Xehnon (NA)
: Unseen Threat (Kha'Zix)
Im surprised so few want some tweaks :(
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Xehnon (NA)
: Flash.
if flash should be everywhere they should give us 1 summoner spell and flash. Right now, what I'm saying is raise the cd. Not nerf the range, because its quite small already, just the cd.
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Tusutaki (NA)
: Shen still has no MR gains
Same with Poppy, Kassadin, Yasuo and Maokai. Also, i still believe Elise should get hers back in melee form and to an extent Kayle too.
: Game is really lacking item diversity.
I literally made another similar topic 9 mins before you.
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: It's almost time, GD
It's not that they buffed AD fizz, it's they nerfed the AP ratios harder. The Q base damage nerf still hurts bruiser fizz a lot. basically the New Q with TF will do as much damage as the old Q with Sheen. In the end? Fizz is still strong, just not as bursty.
: No. The Gunblade change was unnecessary. This item was meant to be a hybrid item, not an Akali-only item. What are the Jax and Poppy mains that build Gunblade going to do with the item now? Not to mention no mage/assassin but Akali and maybe Evelynn(unlikely) will build it. What is going to happen to the Hybrid itemization now? Guinsoo's is questionable now, Gunblade just became an AP item, and Triforce can be built on a lot of bruisers/assassins/fighters/maybe even tanks. Edit: Going to test out the new Gunblade on Jax first before I make any further complaints, as it may potentially increase his burst and synery with spellvamp at the cost of a seemingly slight amount of AD and LS(5 and 2% respectively). We'll see first.
On a side note, this item will be even better on my Diana top lane.
Tempp (NA)
: Devourer enchantment text discrepancy
also state it gives 10% cdr
Sheerow (NA)
: Idea for Diana
I would prefer if her kit (Q-W-E-R) remained the same and get adjustment. Moving the attack speed bonus from Passive to E was something along the line of what I would like. I kinda see and play her like an AP version of Jarvan, yet he does everything better (Shred armor, has better base AS and scalling AS, lower mana cost and decent burst without being fragile) Like wow. Passive- I think her passive should have attack speed removed but she be given higher base to compensate early on (closer to a melee fighter, near .650 base and +3.2+ per level AS. Also, I think every third strike should lower the cooldown from her R giving more reason to initiate and stick to your target. It should also apply spellvamp allowing Diana more itemization options. (it could also penetrate MR) Q- should remain as it is. W- should get higher base, lower mana cost and lower ap ratio. E- Should give something passively ala Nocturne, Darius. (spell pen? no too good, spell vamp? nah too morgana esque, hybrid SV and LS? maybe, attack speed? maybe.) Or just give bonus Armor and Magic Res for every enemy pulled base on E's level. Exemple 3-4-5-6-7 R- Should remain as it is, maybe get it's cooldown lowered as previously mentionned by the passive and/or get two charges (similar to Akali) it would allow Diana to initiate with R and be able to stick to a target more easily, maybe too easily) Also keeping the Q-R functionality the same. (Another idea would be that it could apply moonsilver blade as well and other on-hit effect) Stats wise, I think her base damage should be increased to something similar to Fizz. Her base at 18 is 102 and Fizz 107. She needs that AD to let her last hit properly as a melee fighter. I would increase her base damage by 3 at level one and .1 per level. I actually wanted to start a thread of my own but felt almost just as good leaving this here. TL-DR In the end, I want Diana to have more itemization options where attack speed gives more for the buck (higher base AS) and she be closer to a fighter like Jarvan, Stats wise and game play wise. Im hoping at least one person read. =D


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