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: Level 30 gets silver 4 after winning all games
So either way it didnt really matter as I am now gold two with my weird tryndamere build with only 4 losses. I skipped silver 3, silver 1 and gold 3 and I'm hoping to skip into plat when I get on tonight. Thanks for your comments.
: There is definitely something up with this. Watch pro's or streamers do one of their 24 hour challenges of unranked to diamond/challenger ect… they are getting place much higher than this and that's usually with a loss from what I've seen of the streams. Call me a conspiracy theorists but they do ask to provide names of pro/high elo players that are unknown at the time.
That's one of the things I was going to bring up with it.
: Level 30 gets silver 4 after winning all games
Honestly it doesnt matter. Im getting 35 lp per game and I just went from silver 4 and skipped promos to silver 2. Look at it. Username is zatrat
: Well, for one you generally get placed a little lower than your previous rank even if you win every single game, and also the addition of the iron tier at the bottom may have something to do with shifting you down a bit. Plus 4 years is a pretty long time, Riot has probably made some adjustments to mmr in general over that time period.
That's the thing is that there was no previous rank. I never played ranked on it until today. I only played normals. I get that the iron tier would shift that some but i would've guessed at the least I would've gotten silver 1.
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: Looking for Mid and Jungler for Clash! I'm a Gold (III) Adc main
: Looking for Gold support for clash, looking to practice tonight
: G/P Competeleague team looking for Mid
IGN: lostmaballsinnam Age: 21 Role: Mid? Rank(Gold-Plat required): Gold 5 Flex rank: Gold 5 Top 5 champs: Syndra, Ziggs, Ezreal, gragas Veigar Strengths: I main syndra Weaknesses: I main syndra Have Discord downloaded + mic: yes Available to make all practice and game times: if it stays the same then yes. Would you be dedicated to making practice and tourney times?: same as above.
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: Gold Team Looking for a Mid for 10pm est Tonight
: Bugsplat causing me to lose lp...
Same, don't know what to do. Has been doing this for 3 days, I put in a support ticket on Saturday but still nothing.
Yourzi (NA)
: g1 player looking for some ppl to rank with tn
Gold 5 right now. Peaked at 2. IGN: Xirene main mid and adc have all voice comms.
: Looking to join a Gold 5 Team for dat border or Skin plz :/
You have to play in at least half of the games played by that team to get the border dude. Sorry to get your hopes up.
Exotíc (NA)
: AG Unbreakable Looking for gold midlaner.
or nothing at all, you know whatevs.
Exotíc (NA)
: AG Unbreakable Looking for gold midlaner.
Champ pool: Syndra, more syndra, even more syndra, kha'zix, ahri, ezreal and the donger. Plus i play others but those are the ones i play the most. IGN: Xirene AGE: 20 Time zone: CST
: Duo Gold Bot Lane Lf Dynamic or Ranked 5's
I play mid and jungle if you wanna add me, ign is same as here.
Machinë (NA)
: AG looking for 5 to fill sister team!
IGN - Xirene Role -Mid/ADC Rank -G5 Access to discord? - yes Availability (weeks and weekends) - weeks 8:30 P.M. CST to 1:30. Weekends depends but usually same except sunday after 1 P.M.
I tried to add yo bitch ass before and you decided I was too low but now I'm the one in gold.
: Competitive Team looking for a Midlaner
IGN: Xirene Preferred Name: Tracy Top 5 Champions for Mid: Syndra, Xerath, Ryze, Talon, Zed Pros: Know when to push a lead/advantage and shot call. Cons: My knowing and shotcalling usually isnt listened to so when it goes to waste I get pissed. Have you ever been on a competitive team?: Yes What communication software do you have?: Curse, Teamspeak, Discord and Skype
Umbruge (NA)
: Serious Team looking for gold + support, top, adc
Currently at work but will add once I get home.
: PERMBANNED? I DIDNT DESERVE THIS, WTF?!?! Contacting my lawyer.
I can't tell if you're joking but this shit is hilarious.
: [NA]-[Gold Team]-[KingND-Kings Never Die]-[Recruiting High Silver/Gold+]-[LF Jungler]
Rank: Silver 2 Role: ADC/Mid/Jungle 5 Strongest champs: Jinx, Syndra, Caitlyn, Zed, Rengar Time Zone: Central Mic: (Yes/No) Yes Age: 20 Experience: Season 2 Shot-calling Experience(1-10) :4 Dedication: (Yes/No) Depends if the team would stay together. Weakness: tunnel vision when ahead. Strengths: Pushing, Map Awareness Time on League of Legends: Usually 8-10 hours a day when im not working.
: Earn ranked emblems starting today
Everyone shut the fuck up and deal with it. They make the game you like to play, don't bitch about what they do.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xirene,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=krXWEKdJ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-05-18T19:53:17.598+0000) > > Depending on how late or early you want to play. I'm in a central time zone so I'm an hour behind. I can play adc or support for whatever you need. > IGN: Xirene Added u
> [{quoted}](name=Feisty Fister,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=krXWEKdJ,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-05-18T20:18:00.804+0000) > > Added u alright, I'll be on in about 45 minutes.
: New Team LF members for new league ladder. Gold/Plat
Depending on how late or early you want to play. I'm in a central time zone so I'm an hour behind. I can play adc or support for whatever you need. IGN: Xirene
: This season's rank is meaningless.
Funny because I was silver 5 season 5. Played provisionals for season 6 and got bronze 4. after about 30 games got back to silver and then another 100 or so got to gold. I have never queued up with anyone that was ever remotely better or even with me, only people who were lower to help them. I don't see how I of all people was boosted a full division with no help when no one was ever at least 2 tiers below me that I played with.
: wow shut the hell up, this Draven day bs is dumb af. They should have put URF out at 12:00 AM April 1, 2016. who cares about Draven anyways, he isn't even god tier. Hopefully Riot see's all the comments about URF not being up (because wtf, why is URF not up??? no one gives a damn about Draven, he is trash) and they decide to put it up ASAP. Doing something different is fine... but when the decision is a "Day of Draven" -_- that is lame as f***
Dudes bitching about Draven day. Fuck off, URF was fun, maybe since they're going to have rotating queues they decided to not put it on here due to that. Shut the fuck up and think ahead. Dude still bought the summoner icon I'm fucking sure.
: > [{quoted}](name=Longlivebuck,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=s9G6IuOW,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2016-03-15T22:30:28.771+0000) > > I was chat restricted recently.. I had a couple really crappy days, and raged at a couple of trolls.. Yes... I messed up and fed the trolls. I will tell you right now.. Bronze life is tough. I would like to see the stats on the average rank/tier of those punished.. I guarantee most of us are Bronze.. People down here just don't give a #### and it is really hard not to fire back sometimes when you are baited and trolled. I dealt with my 10 game chat restriction and as far as I can remember haven't had any issues since. Because of this, I can't participate in hextech crafting.. despite the fact that I have played since S1, have all but 11 champs and have over 1000 positive notes on my account between "Friendly/Helpful/Teamwork/Honorable Opponent".... They chat restricted me for 4 bad games over a 3 day period that I probably played 20-30 games and probably got trolled about 10-15 times and blew up in 4 of them. > > What about the 1000+ positive comments.. do they weigh nothing? What about the hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours.. nothing? What about the hundreds of Tribunal cases I have reviewed? Yup... still nothing. I was negative in 4 games.. so I don't deserve any hextech loot... > > The worst part of it? Not only do I not get loot.. I get slapped in the face EVERY game over it when the "You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavior problems". It is honestly making me frustrated enough to revert to toxicity.. Why should I give a "F" about what I say if I am not gonna earn loot either way.. I have played since S1.. most days it is not hard to walk the line between jerk and reportable jerk if I so choose.. It is also even easier to be normal, nice, and supportive. However, the problem with me is that I have an "F me? F YOU!" attitude and disposition.. And right now.. Riot has decided to "F" me.. so I guess I will just play with an "F" it attitude for now. 100% this, i it's been about 3 weeks since i was banned for 2 weeks for blowing up in 3 games also. i don't know what i'm doing wrong now, but my friends are earning them while i get slapped, and i feel like god honest i'm just gonna Quit cause this is more than disrespectful, i don't wanna change and be positive. when my team is toxic and earns rewards but i don't. reform what? DOES RITO KNOW WHAT A BRONZE 5 GAME LOOKS LIKE? come to a bronze 5 game, sit in some and see what reformed people have to deal with and see why we rage or go afk to have a smoke break or grab a beer and walk outside for a moment, it's stressful and when i get home off work i don't need more stress. this game needs an age restriction area, like runescape, if you are under a certain age you can't use the chat, only Quick chat which is pre made in this case they could make it ping only, but i want answers on this issue. or soon i'm sure people are just gonna make bronze not real with how many people QUit, which would be something else.
: Just because you had to deal with it doesn't make it an OK ping.
lol kk.. its honestly not that hard. you just need to learn to adjust
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Chicago Server Move Complete
For all you people who say 80-160 is unplayable, please stop talking, when you go from having 60, then moving and having 200-250 constantly then say something. I can play just fine with that, its not that bad at all you're all just not giving it a chance and want to whine like little bitches first. {{champion:32}}
: Impossible to play here in Alaska 160+ ping.... seriously riot you can do better NA is to spread out for this centralized server move. I am happy for all the people that can now play, but this is just ridiculous, so much money into this game gone until they can or if they even will find a solution for this
are you serious dude? my ping is literally 200-250 almost constantly and I do just fine.
: sooooo... you're going to be a little fucking cunt because your ping is what most of us in Texas get on a good day with good internet? Thanks for being a whiny little bitch dude. {{champion:32}}
and along with that, my ping hasn't moved at all, so it's still hovering around 180 with that.
: That colour coded ms chart you have is so incorrect i am in Manitoba canada and i got 53 MS and its honestly right above Chicago, and with this move i got 100ms instead of getting my ms reduced to 43 which it should be at. This server change fucked a lot of people in Canada and all my friends that got 60ms now have at least 90 ms GJ with yet another mess up for canadians. I also got Shaw communications so i got one of the partnered ISPs you preferred
sooooo... you're going to be a little fucking cunt because your ping is what most of us in Texas get on a good day with good internet? Thanks for being a whiny little bitch dude. {{champion:32}}
: How to unlock your Mystery Champion
sooo.. have the skins been rolled out yet or wut? cause doesn't it say BY July 1st?
: lf someone to duo silver or higher
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speccs (NA)
: LFM pool party boost ill invite you dont send me invites
: Need one more!! Normal 5v5. Post your ign
: > [{quoted}](name=Numbah T,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=6m2rXcdv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-22T12:55:33.917+0000) > > I'm silver 5, i dropped from silver 2 within a month time with a 20 game losing streak, i can help with your adc problem Do you use Skype as well?
> [{quoted}](name=Craven Squash,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=6m2rXcdv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-06-22T12:57:36.427+0000) > > Do you use Skype as well? yes i do, sorry about that, i work long morning shifts and sleep.
: I want to start a rank 5
Hi, i'm a member of the team, former support, he's been off for awhile, he left about 6 AM eastern time, he should be back on in a couple of hours. Give us a little bit to decide what we're doing if you haven't already found another team. Thanks
: [LFP] Silver/Gold
I'm silver 5, i dropped from silver 2 within a month time with a 20 game losing streak, i can help with your adc problem
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you can add me if needed, silver 5 adc/support main
: I want to start a rank 5
i can play anything, silver 5, just whatever is needed
: Looking for a ranked team to join
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