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: I have finally realized something about league ranked system is complete garbo after 4 seasons rank
This whole season has been absolute Garbo the meta is annoying bc you have to play it too win I main kayn and xayah the non meta champs and whenever I play them it’s the same bans over and over lee sin’ Evelyn’ miss fortune it’s getting to the point where I just find the game boring seeing the same teams win and getting jg then getting screwed over or screwing over someone else since your vs a meta champ when it’s not “about the champ” it’s about skill and having fun and the only reason some peopel have honor is due to the fact they don’t know what they are doing they may be a bit new then to peopel who do know how to play the get banned like I did because I knew some amount of what to do and it’s the same champs getting the same skins over and over like 2 soraka skins in the same month is just sad I get it she is popular but rek sai ivern haven’t gotten skins in years it’s just the same stuff over and over and the fact that u have to play every game get honored every time too just even make it and hope for your season rewards is just so annoying I got to level 1 honor after 4 months and I play almost everyday I don’t win every time I dont get honored every time either and I don’t even remember the last time I had a genuine fun game where no one was complaining which there will always be a person or 2 who isnt having the best time but the new update to the game is also bad towers do nothing vs anyone’s with at least 90 armor and 2900 or so health and the range is reasonable but the fact that riot decided to make a update where winning teams can “win faster” if the enemy team is holding out just screws over any possibility for a comeback unless someone on the enemy team gets bad connection or just starts playing wonky and aram isn’t THAT random the champion pool was great idea but it’s the same champs over and over and most of it is the free champ rotation which isn’t fun since most time I get garen kindred or the same wonky champs over and over I own at least half of the champs too! And I never get any champs that I know how to play like lux if someone gets lux in aram they won’t give it too you unless you have their main oh but that won’t happen especially since lots of people just play aram and don’t have one so then they don’t know how to play and go 3 and 11 it’s getting to the point for me at least where if the enemy team has not even a decent comp but just a cancer one that will mess up MY team then I hope and pray for a afk and neeko so far isn’t overpowered yet which is great unlike Zoe who can do half a health bar with just a ludens and a Q
: INTeresting game to get chat banned for
Legit I got chat banned for roasting someone I didn’t swear didn’t yell and I talked just as much as they were so I say viktor why did you call the fire department up (taric) can you not even Handel a fire I say that end the convo mute all right before i hit tarics mute button he says go kill ur self so I mute him we lose game this was bout 18 min in and my team I had 3 others with I am friends with who can confirm this we report taric for saying KYS and play 1 more I get into game guess what??? I see a little orange bar saying 3/5 mess used not 1sr time riot has done this too me so get out that one I see no report coming back for him being reported by 6 people my team and one person in enemy team and I got chat banned 2 times before one time I deserved it the 2nd one the same thing happens only 2 people reported the guy tho and he tells me to kms don’t we have bigger problems here because they talked just as much as I did and ended the convo after taric said kms so I guess we let this people walk? I’m sure if riot reads what I said here Ima get banned bc it has KMS in it because they don’t read what the reports or mess say they don’t care as long as we buy skins champs and other things from them so 24 games of not talking to my own friends let’s go baby
: true xayah is a pain for assassins when a zed tries to ult her but she just uses her ult and e's the zed to get away (annoying) right?
> [{quoted}](name=Gallows madness,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A4aRyo2u,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-09T04:19:12.959+0000) > > true xayah is a pain for assassins when a zed tries to ult her but she just uses her ult and e's the zed to get away (annoying) right? It’s called skill?
: Wow what an oversight! Let me get riot on the phone. Oh wait, that's part of her design. Just like assassins used to say back in the day "just bait her R"
: SSG Skins Revealed
: Who would win?
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: Xayah is impervious to assassins in skirmishes and team fights
Oh I’m sorry I’m a xayah MID main so tell me how u can not 1 shot her with any assassin like pls it’s to op and assassin well MANY OF THEM don’t have mana so tell me how they don’t just get to stay BUT DONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MANA{{champion:55}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}}
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: Can't get above an "s-" as Xayah
I am a m7 xayah MID main I only go mid bc I hate bot and I got m7 for going mid and let me tell ya that was some fun crap but u have to ban zed kat and yasuo so play with friends and ask them to ban assassins also try not to die more than 3 times get drag and rifts also can ALOT in a 46 min game u need like 390 cs
: Spamming Xayah dance ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
{{champion:498}} is my main also spam rakan AND xayah dancing ;-;
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: Question about future skins for Rakan and Xayah?
I want a dark star or like dark forest one maybe championship bc people play her in lcs or a sky one.... OH ima xayah main so ALL I want is a xayah skin{{champion:498}} {{summoner:31}} {{item:3508}}
: New champ is out, and guess what everyone’s complaining about?
Whoever made the champ is cruel why would u make a cc that lasts for 3 sec WTH she just has to q and your dead when your fav AGAIN how do you build against that and all the Zoe players are teasers and so TOXIC saying you have no skill when there playing a champ that u need no skill to play I’m a xayah main so it’s rlly upsetting {{champion:498}} and when you ban her everyone just dodges and I go to blind legit dodge bc people see they have Zoe so it’s 4 v 5 game at least nerf her or changer her e
: New champ is out, and guess what everyone’s complaining about?
I’m complaining about sleepy trouble bubble for 500 ALONE all she has to do then is Q and auto by then your already dead it’s so bad worst then veiger and when your adc how do you build MR and dmg I have to build hourglass it’s so bad
Would love a pool party skin someday -_-

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