YCR Lust (NA)
i understand there are good players, like really good. but to the point where the game on our side was stagnant? we literally could never push cause riven would split and we needed at least 3 team members if not all to take her down. thats just ridiculous and we were in late game like 45+ so its not like we didnt have the power or defense to take her down. in late game you should always have an oppurtunity to turn the game around and we just couldnt we had to constantly waste time and manpower to stop her from pushing. she was literally the only problem we had on their team. the other 4 players were easy to deal with. 4/7 ez 2/5 leo 26/8 riven -_- 10/10 annie 7/7 j4 and trust me when i say annie and j4s cc were not why riven got fed she would roam and dive multiple lanes under turret.
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YCR Lust

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