N63 (NA)
: Pantheon needs a rework.
He's the artisan of war but in lane he functions akin to Teemo lmao.
: Jungle used to be my favorite role
Same for me. As you can see my name is Xinisied but I just hate the way jungle is now (Even though I dominate with Xin and loved him before he even became meta, I hate the scuttle focused meta).
Shock16 (NA)
: How to play against Yasuo mid?
You don't. Not unless you're a masochist and want to be subjected to digital torture facing this monstrosity. Ban him.
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D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: that's the issue with the boards they don't really care about gameplay like the title would suggest, they're just here to "let off some steam" offering nothing but waste of time
Except the fact that I make it obvious in the title what to expect from the post, I'm not trying to mislead you into thinking it's about gameplay.
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: How is he not anti assassin now? I thought that he was anti assassin because of his ult... which remained largely the same. Plus he can still shove a wave pretty proficiently.
Because before if an assassin went in on malz his ult was enough to keep them at bay and in some cases even kill them (with a full combo added), but now his ultimate is a pitiful representation of once it once was. A zed or yasuo has no reason to fear engaging a malzahar because even though his ultimate cc's them, it cc's Malz also but it also does negative damage earlygame.
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: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
Where's the adc changes at? Why are adcs still allowed to one shot someone from range?
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: PFF lmao. salty assassin main whining about how he can't Dive a competent 2v1 and win.
: Don't forget they also invalidate champions like {{champion:266}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}}
That's true, but at least those champions can fulfill more roles if their targets are getting peeled heavily. As a Xin main I find when the adc is just getting peeled in a way that is out of my control, I'm better off functioning as a secondary front line to my carries as my ultimate at least gives me some leeway against the enemy carries. Traditional assassins cannot fulfill this role.
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: I don't see much of a problem with melee carries that build full damage doing a lot of damage.
Except Yi's with conqueror don't build full damage. The build is normally {{item:1419}} {{item:3124}} and then tankish items for the rest.
Elohaven (NA)
: Hey Riot - I think Yi needs a 100% look at with Conqueror
The point is you aren't supposed to be able to itemize against it, hence why I ban Yi in all of my games.
: I think it's time we all took a good hard look at Warwick
* His clearing pre tiamat is actually garbage. * There are still a few early game junglers that can out duel Warwick (Jax & Xin being two notable ones). * His ultimate can be dodged and at times dodges itself. * He falls off (Warwick is amazing early and mid game, but like most junglers like this he fals off tremendously lategame).


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