: > [{quoted}](name=Just the Lip,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=86ojgB8J,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2019-05-02T02:34:12.638+0000) > > Oh look, a riot employee came in to get free upvotes by saying something funny, instead of posting on a forum topic with actual discussions that could potentially get downvoted. > > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Literally complain about anything.
i mean its NA its what we do.
: {{champion:136}} got half a season of being a niche pick of 3 midlaners in total before getting nerf-slapped all over the place.
Oh is that the new champion? never seen him before.
: The choice of champions in the new skinline just forces a huge "MONEYGRAB" tag to be sticked on it
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: Battle academia bullshit
I own elementalist {{champion:99}} I have no reason to buy anymore skins for the champion when it looks better then any skin for her that has come before and after it.
: Riot Games employees reportedly plan walkout to protest company policies
What this says to me is Riots still a shit fest internally.
: Most Satisfying Sound(s) In League?
3 things for me really. {{champion:516}} auto attack on a brittle target. {{champion:114}} hitting a vital (at least if your the one playing her) {{champion:150}} dance
SirPurrr (NA)
Stat check champ. Shits on basically everything 1v1 because he has no down time he is constantly doing a shit load of DPS at a shit load of move speed. Hes kinda like yi but with hard CC and always at a million move speed. Beating him 1v1 after he has some items on him is extremely hard unless your fed. Hes kinda like kayle really bad in organised play but in something like solo queue where its a cluster fuck he thrives.
: Stop saying that these champions are unoriginal and plain copies of other champs.
Shes a support supports arent allowed to be overloaded.
: As a jungler, pink ward, when it's killed, pink ward again. Odds are I'll avoid the lane mostly if you do. The reason being it takes time for me to walk up there just to kill a ward and leave. If you're dying as your post implies, even 3 pink wards will cost less than you'll give an enemy by dying. If you can win your lane head to head (and protect the ward from your opponent in lane), then it's always worth it. If you can't, the problem goes much deeper. As a jungler, I like to babysit top, its usually easy to get them fed into snowball then leave them alone. If pink wards keep popping up though, as long as you green ward the other half I'm not wasting my time. Also, if you have ghost poro, a green ward at the enemy jg exit/blue area can last quite some time and alert you when the enemy JG is near. From the bottom side, a neat trick is to sneak in and put a pink across from the enemy red buff (in the bush across the way in front of it) if you have good map awareness, you'll see the enemy every time he's near his red, and it usually lasts a very long time. This alerts you to every time he's top side, and when to be cautious. The alternative (if you're top) is to ward the entrance to the enemy JG (bottom of the brush near wolves entrance from mid lane) with a pink and you can usually see when their JG is roaming around that side of the jungle. Also rarely cleared. Neither tell you when they're ganking, but they do tell you when to play cautious, as well as usually a good indicator of when you can play recklessly, which is even more valuable tbh.
Ghost poro is the shit atm. Any time i can fit it into my runes conveniently ill get it.
: Look at the mini map. It's literally that easy. Maybe it's cause I'm a jungle main, but I always have a general feel of where a jungler is at or going to be based on the champion pick, their clear start, and their first gank. As a top secondary, I have a plan for every kind of jungler start; -If level 2 Ganker: I freeze lane and let enemy push and wait until i get a visual on the enemy jungler's position. -If they likely start at the top red or blue buff: Same as first plan. -If it's a jungler with weak early game: Push hard as fuck and get a deep ward in river or in the jungle behind baron pit and watch mini map. In General, I play as good as I can with the intention of drawing the jungler to my lane. If he camps me I can handle that because I've jungled for a long time. The more time they spend trying to kill me is farm they are deprived of and assistance their lanes are deprived of. AND they leech experience from their solo laner causing them to lose levels. All this happens by you simply letting them do it! TLDR; Learn "jungle sense", and exploit a camping enemy jungler to your advantage. Don't think of it as you being hampered, think of it as YOU hampering THEM.
Yah im newer to top i played supp for 3 years and starting switching off. I like it but my mentality dipping was a detriment to me and any players on my team (and my honor level which is at lvl 0 checkpoint 1 after 150 games :3. So im on and off between top and support. Im starting to be able to CS but im so focused on playing the lane i don't check the map enough I usually buy a pink ward and drop it in the bush ill get ganked the easiest from. But my biggest problem has been dealing with ganks not the actual solo laner which gets frustrating.
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: Old Shaco Old AP Tristana Old Nunu Old Shen ... =(
> [{quoted}](name=ChickenWrap,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LrOGGWPV,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-04-24T07:23:53.565+0000) > > Old Shaco > Old AP Tristana > Old Nunu > Old Shen > > ... =( Old AD and Old AP evelynn was my favorite champion despite being a support main then.
Haziv (EUW)
: Mordekaiser was the last of the "pizza feet" champions...
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Zeyphel (NA)
: Wait, are you complaining about Sylas? Wondering how did a champ with 47% WR top made you that mad. Not to offend you but you must be the hell of a bad player to loose to a champ with that WR. EDIT: League of Graphs goes even further, stating a 46%. Wonder how it must feel to loose to a 46% WR champion. Poor game, it couldn't recognize such a talent as yours. Broken champion.
> [{quoted}](name=Zeyphel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tPOwEUh0,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2019-04-23T19:48:05.386+0000) > > Wait, are you complaining about Sylas? Wondering how did a champ with 47% WR top made you that mad. Not to offend you but you must be the hell of a bad player to loose to a champ with that WR. > > EDIT: League of Graphs goes even further, stating a 46%. Wonder how it must feel to loose to a 46% WR champion. Poor game, it couldn't recognize such a talent as yours. Broken champion. WR doesnt determine if a champions kit is aids or not.
: And there we go, another patch without Vayne or Riven nerfs
Yah i just gave up today on playing champions i like. Im literally going full meta slave now. Or balance team slave i guess. Im only playing the most op shit and when i cant pick that op shit ill pick the 2nd most op shit even if i cant play the champion and ill just keep doing it till i can play the op shit well.
: And there we go, another patch without Vayne or Riven nerfs
{{champion:122}} and {{champion:517}} buffs L M F A O. Such a good idea lets make top even more cancer. Gotta buff {{item:3004}} too cause {{champion:81}} the only champion in the fucking game that buys it doesn't already do a shit load of damage. Or maybe that's just an illusion and everything does a shit load of damage and hes doing slightly less of a shit load.
: Careful White knights on reddit will defend Riot and say "THIS GAME CAN NEVER BE BALANCE THEY ARE DOING A LOT OF WORK GIVE THEM SOME SLACK" the game can never be balance i agree but you can also agree that if {{champion:67}} hasn't been nerf yet then you know idiots are on the balancing team. nothing justify her being allowed to delete squishy/tank/anyone while giving us no counter to her ult.
The counter to her ult is True sight thats basically the only thing.
: Top laner isn't meant for Tankers or Juggernauts anymore
faure (NA)
: Vanye with one item is better than most champs with 2
Shes better then most champs period after she has one item. No matter how far along there build is.
: Jesus Christ, just remove Tahm's ally Devour at this point.
I mean they did say this is not the fix its just the start to it. So it might get better as the pbe moves foward.
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Rodsquad (EUW)
: Actually , I believe the same can be said for Lulu as well! Her lore is she was also a child who went to a timeless realm for a hundred years when it was only a short time for her yes?
Zoe was originally going to be from The glade And was going to probably have lots of lore with lulu. She had butterfly wings at one point.
: What champion do you think represent the game the most
{{champion:67}} Everyone knows shes unbalanced riot knows shes unbalanced and does way to much damage yet they still do nothing about it. Thats league.
: Lux is not a support. Don't fkin @ me
> [{quoted}](name=JustDonnyy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=39cBfmbQ,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-04-13T23:06:15.017+0000) > > Lux is not a support. Don't fkin @ me Make a post click on "insert a champion icon" Type "support" {{champion:99}}
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Salron (NA)
: Can't wait for the alt-right to steal the Rainbow flag next because politically correct idiots seem really keen on just giving up anything /pol/ gets their hands on Oh and Clowns of course https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/461/492/468.gif
Nah they cant take rainbows.
y0r1ck (NA)
: Blizzard bans controversial ok symbol
There is no blizzard activation killed it.
: Why Riot Dont Accept The Fact That Current MatchMaking is Terrible?
Oh no riot knows it sucks. They just arent gonna do anything just like how they know vayne is busted as shit but they arent gonna do anything.
Vesperas (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yara0,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cAYeBjZY,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-04-10T07:14:10.047+0000) > > Riots first response shouldn't be to force people to play support it should be to make more people want to play support. When the community gets it before Riot does. Speaks alot.
I mean i said the same thing 3 years ago.
: Get rid of autofill
Riots first response shouldn't be to force people to play support it should be to make more people want to play support.
: A warning signal for Twitch camouflage
{{champion:35}} Should have this TBH if there is gonna be no way to ward for him.
: Say the reasons you dislike the current state of the game
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: The fuck? Literally two champions use this rune. Ezreal and kayle. Both have terrible laning phase and wave clear early in the game. So they get gold for poking enemies which evens it out for them... don't see the problem
You shouldn't be rewarded for poking with gold. Your reward already is the damage your doing by poking. If your laning phase is bad its supposed to be bad and you should be punished for having a bad laning phase. Otherwise whats the point of any character having a bad laning phase?
: Illaoi also runs it.
> [{quoted}](name=Frosted Tips,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xKcapy4g,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-04-07T21:48:56.620+0000) > > Illaoi also runs it. So does sona adc.
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Sillae (NA)
: Not enough people played Nexus Blitz?
Only really play SR ranked. Most other game modes get boring really fast for me because they just aren't competitive and i can only queue alone. So id much rather try to improve in a competitive mode.
Parznip (NA)
: Champions That Need a VU (at least to their base skin/vfx), But Not Necessarily a VGU
{{champion:31}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:17}} Most of them i would like to look the same but just have a nicer model.
: How is rageblade vayne balanced?
Well simple. Its not balanced.
: Gnar just doesn't work if he isn't tanky. His on-hit passive is better than Ekko's, but a non-tanky Gnar just dies too quickly and his auto range is really short. To compare, Neeko has 550 AA range, which is standard ADC range as well. Mini Gnar has 225 AA range at level 1 and 325 at level 18, and on top of that on-hit doesn't synergize well with Mega Gnar. You could control the Mega Gnar problems by only engaging in mini form, but the issue is your attack range is so low that you risk way too much. Any ADC could blow you up because their range is higher, any tank could kill you outright early because high base damage and you're in their no no zone most of the time. Any bruiser could blow you up because you couldn't get away from them. Your best chance would be against tanks, but even then, it'd be hard.
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: Prestige K/DA Evelynn
Yah that hairstyle for this outfit is just an eye sore. It just does not belong. A pair of well selected shades would probably help quite a bit.
iiGazeii (NA)
: Why do people hate playing support?
Cause its boring as shit to watch an adc farm for 15 minutes. While you drop a ward in a bush every 3/4 minuets. I played the role for 3 years its frustating to just sit and watch yourself lose for 25 minuets while the adc you got 7 kills keeps flashing into a 1v4 or split pushes and gets killed by an assassin over and over because they are either auto filled tilted or just plane bad.
hiyares (NA)
: tank main no more thanks rito
{{champion:78}} Is the solution to the aids high mobile shit load of damage top meta atm.
IAmTheLego (EUNE)
: Riot is finally reworking Yasuo...
Rustypug (NA)
: jungler and support mains fighting over who can bitch about their roles on the boards the most
Played support for 3 years JGs have it worse. Just started playing top and i literally never ask the JG for help. If they want to gank they can but i understand that top is probably the last priority on the list for a jungler. NOW WHEN IT COMES TO WHO CAN CARRY MORE Support has jg beat on which role is harder to carry in.
Vulkus I (NA)
: Why Do People On Here Refuse to Admit Kayle is Broken?
94372148 (NA)
: Why does Pyke need three forms of CC as a highly mobile assassin with a resetting true damage ult?
{{champion:517}} is in the game. Deal with him then you can talk about pyke.
: He told you how to counter it in Vayne's case. She's not getting HP true damage with every auto attack, but with every 3. That means to counter it you have to stop her from being able to proc it. This comes in multiple forms, from either keeping her from being able to hit you, or forcing her to keep switching targets to survive.
Every 2 auto attacks cause {{item:3124}} and the only consistent way to deal with vayne atm is kill her. And shes been buffed to make that extremely hard on her own. not even considering when the team is built to keep her from being killed.
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