: I know why everyone is quitting league lately
: @Riot, can we give my ol' pal Naut some love?
I really like your ideas here, Naut jungle was really fun when it was meta, and it would be pretty damn fun to see it again, great thread upvoted on all my accounts :P
Eedat (NA)
: Is Wukong the oldest champ that has no kit changes?
pretty sure its {{champion:85}} actually
: Sweetheart Xayah and Rakan Portraits Don’t Line Up!
: Won a game
lost a game going 13/3/7 all my teams fault they all inted Kappa
: Why is smurfing not punishable?
The issue is that sometimes you can't tell whether accounts are smurfs or not, plus smurfing goes both ways, you will get smurfs the enemies will. Honestly just wouldn't work, almost all high elo streamers have smurfs too. would be annoying for quite a few people.
Lenn (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=YOUGOTKILLEDBRO,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Eb3csxex,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2018-03-11T22:23:10.943+0000) > > I had a silver 5 player with b1 mmr in my High silver low gold game, we did win the game, but how did that happen? this is typically due to the player being a smurf, it just means the silver probably had a 90% winrate and their mmr climbed before they did lol
> [{quoted}](name=Lenn,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Eb3csxex,comment-id=00180000,timestamp=2018-03-11T22:43:54.754+0000) > > this is typically due to the player being a smurf, it just means the silver probably had a 90% winrate and their mmr climbed before they did lol The player was not a smurf from my op.gg check. 50% winrates and under lol
Kythers (NA)
: Ranked is actually so fucking bad right now
I had a silver 5 player with b1 mmr in my High silver low gold game, we did win the game, but how did that happen?
Dâizumi (NA)
: After some research, I found a disturbing statistic about bot lane.
now I don't feel like a whiny bitch when I say bot lane has too much impact, someone actually has some solid stats to back it up, hopefully riot can give more power to top and mid, this is pretty stupid tbh when a jungler plays well top side and bot feeds, it is pretty crazy, thanks for this thread!
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: Is there any champion you have fun playing against?
{{champion:11}} 90% of master yis I play against are geniunely bad
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: Seen often do to the rune, so a better nerf would be one that needs to be directly to it like changing the time of which you can use it from 6 minutes into the game to 8 or 9 minutes. That way people can hit level 6 and not all of a sudden be an item down.
that's another good idea, I can see this working aswell.
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: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
Most bad players at my Silver-Gold elo seem to be pretty acceptable to calls, and most of the time they arent toxic, but there is a minority who are kinda both. But I would take a bad teammate 9/10, sometimes toxic players reform mid game, but I mean hey, you can get tyler1 or summit when he tried league lol
: "Unpopular opinion: Ahri shouldn't have gotten a Star Guardian skin."
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: every tank builds the same items regardless of niche or function
You forgot {{item:3083}} Oh wait, we have another core item too!{{item:3075}}
: I want to know who looked at pre-rework Zac and thought he needed MORE CC.
As a Zac main I will say this, the q change is completely ok, but the ultimate is just stupidly oppressive. He needed the q change, the ability was very lacking, but he didn't need a new ult.
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: As a Zac main, all I want is for his ultimate to get reverted. Zac's old ultimate did more then double the damage of the current one, but it wasn't oppressive, and it wasn't OP. Zac's problem was never his damage, but Riot decided it was with the rework, and now Zac has an oppressive kit with too much CC. Revert the ult, fix Zac.
And then they proceed to nerf other things that would be fine if they reverted the ult. I completely agree with what you are saying here and thatswhat I am trying to express.
: I propose Heimerdinger gets a fun change
This sounds so cool, too bad riot wouldnt do something like this.
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: Ori really is a baller
well darius can attac and attac so does that make him a better baller?
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: All of these rework, and even more Darkin. By Aatrox still gets no love
: Do any other Jungle Mains just HATE doing Krugs?
I actually love them because they spike your cs, idc how tedious, I just want my S rank
: 999 Ranked losses, looking for a Rioter for my 1000th
: only jg mains will understand
It honestly sucks being a jungle main at times. You have those teams that flame you for not ganking, when they are feeding their ass off. And people who count how many ganks the enemy jungler has done and compare them to you. It is just something you gotta deal with being a jungler.
: Runes Reforged: Picking your playstyle
Just bring CotC back please!!!!! Love that keystone.
: How many 5 year olds could your main take on in a fight?
{{champion:154}} I dont think it would be possible to take him down.
: New Thornmail on PBE
I do think cold steel is a bit op, but maybe a bit less version of it? I still think it could use a bit more utility without it.
: Can we disable Kayn from ranked for next Patch?
LOL They already test him out on the pbe to make sure he isnt overpowered. You can also just ban him.
Calabok (NA)
: its not a bad thing
Are you serious? When literally the only viable ad assasain in pro play is {{champion:121}}
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: Stop the AD Kennen Top.
They are nerfing it next patch and buffing ap kennen, stop whining.
: How to make your jungler gank with 5 easy words
Honestly, shit like this is tilting, just ping for assistance. I get very tilted when my teammates say stuff like this and "Warwick: 3 Zac: 0" Like come on. I just realized that you said 0%, funny meme, but just saying this in all seriousness
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Lõyalty (NA)
: Who are in your opinion the "Funniest champions" in League?
Nunu with nunu bot skin] Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ulanopo (NA)
Started out ok, but then he took a dip in lava
: Whats Mundo´s favourite place in America?
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