Bonnìe (NA)
: why did i think she was ionian??? wth.
In her lore she was left at an orphanage in Ionia and adopted by a woman from Demarcia.
: didn't she just get one? guess riot's making up for all the years they missed
Karma has gotten a skin every year except one (2012) since her release. And since she got two with her launch she pretty much averages a skin a year.
: > [{quoted}](name=YCitizenSnipsY,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=W39WH4EE,comment-id=00040000000000000001,timestamp=2017-03-11T03:07:17.120+0000) > > No Ahri definitely took more skill before they traded the champ amp damage for the move speed buff. She also really wasn&#x27;t that hard to balance, it took all of two buffs, her mana and damage on Q, to get her too a good spot after the charm amp changes. Keep telling yourself that <_> The reason they removed the amp was specifically because of balance issues. Giving her free damage for her CC combo isn't an expression of skill in any facet. its just free damage.
I'm not saying anything that isn't true. Ahri never had the stats she's had during the movespeed version. The reason both her pick rate and win rate went up after those changes and stayed this high for this long is because they made her easier to play.
: > [{quoted}](name=YCitizenSnipsY,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BWrGrhhR,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-03-06T22:08:54.671+0000) > > They did the same thing with Jhin and people on these boards call him one of Riots best champions. That's because his passive and ult concepts are very unique. Galio's kit honestly looks uninspiring.
Jhin's ult is just a slightly different Xerath ult.
: > [{quoted}](name=NaniI,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=W39WH4EE,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2017-03-11T02:20:33.029+0000) > > What? > > Add the damage amp back on her E > > Reduce base dmg a little or the ratio. Make it so that if she wants to one shot someone she need to land her E and full combo. That would basically be giving her free damage, which would result in the opposite of what you said. it would make her HARDER to balance and make her take LESS skill since you'd just be giving her more damage for doing what she already does. The thing was removed for that exact reason.
No Ahri definitely took more skill before they traded the champ amp damage for the move speed buff. She also really wasn't that hard to balance, it took all of two buffs, her mana and damage on Q, to get her too a good spot after the charm amp changes.
: naw they took a bunch of crap together from various champs and threw it onto "galio hype" train and hoped it wouldn't get noticed. *cough* vi, aatrox, alistar *cough*
They did the same thing with Jhin and people on these boards call him one of Riots best champions.
: I wouldn't say it is irrelevant, I'd say it needs to be taken into consideration. Imagine back when there was 2 top, 1 mid, and 2 bot. Now 1 of the top guys says "I'm going to kill jungle monsters and roam between lanes, because that'll be more effective for the team". The other top guy gets ticked because his would-be lane partner is now off playing a PvE game and dying to Raptors, leaving him in a 2v1. No matter how the game ends, the top laner is going to be ticked. With our current meta we can say "well, yeah, of course the Jungler was right and that's what we have today" but back then it wasn't the case. He's "held hostage" by this PvE guy in a 2v1, being pushed under tower and dove over and over, generally having a miserable time. With that as your meta, you'd probably report the Jungler half the time too, regardless of if he's helping the rest of the team more.
While it is always amusing to see how these boards can come up with ways to blame the adc's for everything. Have you actually looked through his match history that he linked? He has quite a few games where I would be surprised that his entire team didn't report him.
Junkο (EUNE)
: You are assigned bot lane, not ADC. You can go Talon bot lane though.
: > [{quoted}](name=Doctor Jarvis,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pZr9dNzW,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-02-28T19:51:28.129+0000) > > He. Was. Not. Playing. Support. He was playing a jungler while queued up as support. Meaning he consistently left his adc to go fuck with the enemy&#x27;s jungle. This is a cute idea and, in a five man pod, I could even see it being a fun thing. But he was not in a five man pod. ADCs are **not** 2yo invalids who can't be left to their own devices. That's insulting to the ADC if you just assume that an ADC is a blithering moron who has to have his other laner present at all times or he spontaneously erupts in a puff of smoke. ADCs are players, just like everyone else, and they can lane, even when alone. You make ADCs sound like divas.
I mean if an ADC is by themselves in a lane against a 2v1, wouldn't the enemy jungler just come bot lane as well and dive 3v1 since everyone agrees towers are still shit? I mean the adc wouldn't exactly be able to lane as much as just sit as far back as possible trying to get experience.
Akaviri (NA)
: Jhin fits in this meta more than cait. More utility, doesn't need to rely on autoattacks in teamfights. In a different meta Cait could possibly be stronger. But as of right now Jhin is. This board just likes immobile champions I suppose.
We have already seen a meta where Cait was the strongest adc. Jhin was right behind her at number two.
: as a twitch main i just don't understand the complaints, what are they about? i only saw "muh win rate" and 0 arguments meanwhile win rate never meant anything to riot games they nerfed 43% win rate characters and never nerfed 55% win rate characters {{champion:29}} can kill an entire team in 3 seconds, can sneak and kill jhin in 1 seconds, just need a tank to tank his ulti damage and that's all
" i just don't understand the complaints, what are they about?" His 54% pick rate.
Skorch (NA)
: Claims Jhin mains are a circlejerk, gets a post on front page about being anti jhin after being out for 2 hours, Maybe people defending Jhin mains arent circlejerk just people with rationality? and the REAL circlejerk are the antiADC lethality op people?
Nah there is definitely a Jhin circle jerk. People are excusing his stats when they have cried about Thresh and Lee Sin for the same thing, becasue Jhin doesn't "feel oppressive to play against."
DaNinad (NA)
: Kha zix isn't an assassin but Yasuo is.
Xeruon (NA)
: Female Champs don't get special treatment, otherwise Kalista wouldn't be in the deepest dumpster. Waifubait champions get special treatment, just so happens that Ahri is the #1 Waifubait.
Still wrong considering Nidalee is in the dumpster right now.
: Just play ahri, basically a safe assassin and she's mobile
Ahri is considered a mage, so that pretty much what he said.
TS Media (NA)
: Replace Swain with Vayne and Darius with Cait. I can see that lineup happening. Also, the Lee bans brah, where at?
: It also doesn't matter if you build 6 tank items and die within 2.5 seconds if you're not Poppy.
Yeah its almost like people that build 6 damaging items do a lot of damage.
: Nah tbe flashy plays has everything to do with it. In the lcs, especially to people who dont play league, who looks more impressive when theyre played at their skill ceiling, Lee Sin, or someone like sejuani? It looks cooler so people watch lcs and might play league just to play the flashy champs.
Ah so that explains why Maokai and Poppy dominate the top lane in pro play. Because of how flashy they are.
: Point to the 'back to back' threads, please. You'll find you're very wrong. Also: >half of the people complaining about Caitlyn haven't fought against one in weeks, etc. Lol, are you trolling? Not the guy you replied to but you made this thread and the one above in the same hour. The title to both threads are just random quotes you are choosing to argue against. The title for this thread is in fact in a comment from the one linked.
Ralanr (NA)
: Sigh...this is why I wish I could just ban Darius. The other day I played against a full AD (Cleaver, mallet, deaths dance) Darius with crit runes in top lane. Great reminder in why I hate fighting him since I can't even get close enough to soak exp without him coming to pull me in, slow me, and then apply is freaking passive. He and Irelia are the top laners I hate the most.
What is stopping you from banning him? shows him to be the third most banned top laner.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wuks,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lPpPE4pa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-11T02:16:52.242+0000) > > Lee&#x27;s getting nerfed, friend. The meme&#x27;s dead. I dont care about the nerf i just want to know why he was allowed to spot light for 3 years yet sej goes down because spotlight 2 much 4 me
Sej got nerfed because most of the community was banning her every game.
: Riot: Power farming is unhealthy. Everyone else: We prefer them power farming over ganking all the time. Riot: LCS Bigplays tho.
I don't know that people really think this since neither the FF meta or Devour meta went over well.
: {{champion:421}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:106}} who r they doe
About 6 champions with non existent pick rates during that meta. People quit playing Vi because warrior fell out of flavor. Naut was a support at the time. And the others were just worse versions of Gragas and Reksai. You had diversity, just like you have now. Three champions were tier 1 and everyone else was tier 2 in the jungle.
: Let's be honest she was banned almost everytime and when she was the jungle meta was super diverse
No it wasn't. If Sej was banned it was just Gragas and Reksai every game becasue they were the others that could abuse Cinderhulk the bets.
Gusdel (NA)
: Sejuani did have similar levels. They gutted her so hard the community still thinks she is weak. But all tank jungles get nerfed when they get above 50% win rate. Zac will get gutted soon enough.
The big difference between Sej and Lee sin that everyone conveniently forgets is ban rate. You will see Lee sin get the Sej treatment when he reaches the same ban rate she did.
: Lee Sin "Main" as my jungler. We go as 5 onto Baron. Only 2 up are Cho/Vayne. Baron isn't even half dead. Lee jumps onto Cho because "he can steal". Vayne comes around right after that and murders 3 of our team members and Cho steals anyway. Lee: "What the fuck are you all doing?"
Well, how did your team lose a 1v4 to a Vayne?
: I think Kalista should definitely be THE support combo champion. Strong when with her soulbound, maybe temporarily stronger when her soulbound dies (Spirit of Vengeance).
Kalista is called the spear of vengeance becasue she was betrayed, not becasue she lost a friend. The whole support combo is definitely the worse part about her kit and doesn't fit thematically at all. I would love to see that part of her kit go just so she wouldn't only have two abilities when alone. No one sits by their support all game.
: Not only would this widen the champion pool, but could you imagine the strategies that would develop? > Team A picked X, Y, and Z. Champion N counters their comp, and is a strong pick, but we're first rotation next game, and we can probably get by with picking Champion M right now. It'd be a ton to adapt to, and I'm sure the commentators are having anxiety attacks just thinking about it, but it would be interesting to see. ***In a Best of 5, there'd be a minimum of 60 champions picked/banned, and a maximum of 100!*** For reference, 2015 worlds had only 69 champions seen.
I doubt it would work out that well. Most teams can't even play with a limited amount of meta champions well. Now they are supposed to bring multiple comps and strategies. You might get more unique picks, but I think it would make some regions even more top heavy and lead to a lot of bad games a split.
: what you don't know is that the poeple supporting the rework know that the rework sucks, but support it because they hate shaco and want the champ to disappear
People say that about a lot of champs, why is it an issue now?
Cowseed (NA)
: Unnecessary {{champion:21}} nerfs in-coming because rito doesn't want there precious meta touched. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Not going to happen. Support Miss Fortune has an abysmal win rate.
: Did you just call Soraka an item? You monster.....
: > [{quoted}](name=YCitizenSnipsY,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=eAx3xL2J,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2016-10-23T01:40:42.175+0000) > > Another fun fact about EU in the semis. They are 0/6 in series and have only won 3 games total. Another fun fact: NA is 0/0 in semifinal series and have won 0 games total. Mmmmm salty NA tears.
So EU and NA have the same number of semi wins at 0. While every other region has made it to the finals.
: No they arent. They are the only non Korean team in worlds semifinals. EU outperformed NA this with it.
Not really. EU hasn't taken a game off of KR or NA at worlds. And only got to the semi's because they dodged the Korean teams in the quarters. They haven't performed better at all.
: Why would you feel bad for EU? They've made semis every year, except one, even when nobody expects them to do anything. NA on the other hand ...
Another fun fact about EU in the semis. They are 0/6 in series and have only won 3 games total.
: oh it's a parody? i thought it was the OP doing a shitty copy paste xD
ZeeWolfZ (NA)
: Waiting for my nocturne nerfs because he had to be dragged into this.
Doubt it, the only reason ROX won with Nocturne is becasue G2 can't take a Baron and didn't buy QSS against Kennen.
: the justification is they lack mobility, are even squishier, and are gimped in more ways than just mana. or.... they're skill shot reliant, they miss and do nothing at all, granted tibbers/viktor storm are pretty big, but if they *do* miss it, they're baked, donzo, no other option but to start running away. and when a mage fails to kill you they have nothing to fall back on but wait for CD's, target with 1/8th hp is running in a straight line away from you? you flash or use some sums to catch it, an assassin doesn't need to do that.
Lack of mobility is made up with range. Them being squishier is just bullshit, try actually comparing itemization available to mages and assassins.
: If they remove the passive then they can buff her back up again.
But then she would still need a support just to function. Take away her passive and leave the rest of her kit, now she has two spells unless she is with in 1000 units of her soul bound all game. The passive is the only thing she has for herself. I don't care that this is a team game, no champion should absolutely rely on other players just to even use their whole kit. It doesn't even match up with her lore or the champions theme at all.
Eluvían (EUW)
: The Salt on Jensen is real
: C9 got outclassed, nothing else to say
Weren't you the one that said the west got a favorable draw because SSG was the third seed? Do we not see yet why seeding doesn't equal strength?
: C9's bot lane is like your typical solo Q bot lane
Well they went 1-27 across all three games, solo queue bot laners may have been better.
: Right. The nerfed her in other ways because they didn't want to touch her passive. That ment that had to dumpster her to make up for how disgustingly strong that ult and passive are.
Then get rid of the ult. It doesn't even make sense for Kalista anyway. Idk why they tried to make her this super support reliant adc with the ult and passive on W. She is to reliant on a support for most of her kit to work to gut her kiting passive.
: They intentionally left her there because when she's viable at all, she becomes pick/ban in high tier/pro level play thanks to that passive and ult. Doubt you'll see anything till she gets a rework. Hope it comes soon. No champ deserves to be left to rot. Not even Zed or Yasuo.
Rek'sai is an even worse offender of being pick/ban in high level/pro play when "viable." No one is asking for Rek'sai to get reworked. I mean people say how over powered Kalista is becasue of her passive, but it wasn't a nerf to her passive that took her out of priority and with it not working correctly she is complete trash right now.
Jøkèr (NA)
: I'm not saying that she isn't annoying to play against. She's always been annoying. People complained about her before and always will. The difference right now is that, just like Nep2une said, she is seen more due to LCS right now. Kinda explains why there is a sudden increase in 'bitching.' actually she is the most picked mid laner with a pretty decent ban rate as well. It isn't entirely because of the LCS.
B00B00 (EUW)
: see ANX is actually an EU team so were knocking ourselves out one way or another (not an EU LCS team but they are in the EU) so I'm on the fence, for some reason part of me believes ANX is going to reach the finals, they honestly have no fear and no hesitation, i would love to see H2K advance as well...going to be a super fun series that one. as for C9, I'm sending my energy i love C9 and i REALLY want them to knock SSG out, like a sack of bricks
Nice meme but ANX is only considered EU becasue they got out of groups. If they played like INTZ they would still be wild cards.
: SKT vs ROX as it should be. ROX gave them the D!ck during the LCK season, and I'll be that last person to root for an SKT back to back.
ROX lost both meetings with SKT during the summer split. The last time ROX beat SKT in a Best of series was in spring.
: > [{quoted}](name=YCitizenSnipsY,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=jy51vv5i,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-10-10T03:16:57.679+0000) > > Lol C9 did not get lucky. SSG will win that match up easily. It's better than Rox or RNG
SSG beat RNG twice. They would have rather gotten RNG.
Hemanth (NA)
: It is most likely going to happen but it wont be the easiest
How? SKT and ROX are on the other side of the bracket.
: The draws have been really good for NA/EU
Lol C9 did not get lucky. SSG will win that match up easily.
: Don't Worry TSM Fans
I don't remember if that was the last game FNC played, but they at least had a chance that game. TSM lost the minute UZI got a triple in the bot lane very early on.
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