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: Irelia: The Blade Dancer | Champion Trailer - League of Legends a nice timelapse of her splash art
Nylisa (EUW)
: I don't know about gameplay, but visually, that's one of the most beautiful kits i've seen! Irelia herself is half the reason! with that awesome voice of hers! and, of course: <.<
and by the sound of it riot got her original voive actor to do her voice{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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: Shen, Master Yi and Yasuo all seem to be present in the Irelia mural.
next to what appears to be {{champion:11}} there is an unarmed fighter so that could be {{champion:64}}
Tialilia (EUW)
: Irelia: The Defiant Blade | Champion Teaser
i expect that {{champion:157}}{{champion:64}}{{champion:11}} are the most likely to get their bios updated with the ionian lore update and {{champion:134}}{{champion:92}} {{champion:43}} to be the least likely cause despite their current/possible ties to the noxian invasion they all seem like entities separate from irelias band of freedom fighters hinted in the teaser
: Splash Arts for Pizza Delivery Sivir and Birdio
Quite a quick succession of splash art releases isn’t it Hope this’ll be a new quo for future patches
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: Skin Rules Suggestion and I hope there is an eve and urgot skin this year
i like this way the way riot releases skins results in a never ending cycle of skin neglect cause by the time they give a handful of neglected champions new skins more new champions are added and more champions go into the neglected pile
: Strange, I imagine her with a Warring Kingdoms-esque skin with huge Jade blades and a regal outfit. Gold and red just seem right on her.
i remember seeing a concept of something like that once very well thought of Also if not warring kingdoms then perhaps blood moon
: I mean, I love the concept of Pool Party Zoe, but I can't help but be angry that she's already getting one before so many other champions.
we all love the concept i just love the dream of god kick {{champion:164}} more
: So, we just got a new /Dev Diary, and it's official...
this video was a clever move on riots part By giving the promise of new skins for {{champion:32}}{{champion:3}}{{champion:98}}{{champion:68}}{{champion:136}} {{champion:74}} and taking us through the development of what looks to be a awesome set of ssg skins riot can add in a new skin for {{champion:142}} and a 'joke' about a new skin for {{champion:103}} and receive a lot less negative feedback
: Kaisa comic
Nice i hope this'll be the of start the next set of comics
: LOL. Rito is a multi billion dollar company they have an INSANE amount of resources they could pour into making a BETTER skin for a POPULAR TOPLANER. MF is sitting on a 2.83% pick rate according to OP.GG. Meanwhile Shen, Vlad, Renekton , Camille, and more all have more playrate as well as having no recent skins with decent particles
there's the gameplay popularity and there's the visual popularity champions like miss fortune who, lets be honest, is more visually popular at the moment will get more skins because at the heart of it thats what skins are for: visual appeal
: Jesus Christ I just wanted to know how many skins she had. I’m getting a lot of third degree by an misunderstood comment lol. I know this, they literally released an Illaoi skin too dude.
even the most simple of questions can lead to a popular vs neglected skin battle {{sticker:darius-angry}} its quite entertaining {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: I was thinking maybe each dead or alive poster will reveal one new champion each day, making it a line. Kai'Sa having a new skin (her release one but still) and then we will get a new GP skin. the two missing slots until MF reveal on the 7 are for 2 other champs. Just speculation of course. If it's indeed related to Dreadnova we are likely to get a picture of Darius next day. It would be legendary at least because she already has quite a few 1350 and if they release something this big with MF so soon already it's probably a big project in the works since quite long. I wouldn't be surprised either if it turns out to be the next Ultimate. the trailer is too big to be for a simple 1350 skins. Actually I don't remember such a big tease since Project Ashe. And even so, it's still bigger. Waiting a decount of days... Technically we assumed it would go to a toplaner but no skin lines ever follow a special lanes path. Neither do Victorious or Championship skins. It would be normal to assume it's top after we got all roles filled but I also feel like it's just unrelated and goes to who they feel could fit. which would mean there is to be more than 5 ultimates in total and ever no ? Also Ultimate aren't for the end of the year necessarily. Our most recent was November but before Sona was arround May and Udyr arround July. Ultimate skins seems really random.
Unfortunately the new slot was just released so it looks like it’s just MF {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
GreenLore (EUW)
: I think that one of the 3 next champs might be a yordle,because it was said that "yordle lore is not off the table for this year"(or nunu gets turned into one and comes with a yordle update?). Alternatively champ 3 could be a noxian,since they said that they want to return to Noxus later this year.
if nunu's vgu comes with a freljord update and if new champion 3 or 4 brings about a bandle city update then riot would have updated all the remaining outdated regions in one go without putting much of a strain on themselves and hopefully this will lead to a consistent flow of new lore content
: There's too much of a build-up going about with this upcoming Miss Fortune skin, I get the feels that it's going to be either a 1820rp skin or an ultimate.
that seems to be the case fingers crossed for new VO to follow
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: Void region update
i was kind of expecting at least one voidborn to get their bio updated and extended like {{champion:121}} or {{champion:161}} but its still early so there is hope
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: Nearly 2 years later, this guy still doesn't have a skin...
and if you're still not counting lcs skins {{champion:497}}{{champion:498}} have been picked for this years lcs skins riot:{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} me:{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
GreenLore (EUW)
: While you are right with your point,I do feel like there is a limit to how long a champ should go without a skin. And 1000 days,almost 3 years,is a bit too much in that regard. Every champ has its players and showing blatant favoritism will get your fans grow dissatisfied,which is never a good thing. Though I can understand why Riot avoids champs who are in need of a VGU,because as they explained,that is kind of a situation where both riot and the consumer loose when the rework comes(as riot has to redo the skin and the consumer might find out that they don't like the skin anymore).
And as more champions are added, the longer older and “unpopular” champions go without skins
GreenLore (EUW)
: Well they did say that they want to focus more on champs who didn't get a skin in a long time this year. Hence why we got {{champion:420}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:59}} are getting skins this early in the year. Most of the others on that list will hopefully follow later on(though the ones that are high on the VGU list are unlikely to get one {{champion:77}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:72}} )
Not to mention Nunu However considering that all signs point to August doing a {{champion:10}} vgu this year and kayle having received a pentakill skin last year, it can’t always be assumed that champions not revealed or hinted at getting a vgu for this year won’t get a new skin.
The report leads me to believe it’s not just miss fortune teased here ‘’Contractor:FORTUNE INDUSTRIES’’ This looks like miss fortune is just the contractor of either kai’sa Exosuit or the bounty issued so why have a main contractor as a bounty? “HAIR COLOR: RED” “AGE: APPROX. 24-26” This can apply to at least three champions “WANTED FOR: MASS MURDER OF FORMER AND CURRENT MILITARY GENERALS, PLANET-KILLING, DESTRUCTION OF NUMEROUS SPACE STATIONS... “ I this sounds more like something {{champion:55}}{{champion:28}} would do and less like {{champion:21}} even in an alternate universe
: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
: I can imagine the tweet someone at Riot is preparing right now. > _"When designing Kai'Sa's release skin (which we didn't totally steal from Project Vayne by the way), we realized that there was potential for an entire new line of skins, ones that could counter the Dreadnova Gangplank skin... We chose Miss Fortune because she's popular in countries that love and adore science fiction and she wasn't in the pipe line for an upcoming skin already..."_ And so on because Riot's owners are greedy jerks and all.
You see now beneath all the justifications and excuses riot gives for giving champions like MF more skins over a short period of time, all I hear is “sexy champions sell so they need more skins”
: Kumungu Jungle still exist?
I’d picture the kumungu jungle as this great big super ecosystem with different forestry landscapes and home to a mix of jungle cultures (primarily based on mesoamerican with some examples of native American and Central African) and full of the most dangerous fauna and **flora** on the planet. But I imagine riot will have to update all its current regions before it even considers adding new regions but at the pace they’re going with the new lore updates that shouldn’t take more than 2-3 years
GreenLore (EUW)
: Oh yeah getting some big Metroid vibes from that login screen. The animation at the start also makes me wish that she'd wear her helmet in the splash.
Makes me wonder if feedback for kai’sa would have been better if she was another ‘masked’ character and we’d wonder what she looked like without her ‘Helmet’
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Reav3 (NA)
: It turns on when you ult but you can also toggle it on and off manually
could you guys add a slash with her 'helmet' on cause i can see that as a good animation idea during her login sequence have it coming on and off
: Kai'Sa concept art from Riot BravoRay
I wish they had gone with the black eyes
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Rýuzaki (EUW)
: Anyone know who is the designer behind? CertaintlyT?
: Swain's voice actor is James Faulker from Game of Thrones
I WAS [RIGHT!!!!!!!](😀😀😀😀😀
: Why did you cancelled Nunu's name? i'm triggered lol. But realtalk, i think the next VGU after akali is nunu.
Oh I know but until it’s been officially stated by a rioter I don’t want to be accused of jumping the gun Same reason why I didn’t add kayle for August and wreks on Morgana. It’s pretty much a given those are the 5th and 6th VGUs but until we get a riot confirmation I leave them blank and Nunu crossed out
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every1 (NA)
: Isnt Irelia next in line
I’m talking about a GU not a VGU
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Tyrsfal (NA)
: Garen and Katarina
At the moment it seems they haven’t met each other yet so the ship hasn’t left the harbor yet let alone sink. A general as respected and important as garen will no doubt be on Noxus’ hit list so a meeting between is almost certain
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: There's still several champions whose lore has not been updated: Vladimir, Draven, Talon and Riven. Are they getting any new lore or short stories? Also, where's that new Noxus icon that showed up on PBE?
Well swain hasn’t been officially released yet so there may be more
GreenLore (EUW)
: The question is if we're even getting blood moon skins at all. Sure they came out in febuary twice in a row,but before that they didn't come in stable intervals,so I wouldn't count on it being a regular seasonal event. Though I agree that {{champion:203}} {{champion:28}} and {{champion:432}} would be cool choices. Though I'm not so sure about the others(Vlad has already a lot of red in his regular skin,Sona has already her guqin skin,which is also red and asian inspired and I just don't see how Camille fits that well into the skinline) Also,as much as it pains me to say this,I actually think {{champion:103}} would be a good fit,as she could use one of these white kitsune-masks
We all know she would be a good fit for this skin line but I tend to block her out of any skin choices till she’s at least waited a year for a new skin Like that’ll ever happen{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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Sukishoo (NA)
: Annie already had one of them though...
im talking about other champions that havent gotten a vu and cant because VUs have been discontinued
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