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JH Titan (NA)
: How Do I Climb
1) Duo with a Smurf and get boosted 2) Duo with a Smurf and get Boosted 3) Cheat and (maybe) get banned 4) Duo with a Smurf and get boosted
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: You Do Not Need To Win Lane To Win Games
You just need to not have the Inter/Feeder on your team.
: Really loving how every single game is literally "who can burst the other faster"
: Is it just me or is new Pantheon pretty well balanced for a new champion?
So live he is a bit weak. The changes on the PBE really feel good. He will hit 50% win rate with them I think.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Wow and players wonder why reds dont bother with gameplay boards.
Im like 90% sure you are a Red on a norm account.
: As much as it sucks, it's a part of the game. Personally I just drop the n-word and tell people to off themselves before dodging the lobby but that's how I deal with it. If I can't have fun I'm going to make sure you're tilted for at least the next game.
Kai Guy (NA)
: > If Im 49.5% then Im falling Your currently at 47% of your games. So in your system you would be iron 4 right now? Edit. I really have no idea why you want to be ranked at the bottom of Iron 4 and I do not remotely understand how or why you think your suggestion makes for any improvement to MM. So... business as usual for us both then?
Im at 47% because Riot keeps putting Iron players on my team. Ill go 15/4 and they will be 2/12 This happens over and over because at some point in the Troll teams I had Riots "System" has said "Oh now you are bad and must fall" Even tho Im -17/+19 Its like Riot is wanting me to carry these Iron players but its impossible to carry them. Since Riot says I should be falling I am falling. Not because of my skill. My skill is much better then who Im grouped with most of the time. These teams are uncarryable.
: Picking your champ before your opponent in toplane is just a death sentence for your laning phase
KazKaz (OCE)
: Why is Spear of Shojin still in the game?
Because Riot is going to be Putting Garen with onHit E life soon. Same Reason.
Bultz (NA)
: Garen needs to be toned down
You do know they are buffing him and have on the PBE a crazy broken buff to his E and Ult right?
: Why doesn't Caitlyn have a Headshot counter under her HP?
: How Do You Deal With Fed Assassins as a Squishy Champ
: this LP gain/loss algorithm is preventing players to aim to get 1st place
: "we don't want to create a game with hard counters"
Try laning vs Fiora as the new Panth...... Its just stupid. She stops everything other then Spear throws. You cant CS else you get 20% hp taken....
pryda022 (NA)
: panth ult to weak currently
Its best used as a half global TP or Enter a Team fight. Thats it. I use it to get to lane because vs 1 person you will 99% miss.
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: Riot: Can we get s sneek peek at the Buffs to Zyra?
Ok so from Mark Yetter's Twitter Zyra: R damage max +30, R mana cost 100 at all levels, CD -10 for all ranks Was REALLY hoping for Plant changes....
HàrrowR (EUW)
: People complain about damage but rarely build more than one or two defensive items.
Best Def is kill the first. More damage = kill them first. Riot has made the game Burst so building Def is stupid unless you are THE tank and then all you are there for is MEAT shield and CC
: Has anyone else been experiencing Taric's W causing frame rate drops?
I get Frame drops all the time for everything now. As soon as a team fight starts Im going to miss .5s of the fight. Riot coding is First year collage level.
: Riot: Can we get s sneek peek at the Buffs to Zyra?
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: Fiora buff makes no sense
I laned vs a Fiora for the first time as the new Panth and I have not seen such an outright Hard counter. There was nothing other then Poke with Spear from afar and wait for the wave to hit the turret. She can out trade everything. Even when the jungler came to help Panth's Kit was useless. Her Bladework is so fast you cant block or stun her whens he uses it. If you have a weakness facing anything other then away from her you cant even try and CS. To buff her is crazy.
HàrrowR (EUW)
: People complain about damage but rarely build more than one or two defensive items.
: Kindred is one of the most absolutely unfun, stat checky designs in the game
{{champion:77}} : "What?" {{champion:24}} : "What?" {{champion:23}} : " Ya What?"
LaceUpXX (NA)
: Reason #1 we need a soloQ
We have so needed soloQ for years
: > [{quoted}](name=preternatural,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NyklrmYW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-19T23:11:14.627+0000) > > don't fucking buff zyra. unless its by nerfing her damage but vastly improving her plant ai allowing her to solo lane again.
Mid Zyra is where she SHOULD Be
: TFT: not my style
I just wish it was not RNG like Ranked is
: Top lane doesn't matter anymore, the better player no longer wins top. Top lane is decided off who picks second and who's jungler bothers to gank. I hate it when I get no ganks, enemy jg camps me, and every lane still loses. How the fuck does that happen??
This is sooo true its sad
: Level 2 ganks ruin top lane
100% Riot needs to nerf Early Jungle EXP and scale it up after 10m
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Ok here are my 2 cents for the matchmaking: - **get rid of MMR ELO system**, because obviously getting rid of the **league ** system is not in discussion: I get it, ELO system is easier to balanced mathematically since there are tons of algorithms out there, but this "hack" never worked. The answer to this is sure: "but dude, this will leave too many gaps, like how do we account for boosters? how do we balance quick climbing, or "going down" . Here comes my next point - **lane mastery matchmaking** : You already have this system in place, it's right there in the game where few know how to find it. You give a score and account for a number of parameters for lane prowess. So you compute a 0-1 scale mastery that is ever-changing and visible. This will have 2 outcomes: people will try to improve their actual game, not just chasing kills and ofc in matchmaking. How will people then not abuse this by having one max lane mastery and 0 in others and they will matchmake? If the difference is too big and he is not autofilled, the game accounts the lane mastery+(abuse rating 0.5-0.8 scale)*diff(max lane mastery- lane mastery) . What about the player pool? +2 and -2 div will mean a player pool of 5 divisions. Master + Challenger should be locked together + if it passes a certain time to account lower division (like: 5 minutes passed, consider D1, 10 minuts passed consider D2, etc) - **angel system**: when the game detects a player is performing poorly, then to engage with that player with a pop-up to give him hints on how to improve and to serve as a sort of a 'tilt barrier' and some videos he can watch on topics he needs to improve
Make People Climb from Iron4 up. LP gains are flat not scaling. If you win you go up. We dont care about boosting Smurfs to higher level faster. YOU can tell who a smurf is. If Im winning 50.5% of my games then Im climbing in all ELOs. If Im 49.5% then Im falling. Its EZ to see and figure out. Not this Im at 54% win rate but hard stuck because RIot shit system says I should be falling and gives me 9w/14l LP shit.
: Yasou is a paradox if you buff him, people do too good if you nerf him, people do too good if you buff him, people find a way to go 0/15 if you nerf him, people find a way to go 0/15
He is in a Superposition state
: don't fucking buff zyra.
She sooo needs Buffs. Her PLants are jokes
So Im fine with changes. Making him stronger on bad players and weaker on good players. To do that they have to nerf his damage and buff his...... no just nerf his damage and Ww and Ult and E and Q and Passive. Then he will be good to go
iiGazeii (NA)
: She gets movement speed and slows because in most cases, she needs to back away to proc her passive. If she didn't slow her enemies, she wouldn't be able to hit them at the very edge of her Q range and come back in for an auto unless they buffed the crap out of the passive movement speed. And nobody wants that. Her gameplay is centered around playing at medium range, weaving in and out from her targets to keep them at her preferred range. If landing the tip of her Q didn't matter, she'd just run at you spamming cooldowns. The speed manipulation is key to her play pattern. The slow is the least of Akali's problems.
Oh you mean she would need skill?
: > [{quoted}](name=XXXMurderPenguin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dHMwpm1I,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-19T08:26:27.965+0000) > > Nope you can W into the Foutain and E back out That would make it the only immunity effect I know of that blocks the fountain laser's pure damage. I wouldn't be surprised if that's a bug.
It may have been fixed when he went live. I have not tested it since the PBE when you could
Neriticc (EUW)
: Why the fuck are Morde's cooldowns so fucking long?
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Barkley (NA)
: If I want to climb in this game
NO you have to cheat is the only way to get out of the Troll/AFK RNG of lower Rank unless you Duo with also a SMurf
: Match making attempts to force us to ~50% winrate, riot justifies champ balance by winrate....
I have lost the last 4 losses to a troll player afking after 9m in. In each one we were winning and even 4v5 the enemy barely won. Do I get anything to my MMR or LP for it? Nope you lost so you get stabbed is Riots mantra
: It provides immunity to _all_ damage (except Nexus obelisk probably) from a certain direction, which I think is its primary focus.
Nope you can W into the Foutain and E back out
: Pantheon's E first-cast needs to do 150% AD.
His Q needs to do 75% to secondary targets. His W is good His E needs to block 100 deg around him (shit Yasuo WW is better at blocking things) His R 100% needs to now show where he is coming from until 1.5s Its soo bad. I have only see a Panth hit is ult on a team fight.
: There's actually AFKers almost every game now
Just lost a Ranked game beacuse of a troll afker. We were winning Stomp and our adc afks at lvl 9
DeusVult (NA)
: That feel when Garen is getting nerfs on the PBE because he can go bot lane in pro play
He is getting Buffs that are BROKEN on the PBE not nerfs. Riot has jumped the Shark and is not giving a damn anymroe.
CurS1VE (NA)
: To the "I'm Playing for Fun" excuse
"Playing for Fun" = "Im Trolling because Im an asshat"
: I logged in to play a few games today. Game 1:[/img] Our Illaoi just runs it down top and we lose. Game 2:[/img] The enemy Soraka takes troll summoners feeds 2 kills then quits. Free win. Welp I tried to play League of Legends, but it looks like League of Legends played me. With the time I wasted playing these two low quality games I could of simply been in a longer queue time waiting for better quality match.
Riot needs to scrap Autofill and we all can wait 10m for a good game. Hell Most of us would wait 20m. With the Trolls FF@15 almost always Fails so its 20m anyway. Make Leave Buster (not Dodging) a 15m/30m wait.
: The game is bad, can you blame people for wanting to stay. Balance is so bad and there are so many bullshit one shots or unfair items that I don't really blame people for AFKing.
Just wait for Shredder Garen to hit live.
: There's actually AFKers almost every game now
The More Riot does not address MMing and the trash Ranked "System" The More people will not care about their accounts and so will Troll more and AFK more. The state of the game is Riots Making.
: jungle doesn't have any impact anymore
Jungle is THE Number One reason a team wins. The team with the Autofiled Jungler loses
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