: Instead of just removing autofill, let's go back to using pick order to decide who gets what position. That way you either learn all five positions or are simply screwed more often than you are now by autofill. Damn kids these days.
Kai Guy (NA)
: I feel that if they did everything you said it would make Esports more fun to watch, mobility grossly stronger in lane phase, and adcs would reign as the absolute decider of matches. Dashes to close distance on threats are needed by any champion whos threat requires them to be in range. Also you forgot veigars event horizon turns dashes into stuns. Grounded spreading around more kits would be nice and its the one thing I agree with you on.
How exactly would this make ADCs the deciders of matches? I mean, that's how it was back in the day, but under my suggestions, ADCs would more likely be positioning-based sustained damage dealers, and tanks who mitigate their damage would be able to close the gap and make their positioning obsolete while supports or fighters with a dodge or block function would force them to make another decision. Tanks and supports would actually have a role in a game not dominated by instant death damage.
Rioter Comments
: Why do people care so much about lore? I have no fucking idea what any of the champions lores are, and guess what, i still have fun playing the game because gameplay is what matters, not lore.
> [{quoted}](name=SKRRRRRRAT,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YH57eNnn,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-01T16:15:02.032+0000) > > Why do people care so much about lore? I have no fucking idea what any of the champions lores are, and guess what, i still have fun playing the game because gameplay is what matters, not lore. Gameplay does matter, and gameplay is at an all-time low. This game has been degraded every single update since Season 1, and the state it's in right now is shameful. I can't believe you're enjoying yourself at all, considering you have to be a heartless monster who ruins others' games or suffer the fate of spending 90% of the game staring at a monochrome screen, and the other 10% at your meaningless health bar.
: Er mah god. A champion can deny there weakness every 5 minutes? BROKEN. You act like its impossible to comeback 2 minutes later and kill them.
It is, though. Being able to ignore your weaknesses every five minutes is such an incredibly good move that LITERALLY EVERYONE takes it, 99% of games. That's Flash. The fact that you are at a distinct disadvantage without it, the fact that it is ALWAYS the right choice, means it's overpowered. By definition. Edit: also, when someone gets a lead on me, I can't come back and kill them. Because I don't play Zed or some other magic win button champion. I play champions that require consistent skillshots or situational advantages, and Flash is more often useful defensively on those characters. Flash can be a huge offensive tool for the champions whose main damage and disrupting moves are targeted, which is already pretty unfair. Being able to ignore your range limits and surprise people with unavoidable bullshit is just bad design.
: I have a great solution to the problem, everybody! Hear hear! What about: **We now have 3 summoner spell slots. But actually it's 2?** **The third slot is now called the "Flash slot". ** Like Recall used to be an purchased item in the game before they make it on everybody by default, now everybody will automatically have Flash, and they actually get to have 2 slots to choose the rest of their Summoner Spells as opposed to the current 1 (let's be honest, the # of summoner spell slot atm may as well be 1). Yay?
Mannny (NA)
: {{summoner:4}} will forever be a necessity. Idk if that is good or bad to be honest.
It's extremely, massively bad.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xanit,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4EM2e4xd,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-06-25T00:27:26.405+0000) > > Flash needs to be deleted. I'm really sick of free mobility being an expectation in this game. Ghost is infinitely more healthy being used as a way to escape a gank -- you can actually react to a loud noise signaling the character is about to run more quickly. Flash is just LOL INSTANTLY DEFUSED THAT SITUATION COMPLETELY IGNORING MY WEAKNESS AS AN IMMOBILE CHAMPION, or LOL JUST JUMPED ON YOU FROM NOWHERE DESPITE MY DESIGN NOT INCLUDING THAT CAPABILITY ON ITS OWN. If characters are being designed with Flash being an expected part of their kit, then that's severely limiting the designers, a completely unnecessary and oppressive thing to hang over every design element's head. It's such an incredibly overpowered summoner spell that it fucks with everything else in the game and is just generally unfun. > > Oh, but since it makes our esports more "epic", they're going to keep it, no matter how obviously broken it is. FUCK you, Riot. FUCK YOU. Imagine playing Annie without flash :)
Oh, because flashing into a team and mashing ult to stun everyone with literally no way to avoid it is FUN? No. If they removed Flash, Annie would only be effective with her stun in certain situations, rather than just every single time Flash is up. Then, they could change her in more impactful and engaging ways, like maybe changing the passive away from a stun, then make Tibbers telegraph where he's going to land, enlarge the AoE, and make it ALWAYS stun? That way Annie can feel really impactful without being unfair or being useless without an OP summoner spell.
xWaters (NA)
: I still do not know why Ghost was nerfed...
Flash needs to be deleted. I'm really sick of free mobility being an expectation in this game. Ghost is infinitely more healthy being used as a way to escape a gank -- you can actually react to a loud noise signaling the character is about to run more quickly. Flash is just LOL INSTANTLY DEFUSED THAT SITUATION COMPLETELY IGNORING MY WEAKNESS AS AN IMMOBILE CHAMPION, or LOL JUST JUMPED ON YOU FROM NOWHERE DESPITE MY DESIGN NOT INCLUDING THAT CAPABILITY ON ITS OWN. If characters are being designed with Flash being an expected part of their kit, then that's severely limiting the designers, a completely unnecessary and oppressive thing to hang over every design element's head. It's such an incredibly overpowered summoner spell that it fucks with everything else in the game and is just generally unfun. Oh, but since it makes our esports more "epic", they're going to keep it, no matter how obviously broken it is. FUCK you, Riot. FUCK YOU.
Áery (NA)
: With nearly 140+ champions you expect all to be completely balanced? Even if they were you think this game wouldn't be boring, it's the same reason people leave games that don't update after awhile.
If the characters were balanced, the game would be INFINITELY MORE FUN. There'd be a TON of diversity in every game, you'd never know what to expect. The meta wouldn't be forced, people could experiment and learn new things constantly, and LOSING MIGHT ACTUALLY BE FUN. Instead, you have a sizeable array of overplayed poorly designed fuckwits, a handful of over-designed smurfbaits, and a VAST OCEAN of completely fucking useless shit that gets you called Bronze for even picking them. Then you die over and over to instant death bullshit while the enemy flexes its single brain cell, just enough to mash QWER. Basically the game in its current state revolves around two game states: One: Not playing the game and watching that Gromp you were trying to farm get autoattacked by an assassin through grayscale. Two: Not HAVING to play the game, because you picked a braindead pile of bad ideas that Riot thinks is a masterpiece. All the while, you're being harangued mercilessly by both teams and suicide looks like more and more of a desirable option as you watch your Restricted Messages for the game slowly tick up, and you watch that Low Priority Queue timer slowly tick down.
: Why Not Make Crit Increase Basic Attack Damage?
I've been saying this since Dodge was removed, but Riot doesn't know a good idea when they see it. They'd rather capitalize on their bad game design making people buy skins and watch their "epic" e-sports games than actually improve this godforsaken trash heap of a game.
Áery (NA)
: Don't know about anyone else
The fact that Riot thinks their changes are improving the game is a sign that something is horribly wrong. They don't deserve thanks for what they've done to Karma, Cassiopeia, and Quinn. They deserve revilement for poorly reworking unpopular things and allowing popular but unhealthy shit to just fester and get worse. Their lies and greed need to be stopped. They deserve bankruptcy for the fucking crimes against game design they're committing. They're not just bad, they're SCUMBAGS.
: Really? what promises didn't riot kept to you to make you so mad? Also i love how you say they are garbage at game design yet their game is the most popular in the world LUL. I am totally sure you, a proffesional game designer could give them some advices lmao. Its easy to tell what kind of character you are just by the sentence "All they want is more money". Just a spoiled brat that believes he should get everything for free. Honestly some of you people have it easy with Riot. You get the whole game for free, patches every 2 weeks, awesome content and lore and etc. You have no clue what a company who gives no fucks about their game is like.
I've played this game since season 1, and I've only seen it get worse. I've spent more money on this trash heap than I would on an episodic "cinematic experience" with infinite DLC that adds nothing, and I could gain more enjoyment than I could with both of those combined from staring at a wall. This game is an unplayable mess of horrendously unfun game design, so much that a novice such as I could notice it from a mile away. There's not a single doubt in ANYONE'S mind that unconditional untelegraphed invincibility is a healthy, engaging, and fun game mechanic.
: Remember when Rito said 'no binary' champs? : A guide
This is pretty much my experience. I mean, there's so much wrong with this game, but one of the underlying causes is probably Riot's greed and untrustworthiness. They lie constantly, and hide behind shit like poros and teemo, trying their hardest to make them look like a happy positive cute thing to throw more money at while they conduct business like feeding the masses buffs and easy instant win strategies, then enforcing those so that their esports games are "epic" while reworking unpopular champions strategically, not caring if they alienate the minorities who play them. I really think Riot should fucking die. I hate all of its staff.
: By your logic, every single ADC in the game is binary because their play pattern consists entirely of "right click until target is dead".
> [{quoted}](name=L Psy Congroo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZNFHk9yy,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-11T19:50:46.839+0000) > > By your logic, every single ADC in the game is binary because their play pattern consists entirely of "right click until target is dead". {{champion:133}} {{champion:202}}
: Reminder: Pantheon and Tryndamere are still in desperate need of a rework.
Riot games needs a rework. They're fucking garbage at game design, have no idea how to make a successful rework, and can't even follow through with their promises. All they want is more money, so they slap skins on easy popular champions with bad game design and rework the unpopular ones that are often JUST FUCKING FINE. I still haven't forgiven them for Karma, Quinn, and Cassiopeia. They're NOT going to rework Tryndamere anytime soon. 1: He just got a skin, so they want to milk how easy and mindless he is. 2: He's one of the founders of the game's pet champion. I heard Tryndamere's current state is not the creator's original vision, but he's probably happy that his original character is an unfair piece of garbage. 3: Even if they DID rework Tryndamere, he can only get worse, because Riot likely considers the unconditional instant invulnerability to be his unique and defining feature. They're not going to alienate the trillions of people who rely on Tryndamere's simplicity by giving him a real resource or removing his free mobility or mitigating his instant kill damage, but they are totally fine with alienating the several thousand Cassiopeia players by removing her ability to function against any mobility at all.
: If you aren't Diamond+, don't assume what Diamond+ play is like
So then, there's no reason to even climb the ranks. I've played since Season 1, and I've only seen this game get worse and worse. I saw myself get better and better, but I've only gotten out of Bronze one time. I've watched every single one of my mains get turned into something boring, wrong, or just plain BAD to suit Riot's greed. I've been told to suicide and uninstall so many times that I've uninstalled several times and attempted suicide. (I'm not in danger of that now, but the game is still severely depressing.) Every game is like a room full of people just shitting in my face all at once and, in my attempts to avoid swallowing it, I accidentally shovel it all into my mouth and proceed to fist my own throat with it. People choose simple and easy champions to effortlessly demolish me over and over, I'm constantly verbally abused by both teams, people intentionally feed or disconnect at the drop of a hat, and my computer bluescreens only when I'm actually doing well for once. Several times a month I get the idea that I'm not supposed to play the interesting and engaging champions I find fun, because they require too much team coordination, technical skill, or they're just plain bad. So, I resort to the simple champions that I watch other people steamroll with while spamming "ggez," and either win handily while being bored out of my mind and feel like shit afterward, or lose spectacularly and feel like even WORSE shit for actually being bad enough to lose with something that simple. So, that's my experience as an eternal Bronze. My motivation to continue playing and climb the ranks (HA, THAT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN) is to actually play with decent human beings who aren't going to tell me to kill myself, in an environment where I'm allowed to succeed with the champions I find appealing to a degree. And you're telling me that Diamond is basically the same exact game, and there is no such thing as a fun League of Legends. I knew it. This game really is utter trash, from the esports bullshit to the popular unhealthy champions Riot whores out to every skin idea to the fact that the game is BUILT AROUND FLASH, an obviously overpowered and gamebreaking ability such that everyone HAS to get it. This game is horrendously flawed in every way you can imagine, and there's literally no point to playing it.
Lugg (NA)
: I have always hated LB, but I have to be honest, she's in a pretty balanced state right now. She can't 100-0 you anymore unless she is way ahead. She has to poke you down before her all in, which is about as fair as she can get.
That's about as fair as anyone who has a targeted nuke can get. Requiring poke. And that's still not very fair. > [{quoted}](name=Cardi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E7omBey3,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-26T21:46:05.973+0000) > You'd shift some of the overwhelming power from her passive back into a **conditional** effect on Distortion and give her more options to trick her opponents. Conditional. What a great word. Conditional power needs to become more prevalent than all the instant targeted damage and disables in the game currently.
: my favorite part about league is when you flame an intent feeder and 8 people start talking about how toxic you are and how you need to get banned regardless of the guy running down mid wasting my time and losing me a ranked game. shit triggers the living hell out of me. how can i handle being surrounded by 9 complete degenerates.
my favorite part of league is when you try to pick a champion you enjoy but they've been changed so much due to their unpopularity that you're completely alienated from them and then you're up against the hyper-popular poorly designed champion that everyone plays for the fifty millionth time and you get instantly destroyed every time you try to farm or jungle or just play the game then the enemy team tells you how much you should kill yourself and then your team tells you to uninstall or just to stop playing so they can win without you, that you're a worthless bronze scumbag who doesn't deserve to live and this just carries on for every single game, where your underpowered champions with engaging gameplay mechanics are outshined and outplayed by default by instant disables and inherent tankiness unconditional invincibility and free mobility, and it starts to seep into your head as an undisputed fact that suicide is the only option and even walking around makes you in constant fear of a sudden flash to instant death
Glîtchy (NA)
: Anyone else notice the balancing failures all over the place?
Riot has never understood game design, and it's never cared about the health of its gameplay balance. Riot only wants money, and will only rework champions that are unpopular enough to merit doing so. In reworking the champion, their first and foremost concern is to attract new players to the champion. They don't have to worry about alienating the playerbase of that champion because the champion is unpopular. See Quinn, Cassiopeia, Karma, all perfectly fine before becoming something they definitely never were. Riot only does what it does to gain popularity and profit, and to serve its high-revenue pro gameplay. The average player is never Riot's concern.
Dukues (NA)
: Why low elo players get annoyed with playing in low elo
Wait... how on earth have you been in Gold when you didn't understand many basic concepts? I've been in Bronze since Season 1. I cannot win games on my own merit, no matter how much understanding I have of positioning and vision and jungle clears and playing defensively/from behind, no matter my knowledge of every champions' ranges hitboxes, no matter my experience with matchups and glitches and my rabid perusal of the patch notes.
: Then that leaves only mobile and point and click CC champions viable. Why play someone with unreliable CC or no mobility (or both, for a lot of mages) when you can play hypermobile or point and click champs
THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I'VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT FOR YEARS. Reliable instant disables and reliable easy mobility AUTOMATICALLY OUTPLAY skillshots, delayed abilities, and soft mobility like movement speed boosts. You can say the concepts counter each other all you want, but it really is a hierarchy, with targeted abilities and hard movement at the top. The fact that Annie can stun a whole team in an instant, with the press of a button, is frustrating and unfair. The fact that Ezreal and Tryndamere can freely teleport out of Viktor's Slow->Stun every time is frustrating and unfair. The fact that the only Grounded effect is on a terrible skill (Cass's new Miasma) is despicable. The fact that Malzahar can single out any target and auto-kill them by mashing moves, with no chance of retaliation, is frustrating and unfair. Oh, but the counterplay is to not be near them? Flash. Flash blurs the lines of characters' strengths and weaknesses, giving everyone free mobility with no counter. Sure, it makes the game more "fun" because your mistakes can be ignored and you can surprise people with unfair advantages, but it's not balanced. It's not fair. It's obnoxious, and goes against every tenet of proper game design. But we can't get rid of Flash. We can't rework Zed. We can't fix Xin Zhao. They're staples, they're unchangeable because we'd lose too many people from the backlash. People are used to one-shotting people with instant gap closers and healing back any damage they take, ulting and escaping while executing anyone they want, or just generally ignoring their own mistakes. If we can't change small things like Ryze's W to be more healthy and entertaining to fight using and against, then we can't change ANYTHING. This game is just going to keep being the unfair garbage it's always been, while retaining NONE of the fun it used to have.
: No word that I know of bug fixes. Do you have any bugs that you can reproduce? I'd be happy to pass those along to the designer, but most of the struggle in bugs is finding what causes them. I also believe Syndra is on the radar for being a bit weak. No promises on if she will get changes, but I do know she is at least being looked at.
She is generally clunky, and most of her skills do not combo into each other properly. The leniency on Q/W into E is inconsistent. Sometimes I can go E->Q and the Q ball will still be affected by the E hitbox, but sometimes it will not. Sometimes Q->E will not register as well. I think being able to push the ball just as it's landing is a good thing, but the timing is not consistent. Also, her base skin's backing animation has been backwards for several patches.
: Go play DOTA 2 then.
and be one-shot by Lina in lane the instant she gets ult? Which is an instant targeted nuke? nah, this is actually more fair than that crapfest. It's just sad to see the design philosophies in this game clash so strongly. We really need to embrace the skillshot and delayed ability overlords and assimilate all old design into it.
: Do the traditional skins keep the old voicework? And ww is getting a rework soon(tm)
Yes, they do. Trundle and Karma are the ones I've seen which use original voicework. Not sure about Sejuani. Never played her. Captain Gangplank also has different lines, but not the original lines, sadly.
: Everything's balanced. At high level play with 5v5 teams on skype. Because that's where riot makes most of their money, so they get the special attention. Sorry about 'ya.
no you cannot balance around instant targeted disables and % damage amplifications, you can't balance around five teleports, you can't balance around free damage that doesn't require conditions or player skill this game is not balanced because it's not fair this game is not skill based and thus should NOT be played for money professional play is a fucking joke and they are being paid for abusing bad game design
Rioter Comments
: How you feel when your Vayne says "Don't worry, I'm a challenger smurf"
i'm crying right now and it's mainly because i just won a game only because of the easy as fuck op champions on my team and it's shameful i cant believe how many times this game has made me cry within the last two weeks i hate so much about it i hate like 30% of the characters and i hate so many of the mechanics i hate all the developers and i hate such an overwhelming majority of the people i meet i cant keep friends because of how vocal i am about the unfairness and unfun-ness of this game i am fucking suicidal over this travesty of game design i hate league of legends so much and i wish i could love it like i used to i fucking despise league of legends i absolutely hate riot games i wish they would get better
PooWho (NA)
: Vayne needs a nerf (rant)
i just wish the design of more champions was fair all of these free advantages feel really bad to play against especially targeted damage and disables, or passive effects that make a huge difference without any skill on the part of the player utilizing them effects that aren't interactive with the enemy basically playing against vayne feels like a sniper rifle auto-aimed to your head ...oh wait that's caitlyn nevermind
: Camera needs a 180 degree rotate option for red side.
The advantage I see is that, from the blue side, you are more often looking in the direction of the minimap, automatically increasing your map awareness if you aren't totally accustomed to CSing while staring at the map.
: My problems with league as a Season 1 vet
No mention of targeted abilities vs skillshots or hard mobility vs soft? C'mon. You can see how the design has shifted towards skillshots and delayed abilities, but the easy targeted one-shot champions are dominating more than ever, can't you? This needs to stop.
: I don't use Reddit. our opinions actually don't differ much. but the difference is that I know that skill somewhat still correlates to elo, which you don't believe i guess. try not to get so critical.
I think that, to an extent, skill and ELO correlate. I know I'm trash, and that's why I've been Bronze/SilverV all my life. I'm just absolutely certain that i'd be able to reach Silver V again if I abused unfair champions with bad game design. The fact that I am choosing to stick with my favorites and avoid unfair design limits me. Basically, Riot's insistence of supporting the horrible choices they made in the past (due to the installed playerbase of those champions) is affecting my rank somewhat, and affecting the pleasure of playing this game to a HUGE degree.
XuWarrior (EUW)
: @UnPopular Opinion about Master Yi and other "farm junglers" - discussion
The problem is the installed playerbase of Master Yi is not used to having their effectiveness nerfed, and don't want to work for their damage. They cannot cope with actually needing to think about timing and health to kill or survive.
: just because you're trash doesn't mean you have to project on me man. I don't have an ego. I like a team so I made my smurf name a reference to it. maybe you should play overwatch, that game doesn't take as much critical thought so it seems like it would be right up your alley. also stop being so angry kthx. also unfortunately I used to be really rude and toxic in game which netted me a ban so I'm forced to smurf to level up my account. i would never smurf for "fun", that is really scummy. Also way to downvote all my posts genius.
Oh, does it bother you that I downvoted your posts? Does it even matter in a thread this small, which is going to die off soon? Why do you care? Is it your reddit reflexes tingling? Honestly? A twitch shooter would be a fucking breath of fresh air for me compared to this. Maybe I'll go be a hot youtuber in CS:GO, or some MLG pro. Right? XD XD what a good idea At least you have to aim to be impactful in Overwatch. At least supports get feedback and actually shift the tide of battle. Okay, but seriously, I don't give a shit about Overwatch. I've been "loyal" to this game for six years, and it's becoming a literal trash heap, with things changing for the sake of changing, ignoring the minorities and tiptoeing around the majorities. It's just cash grab central, filled with cheap thrills and easy wins for those who don't want to think, and endless fucking torment for anyone who wants a fair game. I'm glad to hear you don't just smurf for the fuck of it. Good on you.
: I disagree that targeted abilities are necessarily unfair. For example, Gangplank's Q is not a "frustrating" ability in the same way Warwick's ult is and I would not call Parrrley broken at all. There is just such a spectrum of point and click abilities that calling them inherently broken is, in my opinion, quite incorrect. For example, Maokai's W can be annoying, but he basically becomes a useless champ without it. Broken? I wouldn't say so. In regard to you point that "it doesn't matter if a champion is broken in one elo and not at the next. It doesn't mean their kit is fair." The second half of this is somewhat true, the first half I would disagree with. If a champ is broken at bronze and not in diamond and they correct it to be fair in bronze, it is certain that this would throw off the balance in another elo and make them more or less effective there. Therefore it would essentially be impossible to balance ANY champ EVER. Every champion cannot be fair at every level. A good example is Lee Sin, he is super duper strong in higher levels, but does poorly in lower levels. If riot said "wow Lee is really under-performing in Bronze, we need to buff his damage," he would instantly become the most busted champion in Diamond. I guess it depends on your definition of "over-powered." To me that implies a fringe outlying groups of champs (maybe 3-5) that FAR exceed the normal power levels of a champion. OP to me is not "wow Hecarim has a 52% win rate, better nerf him" And honestly what is op to you might not be op to another guy even at your elo. There are probably some people who are convinced that Zilean is broken, but that doesnt make him so. So really we are probably just talking about your subjective opinion about what is broken, because the numbers don't necessarily back up a lot of your claims. I'm not going to lie, there are champs that I hate with a passion and think take no skill (I'm looking at you Fizz and Leblanc). But they are not braindead. The first time I played Fizz I fed my ass off, and I bet the same would happen to you. If it was so easy to climb with these braindead champs, there would be nobody in bronze because EVERYONE would play them out of bronze. There are Akali mains in B5 guaranteed, and I'd bet a whisky that if you became a trynd main today, you would instantly start climbing no questions asked. Some champs take less time to pick up their mechanics, but learning the ins-and-outs of matchups and power levels at certain points of the game is something that every champ has to deal with. I'm speaking from experience that the defeatist attitude of "wow can't beat this champ gg" solves nothing, and is what separates the good players from the rest. And in enough time you can learn to deal with certain champs. Not to brag, but as a Gangplank main I can now do pretty well against champs I was convinced were broken when I was in Silver like Riven and Tryndamere. Your individual skill is the #1 deciding factor, not the champions.
Parrrley isn't extremely strong, though. It's much better used on a barrel, which shreds armor and amplifies the damage. Barrels can be dodged or attacked. They have counterplay. Parrrley by itself does not. If it was far more damaging, or had more effects on it, it would be unfair. If I mained Tryndamere I would probably win more frequently and not be in Bronze anymore. I played him, Xin, and Yi for a day, and consistently won more often than playing my mains. And it was the first time I ever chose Xin. It was EASY. It was SIMPLE. And I barely had to think. Maokai's W is a problem. It is his most impactful move, and it is a targeted disable. It also makes him untargetable, which, for a tank, can be pretty impactful when it's on the medium cooldown it's on. It just makes fighting him even more frustrating, since it guarantees damage effortlessly, disrupts your attack on the already nigh-unkillable champion, and sets you up for further disruption, all without your input or the Maokai's skill. It's not fair.
: That thread was a joke about how horrendously garbage Illaoi is. Your post is crying about literally one of the weakest, most gimped champions in the entire game that NOBODY besides silver shitters complain about. Git gud brother. Also, if Tryndamere was diving and killing you when you're playing a tank building full armor, you're either building really shitty or you just suck worse than I even thought. Literally buy a Frozen Heart and Thornmail and Tryndamere takes more damage than he does to you just from the passive. Jesus. See how all of my posts in this thread are articulated like a child? You know why? Because that's also how stupid you sound rn.
Look at me, everyone. I can make fun of people's ranks. I'm so much more superior than them. I'm trying to be an awesome youtuber or professional player, so that everyone can look up to me and use my witty name to describe plays. I'm so relevant and interesting as a human being. I sure hope I don't have to think today, as I one-click stomp everyone with my super awesome smurf. Look at me, mommy. I picked Master Yi again. Tee hee, I hope I get more than four pentakills this match so I can put it up on reddit again for those sweet sweet upvotes.
: I get Swain, Kindred, and Zed, but why Pantheon?
Probably because he has nothing but targeted skills and guaranteed damage, and all of his best items are being buffed, so there's no excuse for him not to be using them to their fullest potential every time he's picked. ...Basically, Pantheon is bad game design, and as such makes huge leaps in statistics that Riot cannot balance around. He needs to be made into something fair and fun.
: > [{quoted}](name=FeBeast,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Mszffrh7,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2016-05-24T12:17:30.962+0000) > > I mean, send your clone to work everyday and you can just never worry about work again. Then your clone explodes in a shower of knives and kills Gary from Marketing. Whoops! {{champion:10}} has an extremely versatile powerset I wouldn't mind having. I could blast stuff with magical energy with unerring accuracy - No more of those 'the spider moves a millisecond before I hit it with the newspaper' games. Instead it's just BOOM! Taste my wrath! I could even get the ones that hang on the ceiling just out of reach. Also, I could heal myself whenever I get hurt, or simply make myself move faster. Do you know how useful it would be to be able to just be able to walk and run faster? Not to mention the fact you'd essentially never get sick or hurt yourself. Everything's just a heal away! Setting handheld objects on fire would be awesome, especially if it doesn't damage the object. Great party trick, but not really that useful. Still, you can light a cigarette from across the bar with a swing of your iPhone, or start up a charcoal BBQ from across the yard. I'm sure I could terrify people and impress children with it though. And invulnerability? A great clutch tool to have in any situation. It's not going to be useful that often, but when it is, man, you're glad you have it. Car accident? No problem. Mugger's knife? Bounces right off. Gunman? Put my bubble up then beat him down from 500 feet with a flaming water bottle. it's be awesome, and the news media would be so confused. I could live with that.
> beat him down from 500 feet with a flaming water bottle. Holy crap. This is more beautiful than it should be.
Caítlyn (NA)
: Wow TL;DR I only read the first few lines so if youre bronze and youve been bronze for years, its because youre bronze. You can complain you have sucky teammates, enemy champions are OP etc all you want, but if youve played hundreds of games in bronze and youre still bronze, YOU ARE BRONZE. It may be hard to accept, but thats what you are. TL;DR you suck
I know I suck. It's just, I was Silver V last season. All I want is to get there again, but the game is far more imbalanced now than it was that season. It's a mess, and I cannot get away from Bronze by playing my favorite champions. All I want is to have a modicum of fun, but being unable to play because my enemies outclass me from champion select is not fun. It's not anything. It's hardly a game. It's an imbalanced mess. I'm sorry that you can't see this fact. I am not blaming my team.
Pupel (NA)
: You can play AD Annie and win Bronze games....literally. Just learn to focus CS and objectives thouse are the basics then learn winning lane then learn how to team fight. when you start saying things liek Zed is bianary and thoughtless people are just going to look at you like a baby rager
He really is, though. It's a shame no one can understand how simple it is to stumble into success playing Zed the first time. It's appalling that no one realizes that you can literally point your mouse at someone and face mash, and automatically be out of range for their retaliation before they die. Despite them being under their own turret. I've done this many times, and it only makes me want to kill myself. I'm really sorry that you think so poorly of bronze players. I consistently run into coordinated teams that don't give me a chance to act upon entering lane. I've played against diamonds and such in custom games for practice, and I only see a slight difference in skill. They are a bit more oppressive, yes, but bronze is really not far off. Maybe I just keep getting teamed against smurfs. I dunno. All I know is there is a severe imbalance in power between characters, horrible design is still plaguing the game, and people are abusing it. I'm intentionally avoiding abusing the imbalance, and am being punished for it. That's the plain and simple truth.
Aír (NA)
: I don't think I can agree that every rank is the same. Going from Silver to Platinum this season (SOLO QUEUE), I have definately noticed substantial differences in the ranks. It is an entirely different environment in each elo, especially in the differences between Bronze/Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The game is played differently in each elo with different tactics used in each elo. And also different ways to climb in each elo. Just my opinion. And I am sad to hear that this game isn't for you. >.< I have been playing this game only since August of Season 3 and the better I got, the more addicted I became to this game. Even this season, as long as I am climbing, I still love League of Legends. I love the game so much, it means SO MUCH to me that I am making myself accept these patches and make the best out of it. I guess it is working. I just hit my promos for plat 4. Either way, good luck in your future endeavors. I hope you find another passion like you had for league in season 1 and 2.
How in God's name have you reached that level in this game state? Oh, you're a support main? I can't imagine holding such a passive role in every game... I'd just spend half the laning phase doing my best to shield and defend my ADC, then crying into a pillow when they die, while they blame me for every mistake they make... Or maybe poking and dying to instant targeted crap like Sona's poke... I literally cannot fathom how you escaped Bronze as Support. Good job getting this far.
: I dunno what to tell ya man. Seems like you're in a funk due to a long losing streak, it happens to the best of us. All of the problems you mentioned are problems that we all encounter to varying degrees in League throughout our climbs. With so many champs, it's hard to balance them all, and what is OP in bronze (trynd, yi, xin) will not be OP in diamond, but is instead replaced with champs like Ekko or Kindred. Every elo has its frustrating champions and it won't get better by climbing out of bronze, the key is to learn how to play your lane against them. Toxic players is another thing everyone encounters, but I cannot express how amazing the mute button can be. If you teammate so much as puts a "?" after you make a questionable play, just mute him without saying anything. Sounds harsh, but it's the nature of it. In anything that is truly competitive, people will allow their emotions to get the better of them. The choices are either to accept the competitive nature, or stay out of ranked to focus more on the "fun" aspect. It's the same in sports or anything competitive, once you start playing for "rank", it becomes harsh. I will agree that League seems a bit snowball-ish this season. But there are things you can do to mitigate it. Play stronger mid game champs/lane bullies. Obviously we all want to play our favorite champs, but again with so many champions, not every champ can be meta, it is just not possible. There are a few things you can do to improve your odds, none of which are new to you I'm sure. 1) spend minimal effort and play champs that are heavily favored by the meta (aka "OP" champs), results will likely vary as no champ is without a learning curve (you will probably feed on Yi if you haven't played him a lot, no champ is truly brain dead). 2) Find a champ that is half-way decent (like Garen top, or Ahri mid, or Twitch bot, or Nocturne jungle) and REALLY invest into learning their play-style (I'm talking 40+ games). Champs like this won't be banned from you and you can stay with them throughout multiple patches, and most champs have their own way of dealing with strong meta picks (whether it be farming out the lane or roaming or some other niche). My best advice here might be pick for your comp if you have the champ pool for it. Everyone will tell you to just yolo it in bronze, but if your team needs a tank and you can play a tank it will make a HUGE difference. Take my advice for what it's worth, you of course don't have to follow it, just some things that helped me. Honestly a lot of what you are complaining about I would wager is stemming from tilt. for example you complain about "raid-boss" style champs (nasus) and tanks (voli) and assassins (zed) and bruisers (xin) all in the same post. This is a result of what happens to all of us, that is calling op on champions that have recently crushed us. Trust me, any champ can be frustrating to play against and I've gone from crying "op" on Olaf, Eve, Caitlin, Riven, Yi, and Malzahar all in the same day. At some point one has to accept that 30-50 champs can't be overpowered, and even if they are, there are more than enough to choose from. Finally the point that sticks out like a sore thumb and kinda sucks to talk about, but must be talked about nonetheless, that is YOU. At some point you have to say "what can I do better?" If you've been around high-bronze and low silver for all this time it is not simply "elo hell" or "bad luck." You obviously have room to improve mechanics or game knowledge as everyone does. This is not meant to poke fun or taunt you, but if you want to improve you have to recognize that your skill might not be where it needs to be.
I absolutely am aware that my skill is lacking. I'm aware that I'm the fault of my team more often than not. I'm aware I'm wrong about 100% of the things in this post, and I probably should be ashamed. I'm sorry for making you intake all this information. I'm not just choosing champions I personally am being stomped by. I'm choosing champions that have unfair mechanics. I really don't think this can be contested. Targeted abilities that are extremely powerful are not fair. Major damage and major CC should be limited entirely to either delayed abilities or skillshots. Instant invulnerability is ridiculously broken design. Crit chance by itself is highly unreliable. Some champions can abuse this for an unfair advantage. Mobility is rampant in this game, and characters with high reward have unreasonably low reward because of it. The game is fraught with awful design, and it needs to change. This can't be argued. It's absolutely true, and it doesn't matter if a champion is OP in one rank and not in the next. That doesn't mean their kit is fair. It doesn't mean they're well designed. In fact, it just means the opposite. Yes, 30-50 champions can all be overpowered, and no, it's not enough to choose from. That leaves out over 66% of the cast. Picking what's meta is not a good solution. It just limits us to playing what's not engaging and unfun. The game's variety suffers immensely from the horrible balance and bad design. Yes, champions can be utterly braindead. I recognize that people say LeBlanc and Akali are mechanics-intensive, but they take no thought to play effectively. Tryndamere is just push the lane all day, heal forever, and 1v1 everyone in existence. If you can't win, free hard mobility every 10 seconds or less, and invulnerability on a whim. Even when you're silenced. And this is just a few examples. There are SO many. Zed among them. Yes, he's supposed to be hard, but he's just not. Everything about him is binary and thoughtless. I'm sorry. I could literally start up a game as any of these champions and steamroll through everyone with my skill level. (bronze) I don't do it often because it's fucking boring and it makes me hate myself more than losing. The amount of smurfs that do this EFFORTLESSLY is unbelievable. I'm friends with some people who are just entitled assholes who abuse nothing but freelo assassins and old champions with targeted abilities and free stuns and mobility. And these people are toxic as fuck. All the horrible experiences in this game can be tracked back to the awful design of easy champions. I'm really sorry that you don't agree.
Aír (NA)
: This hit some bad memories.... >.< Good luck man, it gets better.
Not in League of Legends, it doesn't. Every rank is the same, and with each patch the game gets worse. I'm beginning to think this game just isn't for me anymore. I really miss Season 1 and 2.
: I've "Got an awesome idea for League of Legends"
I know you're angry, but calm down. This game is horrendously broken and talking about it negatively is only going to get you downvotes. Actually, doing anything is going to get you hated, but that's just my experience. You can't enact change... No one can. No matter how much we complain, Riot isn't going to change how unfair all these champions are. Tryndamere was made by a rioter as their original character. He's NAMED after one of the rioters. They're never going to approve a nerf to his unfair kit. I'm sorry. This game is destroyed, and you really should leave it. You only have more hate and pain to look forward to.
: If you were to have One Champion's powers/skills/items etc... who's would you want?
{{champion:32}} I want to topple nations with my impotent rage, enact destructive change with my weeping. I want to destroy the people who assault me with the very depression they inflict on me. Though, I guess the price to pay is to forever be alone. I guess that's fine. I was never going to be happy in the first place. Might as well make some use of it.
: Man, you think you are different, but all you are doing is raging and making up facts as you speak. This disc has no damn purpose at all. Also, you try to act like a victim, but it was you who chose to play this game. It's sad how every guy thinks they are on the right and more righteous than other, but in the end, all you do is rage. Also, decide for yourself who to trust cause do you really trust a million strangers more than yourself? In that way, are you any different from the riot in your mind?
i actually don't understand your last two sentences at all and i'm sorry for the trouble i'm sorry for acting like a victim, it's all i can really do since i'm an utterly powerless moron who can hardly play a stupid video game i'm sorry for being so weak as to be so personally affected by the game design of a free game as to rant about it on the forums i'm sorry for polluting this website with my ignorance and the tripe i spew from my brain i'm sorry, i know i'm not right i never am and it just is a shock how every time i'm proven wrong again by the simplest of things, like being told i'm wrong that proves it that i'm wrong
: Man, you think you are different, but all you are doing is raging and making up facts as you speak. This disc has no damn purpose at all. Also, you try to act like a victim, but it was you who chose to play this game. It's sad how every guy thinks they are on the right and more righteous than other, but in the end, all you do is rage. Also, decide for yourself who to trust cause do you really trust a million strangers more than yourself? In that way, are you any different from the riot in your mind?
I know this game is free and Riot can do whatever it wants despite its playerbase. I know I'm not different. I'm just another idiot bronzie who can't function. I know I'm just another raging impotent imbecile to you. Actually, not just to you. That's what I am. I have no power in game or in life. I have nothing. I know I keep playing this game and that just invalidates my arguments entirely I know I don't have a leg to stand on because all of my experiences are just lies and fabrications, all of my understanding is false and stupid hallucinations. Nothing I say matters to you or to anyone else because nothing i say holds any ground. It's just pointless babbling. I'm so sorry to have affronted you with the post above. I'm sorry i exist.
: Man, you think you are different, but all you are doing is raging and making up facts as you speak. This disc has no damn purpose at all. Also, you try to act like a victim, but it was you who chose to play this game. It's sad how every guy thinks they are on the right and more righteous than other, but in the end, all you do is rage. Also, decide for yourself who to trust cause do you really trust a million strangers more than yourself? In that way, are you any different from the riot in your mind?
: What Really Ruins League of Legends
No... It's the horrible balance. It's the new champions being all skillshots and delayed abilities, but the old ones having instant targeted disables, free mobility, gap closers, and instant death combos that are just point and click. The game is not fair. It's incredibly aggressive, kill-focused, and only feeds players' hate for each other. Everyone stomps each other into the dirt, even teammates. Nothing is fun. The whole game is not fun anymore. You're only rewarded for choosing OP champions. This is what causes toxicity. The game.
Xanit (NA)
: Long Rant of General Displeasure
Already, simple downvotes with no input. I knew I could count on you, League of Legends community, to not even give me a chance once again. Just keep them coming. Shit all over me once more. Ignore me, bury me with your hate. I had it coming for putting myself out in the open. Trash my thread once more, just because it exists. Just because it's mine. Go, exalt the threads of others that say generally the exact same things. Go ahead. Have fun without me. Nothing I say matters, anyway.
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