: 10 Thoughts Going Into Week 5
I love thought #6! Here's a quote from it... " "
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: Champion Reveal: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
Wait...if she controls rocks, does that mean she can also control Malphite? :O {{champion:54}}
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: Neon Strike Ekko would be a great skin
: LoL client wishlist feature
Dude you got an awesome idea! This has to happen! :D <3<3<3
: Look out! It’s Snowdown!
What about Snow Day Brand or Happy Elf Kindred for next year? That would be way too awesome! xD
Boove (NA)
: how do you send/throw the snowball icons? is it in the gifting center or is it somewhere else?
Yeah you go to the Gifting Center then you get to select the name of the player then at the right you should see Snowdown icon or something like that with 4 snowdown icons as the logo. :)
: Look out! It’s Snowdown!
I got an idea for next year Snowdown! {{champion:63}} Snow Day Brand!
Xissimo (NA)
: Where can I find the Snowdown shop?
Honestly...I'm in love with the past years skins but this year the only one talking to me is the Bard one...even tho i don't play him at all xD {{champion:432}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:150}}
: It starts on Dec 16 to 30
> [{quoted}](name=pretty unni,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=3poZofPB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-30T23:33:29.903+0000) > > It starts on Dec 16 to 30 Thank you! :D
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Atuko (NA)
: The day has finally come...
And where can we see the new version?
: Wait - So is Winter Wonderland Orianna coming back?
I assume yes since it's available in a bundle and that for Harrowing we had also the choice to buy the skin and not the whole bundle ;)
: Regardless they still camped you all game long knowing you wont be able to do anyhting for the first little bit. I will cheese sometimes but something like Anivia jungle would take a while to even get going so I would rather hit the lanes then chase Articuno around the map lol.
Articuno xD dude stop mixing games lol I'm scared of meeting a Miltank soon as a support! D: {{champion:12}}
: Best Jinx Skin?
Firecracker is my favorite skin for her..from far! The animations are full of colors going from everywhere haha especially the ult. The costume is nice and the splash art even more :) The only minus i could say is that the recall animation is a little less cooler than the classic skin but i gotta say it's still pretty cool :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
RussoRed (NA)
: Snowdown skin idea Jolly Bard
I'd love to see this in game ! :)
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: Jharic, the Exiled Inventor!
Do you have an idea of the visual identity he would have? :) By the way, nice concept i would play that champion!
: Preseason 6 Due Date?
I don't know man. The only reason why I came here is to know too lol ;) {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
hudzell (NA)
: Why not unlock icons of a champion's portrait when you reach Mastery 5 with them?
I'm agreeing so much about this! {{champion:83}} I'm coming my love! xD
: i feel like mastery should go up to 10, then it would be fair, so much dedication for that champ m8
I see Annie Bot coming when that dude already got more than a million in mastery points lol xD {{champion:1}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:1}}
: Am I the only "Quinn Main" who is excited for her rework
I do agree with you bro! Can't wait for that rework even tho she's not my principal main lol...got a few for each lane :)
: kassadin and cassiopeia suffer from the same issue
I agree :o) I've played {{champion:38}} a few times and i gotta say he can be op but well played...which I'm not totally doing haha :)
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: Positive play icon unlocked
Nice! I've been using a good amount already on this game so pretty nice to get a free icon for being friendly! :D
: Team Up & Pool Party
Just asking, if I don't have Mundo and that we get to the final objective, will I unlock the champion and the skin or do I have to buy the champion first?{{champion:36}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Rootworth,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=wx5IEp8c,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-01T23:20:20.687+0000) > > I'm pretty sure Windows 10 isn't ready yet. it will be July 29th
Ok thank you but the question i had was if League Of Legends would handle this version of Windows? :)
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OrganicT (NA)
: Création d'une Équipe ( Québécois/Français)
**Votre Nom**: Sam **Votre âge**: 15 **Votre position favorite**: ADC/Bot **Nombre de fois auquel vous avez joué**: Je ne sais pas comment savoir le nombre de parties, mais j'ai 117 parties de gagnées **In Game Name**: Xissimo **La raison pourquoi vous voulez rejoindre une équipe**: Je suis à la recherche d'une équipe pour mieux comprendre League Of Legends. Puisque tous mes amis sont à mon niveau, je recherche une équipe avec laquelle je pourrai m'entraîner davantage sans compromettre les victoires. **Votre nom Curse**: Je n'ai présentement pas de compte Curse mais vous pouvez me rejoindre par Skype. (DioxysVideos) **Remarque**: Bien que je sois classé Bronze 3, j'étais Silver lorsque j'ai commencé. J'ai arrêté de jouer après mes parties de classement et je suis descendu de rang. Je suis également capable d'alterner en support mais j'ai de la difficulté avec certains champions tels que Thresh.
: Hi me and my friend are trying to recruit people for our ranked team and we were wondering if you wanted to play a game with us? my ign is skooter07
> [{quoted}](name=skooter07,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=Rzd5Qthj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-03T03:25:21.943+0000) > > Hi me and my friend are trying to recruit people for our ranked team and we were wondering if you wanted to play a game with us? my ign is skooter07 1. Yes why not? Give me a moment today and i will see if i can play because we might not have the same time in NA
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