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: While Janna is very strong right now, I would argue that ***the meta is almost perfect for Janna.*** I think she's more or less balanced as a champion considering she spent half a season at or below a 50% winrate and received only one balance change in 7.9 which gave all ranged champions MR/lvl. Look at Lulu, she only lost a small amount of shield strength but the meta shifted and she's now really struggling in higher elos. Full details are below but as a tl;dr **Janna currently benefits from excellent synergy with meta team comps and builds, great meta support matchups, good ADC picks and ADC build path, and of course strong synergy with coin being the best support item.** All stats below are taken from op.gg. {{champion:40}} So what changes made Janna so strong? {{champion:31}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:57}} Vangaurds like these three are currently dominating the jungle meta after the tank item reworks and Janna benefits on both ends. Even tanks without great engage can fulfill the role with the purchase of Righteous Glory. This means that Janna usually has both a great target to shield at the start of a fight (shields are flat HP which is stronger on a tank with more resistances) as well as a target with somewhat telegraphed engage she can disrupt. Simply put, her team can get buffed up to jump in while Janna remains behind to peel the backline. Your tanks do not need to worry about peeling so much if they have a Janna, meaning they can be more disruptive to the enemy while your backline safely deals damage. {{item:3123}} {{item:3076}} {{item:3165}} Healing debuff items are plentiful and Janna can adapt to them better than any other enchanter support. Janna has balance in power between her heals and shields meaning that a grievous wounds component item doesn't hurt her like it would Soraka . If the enemy doesn't invest gold into these items your ult, ardent, and Redemption will heal a massive amount. If they do get healing debuffs, you can skip redemption for Locket (which still benefits from the percentage shield power passives on ardent and windspeakers) and use your shields on targets affected by the debuff. Unlike Soraka who can basically only heal, Janna is flexible. {{champion:143}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:43}} Janna benefited from poke supports leaving the meta when Doran's Shield was updated to be a viable starting item for ADCs. While many people think Janna would fair well against poke, she actually has a reasonably long shield downtime early in lane which allows the enemy to play around her cooldown. Notice that her two worst statistical matchups are currently Soraka and Sona, two meta champions that have short cooldowns on their Q and can find windows to harass the enemy ADC. {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:53}} Janna also benefited from nerfs to hooks--ranged engage or engage that can't be instantly disrupted with a tornado. are the three champions that best fill this role. Thresh recently received a bugfix and his winrate dropped back down to about what it was before the bug was introduced in 7.9 and Nautlius received some nerfs aimed at his strong presence in top lane. With these two nerfed, enchanters can now ban away Blitzcrank and effectively avoid this playstyle, as evidenced by his 58% banrate. When she does have to play these matchups, meta items favor Janna more than the hook support, but more on that later. {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:51}} Current ADC picks synergize well with a passive playstyle from Janna, emphasis on passive. Most meta champions are happy to farm in lane and reach their 3 crit item spike. The notable exceptions are a) Lucian who only has an 11% playrate with a poor 47% winrate and b) Draven who only has a 3% playrate but a solid 52% winrate. However if the ADC is good at his champion they make excellent use of Janna's shield if she is willing to enable them to play aggressive. It's not that Janna synergizes poorly with any adc, but it is easier to play her as a passive support and that is currently just fine for meta ADCs. {{item:3031}}{{item:3094}} {{item:3087}}{{item:3504}} The meta ADC buildpath is excellent with supports who build Ardent Censer, including Janna. Ardent has been good on Janna all season but let's consider what ADC changes lead to it being so good now. Early on, around patch 7.4, lethality was meta and ADC's did damage with spells more often that autos which obviously doesn't synergize with Ardent. When lethality was nerfed around 7.6, Bork was buffed and became meta. Ardent was decent-- Lulu was top tier at this time and she often built it first-- but because Bork gave attack speed and lifesteal ardent was a bit redundant. When crit was reworked midseason, the meta shifted to rushing IE and crit items like Shiv and RFC. This buildpath has almost perfect synergy with Ardent because the attack speed multiplies the AD and crit from IE while the on hit life drain makes up for having no lifesteal early in the build path (masteries and dorans blade usually offer enough.) We've probably all heard how Janna's shield with ardent is worth nearly 4.5k gold, but it's foolish to try to put a value on a skill. What's the gold value of a well timed shield versus a poorly timed one? Or for a more dramatic example, whats the gold value of a beautiful thresh hook or lantern? Ardent currently has great synergy with adc items and if you can find a way to give those stats to your adc it doesn't mean your skill is broken or overpowered. {{item:3301}}{{item:3303}} Finally, let's talk about Coin and how it's made Spellthief's completely useless. Coin enables a passive playstyle as you earn gold and mana for doing almost nothing in lane. You earn so much gold that you reach your item spikes faster than any other support item while undertaking little risk. You get so much mana that you can spam your shield in lane to keep healthy. There was a time where Janna would take Spellthief's and AD marks into melee match-ups so that she could harass with autos, but now the reward for doing so is less gold and mana than coin and it obviously comes with more risk. This isn't just a Janna problem; as of last patch many supports who used to primarily build Spellthief's have a 3-5% win rate difference based on choice of starting item, always favoring coin (Sona: 51 vs 56, Nami: 47 vs 50, Lulu: 47 vs 50, Morgana: 47 vs 51). Note that there is a mana regen nerf in today's patch notes but this does not do enough to create a meaningful choice between Spellthief's and Coin. So, rather than seeing Janna get hit directly with nerfs, I would address the issues she highlights with some of the following changes: {{item:3301}} Embrace the passive playstyle the coin line affords but reduce the rewards; nerf the gold generation while buffing regen stats to create an identity for coin that it allows you to survive harassment at a cost. Buying coin should indicate that you want to try to go even and outscale after laning ends or trade skillfully to create an advantage through sustain. You would have no offensive or tank stats from the item. You would be weak to all ins but strong against harassment. Coin and the talisman line could have a 5%-10% heal and shield power buff instead of CDR and an increased combine cost for Eye of the Oasis to give it 10% CDR upon completion just as Eye of the Equinox was changed for tank supports. {{item:3303}} Empower Spellthief's to be a viable alternative for aggressive trading playstyles. One suggestion is mana restoration upon procing a tribute stack to encourage aggressive use of the item, but slightly increased damage could also work. Buying Spellthief's should indicate that you intend to trade in lane and force the enemy to recall or possibly kill them if they don't have the sustain to stay in lane. You would have no health Regen or tank stats from the item. You would be weak to sustain but strong against champions who want to all in if you can poke them down.
This is perfect. Janna the champion isn't too powerful, the meta right now is just perfect for her. Nerfing her directly will only make her worthless after the meta shifts elsewhere.
: Sorry to hear about the loss, but I highly doubt it. My little brother was accidentally shot and killed last year, and they won't even give me his account so I can log onto it once a year so the name doesn't get taken.
> [{quoted}](name=Masochist,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=tkIqxuuY,comment-id=0023,timestamp=2016-05-16T22:07:53.623+0000) > > Sorry to hear about the loss, but I highly doubt it. > > My little brother was accidentally shot and killed last year, and they won't even give me his account so I can log onto it once a year so the name doesn't get taken. Oh my God I can't even imagine. That seems like such a simple thing they could do for you. I'm so sorry man.
: Shared this on both the official page and a fan cosplay group i follow hopefully people will see and up vote so we get a red post in here.
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: ***
Obviously they aren't obligated, but it would mean a lot to us. It'd just be a cool gesture for a kid who spent about 2000 hours playing league.
: ***
He gave me his account info a long time ago. He never got to get to Gold so we're getting the account there for him.
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: What was his favorite Riven Skin?
: Usually it's a slip/fall, piece of loose clothing getting caught, or unsafe practice like trying to clear a jam without powering down the machine first.
His family said he was pulling a log near it and just tripped. He wasn't doing anything unsafe, it just happened.
: Memorial Dialogue for our passed friend, RIP
Bump. His account name was Been Forever, he was a great dude. We miss him.


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