: The first one was. I'd say at best, this new one was mixed - better than the first attempt, but not quite what was desired.
Ah okay I just remember quitting the game after it went live because I was maining her at the time. Guess that soured my perception of peoples reactions =/
: Class Updates shouldn't be used to redefine champions
Wait was the Cassiopeia rework well received, I thought it was unanimously hated?
: Learn How to Ward Properly
I am aware that this is generally common knowledge but a reminder, Scuttle Ward does not cover the whole river, a player can walk from blue to the closest lane next to the scuttle ward without being spotted.
: I didn't even know there was a censor on the Boards.
Yes its almost like Bello didn't swear at all and just wrote ampersants to simulate swearing but that would be silly right?
: No, Lulu cannot stop Sion's ultimate. Stop lying to the boards.
Hi for context I just played the Lulu support vs Sion Support matchup yesterday. In that game I polymorphed his ult twice. Both times that the missile reached him before his collision it forced his stop and his normal stopping explosion occurred at the point at which polymorph hit him. The damage still occurred from the explosion, however no stunning occurred as he became incapable of continuing his ult.
: it splits the gold, but the net gold still increases.
The net gold will only increase on solo kills Assists are calculated based on 50% of kill gold split between however many people got an assist on the kill
Rioter Comments
: People over prioritize/over value sightstone
These seem like really good point, I might try and build a core powerspike item before sight if we have easy ward control now. However I feel like this is going to lead to a lot of people reading this then not buying sightstone until like 15 min have passed. Its always hard to tell someone "this is worse than you think but its not bad"
: Guardian of the Sands Rammus
Just to make sure were all on the same page and my eyes aren't decaying into oblivion we are just talking about how the title is too large right?
Terozu (NA)
: What is this from?
Hanamaru Kindergarten or Hanamaru Youchien
Rioter Comments
: Here's the problem(s) with Bronze players.
100% Agree Roller skating is one of the best ways to cool off, Your other points seem true too =P
: It has more range that the average ranged auto attack. You can exhaust just about anybody before they can get their main damage off, unless you're CCed.
I believe his comment is in relation to Varus and Jhin the bane of bot lane right now and not the assassins who are the bane of the other lanes.
: About Nami and others casting R in the wrong direction
I can confirm both times its happened to me as Ashe my mouse would have been in the bottom-leftish part of my screen so this looks like a plausible explanation (+1)
: You are complaining... because... its been... HALF A YEAR? Dude, you clearly never litterally waited for years: {{champion:266}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:42}} Yes, some of those got skins recently, but those same skins were hyped for far longer than half a year...
Nice use of the Invisible Evelynn Meme
sit kid (EUW)
: But every support could litterally still buy it and have sucess. If they increased the healing and shielding value, nerfed the base stats and made the active scale with ap i think it would be more situational
Making the active scale with AP would gear it towards the entirely wrong demographic of champions, Realistically if its numbers are balanced, it should be for mostly enchanters like {{champion:40}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} . None of these champions build AP in there ideal build paths (except maybe {{champion:37}} ). It would be far better to have it scale off of mana-regen which is completely clogging up all the items that enchanters are building.
: Can @Riot give us a straight answer on why they can't make the Butcher's Bridge a permanent map?
I thought they already answered this when it came out, the answers I remember were: - They were worried about splitting the queues - The extra server strain that hosting two map options wasn't worth it Also from my understanding, the Original Butcher's Bridge map was not a direct port of ARAM and various parts were coded differently (beyond visuals) which would mean they would have to monitor it for glitches separately for ARAM. I don't see any issue with them adapting the theme into a skin personally but Eh its RIOT If you were curious about this I believe it was from the original Butcher's Bridge Q&A forum post
: we didn't had keystone masteries before last season... guess what? we still had plenty (if not more!) balance issues
I'm sorry your getting so much flack about this comment I agree with you quite wholeheartedly but it seems a lot of people are grabbing nostalgia glasses
: To the people who wombo minions from 100-0 when Im right next to them with 4 stacks of Spoils of War
As a support main who recently started trying out more Midlaners/Junglers, I must say I have started to realize this is super easy to do by accident. Twice within the past 2 days even I have insta-cleared the wave only to realize that my Leona or Braum was standing right beside me waiting for the cs to reach them and then they walk away all dejected. I wish there was some sort of ping that could be associated with the item to make it more clear what you want.
: frankly if I'd known what happened to my favorite character (not pyrrah but) I would've dropped the series too
: > [{quoted}](name=Xicashina,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YbhupRaF,comment-id=000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-30T16:21:47.443+0000) > > Yep just checked google it is, I forget what It is I'm talking about then. > > I remember talking quite often that when a program was unresponsive or not intelligently responsive it had a bad UI but I might just be misremembering or it meant something else? Perhaps you meant User Intelligence was bad ;)
That's what it was ok I feel so much less confused now. (also less stupid as the acronym is the same ) Thanks so much
Saianna (EUNE)
: User interface is aout user panel of options.. Like stats, mana/hp bars, isn't it? interface...
Yep just checked google it is, I forget what It is I'm talking about then. I remember talking quite often that when a program was unresponsive or not intelligently responsive it had a bad UI but I might just be misremembering or it meant something else?
Saianna (EUNE)
: I think u mean AI :P
I believe either one works, UI = user interface (Daisy is hard to control), AI = Artificial Intelligence (Daisy is eternally creep blocked and stands still while your telling her to move etc). Not sure which one the previous commenter was saying though
: Gotcha. I was also talking about lategame, no need to clarify. I have a rule i play by for lategame when it comes to warding. The way it goes is: -I think I need to put a ward somewhere: A) Am I safe going there? B) Will I be able to come to the aid of my team quickly enough during the trip? If both A and B result in a yes, I go ward it. This keeps me close to where all of the experience is, and it keeps me from getting caught out and dying. As a result, I have vision where I need it (using I rather than we since people hardly ever look at wards other people place, with the exception of an ADC for the first 10 minutes of the game after which even they don't look anymore) When I am playing jungle, I tend to go for more distant warding spots, since I am a more combat capable champion and can more than likely handle myself as a jungler if I run into someone. I think too many support players live by the idea that their carries should stick with them for protection. This results in underleveled supports and dead carries. Rather, the support should be sticking with SOMEBODY at all times, preferably a carry. Supports enable carries. Carries do not enable supports. Holding the latter point of view is a self-important mindset that is harmful to your support play. This is ESPECIALLY true for Enchanters {{champion:432}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} and Protectors {{champion:201}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:412}} The only supports who can really hold their own running off alone to do vision things are high damage / mage supports {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:143}} most of whom can get quick CC out to make their escape, or have some combo of CC and speed.
I agree with this almost entirely the only thing I have a slight issue with is the B I do believe that it is important to be near the center of the team constantly but certain warding positions only stay open for a small duration and I feel like it is far more useful to consider what the likelihood of a fight breaking out is if you are going to go more than 10 seconds away from your team rather than constantly leashing yourself to your carries. One more point as someone who primarily plays enchanters with the occasional damage support thrown in, and the rare protector (Thresh and Taric <3, f u Braum) I find like it would be better to separate the quality of peel slightly differently. {{champion:40}}, {{champion:432}},{{champion:267}} , {{champion:43}} and {{champion:117}} are more the enchanters with good peal ( I would consider the last two enchanters despite there slightly higher damage stats.) I found most damage mages ( to be fair I have next to no experience with {{champion:143}} or {{champion:63}} instead I am more comfortable on ({{champion:1}} or {{champion:99}} )to be quite easy to catch out. (Although lux is weird as she can use a spell to facecheck any bushes so because of that she doesn't get caught too easily) I then would say that the rest of the enchanters such as {{champion:16}} or {{champion:37}} to have limited peel And the protectors (I like that name haven't heard it before used to just calling them the tanky sups) are super easy to get caught out and rely more on surviving as long as they can until there team could collapse if they are caught out.
: I RARELY play support, but when I do, I am not 4-5 levels behind. MAYBE 2 levels. And that would be me feeling very far behind. I roam, don't take CS, I ward and I destroy enemy vision. I usually play {{champion:412}} {{champion:1}} for support. And I will repeat, I am almost never more than 2 levels behind. Either you are blowing it way out of proportion, or you are god-awful at support.
I apologize I should have made myself more clear I was talking about late game when I was saying 4-5 levels behind which is not blown out of proportions at all, I have found myself to be lv 13 quite commonly when my lanners start hitting 18 and the issue comes in that at that point of the game there is next to know point of me being in a lane as I am eternally roaming and warding the jungle. As such I commonly only catch up when I start taking waves upon the rest of my team hitting full build.
: Supports are in a fine spot. Why would they need buffs? EDIT: Oh no, the support players are mad because they don't understand that supports are supposed to be weaker than laners.
I'm not sure what your experience with support is but supports have been in a bad spot for a long time we are consistently 4-5 levels behind everyone else late game which in addition to our lack of gold makes us nigh useless as anything but cc/utility bots. The interesting thing is that I believe that the support meta is incredibly balanced right now and very few champions are dumpstered (which might be what you are referring to as "in a fine spot"). The issue that I believe is most problematic for support however is that in a losing lane the support is utterly crushed. There is the issue were you need to let the AD catch up in levels so you want to leave them to farm and get full xp but your roaming is severely weakened as you are so behind. Anyways just my 2 cents.
: Riot is about to make a Big Mistake.
Technically it gives them more server space
: getting fb'ed doesn't prevent a remake...
remakes can only occur if no kills occur in the first 4 min? cant bother to check the exact #
: Why do I get the feeling this was inspired from an anime?
You mean the whole magical girl genre?
: I know that, mine has been changed many times, but it won't change here on the boards for some reason. Last time I used this icon was about 8 months ago. The boards isn't syncing with my actual account for some reason.
Ah sorry for being assumptive but I might have run into your same problem a while back. For a long time I couldn't use the boards because it still thought my account was level 2. I wrote in a support ticket about it and they fixed it within the day, apparently there isn't amazing synchronizing between the two servers.
: Wait, may I ask how you changed your icon??? T-T My icon has stayed the same since the last blood moon event, and won't change at all.
On the league client next to your name and shop and stuff your icon appears click on it to change it
: Errr i played nauti top for a long time whenever he was available his E DOES enough dmg. Two maxed Es and the wave is gone. So again: just go into it WHILE they are clearing the wave, E and you still get the lasthits. But oh well another circlejerk where you just missunderstand everything on purpose. Excessively long cds... oh my gosh. Hard to get 40-45% cdr as supp.... lmao. His E has 5 secs cooldown maxed. With locket and face of the mountain you already have 20% cdr. Making it 4 secs. Excessively long. You talked about "hard to get before 40 mins". OP was talking about "lategame". Guess what this IS lategame.
Hey I hear what your saying however you appear to be missing a few points yes with locket and face you get 20% however that point doesn't happen as fast as you think. If you are snowballing moderately in lane like 2-1-6 or so in lane you can probably have those items and boots done by 25 minutes, however unless you prioritize CDR items over tankiness (which is usually what it comes down too hitting 40-45% CDR takes a while). If you aren't your lucky to get them before 30 minutes. In regards to Nautilus's E I do recognize that it has a short CD when maxed and nowhere in my comment did I mention otherwise. However as a support I have no interest in clearing a wave unnecessarily as that will be taking gold away from my damage dealers and wasting the bandit passive. Instead I'm looking to deal damage to auto a few melee's and cannons in the wave when they have around 200 health left to make them pop for relic shield. If I just go into a wave and e it as Nautilus any minions I do get will most likely be casters which will net less gold for the team. Thank you and sorry for the confusion that I caused
Sukishoo (NA)
: Star Guardian Poppy's Blue/Purple Particles are here :D
Well Riot you have just earned yourselves a customer
: Yeah how dare your teammates push fast in lategame instead of waiting till your slow ass clears the wave. Not to mention you still get the last hits if you just E into it.
Ok I'm sorry but your comment has some problems. Alistar which appears to be the prime discussion here has his e as a heal and Naut's e doesn't do enough damage to secure a cannon or melee creep when a champion with large wave clear (basically 75% plus of champions who build some sort of damage) are clearing the waves. In addition if your talking about a different spell then I figure you should know that the majority of tanky supports abilities have excessively long CDs even with 40-45% cdr (which is actually rather hard to get by pre 40 min). This means that if we are pushing a lane and a fight starts then I probably wont have that skill up until half way into the fight and probably will only get one of them off in that fight.
: @Riot NA Unavailable
Can confirm same issue Just checking are you using a mac?
: Frozen Mallet viable on Darius?
It works and none of the stats on it are wasted but as the majority of the time in team fights Darius is Q, E-ing and R-ing, the aa based passive is rather poor on him. So Yes building it isn't horrible but there are better options generally. P.S. Opinion is solely based on me having a variety of experience on bruisers not including darius.
: Uhm... 16 matches of Quinn? Where are you getting this information? Because I've played a lot more of Quinn in S4/S5 than S6, mostly because I need a break from every champion every once in a while, if it goes off of a season-season basis for information. I also don't use Quinn in ranked because she's either banned or doesn't fit the comp
: I want a clarification on a ban but not sure where to post
In general using any anti-race or homophobic slurs is considered a bannable offence. So ya sorry but your going to need to be more appropriate with your language in the future
: Explain what happened here.
My main issue with this is zeds ult bonus damage proc shouldn't count damage going through barriers. As such Unless its counting dusk blade proc as a source of bonus damage for ult that damage does not look normal (I only have experience vs zed though not with him)
: That is understandable... Sometimes though the darn carry doesn't understand how these items passive work {{item:3302}} {{item:3097}} {{item:3401}} {{item:2303}} and just get mad at you or just never let you proc the passive. But when they have these item lines: {{item:3303}} {{item:3301}} ... http://static1.gamespot.com/uploads/original/1551/15516851/2941751-lfs1.png
Then theres the embarrassing feeling of having the ADC ping for you take the cannon creep and you don't realize what they're doing so you both miss the CS
: {{champion:44}} {{item:3931}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3009}} {{champion:113}} {{item:1410}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3158}} {{champion:9}} {{item:1401}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3020}} {{champion:6}} {{item:3042}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3158}} have fun
Wait isn't that a really normal Urgot build?
: Then what would be the point of giving her a nerf like what Naut just received. That would just make her use the same build she does now with less success, but be even worse for her to go full damage. Just nerfing Fiora's damage is so ass backwards I can't even comprehend why you think its a good idea.
By lowering the base damage on abilities you in turn make it so that while not building damage, the champion deals less damage. If you lower the scaling then you are making it worse for the full damage build. The nautilus changes were a lowering of base damages so I believe that "Wade's" argument still stands.
: It is not actually getting buffed. The item is staying the same. It allows more room for counter play from the enemy. You can bait it out or cc him to the point where he dies before it can activate.
Technically it is a small buff as well as a small nerf, very often two things can be abused with it 1 if you catch someone out you can pop there maw and as such they won't have it for the next team fight and 2 if your poking someone down in lane it becomes useful to just poke into it then let it fade before you all in. As you are presenting it they'll just keep it until you all in. The nerfs are as you said
: When a toxic teammate tries to take your farm in the jungle and acts like he isn't.
This was the worst right after kindred came out, my mid laners and top laners would keep taking my camps while losing so many minions in lane under the pretence of "making sure she doesn't get her marks"
Aazzlano (NA)
: Yeah that's the best way to do it, and it guarantees you will hit him since his Alpha is down. Except the problem is that he can just run up to you and start attacking you and doesn't need his Alpha to engage, so you likely took a ton of damage and are about to die so you fire your CC at him ... and he Alphas. That's what happens in Plat/Diamond sadly :|
But If he's right next to you attacking you he can't alpha in response to cc as the player won't have time to react.
: The Tank meta isn't about taking more risks, it's about being able to make more mistakes and not being punished for them. I prefer the ADC meta more than any of them, because it made all the champions I like to play really strong (rengar, Udyr, Nasus, Malphite, ect). The only downside to this is, they have either been permabanned (except for Nasus), picked by someone else, or nerfed into the ground (in the case of Rengar). I've only been playing since season 5 though, so I don't really no what an Assassin meta is like, unless we're already in it, but personally, I think this is the ADC meta if anything. If you gave me the choice between an assassin meta and the tank meta, I'd have to go for the tank meta because I miss Cinderhulk Udyr, especially taking Smite TP in the top lane. That shit was fun.
There was a mini assassin meta right after cinder hulk faded but it only lasted a few patches before a mini mage meta started which in turn was pushed out by the ad meta starting in preseason.
FrankerX (EUW)
: want a hug? :/
Laughing Fish is the Grand Overlord of Memes & Games. All Hail!
Mhihnj (EUW)
: You know she could look more like a floating orb like fairy. http://orig08.deviantart.net/fab6/f/2014/283/a/1/navi___legend_of_zelda_by_fieldsofdaisies-d82aq37.png
: highest level learning curve champs - {{champion:34}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:154}} if you play these champions then it's safe to say that you're NOT playing an easy champ. dont believe me then go try it yourself. most of these guys have either weird quirks that put them at a disadvantage (i.e. yasuo's ulti can only be used on airborne targets and karthus's passive encourages him to die) some have kits that build off of weird items and paths that prevent them from reaching max potential early on (viktors shop items rengars trophy items) or they may just have very difficult to land skill shots (yasuo's q xeraths r) whatever the case they all bring something unique to the game and i salute anyone who plays them effectively. if these were the hard/very hard to learn champs mordekaiser would be a medium champ.
Ok I get almost all of these the ones I'm confused about are {{champion:9}} and {{champion:38}} why have you labelled them as high skill cap, Ive always perceived there kits as being quite natural and simple to use (Bare in mind Ive only played each a couple of times).
: How Many Skills Counter/Stop Malphite's Ultimate?
There is a trait which is called "immune to cc". This trait is bound to certain characters abilities and it literally means they can't be hit with cc until the action which is ItCC is over. Some characters are Malphite (for the entirety of his ult), Vi ( For the portion of her ult until she reaches the target (when in the air she can be ccd), and Nocturne. Similar to this there are some ItCC channels that occur when certain mages cast ultimates. These channels usually last something like 0.25-0.5 s and are identical to the above champions except they aren't moving when casting it. A good example would be Nami or Thresh.
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