: RiotScruffy talks ChampUp and Poppy!
It was really fascinating to hear about RiotScruffy's trajectory. Thanks for putting this together!
: Hey dude, 1. We have a ton of different metrics that feed into our balance decisions. For example, we look at base win rate across all elo, Plat+ win rates, pro win rates, and experienced player (more than 30 games on a given champion) win rates. Aside from win rate, we look at picks and bans, popularity, player perception, etc. We monitor this stuff from patch to patch, so it's pretty easy to pick up on trends as well as predict them. 2. We get together for each sprint (basically our tasks per patch) to both pick tasks and assign them. We use a healthy mix of data and intuition to select our projects and then assign them pretty organically (whoever wants it, takes it - though we tend to have people who "own" various champions because they have more experience with them than anyone else) 3. Like most of Riot, and really game development in general, we're pretty diverse. We have people with no college education up through PhD's. It creates a really unique design atmosphere because everyone sees things in a different way. Some people are very good about thinking in systems, others better in numbers or thematics. It's a lot of fun. 4. We work with pretty much everyone in "core" LoL, Champion, Champion Update, Game Systems, and so forth. It's super important to understand not only what everyone is working on, but also why. Cross-team alignment can be tricky, but it's a must for game health and balance.
Awesome, thanks for your response! I’m currently pursuing a Ph.D. in biophysics/physics and considering life outside of academia after graduation. Considering Riot’s approaches to solving (super interesting) problems, it’s quite likely that I will apply there in the near future. Thanks again :)
: Balance Team Q+A: Ask Us Anything! [COMPLETE]
Hey, thanks for doing this Q and A! I have a few questions I’d like to ask: 1) What stats do you use to decide which champs to re-balance? How do you weigh each of these stats (e.g. winrate could be 3x more important than playrate)? Do you have a quantitative criterion to warn you if a champ is somehow becoming more unbalanced, or is it usually just a feeling from you and/or the community? 2) How are assignments spread across the balance team? Does a small team handle champ x and another small team handle champ y? 3) What are the backgrounds of the people working in the balance team? Bachelors in Math/Physics/Engineering, perhaps even a Ph.D? How do the individuals with these different backgrounds tend to contribute to the process? 4) What other teams do the balance team collaborate with in order to gain additional insights into a champion design? For example, do you work with Lyte and Co. to understand how changes affect the toxicity of those who main a champ? Thanks for taking the time to read my questions! There are just so many interesting statistics in League at your disposal that I can’t help but wonder about these things.


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