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: "given" can be interpreted many different ways. It, by itself, doesn't mean much.
Eh, that's a fair point! They've also said that they're not afraid to remove some voice lines from the game when they finally rework Swain and his lore, so that might just get nixed entirely! It'd be a shame though, I think it's a super interesting concept.
: I believe Xayah has an interaction with Udyr in which she says something to the tune of "We gave you your powers and we can take them back". This leads me to believe he isn't actually Vastaya but just took power from Vastaya to become the way he is. Swain is confirmed to have stolen his powers from Vastaya by another Xayah quote. Trundle is just a troll, Twitch is a scientific experiment of some sort (think Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Elise brought sacrifices to that big spider like dude on Twisted Treeline to get immortality and her spider powers. Kennen is a Yordle which according to a voice line from Xayah towards any Yordle are some kind of Vastaya.Seh says "Yordles are the reason no one takes us Vastaya seriously...". Nidalee was left in the jungle and absorbed magic to give her huge boobs. Soraka is some sort of celestial being as said by Aurelion Sol I believe. Fizz is an Atlantean which has no lore but that's what we have.
Actually, re: Swain - it's a Rakan quote, and it says that he was "given" Vastayan blood, actually, which is even MORE interesting, IMO - does that mean Beatrice is the Vastayan, and she gave Swain her power?
: July sales schedule
Cries forever because I finally got enough IP to buy Trundle a day or two after Traditional left the store. RIP, my dreams of intimidating my enemies with my sexy, sexy troll abs.
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: Some tips for being an S+ Tester
Super helpful! I like to think I'm good about giving feedback/bug reports, but this had a few things I didn't even think of. Let's all do our best to make this a better client, and help Riot help us. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Friend List / Friend Status clarity issue (and ideas)
Seconded. I'm often mistaking the light blue for the gray, especially given how both contrast with the background of the client without contrasting much from each other. Having the entire rectangle of the summoner name be that color - or even the entirety of the border around their icon, perhaps? - might help make this more easily distinguishable.
: I believe it defaults to your last played mode. That is how it is working for me, anyways.
For me, I've yet to play on SR on the alpha client (i'll try it this weekend, hopefully!), so I'm exclusively in the Howling Abyss, but it always defaults to SR when I hit play. Hmm...
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: Can we see post game stats???
Only way I'm seeing to do it is to select the "View Detailed Stats" (or something like that - don't actually have a post-game screen up atm) link on the post-game screen, which launches a browser page where you can see ALMOST everything you can see on the live client's stats page. Healing isn't there, though, and it shows hard numbers rather than charts (not actually a problem, but makes it less "at-a-glance"). I'm hoping this is something they're planning to integrate eventually, rather than something they're doing away with in the new client. D:
: Hi all! Just wanted to stop by to drop a note to let everyone know that more alpha invites are going out today and over the next couple days. GLHF!
Thanks for the invite! Super pumped to download this and give it a whirl when I get home from work! :D


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