: Here's an Idea for Bans
Very well-spoken! I'm not going to be a nay-sayer, but I think there are arguments to be made on both sides. Unfortunately, getting RG to implement this seems unlikely. They'd only change this if an overwhelming majority of the player base was in favor. Seeing as IT SEEMS LIke over 50% of the League community are rude, unfriendly, and overzealous jackasses, GL:HF getting people to see reason. :) The face of the typical League of Legends player = {{champion:35}} or {{champion:115}} The face of the typical RG staff member = {{champion:117}} (hi Kengen!) and {{champion:50}}
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Trebbi (EUW)
: Silver Serpent GP farming Calculations
Wait so if {{champion:41}} kills minions with barrels >> parrley combo, does he still get the serpents from those? If not, then I've been playing GP very retardedly. (Up until reading this thread, I thought he got silver serpents from CSing by any means necessary. Holy crap, I'm a failure. :/ ) Sorry for the necro, but this was literally the #1 thread for this on Google that wasn't the old League forum.
: Continue On, My Children!
Jinx says, "Lookin' sharp, Talon," giggling profusely afterward.
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: It does actually scale with AP: http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/missfortune/ Don't forget that her Q does too.
Her Double Up may scale with AP, but if you read more closely, it says Physical Damage underneath it. If you play MF with this build http://prntscr.com/cxewfq , you'll notice that her double up does not do the insane amounts of damage it normally would if you built full damage and crit. Geez Riot made a complicated game. Whoever thinks this game is easy and/or simple has GOT to have an IQ of over 200. (FYI my IQ is 97 and I'm 23. :/ )
: [Warning: SKT vs ROX Game 2 SPOILER!] Hide your Ranked Games, Hide your ELO...
@Greymoore : http://prntscr.com/cxewfq << My first try at MF support. We won a 4v5. I solo queue picked MF into Ashe bot lane and we had first tower gold 6 minutes in versus Jinx/Thresh. (Granted this is low ELO, but let me have my fun okay?! :'( ).
: mf support is good. going full ap is also good. the E damage is pretty high with liandries. also fantastic for clearing wave seiging and counter sieging
Her ultimate doesn't scale with AP, Munich. It's not enough damage late game to make it worthwhile. What if MF supp built rageblade along with one other full damage item? (I notice ROX built a Mortal Reminder for the Olaf, Ekko, etc. but it could be replaced by another secondary damage item like duskblade or ghostblade perhaps?).
: [Warning: SKT vs ROX Game 2 SPOILER!] Hide your Ranked Games, Hide your ELO...
MF support will NEVER work in solo queue. You have to duo queue with your ADC and preferably play with an entire 5 premade. I'm bronze 5 and even I realize how terrible MF support would be in solo queue. I for one am heavily in favor of tank Vi top seeing as I forced a jungler to camp my lane in my last four games with it. (Ignore the fact that I got overly aggressive late game and ended up feeding. Vi's early game damage is on par with bloody Riven and that's where all my early solo kills came from. -,-)
: First, i dont know if you mean "Siesta" or "Fiesta"; Fiesta means party while siesta is a nap. Second, "Olé" its an spanish expression (from Spain), i would put something like: Ayayay Third, i actually would like this skin for GP instead of Zed
Fiesta Zed does indeed make more sense. I was just hung up on the wordplay behind CSed a Zed lol
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: League of Legends TV Show?
I'd like to see Riot make a show for television. Plain movies are lane (*glares at Blizzard's Warcraft*). I mean you created this cast of characters. Make the next Game of Thrones (probably animated realistically, but an animated GoT sounds amazing doesn't it? >,>)
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zo1oz (NA)
: ""walk down mid and feed" leveling bots."
I was one of many who posted about this. It's a HUGE problem and I support anything up to and including a Captcha required before queueing for a game (which is a REALLY good idea since there are a TON of clever captcha systems out there that aren't too hard to add via Adobe Air{which is what League's client uses}). Hell, Riot can probably code their own Captcha gate if it pleases them.
: Player BOTs in COOP games
I've seen 7 Brand bots in 7 co-op versus AI games in a row. They all did exactly as you described, except for one that never typed "WTF" when I ganked his (mid) lane as Nidalee jungle. Instead, this last particular Brand said "Frozen" twice at random points throughout the match after they died. I have absolutely no idea if that's the bot writer pointing fun at the Disney movie or just what, but the coop vs AI bots need to stop. I wholly support the original poster. Oh and did I mention that the only reason I'm here witching about it is because these Brand feeders have lost me FOUR bot matches? I've had to revert to playing against Beginner level bots so it's literally impossible for feeders/bots to disrupt my game. Even as a Nidalee, I simply am not good enough - or smart enough - to solo hyper carry against fed intermediate bots. -,-
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: Is This a Good Sivir Build?
Okay thank you all! I just wanted to know if Sterak is a good late game item for her raw damage or not. I was kind of aiming for a Miss Fortune type build where you just right click them thrice and they die, but that didn't really seem to happen. Am I misunderstanding how AA damage scales with Sterak's? :/
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: So let me get this straight. If ADC's are so damn good in all roles why the hell did Immortals lose? Surely with all of those ADC's they should've won right? Second yes you should punished for banning like an idiot and not actually working on a viable team comp. finally no one is gonna care if you leave bud so making this embarrassing post isn't affecting anyone or this game at all.
Hey, instead of flaming that guy, would you or someone please tell me how the boards level-up system works and how I can actually like post and stuff please? TY! :/
ZeeWolfZ (NA)
: Least Fun I've ever had
I don't suppose you could at least tell me how to not be level 0 on these forum boards? Being able to post my game-related questions would be nice. >,>
Docga (NA)
: How do I level up in Boards?
I'm sorry to necro this, but I've commented on peoples' posts, made sure to verify my email, and I still can't figure out how the F to level up my boards profile. It still says I'm level 0 and I've been perusing your boards for over a week now. It can't be directly tied to my summoner level, because that's level 15 and I'd think it would've updated inside of a week. Give me a straight answer please. How the heck am I supposed to increase Board level? -,-
: I love waking up to a perma ban, don't you?
Ban me too please. I'm 100x worse than you, a liability in every game, and get reported way more than you ever would. I'm the worst LoL player in existence (and sadly, this is not sarcasm). :/ http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=reynarivets


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