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Elswayre (NA)
: logged in just to upvote. rito plz do dis!{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
same here. i never log in to do anything. but i love this idea.
mkyner (NA)
: It would be nice if we could trade not just key fragments and chests, but also the things we find inside, perhaps based on their essence value. I have some skin and champion shards I don't have much interest in, and I would love to be able to trade for something more useful to me.
: This. You shouldn't be screwed just because you only enjoy a small group of champions. I have no need to get more chests than anybody else, just not 3-4 a year.
Your teammates can earn you chests as well.
: Too many keys in Loot
Literally no one else has this problem. Honestly, you should be donating to the less fortunate.
: I Dont Give A Shit If This Is A Normal Game
You're they guy I hate in games. I have an odd practice routine. I often take off all my runes and masteries and play my champion in norms, just to set myself behind and get better. I know if I can win from behind, When I put my runes and masteries on for the day, I will be unstoppable. I do this to practice my CSing, my trading, all of it. I also use norms to work on things im not very good with. Like roams, or stealing jungle camps when I can. I am far more brave in norms, and I try for low HP outplays and really test myself. As a player you have to use the unranked game modes to get better. Try new things, you fail to learn bud. When I do bad, believe me, I'm telling myself all about it. I don't need you in all chat talking about how I should uninstall for building TriForce on Zed. (Which i usually build third now if im snowballing for EZ ult kills. Tried something new and it worked lookie there.) If you want to win and have expectations for your team, go play ranked or get a 5 man together bro. You can't expect ANYTHING from your teammates in norms/blind. *edit "Flaming your teammates in norms is what makes the game unfun. It takes one asshole to ruin a match. Don't be that asshole."
LankPants (OCE)
: The top 5 champs are all banned at least within 1% of 1/3rd of the time. If we multiply each of these percentages together twice we get (.4924)^2x(0.4456)^2x(0.4361)^2x(0.4304)^2x(0.3255)^2=1.8x10^-4 or 1 in 5568 games with this exact configuration not even accounting for other champions. That may sound like a lot, but it will certainly happen. That's really not that many games on a grand scale. It also doesn't account for champs outside of the top 10 bans getting banned twice, which means it overestimates the number of games this would need to occur on average. If you think in in 5568 is bad you should see Korea, with their more homogenised P/B statistics they'd ban only the top 5 champs in one in 2185 games. That's actually pretty damn often, certainly not a statistical impossibility.
: meanwhile in low elo{{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} will be perma banned for a long time
To be honest, in my experience bronze people ban whatever got fed last game lol. Opposed to banning things I suggest like Lulu, who can carry an entire team just by biggifying the right person at the right moment. Or Fizz, Who really is still fucking STRONG. Always feels kinda hopeless when you get hit by that surprise fish. And lets not forget that he is invincible when he jumps. (Hate Zed ulting that little bastard and he's just like, "HaHa!!" On a serious note, I don't understand why Yasuo is perma banned in low elo. He always does REALLY REALLY bad then flames in all chat. occasionally, you see a good one. But most of the time? 0-10-2. I've had my ass beat far more by Lee Sin and WarWick than I have by Yasuo but god forbid someone doesn't ban him.
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: My main problem with adding voice chat in league...
Ehhhhh I disagree with OP, the exact thing already happens today with discord, skype, teamspeak, etcc. I use discord in pretty much every match, and every match that i have a queue partner. Voice chat is already optional for league, just through third party hosting. Adding it to the client could help increase game performance by reducing the amount of programs you need to communicate with your 5 man short of spamming pings and wasting time typing in team chat. Pros More streamlined communication. Lighter networking demand. Everyone has access to the same exact means of voice chat. (Opposed to me using discord, and my top laner using skype.) Cons It's WAY harder to regulate voice chat. How do you expect riot to hand out bans to people who are offensive in voice chat without actually listening to the recording? (I mean really guys, there's tons of room for abuse here.) People will tilt much easier, rage quit. I will have to hear how every 13 year old has had sexual relations with my mother. As long as there is a simple means to mute someone I think it COULD work, but Riot needs to be careful here. This is a feature that you should be careful adding to a game where matches can last upwards of 40 minutes.
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: Sharing it here would probably be considered "naming and shaming" and would be subject to removal. The proper course of action is to report him post-game.
That really sucks, because it RARELY results in a ban. There needs to be a department that really investigates these claims. Specifically in ranked games at least. I am in bronze so inting is rampant. And im not talking the "i just hit level 30 and this is just a bad game" inting, im talking in chat "thats it inting." people. Ive reported at least 5 this season for inting in ranked. But, nothing ever comes of it. After game reporting is annoying especially when I'm not even refunded LP after the wait and the trouble and having to report someone for inting in ranked to begin with.
: About the ctrl + 6 or /laugh thing.
Sorry bro, tilting your lane opponent is a strategy. Being unsportsmanlike means being truly toxic or offensive, overly mean. I mean come on bro, if you are REALLY getting hurt by someone using an emote after your death, stop dying or stop tilting. I spam laugh at my opponent when he misses CS or when he falls for a baiting "B". I do it TO piss them off lol. They play worse. You are an example lol. /laugh /laugh /laugh. or for me, g g g g g g g g g "gg" wink ;)
Eedat (NA)
: For all the bitching we do...
Bro I'm in bronze and the whole "no counterplay" thing tilts me to no end. Every game someone rages because they get hit with a full combo by an early game champ and get half healthed at lvl 3 or first blooded. Example: [4:14] SummonerName: Wow that broken. GG bot lane no counterplay. Honestly I hate whoever made that term because it gave at least one of my teammates in every game an excuse to throw lane. Like, no buddy, you just got hit by one combo now you're raging and facechecking that darius ult 0-7 but still asking for that nerf. Or they play passive and so scared the rest of the game they are at 30 farm at 18 minutes. (This happens to my lane opponent often as {{champion:50}} or {{champion:103}}
: I think it's funny there's a summoner named xOzi who is obviously boosted to gold xd. bronze is just knowing your champ well enough to carry.
I think it's funny you said I boosted to gold when I'm still clearly in bronze. Just improving my CS and win rate considerably now. Enjoy life, and thinking insulting people makes you cool :D
: Why is Riot forcing a massive tank meta? Didn't we learn that those are not very good already?
I was just making the joke the other day that instead of making new tank items RIOT should just add a few new items restricted to the tank class that resemble the 5 pieces of Exodia. Allowing you to effectively one shot any and everything once you have all 5 of them and you cant die unless some blackhole forms on the rift and sucks everyone into it killing you all. Hang me for the yugioh reference if it triggered you.
: I would say its a combination of her safety and higher end damage. If she finds herself in a bad matchup, its really easy for her to just toss out a q and clear the wave without ever really interacting with her opponent. She even gets free health sustain and a ms boost to back off quickly. On the other side of the coin, she has great mobility and picking power with enough damage to win 1v1 and help a lot in teamfights. At the end of the day, the reason people are complaining is the same reason they complain about champs like fizz; lots of damage, mobility, and inherent safety. Granted ahri is far more skill based than a champ like fizz, she still probably offers too much in the hands of a decently skilled player.
I'm bronze and I get what you're saying... **ALL REWARD+NO RISK** = Nurf I play Ahri low elo because it's pretty much a guaranteed win unless I have like, a 0/10 bot lane at 8:00. (its happened.)
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Ralanr (NA)
: You don't need to be real with people you will never play with again. Just play and do your best.
I'm talking about being real here, not in game bro. lol. In game I'm a totally different person. In game I'm generally the one trying to hold my middle school drama club together with encouraging comments. "We got this guys." "Just need a little teamwork" "Great fight, let's do that again." Etcc. You seem to be about the only one who understood the post. Thank you for that, and I made some edits.
Oryiah (NA)
: Trading 1 for 1 CAN be worth, depending on who you killed. Yes there are more ideal places to ward, but warding at ALL is huge. So I don't see any wards being a "waste" "You and everyone in your ranked games is bad" - You are Bronze 3. Maybe you're part of the problem? lol If you're taking the time to flame bronzes in here I imagine you do it in your games as well.
Wasted wards are very common. Especially late game. People ward top jungle even though the entire enemy team has been bot/mid pushing base. Or warding dragon/baron pit when neither will be up before the ward dies. Warding behind you, or too far up, Ex: When you've lost turret you don't ward way ahead, you want to ward to prevent ganks and keep vision. Which means warding along the most likely traveled paths of the enemy team. Congrats, you've proved me right. Also, no shit im bronze lmfao. Notice the title says PSA to ALL bronze, not All Bronze, except for me. :D
Joxcab (NA)
: 1. 1 for 1 is worth if you get their Summoners or a shutdown without burning your own or getting shutdown harder. 2. Blaming people never helps regardless. 3. Obvious point. 4. Trolling? Mid is a solo lane entirely. 5. Yes but unless you're Nasus, you should still help teamfights over getting a wave or two. 6. That isn't helpful to people who don't know how. You didn't give any advice other than just "get good". 7. You're Bronze 3, take your own advice and improve?
Mid isn't solo. There is a JG who will duo your lane if you're doing well. (Not a solo lane XD) And I do take my own advice, Notice the post says ALL BRONZE, not All Bronze, except for me?
If you understood my point of view, you'd be better off lol. tell me which points are wrong?
Ralanr (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Xozi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kUpibMLJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-03T16:01:31.254+0000) > > Trading 1 for 1 is NOT WORTH. (your deaths hurt your team more than your kills help it.) > This is correct. > It is most likely NOT your jungler's fault. > This is debatable because everyone is bad in bronze. But it's healthier to blame your mistakes on yourself in this elo than to blame others (or just not lash out at your team). > Games are won by objectives, not just kills. > Also true. > Teamwork makes the dream work. > Yes. > Mid is not a solo lane. (the better you do the more you sense this makes.) > By this do you mean the roam potential from mid? > CS is everything. Don't stop CSing just because one team fight happens. > Don't always ignore a teamfight for CS either. I've seen a lot of perfectly good ganks (for my elo) fail because someone was more focused on farm. > Dear god, stop wasting wards, learn when/where to ward. > You should expand here. > And to wrap it all up. > > **_YOU AND EVERYONE IN YOUR RANKED GAMES IS BAD. STOP FLAMING YOUR TEAM WHEN YOU'RE ALL BAD_** Or just stop flaming in general (this is why you have downvotes I imagine). Trying to keep an open mind and being more active in noticing successes over failures (congratulate people on succeeding in something, don't bash them for failing. 7/10 times they realize they fucked up and don't need the reminder.
the difference between flaming and being real, is that anyone in bronze is bad, including myself. Admitting I am bad is what allows me to improve. Too many bronze think they should be gold or some bullshit. I don't bash anyone on my team, in fact I mute anyone who seems toxic just to prevent it. I rarely type at all and find pings MUCH better because of the little DING they make lol.
: You'd probably get more out of getting his traditional items. But if you're up against full ad and aren't behind, screw it go TF who cares lol
Zed makes use of every stat it gives except the mana. I replaced Ravenous Hydra with Triforce and I'm much happier.
: its just too way expensive. but bork zed is a nice one
I usually won't build it unless I'm starting a good snowball. It does cost a chunk though doesn't it?????
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: It doesn't "refresh" the CD. It grants her some modest CD reduction on a kill with it (VERY modest reduction at early levels).
uhm, it stacks. if her ult is level 3, and she kills two people with it, she gets 100% CDR not 50. and if you build CDR and only kill ONE enemy with it, her CD is only 13 seconds. Its got lower coolddown than Lissandra's E lvl 2.
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: She's too damn safe. It becomes near impossible to punish her after a certain point, especially if you're melee. If you're an immobile melee, you might as well not even try.
you should try baiting skillshots. If you are less predictable with your movements, it will be harder to predict where you will be to land the charm. When she goes to all in, most assassins have some sort of debuff for vision, or a leap, use that to dodge/gap close, and all in. Its a matter of playing REACTIVELY. Ahri is a lane bully, but use that to your advantage. When she casts something, use a CD to dodge it, then punish her for the cooldown. All you really need to do, is dodge the return on the Q.
: But Riot wanted to turn her from an assassin to a 'kite' mage when they changed her kit. If they remove that then what else would they change in return? Does Riot still even want the concept of a kite mage to be a thing?
Yes, lol. See: {{champion:127}}
: Both actually. The additional movement speed as well as a dash away. If you're trying not to die, typically you will blow that ult to get away. She can also move out of range and dive right back in if she chooses and the circumstances change. Basically she has op damage/kite capability and can get away untouched without trouble.
: I personally believe in minor tweaks over actual nerfs. Riot can be drastic in how they change certain champions sometimes, and they just hope it works out. I think the root of Ahri's problem lies in the fact that she has insane mobility, on top of being a skillshot combo mage, who typically maintain immobility as a balancing factor.
Her high mana costs early game are a balancing factor XD
: ...Well it's only 53% now, so... But anyway, the OP failed to look at the most important stats here: ***Player Experience*** Riot has been very clear that players with 125+ games on a champion are *supposed* to have high winrates. As in, some champions are allowed to have 60+% winrates as long as only the 125+ game players are the ones winning that much. The real problem is when new players win too much. What the OP fails to realize is that *Ahri has been extremely popular since Season 2*. A gigantic portion of Ahri's players are dedicated "mains" that have hundreds of games on her. And it's not like Ahri has had many real changes in core gameplay in all these years, so all of that experience carries over season to season. 41% of Ahri players have **200+** games with her. These players are *expected* to have 55+% winrates. That's how champion mastery works and many other champions have far more excessive winrates for dedicated mains. 19% of Ahri players have 150-200 games and should likewise have very high winrates. And a further 18% have 100-150 games and should at least be over 50% on her. Only 21% of Ahri players have fewer than 100 games on her, and only 6% have less than 50. The real issue is that these groups are the ones with a very high winrate. The issue isn't that "Ahri is just too powerful, please nerf". The real issue is that Ahri is clearly a little too easy for new players. Her winrate is fine since she has a godly number of 200+ game players, but some of her power needs to be shifted into something more difficult so the newer players don't have so easy a time. I recommend lowering or removing the MS on her Q and putting power back into her E, possibly the damage amp that used to be there.
"Clearly a little too easy for new players." Yeah? New players just pick up ahri and know how to hit skillshots and dash CORRECTLY with her ult? Sorry, this isnt {{champion:11}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:86}} There are plenty of champions for NEW players and plenty of champions for people who prefer a challenge.{{champion:7}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:61}} Ahri is one of those, easy to play hard to master champs. You COULD say, shes easy because her charm sets up the rest of her kit, or you could be real about it, and say that low elo people just suck at dodging skill shots. Her low elo win rate isnt a problem. No different than Annie's is. Your view on winrate is 100% correct, but lets not attack the champions that DO take skill, no matter how annoying to lane against. Focusing on the champions with high win rates is a bit of "broken record" pattern for Rito after all. Why not focus on champions that have a stupid low win rate? {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}} Ahri isn't broken, if you think she is, bait her charm, dodge the Q and see how much mana she has left. Do this three times, and your lane bully Ahri cant do shit but AA the waves until she gets enough mana to throw a Q. If you're getting your ass kicked by burst damage, buy some pots.
: alright poppy had a niche, it was a small one, but it was there. new poppy is not "niche" its silly and can be played into any matchup with or against any team comp. and poppy's win conditions are simple. bully the lane, farm your ass off. snowball like a truck into skirmishes and then win the game. yea you can do cool stuff with her ult. but its usually press r if winning hold r if losing
How to Beat Poppy In Lane: Pick {{champion:50}}
: New Leak: upcoming Veigar rework.
oh nos. ive been click baited XD
Aeszarck (NA)
: Hi everyone, I hope to shed some light on this. I stopped playing League for about two months in the winter to work on college applications, so when I started playing again, I had a fresh Key Fragment cycle. (Each cycle lasts 30 days.) I decided to start recording data on how many wins it took me to get each Key Fragment because I thought I wouldn't get this sort of fresh chance again. I record every win and say whether I got a Key Fragment or not in it, and how big my premade was, if applicable. Every thirty days I start a new data table. I'm just one person and I am not playing very frequently because I have a ton of work to do for school and I also have karate, so if anyone knows when they get their next Key Fragment reset and wants to start pooling data, then just tell me. Just tell me how big your premade was for each win, and make sure to keep track of how many wins it took you to get each Key Fragment. Each one has a different drop rate, so we need to calculate each percentage individually. Losses do not matter, nor do grades. (Sorry about the formatting.) --- 2/6 - 3/7 League of Legends Match History Y League of Legends Match History Y League of Legends Match History Y League of Legends Match History Y2 League of Legends Match History N5 League of Legends Match History N League of Legends Match History N League of Legends Match History N League of Legends Match History Y League of Legends Match History N League of Legends Match History N League of Legends Match History N3 League of Legends Match History Y League of Legends Match History Y League of Legends Match History Y League of Legends Match History N2 League of Legends Match History N2 League of Legends Match History N League of Legends Match History Y League of Legends Match History N League of Legends Match History N3 League of Legends Match History N League of Legends Match History Y League of Legends Match History N League of Legends Match History N --- 3-8 - 4/6 League of Legends Match History Y League of Legends Match History N League of Legends Match History Y2 League of Legends Match History Y League of Legends Match History N2 League of Legends Match History Y2 League of Legends Match History N League of Legends Match History N League of Legends Match History Y League of Legends Match History N2 League of Legends Match History Y League of Legends Match History N League of Legends Match History N5 League of Legends Match History N --- In cycle 1, I got ten Key Fragments with twenty-five wins. In cycle 2, I got six Key Fragments with fourteen wins. My data is not very reliable yet because my sample size isn't very big, so if anyone else can help, that would be great.
going through match history I won 13/25 games, got one fragment. If match history went back to my last key fragment before, it would be a much lower drop rate. I honestly cannot remember my last key fragment besides the one I got yesterday. I'm grateful for free shit, but why tease me? XD
: Rerolled 3 shards 2 weeks ago, got spirit guardian udyr for free without even needing essences :D the hextech system is great
thats pretty awesome! Im hoping to get championship zed out of one eventually! Fingers crossed.
: 2: Laid
I was waiting for the 2. pussy 3. respect comment XD
: 2: {{item:3056}}
I've legit bought it once. lol.
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=SirΤeemο,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EFBXIEI9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-07T17:51:21.080+0000) > > S- S OR S+ = KEY / BOX (1 BOX PER CHAMPION/MONTH) > S- S OR S+ BY TEAM MATE = 1 KEY OR IF U ARE ULTRA LUCKY BOX. I play about 15 games a day minimum because i have the time to, I get at least 3 S's a day. I constantly have friends in discord "Oh hey a key fragment" meanwhile I get 3 at the beginning of the month and then for the next 20 days get none. I am STUCK on 4 chests. I get them for my team, and its tilting. My friends get two a night sometimes and I'm over here like an I just get one?
: Poll for the most frustrating champions to play against
{{champion:45}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:19}} Veigar: His W makes his kit like shooting fish in a barrel. God forbid you stay in lane with half health bc he will just flash ult you. Ziggs: What? You want to farm? Let me just harass you from FOW or drop my slow on you then beat you with the rest of my kit. Warwick: I get more attack speed the lower you get, so dont trade with me. Also when youre below half health, I'm going to speed towards you like a rocket. Oh wait, I'm low? Let me just use one of my TWO insane lifesteal abilities. Wait, oh shit. you saw me coming? You predicted my ulty? Too bad. Cant be displaced because what the actual fuck is balance. (Seriously riot. WHAT IS THAT???)
ItsOrval (NA)
: Why Do People Even Honor People?
I think what OP means is he wants to feel rewarded or like his upvotes actually matter. Sure, I get teamworks plenty. But other than the notification, I don't see how it matters. I have a few ideas. Ribbons come with 5% IP boost Each Honorable/teamwork etcc gives you a chance at a monthly/weekly lottery Maybe even something WAY cool like every 50 honorables gets you a mystery skin or something. who knows. just spitballing ideas here. Riot DID promise a rework to the honor system. Here's to hoping it feels like a real "kudos" when we honor someone in the future.
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: why are players not instanty suspened for telling someone to kys?
when someone tells me to kill myself, it usually follows an outplay or easy kill. Let your enemy tilt. just reply with "LOL UMADBRO?" and tilt them more. EZ win. Stop being so sensitive.
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