: Not to mention it feels awful fighting Yorick and having him instantly stack conqueror from his little bastards nibbling at your heels.
It would - But his passive doesn't proc conq at ALL, he's just on his autos and E. Not sure why you seem to think his minions stack it, but ok.
: 9.5: Lore Update
: Patch 9.3 notes
everyone's crying about how they nerfed Aatrox and Akali, two justifiable powerful champions. (i mean those were some massive nerfs, but they plan on rebuffing it) now think about kench. Same thing happened to him, (arguably more extreme, if anything, hes sitting on about 43 percent winrate, and has been for the last half dozen patches) AND they don't plan on rebuffing him. I mean, they nerfed him last patch for the hell of it.
: they did make a skin though so maybe they will follow it up with buffs.
that's what they want us to think.
Gondlink (NA)
: Pls stop hurting my Rakan, he already gets popped :(
ahem kench nerfs.
: Well Tahm Kench is in the same spot for the support role with 43% WR, and he's getting a skin this patch... Soooo they nerfed him. He's such a fun support. He doesn't deserve this weird, inverted logic.
hes been getting this "weird, inverted logic" for like this entire season - every patch is either a nerf, them trying to forcefully ignore the pitiful state hes in, or a nerf not-so-disguised as a buff.
: Yeah Syndra needs some serious buffs right now and wasn't there an anti star guardian leak for her? Been really waiting for a legendary skin for her...did I miss something?
doesn't syndra already have a star guardian skin?
: Patch 9.2 notes
think you guys forgot a kench nerf, he can still occasionally not lose the game, fix pls.
: i haven't seen anybody talking about{{champion:202}} he's really good against tanks when he has some items like {{item:3036}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3046}} and etc... he just needs some crit chance and attack speed to get away he deals alot of damage
hes like the worst adc to fight tanks
: I am confused as to why you would remove the shield from Ornn’s W.
Too op that way. also, riot doesn't think when making changes, so theres a very high probability it's gonna fuck ornn up but they won't do anything about it. Just look at kench, the lowest winrate support in the game for a consistant (I think) 4 patches in a row now? cough
: Winrate is not the only thing to measure strengths of champions
i mean, its arguably the most important stat to measure with. winrate basically just sums up all the other stats and how they affect the game. Also, due to how many people are playing lucian, his winrate should be lower than what is considered balanced, because more people who don't know how to play him are playing him, but here we are.
HeazonZ (NA)
: Can you please fix rek'sai's tunnel bug where when she creates one over a wall, sometimes she doesn't go through?? please, it's been in the game for more than a year.
Unless Rek'sai gets some sweet skins, and a lot of people are buying it, they aren't going to fix bugs. Just ask Mord.
Jon Snaw (NA)
: Can we get a zac buff already? The champion has a 47% winrate overall and ever since the XP nerf for getting lvl 3 with the jungle, he really sucks because his lvl 2 is super bad. Constantly invaded, overall weak, lvl 2 sucks, cant duel, and cant contest scuttles lvl 2. Just a very bad champion right now. I think priority should go to making champions useful, not tweaking champs that don't need it like kha'zix.. When you see 47% winrate on a champ, that's a problem. You should be aiming for 50% on every champ... I mean you guys just hate Zac as a champion i guess. 47% winrate and riot's out here buffing khazix. They love this carry meta lemme tell you
I mean, Kench had a 50ish percent winrate. And then they nerfed his E. 48 percent winrate, and then they nerfed his W. 46 percent winrate. And then they nerfed his base HP, 44 percent winrate. Riot clearly doesn't care about what's balanced and fair, simply because that doesn't get them that sweet, sweet, $.
: And what about unbanning perma banned accounts with 1000's of dollars invested into them for less offensive actions then what Tyler1 did daily,just saying.What about the unbalanced mmr when your matched with a feeding toxic team? Or better yet,what about the amount of toxicity i encounter daily playing this game and nothing is done and i run into the same player 2 weeks later? There are alot larger priorities that should be taken rather then this topic,just saying.
I love asking artists to do both balancing, fixing toxicity (which is impossible, the solution is one of the things your bitching about) un banning players (solution to toxic players). Gee, with these great ideas, we can turn the moon into an infinite energy source!
: a-sol skin requests used to dominate b4. just wait.. eventually they'lll smell the money
you know how sharks smell blood? Well imagine a retarded shark, and money instead of blood. Riot Games.
: I mean they got 4*1=4 (cuz 4 walkers) more damage by level 8+, so it's kind of a buff? Or is that saying +1 more than before per level... meaning +11 ad per walker. But then I suppose you factor in the -2*7=-14 to give a total of -3 ad per walker at level 18 compared to before. Joke aside... I didn't think he was a real problem - almost never see him in toplane anymore. I know his walkers hurt if he lands his e, but think a more fair nerf might have been making them killable by one 2 aoe abilities per walker (ex: cho q plus w could clear all 4 if he hit each of them with both abilities) instead of reducing their damage. Yorick kinda needs his walkers to fight back against enemies in lane as his damage w/o them is inferior to pretty much any other bruiser. He should be rewarded for landing his e skillshot to direct his walkers. That said, it can also be a bit too much of a pain to clear them in minion waves because their models are so small that enemy minions can block you from targeting them with auto's when they're in a minion wave. This means you have to retreat from the wave to clear them or lose a ton of hp to them. This is why I made the aoe suggestion which seems like a fair counter. While it might seem unfair to yorick, you also have to consider if his opponent uses 2 aoe spells on yorick's walkers... that's 2 abilities they can't use on him.
Not disagreeing, but you can use aoe spells on both of them. Most yoricks go in with their walkers, so you'd hopefully still hit him. But I get what your saying.
: Seriously? Does the Riot Balance Team even play the game? Do they not realize how stupid some of these changes are? Most notably, nerfing Yorick because of "people who don't know how to play against his mist walkers" and, wait for it... **BUFFING YI?? ** ..Lol.
I mean, some of them literally admitted to not playing the game in an interview. honestly, seeing what shit comes out now I can't say it was a massive shock.
: “Here’s the thing, you can’t just say ‘well you haven’t had any kids so you don’t know anything about kids.’ I’ve never flown a helicopter. But if I saw one in a tree, I could still be like, ‘Dude fucked up. It’s not supposed to be up there." I know Garen and Yorick don't dominate high elo. And with personal experience, I know that they do dominate low elo, hence, the comment criticizing Riot for balancing for low elo.
Sure, I get that. But I think most of our problems are this. Yi is famous for being LOW ELO PUB STOMPER champion, and they literally buffed him in the same patch they nerfed Yorick for being a LOW ELO PUB STOMPER.
: Patch notes are generally released the day before the patch.
this way we can realize how shitty the changes are and brace for impending doom, give feedback to riot that their balance team doesn't play the game and this is a bad change, and watch it go through.
: I have never complained when they nerfed for high elo? I don't know who the fuck you're talking to.
himself, who else?
: The Yorick nerfs seem really excessive...
shhh, we aren't supposed to know that
Rioter Comments
: if Yorick gets a nerf, I will afk
don't worry, with riot's logic of buffs and nerfs, they'll end up nerfing what they try to buff and nerfing what they try to nerf.
: So we have to buy Kayn, and play him several times over the course of a month. With passed experiences with new champions, the first week will be nonstop Kayn autolocks in blind pick, both teams will be banning Kayn in draft/ranked resulting in only 8 bans, because {{champion:157}} . Week 2 is Disabled Kayn week, the week that Kayn will be disabled for bugs causing the entire community to riot. Pun intentional. Then the dreaded Free Week, the week that Kayn becomes free to play for the week. This brings Kayn into the hands of the less prone to play new champs group of players. You know, the ones who are 1 trick ponies, or monkeys, whichever you'd prefer. Then week 4 is Nerf Kayn week, where he gets hit with a nerf so harsh that he becomes the next meme. Same thing happens with every new release. Like Clockwork.
ClockWerk I think, **wink** no dota? ok. bye. **edit** i downvoted myself for that.
: Chat with L4T3NCY on 10/7!
: Champion Update: Ryze heads to PBE
GAYMERS UNITE{{summoner:1}} {{summoner:1}} {{summoner:1}} {{summoner:1}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:44}}
: U.R.F. rising
9Ricky2 (NA)
: This dude needs to get banned. He's spamming this on like every post.

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