Champions You'd Like to See Reworked in 2019
{{champion:85}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:143}} Reverted {{champion:421}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:50}}
: Teemo should have a Nearsight instead of a Blind
Thing I hate is that the enemy can still see and still can attack with activate spells. If they are blind Irelia should not be able to Q if she cant auto attack. Panth should not be able to Q or W if he is Blind. Only AOE attacks should work or skill shots. Also the enemies screen should go dark like when Graves uses his Cloud.
: Spellthief's Edge isn't healthy or necessary in League of Legends
Anything to get Zyra back to the midlane where she belongs.
sobi999 (EUW)
: More utility on teemo
His W is useless. What they need to change it to is Guerrilla Tactics (W): Passive: +15/20/25/30 Movement speed. When teemo is unseen his next basic attack does +10% damage. Activate: Teemo activates his training gaining stealth for 1.5s and Double the passive Movement speed for 3s
Sonic132 (NA)
: Can we get like, 3 seconds more between last lock-in and game start?
With the shitty client we need like 30s more to change rune (only giving us 2 pages)
: No Riot. I will not accept these Irelia Nerfs.
No Riot. I will not accept these Zyra Nerfs, I said 3 years ago...
: So at what point can we say the Akali rework was a complete and utter failure?
: udyr is not fine to play against
He needs a FULL Rework. I call him ChickenDyr because he ether can out right kill you no contest/counter/out play or he runs and you cant catch him.
: The new Essence Reaver and Spear of Shojin on the PBE
That is NOT the Spear of Shojin....... Riot needs to just pull the band aid and revert the game to S5
: The Arurf+ pass has literal Pay to Win RNG mechanic
This would explain how an Enemy team got {{champion:86}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:120}} all on the same team
: Kennen Visual FX
He needs a rework
: Speaking about this, how does Sylas' ult work with {{champion:76}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:150}} ...?
He get MegaNar's Ult (the massive shove stun) For Karma and Dinger he presses the ult and then gets their other powers to pick from. For Nid you press it and turn into a cat for the duration (80sish) and get all the cat powers and his Passive pros off them. Same with Elise For Jayc he gets Jayc's Ranged powers for the duration but the scaling does not give any AD so they are weak
: He actually converts the AD to armor ratio to an AP to armor ratio as well. So he gets a ton of armor and mr from it.
But the passive on every 3rd attack bonus damage based on AP is just soo much to pass up.
: Another good question that needs answering is if the ult has a passive aswell like jax's do you get the passive part aswell if you steal his ulti also if you steal shacos clone do you get a shaco clone or a sylas clone
If you dont use Jax Ult you get the passive for the full duration (like 80s) and since Sylus is AP its crazy damage.
Rioter Comments
: Well if Braum blocked it, he would just get Braum Ult.
Im not sure what happens her but it would not take Braum because you didnt click Braum. It may just block it like Yasuo WW
: Sylas' R is a point and click ability
So Sylus R is a point and click BUT it is a projectile. {{champion:157}} WW blocks it {{champion:90}} Passive blocks it. {{champion:84}} Shroud makes you cant target her {{champion:25}} Shield blocks it {{item:3102}} Blocks it It also needs to be point and click because you then have to Use it properly (some are skill shots)
: How will Sylas's ult-snatcher ability work on champions whose ults work with their kits?
I know with Swain you get the end explosion as if you had 5 souls. Its AWESOME on Sylus because he builds full AP so the healing is good too. Nid is good because you get her whole kit and Sylus passive so every time you use her attacks (AP based attacks) you proc your passive.
JulianMX (EUW)
: How is Vayne and Nasus BUFF even a thing to THINK about?
Ya the Nas and Vayne buffs are spot on for Riot. Well they need someone to challenge Sylus when he goes live.
: She wont. Its the same story with yasuo. Zyra is just the baby of one of the designers, or a main champ of one of riots balancing team members (like brand...) and because theyd never nerf champs they are. plaing on their own, they wont nerf zyra. Other examples are irelia, brand (support), velkoz (support), Ahri, leblanc and yasuo of course to just mention a few ones.
LOL "baby of one of the designers" Zyra is buggy and trash for what she is suppose to be. She is only CURRENTLY good support because of the introduction of {{champion:555}} and squishy supports/adc.
Aarron (NA)
: So this is what boards moderation has come to huh sad
Yep they act like china when you say Taiwan is a country.
Antenora (EUW)
: Zyra's a CertainlyT champion... Do you expect anything less than sheer oppresiveness?
He worked on her but was not the lead designer.
: Agreed, but she, along with {{champion:63}}, were there way before mages like {{champion:101}} were brought to bot lane. They are a problem who started without much impact and just grew in size every months
Riot forced these champs to support with the up rise of Assassins mid
Jaghatai (NA)
: I bought Zyra at release because her kit was perfect for support. She's been a support since release.
She was not released as a support. She was a midlane Control mage. Her Secondary role was support but really was better at jungling at the time.
: yeah, totally not biased at all. A 1-2 second root that can go through minions and champions to root up to 5 people. "weakest hard cc".
: Zyra has almost twice as much base mana regen at lvl 1 as a normal mage.
Her Wave clear is shit tho and costs tons of man. She can push a wave faster then Zed or Ekko or Akali or a lot of midlaners Riot wont do what they need to do to bring her midlane so she just needs to be flat out reworked.
: PSA: Zyra and Brand are NOT supports
>Zyra was pushed bot by Riot, much to her fans protests. (Looking at you, Riot! Shame on you!) QFT
Slade25 (NA)
: Everyone is too busy talking about conqueror to notice the actual problem: AP itemization.
Lets see on u.gg Ranked by win rate all roles top 40 champs (some fit more then one role) There are AD 15, AP 19, Tank 3 We can see that AP has a slight advantage (and that is because Cass is good in Mid and Top and Mord is good in top and bot) So AP and AD are really even. Tanks are the weak ones.
Glîtchy (NA)
: they should make a queue where it's LITERALLY solo
many of us have been asking for this Since like S5 Riot does not want to do it because they dont have the numbers..... Issue is that Riot is in the business of boosting (has money in the businesses that do it) and if Rnaked was SoloQ only you cant have paid boosters that Duo. You only can have paid boosters that play your account and thats riskier for the player and also harder for the booster.
: youre wrong. Its not the lanes that matter, its godtier champs that matter. Lucian or Pyke for example are both bot laners, that have no problem hard carrying games because they are godtier champions.
There is some true to this but Ganks matter too by a lot.
: Only 2 roles matter.
Team that ganks more wins. Be this Jungler , Mid or even Support ADC ganking mid. If I have an afk farm or "Gank after 6" jungler my team just go put behind.
: Garen and his limited Keystone options
Tell that to {{champion:420}} who has ONE keystone. They ALMOST gave her another one with Dark Harvest if they left it how it worked on the PBE but they removed the way it worked with her Spirits so its bad.
: Give Garen spin a slow!
Yep his Spin is AOE stacks BC and hits what 9 times maybe more and had built in Armor Pen if you are hit 4 times. While {{champion:6}} W is a set flat number of hits (12 times at 33% damage so that's 4 normal hits really), singe target and slows him by -125 movement speed (thats about -30% movement speed with boots)
Dukues (NA)
: Riot Balance & Design teams have cured my addiction
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