: Wonder how long it'll take to get legit 10 bans? My money is on season 15
Or maybe find some kind of strategy for those same champions instead of screaming "CANCER" like you were in hysterics after being diagnosed with cancer. Just my way of solving it.
: Akali of course. At least you can actually CC her. Zed? Presses R and beep boop he's out of there!
Akali has more reliable damage, and can get out of sight in a more reliable and consistent manner (her stealth) she also has more potential mobility and on demand damage chunks. While Akali can be hit by some specific CC like a Blitz Q, she also can avoid the majority CC's faster AND better. And Zed using his R to dodge CC is bad because most of the time it puts him INTO the person who threw CC at him. So he can not use it if he's trying to get away. Over all, Akali would fuck your CC's more than Zed can dream of.
: I would like to address these two posts that are condemning "adc hate posts"
The point is, both "sides" are biased and that's human nature. Whether we choose to state the right thing and not the thing we prefer is our choice, but it doesn't change who/what is actually right or if both are actually wrong. If people want the game to benefit from their ideas, then their ideas shouldn't be circle jerks and "nerf x fucking row row row your boat riot"
Cloud273 (NA)
: Hey Riot, can we disable Yasuo too?
nice gameplay moderation that aside, this is a prime example of how play rate has an effect on win rate. now it seems every yasuo sucks ass because they either just started or they aren't good
Cloud273 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yaśuo Main,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jRtKlRLX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-08T19:29:48.318+0000) > > As if Thresh still isn't popular I never said he wasn't popular, but at least it's not the only thing you see anymore.
Cloud273 (NA)
: I'm actually really enjoying the ardent censer meta
Xavanic (NA)
: Star guardian invasion
http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/terraria.gamepedia.com/a/af/Retinazer_%28Second_Form%29.png you mean this thing? And I'm pretty sure there's only 1 of this spawning (excluding its other twin), maybe 2 if you use a Mechanical Eye right when you hear its statement before it spawns. I don't know what mod you got on Terraria that let you see 10 of them.
: so with the lee sin buffs
well what the hell do you think a diver is supposed to do
: Clearly you missed the whole point of what he said. Playrate does matter. Its a very large important criterion in combination with win rate and ban rate. Champions like Lucian, Rek'Sai, and Lee Sin are still being picked even at the LCS level because their kits are so exploitable, not because "they're fun".
well how is lee's kit exploitable and how is Lee not fun, champions with a lot of mobility tend to be champions that are played for fun regardless of other things
Hoox0rz (NA)
: When you have to stop your teammates from arguing
Maybe if they didn't go exhaust top like it was meta I wouldn't have gotten ticked off
: Did you even comprehend what he said?
>Playrate doesn't mean shit >You could gut Yasuo and people would still play the shit out of him >When Lucian was considered a troll pick before his Q cast time buff and indirectly buffed by bork changes earlier this season, he still was rocking an 11% pickrate, because people enjoy him Clearly you didn't read this
: Because people are having pre-Thresh flashbacks of a time where Lee was essentially what Yasuo is today. In every single game.
lee had a 50% winrate in his best lane back then? no way lol
: Why can Draven rush bloodthirster or DD and still do as much damage as a mid game ADC with two items
lol literally trying to restrict draven mains from commenting with the power of baby rage
: the thing is that they are called assassins for that reason, to kill fast and get out
not to mention noc has 5 kills and a direct way to attack vel from the get go
: Riven Hacks or Glitch, second game in two days.
"They're literally eating people top lane" I'm sorry but that alone takes my upvote just to how funny and scary it sounds
: I think you're missing the point here. All these champions could potentially benefit from overhealing through either regular health regen or innate sustain. It depends on how the mastery ends up working.
No, I listed according to that. Garen is a problem because of his W and his passive, adding on to his damage on me which fucks up my laning against him. His ARMOR and MR is a problem not healing in general, so that giant douche now has a possible shield if I don't wanna take the chance of dying trying to poke him. Also, Yi wouldn't be stupid enough to W just for an over heal. Why did you even list him anyway? And even THEN, I wasn't talking about other champions. I was even being specific about my laning against HIM as in Garen.
: Not really, because its ARAM, so she cant buy unless she dies. So the problem is if you kill her now and get shutdown gold and take her away for a minute or two, she will come back with 3 items and soon be 30/1/20...
if she wasn't killed then she'd gain more gold thus being able to buy more items upon death, there is literally no way around it other than killing her as soon as possible
: Very hard to kill 4 minions when there are 3 people attacking
Very hard to understand that a tower doesn't target you over killing what is literally coded as a minion.
: {{champion:36}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:57}} says "that's cute" to your {{champion:86}} worries
To be fairly honest, Mundo, Aatrox, Gnar, Rakan, Vladimir and Nunu are all fairly moderate to play against, the big issues I'd have with other champions would be Soraka (specifically her dumb ult), Xin and Maokai. Yi is in the gray area.
: the rune im excitied to experiment with is actually overheal. if the shield is based on a % of your health pool, it might be an amazing anti poke mechanic on garen, that scales well into lategame with his passive. if it works how i think it does, it should allow to use garens passive to basically get a malphite shield (when you heal past max health) which should be incredibly valuable in lane. >Overheal >Excess healing past your max health gets converted into a shield it should definitely synergize with the new grasp. if {{item:1054}} health regeneration bonus also counts towards the rune, then it will probably be amazing.
overheal garen would fuck up my laning against him so hard omg
: Rune Refunds: Unpopular Opinion
I thought we got past the "unpopular opinion" shit
: But the old customer also gets the same free t-shirts everybody else is getting.
: When you're in ARAM and aren't sure if you should kill the 12/0/10 Lux
I don't mean to be a butthead and inject logic for no reason but to be at the best possible position, killing her as fast as possible would eliminate her presence for a bit, prevent her from gaining more gold and due to that she can't buy more items than she could before you killed her, and if you DIDN'T kill her then she would get more gold thus she would have more items. So the logical answer is to kill her as soon as possible.
: Top lane is a joke
and you're the punch line
Ars3lyn (NA)
: is it just me or is it the fact that your telling me that RIOT THEMSELVES, made this CHAMPION A DPS CHAMPION THAT FOR SOME REASON BE PUT UNDER DUELIST. while you sitting there telling me that any player who build IE and shiv obviously suck and think "oh in my games i see all the yi that build crit being useless" while on my side it "oh there a yi? he building crit isnt he?, after 2 kills and some cs later, boom IE first item build without completing his build, next thing you know is that he just gets boots of mobility and just sits back and wait for some one to push in slightly as he comes in ulting from a mile away. So how about this, you go ahead and look back at what you thinking about and think about how a duelist is, from what i can see riot stated him as one. AND IF YOU LOOK AT THE STORE (just in case you want more proof he an assassin) then go ahead and check his god dang bio, what do you see at the top left corner? oh right the symbol SHOWING THE ASSASSIN SYMBOL. Just to add a bit of spice to this here a quote from one of the some made over this post about duelists https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/iJkAHu0B-understanding-skirmishers-for-2017?comment=000b0000 "Skirmishers aren't unique to having high DPS, there are mages and marksmen that also have high DPS" Skirmishers are unique in that they have very powerful situational defenses that can't generally be counterplayed with "more damage" "Windwall, Mocking shout, Riposte, Alpha strike are "strong" skirmisher defenses because there are no ways to stop their effects, only ways to prevent them." "Yasuo shield, Tryndamere heal, Fiora ult heal and Yi meditate are "weak" skirmisher defenses because there are ways to stop or reduce the effects" And the part when there a list of ALL skirmisher champions Skirmishers Name Mobility Durability Threat Ekko 3 4 2 Fiora 3 2 4 Jax 3 4 2 Master Yi 5 1 3 Riven 4 2 3 Tryndamere 3 4 2 Yasuo 3 3 3 Now are we done here? cause mainly i just want to talk about him nerfing his crit style make him less favorable into crit and more into on hit, if the crit is remove this will make him weaker about his Q, and make his on hit feel much better as it feels like it home where it belongs
yi wasn't intended to be on hit, and riot doesn't like builds like those anyway (evidence is AP Shaco). Champion Classes are also flawed (so don't expect his to be on the mark), Yi sticking onto you would be the dumbest thing on the planet because if he wasn't already FAST enough, now he has minor CC? And on-hit Yi can melt tanks faster, while Crit Yi's Q doesn't crit enough to be a benefit in DPS. All I see from this is a higher ban rate on Yi. Also, that symbol is a **Slayer** Icon, not an Assassin Icon. Assassins and Skirmishers fall into the Slayer category, so there's no "Assassin Icon" that exists. Skirmishers have SITUATIONALLY STRONG defenses like you said, for example Yasuo is at his squishiest straight after throwing a wind wall, Yi is at his easiest to kill if his W is down, Fiora is easy to kill when Parry is down (but she has stupid lifesteal so lets not get into that) and her Parry only blocks stuff that was casted right before she casted Parry or some doofus player decided to throw abilities while her Parry is casted. And powerful situational defenses aren't unique lol
: who gives a fuck play the game
Sunibee (NA)
: These Refund numbers are DISGUSTING
umm I'm pretty sure this post ended right after "You guys are better than this." and now we're just berating them with this edit. That's nice.
: This is why I'm no longer playing ranked
It IS a "real place", it's just that support apparently stopped being invincible to it. Now it's the same difficulty for everyone.
: Can xayah not do 120% damage with autos
I don't think 20% more damage is enough to go into the tier of BPS.
: wow the yauso 1v5'd shocked riot. great balance. 10/10
probably because he snowballed straight to mid game and practically whooped everybody's asses against him. And I don't mean to flatter myself but it had to have some skill involved, a champion with below 50% winrate mid and just a little above 50% winrate top doesn't just do that.
NotSid (NA)
: Petition to ban all discussions related to Tyler1
Because this logic contradicts the post, I'm not even going to vote. And even then, the guy's way more committed to his streams more than most of other streamers. At this point there's only ignorant fans of him who want him back no matter what he did and the obnoxious anti-Tyler1 ones who think he should be crucified. Like seriously, who the fuck is posting #FreeTyler1 posts and vice versa in two thousand fucking seventeen?
: Confirmed Yasuo buff by Meddler.
its to compensate that huge dent on his attack speed after old rune retirement
: His signature gets really triggering, & often enough he's a bit... Hmm. He places himself as the victim, for example on a separate thread he addressed someone's complains (not saying they were right) by not addressing how they were wrong, but rather attacking the champion the player mained, when another person who mained this champion pointed out how they were incorrect about how that champion was low skill cap, the response was "was there argument right" & something along the lines of "when supports have low skill cap we get flamed, when someone else has low skill cap everyone jumps to defend" Paraphrased but that was the general gist I got from it.
Yup. The champion was Sion and Corsair Sion was the one Almighty addressed, then he placed himself as the victim to Glory Ln Death (our famous sion main) just to add on to that.
: Apocalyptic? Dudes literally just pointing out the state of the game, which is as you've said filled with issues. Issues Riot CLEARLY seems to keep adding to if the changes on the PBE are anything to go by...
he didn't point out the state of the game itself, more of complained stuff any circlejerk would complain about then inserted 2 gifs. This thread literally has nothing that is beneficial other than just saying stuff any average circle jerk would say
: Oh. Who would have thought! There are strong combinations of champions! What a surprise! Not like anyone above level 8 could have figured _that_ one out! ...Seriously. It's not that hard. If you know that two champions are strong together, _don't let them be together_. Or have a good synergy yourself. Lulu/Kog botlane? Bring Soraka/Cait. Or Blitz/Ashe. Or Thresh/Ashe. This is _not_ rocket science. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
but this is assuming that synergy is far better than any other and not that it has an equal
Juice (EUNE)
: How the hell is this in any way related to me? Are you okay? Did you read correctly what I've posted? How old are you? Nevermind, I guess we're talking 2 different languages. You being gold 5 and all.
cuz ur a freaking meanie with big meaty claws
: Yasuo's mid game is just way too strong for someone who is supposed to be a late game carry. In other news all his PBE changes just got reverted so I guess he won't be 100% banned next patch.
: ***
A wolf with sharp and unstable pipes with a mechanical roaring sound being emitted from it while the wolf with knife sharp teeth and meat grinding claws jumps from wall to wall chasing its prey with claw marks on the surface of its previous location where it jumped from A lamb with a bow and arrow with a floating wolf head chases you I don't mean to butt in on someones personal opinion but that's just too much. I mean, are we really gonna say Kindred is scarier even WITHOUT the splashes?
: Banning Darius - Get Over It
w0w this is a shitpost
: First 10 Yasuo Games (CS and Gold Included)
Well to be honest completely, you did pretty good for a starter. For sure denied the feeder starting Yasuo stereotype a bit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Yaśuo Main,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GczXITWM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-20T04:15:57.102+0000) > > shields can not have wounds and how do heals have wounds exactly? The theory of Grievous wounds are the wounds are so severe that healing isn't effective, but somehow a shield (crutch) is? It doesn't have to be called grievous wounds, just have the same effect. Ideally it wouldn't be GW, because then it would counter supports too harshly. It's simple. Build Shield breaker if enemy stacks shields, build GW if they stack sustain.
heals don't get wounds, you do.
: Who is the most "Noskill" champion?
: Shields and Grevious Wounds.
shields can not have wounds
: > and rushing GW is honestly just so dumb lol At least 1 thing you understand, but this is how the game works. you play against anything that heals, get GW from the shop becuase that requires so much skill and you now counter it. Yes it is dumb. 90% is 10% less than 100% even though you dedicated 3 items and a mastery just to increase healing and again this is caused by half an item. I am just biased! LMAO Maybe we should also allow randuins omen to reduce crit damage by 40% and just for Yasuo we make it like 60-70% because he gets double crit anyway and also because randuins doesn't just cost 800 gold, it's a full item... actually lets say 80%. Seems fair doesn't it?
I mean that means we get to buff bruiser Yasuo like hell so yeah it seems fair LMAO.
: Let me tell you something about heal amplification. Let's say you start at 100% healing power then you add windspeaker and you buy all 3 healboost items. You are now at 150% healing power. Now GW reduces your heals by 40% and you end up with 90% of your initial 100% and keep in mind this is in late game, but you can just rush GW for a ridiculous low price, before any support has even 1 complete item. Players who lose because their opponents heal, simply deserve it and should get ranked bronze 5.
I think you're just biased ( if it wasn't obvious). 1. 90% is still 90%. And it's a pretty good tradeoff for being affected by GW. 2. No one deserves bronze 5 because of some retarded healing, especially if buying GW is not worth it logical if you are AP and rushing GW is honestly just so dumb lol. Healing is the strongest defensive ability to have, shields simply can not compete if both were at equal values. You should not be saying anyone deserving bronze 5 just because healing is that good. edit: Also get the fuck off your high horse, "replying more than this thread deserved" "simply deserve it and should get ranked bronze 5". Am I wrong to accuse you of losing an argument horribly before?
: No champion that relies on healing is truly strong in league of grievous wound. GW items are being sold out, you get it almost for free, wait a few patches and the shop keeper will give you money if you take a GW item with your usual purchase. Its kinda funny how Darius as well as Nasus have inbuild vamp effects and Soraka is mostly about healing, even Janna has an ultimate that gets a lot of healing power. I think you JUST DON'T GET IT.
Well TBH, GW reduces 40% of healing which is a lot right? But then you got stuff that amplifies healing, you also have the luxury of backline, and the luxury of the fact that GW isn't bought that much.
: Does your keyboard have QWER keys? Yes? Achievement: Bruiser Mastery Unlocked
Zeus1590 (NA)
: Well, obviously they might do more missions. I never ruled that out. The missions we got were specifically made for the event, so when the event ended, so did the missions. OP asked "Why we don't get any more missions?" and that's the reason why the current missions ended. I don't see how I can be any more clear.
You just implied there were no more missions in general. from "And they have released no further details regarding future missions" to "ergo no more missions". You aren't even listening to yourself, you already ruled that out.
Zeus1590 (NA)
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support/2BvE9WwM-vs-event-conclusion "**The VS Event officially ended on 6/29/2017. The current iteration of missions were specifically set up for this special event, but this was only the first iteration of missions!** We don't have details at this time, but be on the lookout for missions to roll around again sometime in the future!" As I said, the missions ended because the event ended. And they have released no further details regarding future missions.
"Be on the lookout for missions to roll around again" IS clear proof that they are not gonna be exclusive. Maybe pay attention.
: Guys, i see that there are someone who doesnt agree. I put Tryndamere because Tryndamere SHOULD win a 1v1 against every ADC (except Vayne). But i just couldnt deal any damage to Draven, he just healed and healed. It was a 1v1, so there were no shields, no Kinght Vow's and stuff. (My maxed W decreases 80 AD for every nearby enemy champion, guys, that are 2 B.F SWORDS !!!) He should deal no damage.. Also, Draven's always been that guy who dominates early but never falls off late, which is kinda, you know... Terrible.. If that was a melee champ, nobody wouldnt mind. But dealing that kind of damage from a distance is just .. idk. + he has a self peel and ms buff. Oh, ye. There is our favourite melee champ {{champion:157}} , but honestly i havent seen him in a long time in my games or being bitched about on the boards.. I think Yasuo with PD+DD + some support sh*t like Knight's Vow would be more overpowered.. (don't hate me yasuo mains, i was one of you back in the day lmfao)
If you wanted to be serious, you should've put Yasuo vs an ADC since he is supposed to counter that and see if Yasuo wins. Also, Knight's Vow would make him lose too much damage potential just to survive for a few more seconds, his base stats is too low to benefit much from it. But that's if he's building it. DD is meh on Yasuo too, BT is way better because it has a shield on it.
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