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: Patch 5.22 notes
Can't believe {{item:2044}} got removed, guess Riot doesn't want me to have vision in my lane {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Taull (NA)
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: Patch 5.14 notes
Anyone else wondering where the devourer nerfs are? {{item:3710}} {{item:3718}} {{item:3722}} {{item:3726}}
: {{champion:161}} W ruptures the ground. {{champion:59}} ults {{champion:201}} ults {{champion:57}} W dives under the ground then springs up Honestly though why didn't they include reksai in here? She is literally made for this particular bundle.
{{champion:57}} Don't forget his Q
Sakon (NA)
: I'm happy because I watched the video before it appeared here :D
> [{quoted}](name=CDGod,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=EAmcPEEw,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2015-07-03T19:17:42.263+0000) > > I'm happy because I watched the video before it appeared here :D Same lol
Januarye (NA)
: You've met with a terrible {{champion:4}}, haven't you?
Upvote for Happy Mask Salesman reference.{{item:3151}}
: 100 million points - 3 refunds? plz {{champion:32}}
They should give you at least one refund at the beginning of each year/season.
: Patch 5.11 notes
The looooooong awaited {{champion:7}} nerfs are finally here. Rito is finally get their stuff together.
: Ok {{champion:33}}
acepil0t (NA)
: Anyone else tired of seeing zed every other game? Cuz now he's gonne be in EVERY game. *sigh*
Yup more people thinking pressing R to kill your lane opponent makes you a god. {{champion:238}}
Myles JT (NA)
: I just noticed how similar Vayne's and Ezreal's splash arts are to each other.
Riot is basically making every splash art look the same, which is lame in my opinion.
Onwodori (NA)
: Oops. {{champion:33}} 70% more taunting {{champion:57}} 10% more vision
Bit of advise, you could just edit the original post.
: hmmmmm....we have 2 champs dat start with "a",1 female and 1 male.....and we have 2 champs dat start with "k",1 female and 1 male!!! we have 2 female champs dat end with "a" and we have 2 female champs dat end with "e". we have 2 champs dat have a 4 lettered name and both female,we have 3 champs dat have a 5 lettered name,50% male and 50% female, 40% assassin - 20%fighter - 10% support - 10% mage - 20% marksman and....50% of them have "a" as their second letter in their name,average diff = 6.2 | average attack = 6.7 | average defe = 3.7 | average abil = 4 5 females all ranged .......... 5 males all melee for more stupid shit anlysis plz tune in next week
3 of the end stats area devisable by 3........ HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!
: I'M REALLY FEELING IT (I got the joke) (can't find the Monado or something close to it.)
: Patch 4.18 notes
Anyone else wonder why they had to give such a big explanation for why they nerfed {{champion:121}} ? Its because they know it was a dumbass idea and no one wanted it. Kha'zix was just fine in the position he was and now Riot feels the need to screw that up. The only reason they did this was because he was getting popular again. As much as they try to deny it, its the truth. Riot just doesn't like {{champion:121}} or assassins in general. Maybe you think this post is biased, and you might be right, but after the huge nerf they game him in earlier patches, which did balance him, does he really need more nerfs? Riot this nerf was unnecessary and completely uncalled for. Please focus more on giving attention where it is needed in this game instead of pulling stuff like this.
: **I agree i really want Shaco to be free**{{champion:35}} **make him free!!!!!!!!!!!!**
He was free one week cause I remember playing him once, but I don't have him.
: New free champion rotation: Janna, Lucian, Sejuani and more!
The new Kassadin is free this week{{champion:236}} . Oh yay...

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