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: I think I heard this once: 40% of your games are pre-determined losses based on factors outside your control 40% of your games are pre-determined wins because the other team lost this coinflip 20% of your games are in your control where your play will make the difference between win or loss
So this is why people get hard stuck. 40% + (x% of 20%) = your Win % Riot LP gain/loss makes it so you HAVE to run 65+% to climb which is not possible once Riot screws your MMR by getting more then 40% bad coin flips. Once an accounts MMR is fked you are stuck.
: I think the official stance on this is you can play whatever champ you want and build "off meta" but you still have to perform your role. There was a few situations like this with that one trick Nunu "support" taking smite and just trolling the enemy jg but not actually supporting in Phreak's game. I think the same thing happened to a Singe player too not too long ago. If I understand the situation correctly Teemo wasn't supporting NB3 but spending the entire game roaming so I think he falls into the same category.
See this is how I see it. If you are support then you are to support the adc. Not take over the ADC role, Not Support Mid, not Jungle. You are Support and that goes bot lane (unless you are Bard who can roam all the freaking time)
: In regards to off meta play, why does everyone imply communication works at all?
What is off Meta and who picks what is and isnt off meta? I Play Reksai Mid and get (??? Reksai Mid ??? Is that a Thing?) in chat all the time. I then get first blood and end games with a good kda (not always a win tho but its Ranked so)
: at least the passive should be melee only
Sure as long as Im changed to count as melee and ranged {{champion:6}}
: Make frozen gauntlet melee only please?
No just make it so this guy >>>>{{champion:81}}<<<< cant use it. Its only an issue with him.
: So why is mordekaiser's new ult cleansable?
{{champion:6}} "Interesting, you think an Ult should not beable to be blocked?"
venerdì (EUW)
: Did getting s become harder? I can't seem to be getting boxes anymore
Its because of all the Smurfs from higher ELOs coming down to yours and getting way better stats. Your Stats for Champ X is compared to other players of your ELO on that champ. You are being compared to Plat+ players so ya you wont be getting boxes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tahminatrix ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HFZQ3ERX,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2019-06-18T00:46:05.782+0000) > > Because black cleaver is broken and the champions that depend on it to be viable should be buffed. Aatrox sadly needs the item or tanks will dick on his damage. Maybe Conq could just give % Pen at max stacks instead of this healing true damage shenanagin- Oh wait, % Pen's broken too. Well fuck.
Same with a lot of Top laners.
knobblez (NA)
: What if they made her use mana and made each subsequent Q cost more mana (ie. 10, 20, 30)? I'm not a math wiz by any means, just throwing this out there.
They need to make her Shield Bonus HP based not AD based. Make her Passive do less and ad 1s to her Q CD
Jamaree (NA)
: Question, why aren’t you complaining about Sona, or Sivir, or Jinx, or any of the other multiple champions with higher pick, ban, play and win rates then her with a far low skill floor?
Their skill cap is lower AND cant let you 1v9 The issue with Riven is that her Skill cap allows her to win basically everything.
Rylalei (EUNE)
: Iron: 48.19%, 5.1%, 1.9% Bronze: 45.91%, 5.3%, 2.2% Silver: 48.02%, 6.4%, 3.1% Gold: 49.79%, 7.8%, 4.5% Platinum: 51.2%, 9.6%, 7.1% Diamond: 53.45%, 10.7%, 11.8% Master: 52.77%, 10.5%, 15.8% Grandmaster: 54.53%, 9.4%, 17% Challenger: 53.07%, 9.8%, 17.5% That's Riven's stats at all ranks, and they show she is actually quite complex. The data comes from U.GG. Now, could she use another small nerf? Sure, nerf Cleaver or remove Spear, nerf DD.
SoS would help a ton on her and other abusers. She still is too good once you have some skill with her.
: How are games so unbalanced? Where is the Match Making Team at?????
Riot REALLY needs to spend some Full Team Dev cycles on making a GOOD Match Making for Iron-Plat
: I had one of the best games of my life last night [Master Elo]
Too bad its a 1/1000 game (because of the afker) else 1/100 For every one of these, you will have 99 toxic piles of trash games one side or the other and you wont climb.
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: Tahm Kench still not nerfed after 3 patches of him being broken in toplane
ya he is crazy top. Riot is crazy but that is said with so many of their "Choices"
: Why are handicaps such a huge part of this so-called "competitive" game?
Shutdown gold is to prevent a game from being over at 5m It use to not be needed because damage was not so high and snowballing took more then 1 kill and only a very few champs could do it. Now Anyone can snowball and for snowbally champs 1 kill it all it takes.
: PSA: Stop asking for nerfs to champions when it's the keystones that break them!
She has been the safest Mage since she came out. Its not the Keystone.
Weensw (NA)
: Out of every single champion, who can give the best leash?
: Who else is excited to play Leagues Auto Chess?
What I like is that they plan to add Rank to it. That usually means it will stick around.
Rock MD (NA)
: High elo players cannot carry 3 feeding players, so we make sure our teammates don't feed
You talk like these Feeding team mates know anything about the game.....
Starfect (NA)
: Illaoi Upcoming Changes Suggestions
Its like you dont play Illaoi. If she didnt get damage from the Spirit she would never win any fights. Also if you think hitting E is too ez then you are under Gold because anyone in Gold+ knows how to you know dodge and it is SOOOO slow that ANYONE can dodge it. Also her animations are CRAZY slow and makes even her Q hard to hit if the enemy has a dash. (GG top lane vs Qiyara) What Riot needs to do is fix all the Bugs with her kit (there are tons and they added more in this change they are doing) If they go with the 60% AP on her Passive they need to add a AP% on her W too. The issue is that her Kit is too predictable for anyone over Gold.
: Low level smurf queue is so exciting! No meme!
Yep Riot "Smurf Detector" Code thinks Im a smurf. Why else would I see 1-3 in every game on the enemy team?
: Why the heck can enemies use QSS in Morde's ult?
{{champion:6}} "What!? Never seen that Before"
: I mean, it's a lane bully AND a hypercarry in the same champion. He has a lot of fucking tools to make most champions' laning phase a living hell: -A passive shield that mitigates A LOT the potential poke he can receive. -A wind wall that is basically a middle finger to any single mage or ADC in the game. - Infinite mobility in lane, so the moment you stand just a little close (and by that I mean less than 2 {{summoner:4}} away, he is going to surf through the minions, destroy the shit out of you and return to his position full {{champion:7}} style. Not only that, but he can also use to escape ganks easily. I mean, the jungler can't come from behind, cand body-block him, the moment one of your minions is a little close to the river or jungle entrance he can just escape through this routes... -A huge-range poke ability. Even if he needs 2 hits first, the cooldown of his Q is so fucking short that he has a tornado every 10s at least, which isn't a lot more that the average midlaner Q in early. And, I mean, why the fuck does he need such a long range ability if he himself is able to dash to you in an instant. He doesn't have mobility or range, HE HAS BOTH. -A point and click knock up that combos with his R. Self explanatory. The question isn't why Riot doesn't nerf him. The real question is: How the fuck Yasuo players are so horrible, idiotic, and autistic that this champ doesn't have like a 70% ratio win? Seriously, playing Yasuo against most champs is like using a Dota character to fight one from the Adventure Time MOBA.
Its because CT is a bad designer. Everyone knows it, even riot. But because he is OP he sells skins. If Riot made a mage that was one of the most safe mid and suppport with massive damage too they would make a ton on skins for him/HER too.
YaraUwU (NA)
: I cannot fucking stand when junglers get to camp top unanswered.
I hate when Riot auto fills my Jungler Role and puts the best enemy player in his main jungle role. Unless my bot lane is a massive Smurf Duo its 100% a loss.
: I'm a rocket scientist at NASA and I can confirm
Just because you are a liar does not mean I am. At any rate You not believing me does not make my statements false.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: PBE is literally the place where everything is supposed to be tested and the bugs are supposed to be found and eliminated
FYI as a Software Test Dev the current build on the PBE is what we call "Toast" as in you cant test with it it is so bad. Yes the PBE is for testing but these bugs should have never made it past a Buddy Test. There is zero ways this should have made it to a public server.
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: Riven should lose Blade of the Exile when she uses Wind Slash
: Do you think Pyke's 80 percent heal is a bit much?
: small QoL change for mordekaiser ult?
Mords Ult has no cast time. Its Point and Click. You have to predict who and when he will use it on. For QSS you use it after he has Ulted you. Sucks that for some champs you HAVE to get QSS by lvl 6
: Controversial opinion: DON'T nerf Mordekaiser yet
What is there to say? Lvl 2 Just let him push the wave to the turret? No one can 1v1 him top lane.
: Yasuo's Early Game is Too Good
Early, Mid, Late are all too good.
: Tahm Kench still not nerfed after 3 patches of him being broken in toplane
You know who beats him lvls 1-18? Thats right {{champion:82}}
: Morde sitting at 70% ban rate, 13% pick rate, and 56% WR even with 0 expereince on him
Its his Passive and his Single Target Q that needs nerfed. At lvl 2 he wins all 1v1s because his Passive makes him run faster then ANYONE even those with dashes and the % MAX Hps. They need to make the Aura fall off after 3s of not hitting anyone. The %hp needs to be less and scale less His Single Target Q needs to start out at +10% and scale to 15/15/20/20/30
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: The assbackwards Ryze change: he's going to be even worse in soloQ, and even stronger in competitive
He is going to be stronger in both. Just Pros or scripters will REALLY PWN with him
Moody P (NA)
: Mord passive is too strong and too reliable
It does over 50% of the damage pre lvl 6 It needs nerfed I would say have it ramp up over 4s. After 4s is when he gets the movement speed and % hps
: Buy a QSS it cancels out mordekaiser's ult
What they need to do is nerf his passive Aura. In a fight with him I dodge all but his E at lvl 2 and he kills me and his Aura did 55% of the damage because you cant out run him.
: > [{quoted}](name=XXXMurderPenguin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lhA0YXE8,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-12T21:28:56.509+0000) > > Also there are a lot of players that dont know how he works and so feed into him. > > Once the player base learns him we will see it even out. I mean, if they have to hotfix him, the simple thing is hitting the aura passive. Its the thing i've heard people complain about the most.
Ya because it gives him bonus movement speed you cant get away from it.
: as an assassin player i really hate Morde on my team
So that is a bad player. Good players will learn how his ult is to be used and its not to KS
: his R was literally useless i just instantly oranged it and memed him, and he spammed ? in chat
{{champion:6}} : "I would know what that is like"
: Update Mordekaiser R against qss and other simliar things
So yes and no. The issue is that Mords Ult does nothing for him damage or Def wise. It is to cut out ganks and team fights and so just dont target those champs. Not everyone is going to buy a QSS (tho I think the item is stupid and needs to be redesigned). Mord does not need his Ult to get kills and be a beast.
: Unbalanced isn't the same thing as unbalanceable. Day one win rate might just mean the former, fixed after a simple balance pass.
Also there are a lot of players that dont know how he works and so feed into him. Once the player base learns him we will see it even out.
: Morde 55% wr on day 1 in diamond +
Ya he is my new Top and mid and Jungle and Support and ADC
: The tower stays and will target Morde. He can not just run at you under turret and ult you for a free dive.
PotPye (NA)
: Mordekaiser R under tower
If it was Yasuo's ult or if the Mord Rework was done by CT then yes that would be the case. Same with Fountain Boom. But someone half sane designed it and Turrets stay. What you want to do is use his Ult at a range to prevent your target from getting under turret.
: Buy a QSS it cancels out mordekaiser's ult
QSS needs to be lower in price AND a one time use item. Build the full item to get a reusable on a 180s CD like {{item:3157}}
: Why did you give Illaoi Ap scaling
{{item:3146}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3089}} {{item:1001}} Will be fun testing like a Mid lane AP build.
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