: Who do i main to be a one trick player? (One trick responses encouraged and welcomed!)
You don't like Xayah?! What?! lol. My suggestion is to ignore all metas, teamcomps, playstyles, and just pick the absolute most fun champion to you. Everything will come in time if you put enough work into it. I do know that certain champs have not reached challenger or even diamond from one tricks using them, but I think the majority of champs can get you diamond if you practice enough. Best advice for you- Find the most fun champ in the game to you and everything else will fix itself.
: I hate the report button so fucking much.
I Don't think you have anything to worry about as long as you didn't blatently insult them, but I understand that the point is that there is even a chance that it could happen, which is unacceptable in my opinion. +1 because I see this too often and I usually feel bad for the guy trying to win.
: Something is really wrong with the state of this game..
After all the complaints about everything else, I wouldn't mind the old ranting about 1-2 champions. This current season seems to be a mess.
: A summary of all the issues (according to the players) for Riot.
im not too picky about change and different things being implemented into the game, I learn to adjust and enjoy it for what it is....and if I don't like It I just quit. but I need to say something about #2.. turrets are pathetic, they go down too quickly, they do no damage, you cant even have siege battles because of how easy it is to dive them or just take them down. this really needs to be fixed before anything because right now they are useless and have no effect on the game at all anymore
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: Plat player looking for Team comp Guardian quests
add me , we need one more for no adc quest
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