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: honor level 1
Yea I got banned for cussing in bots (Didn't think you could be banned and plus only 1 person reported me cause i was in 4 man) been in honor lvl 1 for a while now, I usually play with friends so i get 2 of them to honor me every game to help me out but still have only made it to checkpoint 1, go so many chests (25 now i think)
Owyn (EUNE)
: > Do you know how much you get for leveling up? 700 and do you know how much games you need to level up? lets see... 3500 exp needed for level up 100 exp per game only 35 games, making it 700\35 = ~ 20 IP\BE per game Absolutely generous rito {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Idk how bad you are at the game but when I went into my match history I made up to 250 per game. so if you redid your math to my avg xp per game. 180 per game which leaves u with about 20 games but lets say you play 10 games per day (a lot but theoretical) so in 2 days you play 20 games. that means that if you won atleast 1 of those games makes 180 xp per game (win a game gives you the daily 575 xp) you would get 4750 xp which is quite a bit and even if you don't play 10 games a day if you play 6-7 then you would level up almost every other day which is bad but not that bad. Given that you make 700 BE every other day which is better but not as good as before. Before I made roughly as much xp as I do now as ip. I made about 170 avg at a 120 min and a 220 max which at my 5-7 games per day made me about 1000 ip or more. And this isn't cause I do good in games considering I'm bronze 4 and suck. sadly riot screwed us with this update making me make about 2000 ip less (Now BE)

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