: LF Gold-Plat Top For Compete League (Tryouts now!)
: [HG - HP] LF Top/Mid/Jungle/Support for competitive team
XeIIo Mid P5 Viktor, Orianna, Syndra, Casseopia, Kass Was p2 literally 3 days ago, but started playing adc and basically inted to p5
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: Creating Tournament Team/Inviting Team To Server/Coaches and Analyst Welcome
Chippys return P5 Mid https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=chippys+return+ Ive been on several teams
: Compete Team LF Mid For Gold/Plat League
Chippys Return P4 Syndra Viktor Orianna Casseopia Kassadin Ekko Ahri
5D Skip (NA)
: [5D] Is recruiting new players for CompeteLeague. Gold-Platinum
Chippys Return Mid Syndra Viktor Orianna Ahri Taliyah Zed Ekko Cass kass p4 expecting atleast plat 1 by the end of the week Very experienced with team play and very confident and comfortable in shot calling position
: Team Sinister gaming recruiting players
IGN: Economatic AGE:22 Rank:g5 Role: mid Top 5 champs: syndra Viktor Orianna Ekko Casseopia Working mic/Discord: yes Strengths: MAcro Weakness: Losing focus in solo que games Typically only play tournaments and attaq online pugs
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Glockiee (NA)
: Competitve Team (Silver/Gold) Looking for all Roles!
The chippy silver 2 22 est any Mid Cass Viktor ryze zed orianna agressive several teams want a team to grow with
: Competitve Team (Silver/Gold) Looking for all Roles!
The chippy Silver 2 22 Est all times except class which is mid day Mid Ryze Viktor Oriana Casseopia Zed Agressive Several ranked teams i want a serious team to grow with
NAKo88 (NA)
: Team Never Flame recruiting (Silver-Gold) all roles for BSGL ranked5's and weekly tourneys
The Chippy Silver 2 Mid VIktor Casseoipia Syndra Adc Jhin Cait Draven
Spéctyr (NA)
Mid Adc Viktor Cass Syndra est free at all times laning and execution are my strengths I really need to work on warding and overall Macro play ign The chippy
NAKo88 (NA)
: Team Never Flame (TNF) Recruiting High Silver-Gold players for LCS style ranked 5s (BSGL)
Sunnyylong 21 Support G 4 est Alistar, bard, Thresh Adc secondary Jhin Ezreal Lucian
: GOLD 5+ Ranked Team only have 3 Spots left for 9/9 max amount alowed
: DE Vindicators academy is now recruiting!
: tournament team LF top and mid
The Chippy Adc pretty much play all ads regularly except kalista they arent that different
: Team Recruitment [Open} Silver Team
Nazera (NA)
: Digital Determination LF S4-G1 ADC or SUP
The Chippy ADC/ Support Gold2 Plat 3 end of preseason i Go to uiniversity of florida so ya
: ALP( Aging League Players) Are Holding Tryouts for a 5's Ranked Team. Gold V and higher.
: D4 Free Coaching
How do we reach you in discord
: Recruiting For TZ (TEAM ZER0)
The Chippy Gold 2 Support
Goosseyy (NA)
: Gamma Had a Dream Ranked 5s Recruitment
The Chippy 22 Mid Yes Syndra Jayce Oriana Gold 2 Be the best player I can be
: Recruiting For TZ (TEAM ZER0)
thE cHIPPY Gold1 mid/ adc est
: DE Vindicators is looking for a top, jungle, and mid laner! Silver-Gold
: chick ADC main LF Support main or Jungle main (details)
Scootie is my main playng on a g5 smurf rn add the chippy
CaineAir (NA)
: Team Exalted LF ADC and Top
Cats are life Gold 4 Adc Draven Jhin lucian aggressive in lane have a mediocre mid game All day
: Team OverDrive is looking for a Top and Mid laner [Gold - Plat]
Cats are life 21 Gold 5 Mid TF Ahri Oriana Cass Fizz Yes I enjoy the competition
: AG Quick kill Silver - plat team LF players and coaches.
: [NA] [Serious Only] [LF High Plat/Diamond Support Shotcaller] [Ranked Team] EZG eSports
Scootie I want to join a long term team to grow with Anytime 21 All Adcs Except kalista several serious teams Plat4
: Dimethyltryptamine Recruiting SUBS/2ND TEAM GOLD-PLAT
ChipE Adc Support Gold 3 esst Yes Anytime
: searching for my dark apprentice. in return i promise you diamond 1. G5 to P1 i can duo with
: Dimethyltryptamine Is Recruiting Subs 4 Every Role(Which will be the sister team)Gold-Plat
: The Psycho Synthetics looking for Mid and ADC subs [YOU WILL BE PLAYING] Gold 5- Plat 5
Gold 2 ad c adc 21 est anytime cait draven lucian twitch sivir Ill be playing alot this semester and hope to improve drastically
Orci (NA)
: Stuck in Bronze 2
: DE Titans recruiting all roles(Bronze-Gold)
TMG Cone (NA)
: True Minded Gaming is looking for silver-platinum players!
21 ChipE Adc Gold2 I know how to play all bot lane match ups well and can carry teamfights I have questionable macro decisions at times yes yes
ChipE Gold 4 21 est Adc Draven Jhin twitch yes to all
: Team Master Gaming acadmy
Chipe ADc S5 PLat 3 end of preseason yes several teams competed in tmg and vendetta gaming league lolking says season 5 plat want a long term team est
: Team NovaCore Recruiting - [LF ADC] - [Gold-Plat]
Chipe 21 g4 ADc Draven cait luc ez vayne jhin twitch yes yes yes strong laning and macro play mechanics have room to improve I want a long term team to get better with
: Support main LF ADC Draven Main to duo with
: Apox Gaming is looking for a Gold Support
ChiPE Gold 4 Supp/ Adc Bard Thresh Lulu janna sona braum Anytime 21 est
KayVaugn (NA)
: Support Main looking for Duo to climb with (Silver)
: LF Jungler and ADC for Competitive Team - Silver/Gold ELO
ChipE Est 21 G5 Adc Twitch Jhin Cait Draven Luc want to join a Long term team that wants to get better Dont have class schedule set yet but basically anytime im not in class
Mickdog (NA)
: 5D4 Tournament Team looking for Top, adc, jungle mains. (Gold 5 - Plat 1)
Chipe Gold 5 ADc Draven Cait Lucian Jhin Vayne Ez
: Shamrock Esports looking for dedicated players
FS Storm (NA)
: The Psycho Synthetics is Recruiting
Chipe ADC Gold 5 21 Draven vayne Lucian cait Ez Jhin Plat last preseason tilted from gold 1 in past 2 weeks finally ready to get back at it
: Competitive Team looking for a Midlaner
Chipe top5: TF Fizz Ori lulu zed Great map control and macro Average laneing all
: S5 Challenger helping Silver-Gold
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