: I've had this same problem for a few weeks now! It's SO unfair because I keep thinking I'm revealed! I submitted a ticket a while ago...
I did too. I can’t believe they haven’t fixed it by worlds... broadcasting known bug on international TV during a tournament is so embarrassing
: Patch 9.18 notes
What would it take for us to get a round of URF? (Note that I said URF, not ARURF which is not nearly as satisfying).
: Of all the 'buffs' you could give MF this is just insulting. Either revert the nerfs to E from thunderlord's/comet metas or put power into a part of her kit she can actually play around.
I think you misread the patch. It wasn't intended as a buff to MF - they simply realized that the current return for upgrading her e was so bad from ranks 1 to 2 that it literally wasn't worth doing, so they fixed it.
Bloore (NA)
: are you not aware of just how effective health is in the early game?
Cleary not:P
: Patch 9.18 notes
So... we're ok with Yuumi having the lowest win percentage of any support but the highest ban rate? Or were we waiting to continue the pattern of nerfing her directly or indirectly every other patch, or...? You cannot possibly feel like Yuumi is in a good place.
: At this point I'm not surprised, they wanted her independent but now making her reliant more on her adc so yeah someone make it make sense... They killing her early game
It makes no sense. 1v1 Yuumi loses vs litearlly anyone full stop period end of story. She has been nerfed every other patch literally since she came out despite never having come close to a 50% winrate. I get that pros are really good at Yuumi balancing a champ around the 99.999999999th percentile of players makes no sense for the millions of us that are just normal cats floating around Brandle City.
Lokidosi (NA)
: no, ur literally wrong. the amount of reports doesn't make a difference. What you say makes a difference. the n word, f word, kys and others will get you instantly banned if reported. If you dont type anything and get reported then you wont be punished. It's an automatic ban system that looks what was said and ur score relative to the time in the game (to check if ur inting)
I'm honor level 5 every season, and I have bad games. Sometimes I say things I probably shouldn't, but I've never been punished (other than for too many DC's when my internet used to be bad). You're not going to get punished for having a random bad game unless you're super toxic. You get punished for having a pattern of being midly toxic. If, for example, every third game or so one person reports you then yeah, you're going to eventually be punished. The fact that it happened after a relatively minor infraction is just a case of the straw that broke the camel's back.
: Wrong, I was just punished because was in group of 4 premade who decided to troll and all report me. Never Cussed or said anything to them, Chat screen they sent showed just that. The report system is just bad.
Appeal it. On review when it's discovered that they conspired to abuse the system, they will all be punished instead.
Moxxxy (NA)
: yeah they are kinda trying to destroy all offrole champs first pyke now sylas.
I think it's because it's hard to balance champs around multiple roles. Idk. For what it's worth, they're also trying to destroy Yuumis XD
: Patch 9.16 notes
The goal seems to be to nerf Yuumi until only Aphromoo and comparable challenger supports play her. I get that Riot feels that she's too strong at the pro level, but let's remember that 99.99999999999% of us aren't challenger. For us, she's been nerfed, nerfed some more, then nerfed again, then indirectly nerfed and nerfed some more... all while Yuumi is at or near the literal lowest winrate pure support in the game. **History of Yuumi Patch changes** **9.12** - _Nerfed _mana regen on her passive and _nerfed _the amount of Adapative Force she receives. Made _enemies get assists_ without damaging or even targeting Yuumi if her host received damage. _Nerfed _her w so that she was vulnerable to interrupts when dashing (which puts her w on a huge CD and often kills her or at least removes her from fights). **9.14** - Gave buffs to certain champions that _automatically break her shields_ or hard _nerf _her healing. Granted, this isn't exclusive to her but given that one of the champions is a support it's sadlife. _Removed _Yuumi's mana sustain AND _increased _the mana cost of her Q. Slight improvements to her heal if she has the mana to use it. **9.16** - _Nerfed _the damage on Yuumi's Q. Slight change to duration of Yuumi's Q. _Nerfed _the slow of Yuumi's Q. _Nerfed _the cooldown of Yuumi's Q. _Nerfed _biscuits that many Yuumi's used for mana sustain. At what winrate do we say, "Hey, Yuumi is at a good spot?" 45%, or is the goal to nerf her until challengers stop using her? I know she's a cat but seriously at some point you've got to throw us Yuumi mains a bone. I'm starting to think you're more of a dog person.{{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Patch 9.11 notes
TL; DR **How to fix Yuumi** (not just make it easier for players with bad mechanics to die less): 1) Give her a small burst of speed when she detaches from a host due to host death. This will make it so she doesn't die EVERY time her host does, especially during laning. 2) Make her un-cc'able when going from host to host with w, but increase her damage taken during this period to compensate. 3) Give Yuumi's host 15% tenacity, scaling to 30% tenacity with maxed w. Yuumi has literally no options when her adc gets hard cc'd. Explanation: First change: Yuumi has the lowest win rate I've ever seen on a champ, and this is after the initial hotfix. Some of this is due to her mechanical difficulty and being new, but much of it is due to inherent weaknesses in her kit. As stands, whenever Yuumi's adc dies, she does. 2nd change: The only place Yuumi really shines is in teamfights, but teamfights are heavy in aoe cc and getting hit by a cc while host hopping removes Yuumi from literally the only thing she's really good at. 3rd change: Yuumi has absolutely no answer to her adc being hard cc'd during laning phase. Any thoughts? #ritopls
: Patch 9.11 notes
Elephant in the room - Yuumi is bad. I'm sitting on a 20% S rate with Yuumi across 66 games, and I have a whopping 42% win rate. Changing her difficult mechanics in a way that helps out players that haven't mastered her (delightfully) difficult mechanics while doing nothing to address the reason why players that have mastered her still suffer doesn't seem like the best move to me. Yuumi is in such a bad spot right now that my own adc's ban her sometimes when they see I intend to pick her. These relatively minor balance changes will help _mechanically competent_ Yuumi players approach 50% winrate without making Yuumi a "pick or ban" support. 1) Yuumi dies 99% of the times her adc does. A decaying speed boost when she detaches would give her a slight chance at surviving once her adc dies - something she is sorely lacking. It would only trigger when she detaches due to her host dying. 2 seconds should suffice; this should not scale with level. 2) Yuumi is designed to bounce between allies during teamfights, but if she gets cc'd while bouncing she is basically useless for the entire teamfight. This is literally the only place where she really shines, so failing to address this makes her at best so-so during all stages of the game. Making her un-cc'able while bouncing between targets would fix this, but would probably be _too_ strong on mechanically competent players. I suggest making her un-cc'able but also making her take 40% more damage (scaling down to 10% with points in w) while bouncing between targets. I do not envision Yuumi as dying from this damage; it will become more of an issue when she detaches due to host death. 3) Speaking of cc, Yuumi has no options when her adc gets cc'd. This makes her overly reliant on her adc's footwork in laning phase to an extent that even mage supports aren't. Having w grant 10% tenacity to her target (scaling up to say 30% or so with max ranked w) would buy time to recover from hard cc, something that is sorely lacking. It is insanely frustrating to do everything right in lane, see Naut land a hook, and sigh b/c you know the opponent is about to get a double kill. There are no major buffs in this list because I don't feel that she needs one. To people complaining about her mechanics, go do a driveby insec then complain. She's not that bad. She is, however, sitting on the worst winrate in the game the last time I checked, and the changes this patch simply rewarded bad mechanics. That's great if you're a mechanically bad Yuumi... but why on earth are you balancing around people who haven't mastered her mechanics? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Are we going to do that with Leblanc and Lee Sin too:)? These changes address the weaknesses that mechanical competence can't do much about. As a side note, I do think her ult needs to remain a channel. She is inherently vulnerable when lacking a host and should remain so within reason.
Jamaree (NA)
: If they weren't going to give stuff before with IP, doubt they would give free stuff with BE or at least the method that is supposed to be pure BE.
Bro I would take an emote every other level instead of another capsule and be happy compared to now lol.
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Lapis (OCE)
: Why isn't Lee Sin support a thing?
I play LS support sometimes for fun. It works really well with Zyra, for example, b/c you really can't stop her from wave clear. It doesn't work well vs counter-engagers at all. The issue is there are better damage supports (Brand, Zyra, Lux, Vel...), better peel supports (literally anyone), better shielders, better tanks (tbh ls just isn't a tank, period)… there's nothing he does that can't be done better (for example, by Pyke). That being said, it's super fun and if you're determined to try it do it with Zyra bot. Annnd I just realized I necromanced a dead thread. Mb.
: I personally think the narrative we are positioning with this update makes them more compelling, and gives them a bigger sense of purpose in regard to their "origins" and their animosity towards each other, but I do recognize it's a bit different from the original! This update, in addition to other recent updates, hopefully will give you a better picture of the culture of the people of Demacia.
Can we move her wings to her body though? #ritopls
: 9.4: Lore Notes
Ok... is it just me, or are the ass-wings just silly? I'd think it'd be a pretty easy thing to change them into wings if enough people upvoted. Please? #ritopls
: The Umbra Society
{{champion:9}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I wish I predicted them to win finals. I put them in there, but I really thought KT would make it. Hopefully if C9 does all of NA gets a special Icon for it. (I get everything C9 in game)
Haha I did too, but it was just wishful thinking. Kind of amazed they've gotten this far. I'd say "we believe" but let's face it we didn't {{summoner:3}}
: ༼ つ ◕\_◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕\_◕ ༽つ
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
: Send Cloud9 Your Worlds Energy!
: I love different types of modes but it's totally pathetic that you guys cannot release even a custom game more for fans of URF. Overwatch has done this and while it may not be the most popular mode it doesn't hurt to have it. People playing URF don't care about balance they care about fun, and fun isn't always balanced. There is no reason, not 1 to not have this ability in customs especially if TT is STILL around when I am quite sure it's much much less popular than SR.
So while I agree with what you're saying, I figured I'd speak up for the sake of clarity. URF was making people rage-quit. I don't mean rage-quit that specific game of URF, I mean they were rage-quitting league of legends and never coming back. So as much as I want to see URF back, I don't want to see it return at the expense of league. I'm really not sure of a good fix for that other than nerfing all untargetable phases (fizz, wk, vlad, zed...) which would basically eliminate like 10-15 champions... then you'd need to eliminate the champions that get little or no utility out of urf… then you'd need to. . . balance urf. Balancing a game mode that's inherently designed to be unbalanced by removing pretty much everything used to balance the game (attack speed limits, movement speed, CDR limit, mana requirements, etc) does seem a bit silly tho...
Ss7evin (NA)
: Please make it a permanent mode. I want URF as a permanent mode but I know you will never do that even though it would take no effort. So at least make this game mode permanent so that people can untilt after some ranked all season long. And no, ARAM isnt the game mode to untilt/relax with, its winner is decided in champ select and it has no unique mechanics other than being all jammed together for champions with aoe to have fun.
I almost upvoted it, but I wanted to be more clear - I want URF as a permanent mode, and ARURF to never be a thing again ever. The efforts rito took to balance URF (an inherently unbalanceable mode made unbalanceable by intentionally overriding all cooldowns, upper limits, and pretty much everything else designed to maintain balance) is just silly. We know URF isn't balanced, but that's half the fun - two unbalanced and broken teams beating the heck out of each other in absurd ways. ARURF - more often than not, and I know this is anecdotal - is more like one broken op team beating the heck out of another one that spends most of the game patiently waiting for the ff timer to run out so they can leave. Even - and I hate to say this - balancing certain champions in urf (basically anyone that becomes invisible/untargetable... zed, fizz, vlad, wk, etc.) would be preferable to the unbalanced random absurdity that ARURF is. Yes, I know that would be extra work and is harder than toggling the AR button on, but URF is an incredibly fun and surely w/ a 50 million + player base there are enough people that love it to justify making it permanent like aram.
: Wow... don't realize how long you've been playing this game until you see items you remember that were removed in Season 2.
I was wondering what they meant by "returning" items... guess that explains that.
: I got a devs attention @_@ Now how can I get some attention on the Kled bug thread maybe put in a good word? https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/oAvUvnLd-gameplay-kled-has-10-bugs-and-counting-all-listed-with-recreation-some-methods {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
{{champion:122}} "Any champion that I can't dunk needs to somehow be fixed." -Darius
: I want poppy to be holding a giant fake chicken leg the whole time.
New skin where {{champion:78}} wields a chicken leg? Rito please.
: New Epic skin: Dragon Master Swain
OMG. An unkillable bat-themed tactical genius that treads the line between darkness and light to do what's best for his people named BruSwain. Rito, pls hire this person to your development team. Logged in just to upvote.
: So Crazy Cat Lady Yorick?
: I'm still waiting for a Warring Kingdoms Taliyah skin, throwing jade at people instead of boulders sounds like fun{{champion:163}}
That does sound cool
: The best assassin in the game got nerfed (Kat) so did alkali and talon is barely above a 50% wr champs like zed can't even make it to 50% wr because league of stopwatch so plz complain else where there's a lot more problem then an assassin assassinating someone
The problem is that fed assassins are the destroyer of worlds. For people that don’t run zhonyas/stopwatch, there isn’t a lot of counterply to zed
: They are assassins? It's what they do. They also have no health so they get one shot as well. Learn to keep track of where they are and don't play risky
That’s fine unless your assassin can teleport halfway across your screen then teleport safely back after tower diving (while being untargetable half that time cod zed) or is literally on the other side of a wall where you can’t feasibly sustain vision and walks through it, attacks you with an ability before leaving it, THEN goes untargetable (Kayn)... or the assassin is invisible and (all else being even) you only have a 50% chance of being able to hold a control ward in the river and either she moved at warp 8 and her ult kills/disengages or he’s a rat with 9999 range and attack speed and an AOE persistent slow that can’t be removed or.....
: ... Where are you getting the "take away meaningful build choices from supports" part from? Because being stuck rushing Sightstone in 90% of matches, and _having_ to have it by at least ~15 minutes, was _definitely_ not a meaningful build choice — let alone one that anybody actually liked. 800g for 400g of HP, thanks I love it The only thing we lost was the existing quest rewards — those things that people complained were too insignificant before they were added, that were incredibly inappreciable after being added, and in reality were mostly kinda bad (Relic Shield's reward being the only exception). We had a mini-Janna passive, a speed boost that that became available for use too late to be meaningful in most situations, and a shield that was making the associated item way too desirable on non-supports. It's entirely possible for Riot to add in additional tiers of support item quest rewards to return the old bonuses, but they weren't as big a deal as you seem to think they were. As for the non-Eye upgrades, we're getting refurbished/new items with the effects of FQC (which was old Twin Shadows) and ToA (which was old Shurelya's Reverie). FoTM's active was just a worse version of Talisman, barring the slowing on shield detonation. You're getting to buy your actually useful stuff without being forced into an 800g money sink, calm down.
Lost active item on spellthief makes = why puppies get hit by cars
: Riot in 2017: Let's use one of the two major updates of the year to rework assassins so people have a better window to react to them before they get oneshotted. Oh and let's give supports some nice things to make the role more fun, and make people wanna play support. Let's add these fun little quests to support gold items and make it so they can opt to combine the tier 2 gold item with their sightstone to save a mid-lategame item slot. Hey people seem to like these support quests. Cool. Riot in 2018: Let's make it so everything oneshots faster, and fuck supports, they had it too good for like, 8 months. That's long enough. Why not take away a few meaningful build choices from supports, and take these fun support item quests and turn them into "farm gold with this until you can get a sightstone." Oh, and let's make Zoe.
: THERE ARE ENOUGH LUX SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanna know who at Riot decided Lux needed another skin 😂😂😂😂
: 2018 Ranked Placements Venting post!
I haven’t played ranked enough to finish my provisionals since early season six, when I played maybe 30-40 ranked all year. I’ve played several thousand games total since starting in S4... games of ARAM. I mainly play aram; I rarely rift and I didn’t bother finishing provisionals last season. This year I decided I was tired of the bronze border so I did my provisionals. Riot considered me to still be silver 3. Here’s the thing - I ACTUALLY PLAY RIFT SOMETIMES NOW. I won 8 of my 10 provisionals and got an S FIVE OUT TEN GAMES. How is an 80% win rate and a freaking *50% S Rate* not an adequate demonstration that I do not belong in that league anymore? I get that they want us to climb, but if I haven’t been ranked in two years and have gotten that much better, throw me a bone lol.
: Tales from the Rift: Death Sworn
What happened to the teemoing hard mode where Teemo gave them two powers at once? Going legendary on the normal mode is boring and too easy:( Baby mode is more like the Teemoling.
: As a sion main i would be fine with adding more counterplay and warning If he gets a compensation buff for it Paying attention is also part of this game in your case you cannot help it, so that kind of sucks Sion offers more counterplay to his kit then any other champion in the game adding more is fine but he needs compensation the risk vs reward in his kit is all loaded on the risk side already with minimal reward as is At least they could do something about his abysmal damage vs minions with his Q
So... I'm not deaf and I've never explored whether or not league has closed captions... but I mean, doesn't it? If not, it should; how can you spend millions of dollars on sound effects, voice acting, etcetera and not believe that it's an important part of the experience? Adding cc (honestly just little sentences over champions' heads when the champions said something would suffice) would make the experience more immersive for deaf players or players who like to listen to music, etc. It would make it very intuitive to add global sounds. For example, when Sion ults a tiny tremor in the screen of cc users and a message in chat that said [Sion]: RAAAAAWR or perhaps something a bit less silly, but in all caps, bold, and red... it would be very difficult to miss this when alerted with a slight screen tremor, and imho it would be funny 😂. It would also make it so that the mechanism was in place for future champ ults, miscellaneous new game type mechanics, etcetera.
: What is Anivia's skillshot's movement speed?
> [{quoted}](name=FailureOfAPerson,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=1hbUrImE,comment-id=0005000c,timestamp=2017-09-18T22:22:02.819+0000) > > What is Anivia's skillshot's movement speed? 0{{sticker:cass-cry}}
: 2012 - Pulsefire 2013 - TPA 2014 - Debonair 2015 - Ace of Spades 2016 - Arcade 2017 - Star Guardian As well as 4 skins in 2010, the year he was released (thank you to Silly Putty Man for that info). He has plenty of skins at this point, I'd just like to see similar treatment for other champions without a huge roster of skins to choose from.
While I agree with you in principle, the issue is that League is free to play. Skins are like 99% of how they make their money, so skin production has to be a subjective economic decision, not an objective one based on fairness to players. This has several other undesirable implications as well. For example, while I'm sure there's a bit of moral hesitance on the creative team about the extent at which league's 99% unrealistically endowed females are objectivized (the 1% being jinx/nonhuman females), you will continue to see skins like Huntress Sivir and French Maid Nidalee because - let's face it - most guys find them more fun to look at and are willing to pay for it. I would LOVE to see a female champion built something like Gragas, or at least like the average American... but we - the customers - are typical of a society that demands female physical perfect while failing to so much as bat an eye at a 300lb male drunkard carrying around a keg. C'est la vie.
: Rewards for old Honor are out
<3 rito ty for all ribbons. I've played ?3? years and gotten threatened with a temp ban (my internet used to be TERRIBLE and I'd get reported for afk when really it died rip). Clearly temporary setbacks (ie bad internet for a whole year) can be overcome. Looking at the salt in the comments makes me wonder if these people would've been in top 10% under any system though... lol
: Patch 7.18 notes
Known onslaught bugs and workarounds: In the long lane, the glowing circle you step on to end the stage appears at inconsistent times and does not require the stage enemies to be killed before it appears. As such, merely living through the level until you can walk that far w/o dying (b/c of no SG shield) ensures an S+. In the top-left shielded large stage, kog'maws are occasionally invisible, particularly the ones in the lower left. Hitting them w/ things like Jinx's w or even lighting up the area with Lux's e do not help. Sometimes rift herald's giant syndra balls go through the walls etc that are supposed to block it. I have no idea why. MAYBE this is intentional, but when the rift herald charges he does 600 true damage to himself every time (as well as damaging his summoned allies). The questionable part: if you have Poppy, it makes perfect since for her to use her w to stop an enemy charge. Doing this prevents the herald from taking 600 true damage (aka 2% of its max health in damage). Poppy is thus effectively healing the final boss 2% of its max hps every time she stops a charge. There are a few more, but honestly those are the most annoying. To people that say it's undoable, have a friend that raids in WoW or something watch you play. When they finish laughing at you, ask them to explain raid mechanics. It's really not that bad. It has a reward of a summoner's icon as well as a free champion, and it's the elite challenge in a major event. It's supposed to be hard, but I've done S+ a couple of times now w/ randoms it's definitely not undoable lol.
: Honestly should have reverted Nidalee's heal back to it's old self instead of having this minimum-maximum bs that doesn't fit her kit or thematic... She's not Olaf and should never want to be low hp. While you're at it make Bushwhack and Swipe actually interesting skills that do something and give her a personal reason to have attackspeed on her Primal Surge. You removed AD Nidalee from the picture even though it made more sense than any other iteration of Nidalee thematically and kit wise. You could have balanced AD and AP Nidalee into the game but made a decision to remove AD Nidalee as a viable secondary path. Also why is she the only champion who's skillshots are balance so harshly by hitbox size??? The average skillshot size is 100 units while Nidalee's is 40 units. The average projectile speed is 1800-2000 units per second(EX:Ashe ult and Ez Q) while Nidalee is at 1300(Lux and Morg are 1200) units per second. Her pre-rework Q used to be 120 units like current morganas which was/is ridiculous but the current size is just as ridiculous to play with as the old one was to play against. We have to make perfectly aimed shots for high damage and potential dangerous all-ins while champions like Lux or morgana, etc have huge high damage skillshots that have huge hit boxes and provide powerful CC that not only they can act on but team mates as well. How have strong CC's not gotten this hitbox treatment? Was the hitbox seriously that imba?
I gave up on jungle Nidalee. She's entirely reliant on hitting qs which have a hit radius roughly the size of the dot on an i (40 units, apparently). Her q is slow enough to dodge without seriously compromising your escape speed. When compared to more dangerous skillshots like from a Morg/Lux gank - skillshots that are going to kill you in a gank, vs one that might - it's just too challenging to reliably land. Added to that, whereas yes she can dive afterwards, if her burst fails to kill someone her extraction options all involve the fountain. I agree that the old hitbox was too big, but I don't feel like 60 is unreasonable. The downside to this is that it would make it harder to snipe through minions. Anyway, rather than constantly playing with her e heal (is it really that big of a deal? She's not going to win any sustained fight ever; she lands her q or moves on), how about a modest decaying burst of speed when she heals? This would give her a slightly better disengage as well as enabling her to heal her front line/diving ally and allow them to continue an engage while she stayed back and set up another long range q. This would effectively allow her to "support gank" so that failing to land her initial q didn't always involve an utterly failed and useless gank.
Broporo (NA)
: That kind of error makes it sounds like your pc is trying to access a certain file that it doesn't have permissions to read from. You should be able to get around that by going over [**these steps**](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/204134104-Setting-up-your-Permissions). Hit me back up if that doesn't get you back in the game!
> [{quoted}](name=Broporo,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=Zk8AsREU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-28T01:16:47.868+0000) > > That kind of error makes it sounds like your pc is trying to access a certain file that it doesn&#x27;t have permissions to read from. You should be able to get around that by going over [**these steps**](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/204134104-Setting-up-your-Permissions). > > Hit me back up if that doesn&#x27;t get you back in the game! This has happened to me several times. When it happened the second time, I just copy/pasted the contents of the previous download ..."League of Legends" folder into the one that wasn't working and it worked fine.
: No way to differentiate players who played during the old system since 10 honors should be something everyone has, and players who have around 100+ which shows people actually enjoyed playing with you instead of 10. So if you had around 400+ and never got a ribbon you are bundled up with the rest of players who have at least gotten 10.
So here's my beef... the for the honor to be meaningful (the old system, that is), it needs to be per game. If you play 100 games and get honored 300 times, that's something. If you play 7 years and get honored 301 times, you're toxic. The rewards for the old system do not account for this at all from what I can tell.
: i had luck deleting the riot games folder off of my C: drive and then reinstalling the game completely. Make sure you manually delete the folder off of the drive or it isn't going to work though.
: Fewer deaths are the most important part. Then is your kill and farm.
I have done ARAMs without dying 3-4 times, very high kill participation every time, A of some sort every time. This last time I was 0/0/28 w/ 27 cs today with Janna, A-. They were never able to push tower b/c I never died and kept wave clearing with Q. I can't even count how many times I saved allies, but my crowd control score was 96 in a 20:06 game. I didn't do much damage (maybe 50-60% the average carry), I didn't do much healing (I never died so I had starting items) - 60% of my damage - and of course my cs was low. Not dying at all while meaningfully contributing (90%+ kill participation) gave an A-, so I have no earthly idea how they're grading.
: Chroma IP sales: 3.22.17 - 4.5.17
I have over a hundred skins, and the only chroma of mine that's on sale is the one I already own all chromas for (dunkmaster). Dat feel.
Porocles (NA)
: Your client may be too big! Try scaling down on your keyboard by tapping Ctrl + Down Arrow. Let me know if that helps!
It's not that. My wife plays on a tablet sometimes as well as a low spec laptop. The bug happens every time, so the new client is no longer playable for her. Since it removes the right side, she also can't tell it to download the legacy client... so basically she can't play league of legends anymore on a laptop/tablet.
: Well thought-out feedback that is nice and easy to read. I love it, good work. ^_^ You're right, poke & sustain are certainly King & Queen on the Howling Abyss. It's a function of the map's shape, where there is simply a lack of strategic options or choices. Not sure I agree on _"tanks often trumping poke"_ being necessarily supported by that particular data/link you posted. That data shows the 10 most popular champs all having tons of risk-free poke and/or sustain (an interesting indicator of player perception around strong champs on HA). Your point on some champs being overlooked is true though, Galio is _VERY_ strong on HA (he has excellent poke to go with his anti-poke), yet no-one plays him. o.O It's true that in ARAM games with high MMR players, if it can be dragged out long enough, there's occasionally a situation where the tanks can prevail. Those games are the outliers though. Diving deeper on your posted win-rate link (and win-rate is still a _terrible_ way to measure champion strength, but let's entertain it for this example), **out of the old 'Top 25' champions in ARAM, 23 had amazing poke and/or sustain.** :/ Given that Mark/Dash has only _just_ been implemented, we'll keep a close eye on it and are not against tweaking it at some point if necessary. :D RE some of your tweak suggestions on the Mark/Dash: **Range:** The range is intended to be beyond the edge of standard poke, as the spell doesn't reveal its value until activated (damage discussed below). The missile speed is also the slowest in the game (on par with Morgana's Dark Binding yet has a smaller hitbox), so it should be the easiest skillshot in the game to dodge. **Cooldown:** This is something we're looking at. I don't see it suddenly becoming a 60sec cooldown, but something slightly longer than now could be in order. It currently sits in the space of _"use this spell when it's off cooldown"_, and we'd like it to be a little closer to, _"if we're going to have a fight soonish I might hang onto this"_. We'll keep an eye on it. **Damage:** The damage is designed to be negligible. At the moment it seems to be felt the most at early levels, which is something we could always look at. Really though, dealing 200 dmg every 20sec or so @Lv18 (assuming you even hit) is nothing compared to what a Xerath or Ziggs pumps out every 10sec. Any tweak to the cooldown will be a further nerf to that too. The damage is mostly there so you feel is at least does _something_ and can score those swag snowball kills if they're running away on 45HP.
Sooo I know this thread is long since dead (and I'm quite happy with how things turned out, tyvm), but I have one last ARAM suggestion. Please, for the love of God, make ranked ARAM. LOLWUT? Ok ok ok I know, but here me out. Yes, ARAM is a random fun mode. Champions are not balanced around ARAM, nor should they be. I'm not suggesting otherwise. What I am suggesting is setting it up so that players who primarily play ARAM such as myself can reliably have teammates who are serious about the game. Point in case, earlier today I played against an AD Vlad (and no, his entire team was not AP it was quite balanced). I have seen players literally play "football" on aram where all they do is try to run all the way into the enemy fountain. It's a *really* fun game mode for those who enjoy it but the rate of dodges/afk/trolls is just ridiculous. I am not suggesting to give the normal ranked rewards for ARAM. Instead, most any kind of goofball rewards would do! For example, a little gold/silver/bronze/whatever badge in the lower right for your ARAM rank, and a goofball season reward... or something. My point is that many paying customers play quite a few games of ARAM and would love an arena to play it in.
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: This is the worst game mode ever bots are way too op and i know this is doom bots it should be hard but this is too hard the annie and lux in level 17 doom bot can still 1 shot me and the balance of this game mode is way off.
Please don't take this the wrong way, but if you can't beat lvl 17 the doombots were not made for players like you <3
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