Manxxom (NA)
: Nothing in league is OP compared to this.
Bruce Lee could stand in the middle of a MF ultimate and deflect ever shot with one of those The pentakill the enemy team
: Does Garen R still create a wave across your screen?
C9 Scott (NA)
: The year is 2025.
This man has seen the future
Horızen (NA)
: I get the text, but I don't get the image. What?
well, think of what you would do if presented with that. do you hit the gas, or do you stay at the intersection? the green and red light at the same time represents "uhh what the fuck do we do" cause if you pull karthus, who is squishy, youre gonna kill him. at the same time, hes fed, has his passive and all those abilities. so theres a good chance he'll kill your whole team if you pull him. so basically, do we pull or not pull, what the hell do we do in this situation.
: i doint get it
Karthus is squishy. But his passive, and the fact hes fed means that while they could kill the fed karthus theres a high chance they will die for pulling him. Hence the red and green stoplight symbolizing "what do we do".
: There's so many dmg that even Nauti and some other engagers do too much burst to squishies
i had a guy go full damage nautilus a while ago. you saw him ult you and you went "welp im dead nothing i can do". his AP scalings are pretty high for his ult and Q.
: That or the enemy flashes it. Some people have those reflexes to dodge sudden malph ults.
I think it's less about reflexes and more about anticipation and reading. At least, thats how it is for me. If Im making a beeline for my tower and malphite is coming, you can bet your ass Im gonna be hovering over flash because theres no way hes gonna let me get away, especially if the jg (or they are the jg) is there too. Also if youre at relatively low health or your team is bunched up, you can expect an ult. Though his mecha skin also has an incredibly loud activation sound, which can also give it away. Humans tend to react faster to sound than sight. Whereas his default skin ultimate is much more quiet.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >Support: You enjoy playing Support It's hard work though.
> [{quoted}](name=PaladinNO,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=tR5WrAe3,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2019-11-09T05:15:06.091+0000) > > > > It's hard work though. > > Whos the person in between Yi and Cassiopeia???
: Please Add The Option To Mute Champion Voices
This, so much this, some champions voices just drive me absolutely insane. Ezreal, Zoe, Singed's stupid laugh, Gnar, Annie, Neeko, Yuumi. Lux...probably some others I cant think of right now but I fucking hate their voices so much. I find that annoying voices can actually tilt me and make me play worse...I want to be able to mute certain champions so much.
Riot Pls (NA)
: Future Stories
What is Aurelion up to now?
declouxa (NA)
: Petition to Bring Dominion Back
Some of my most fond memories of this game were in dominion.... Crystal Scar's theme makes for some truly nail biting intense fights, especially when its down to the wire and each time is fighting to win with like 300 points to go...
Tharasian (EUNE)
: Time for Riot to join #TeamTrees!
Something tells me Tencent couldn't care less about planting trees
: What do you guys miss most from league?
dominion / definitely not dominion and the old runes and masteries system i guess. while the extreme price of runes back then was just dumb i liked the mix and matching you could do. gold gain runes were great... some of my fondest memories of this game were on definitely not dominion, some extremely nail biting matches, everyone having fun, people trying to backdoor, people pushing caps, people trying to flank...god what a time that was.
: What Legendary Skin did you get
Project Vayne, could be worse I guess. I don't play Vayne though.
: "ugh another useless drake"
IMO: Infernal: More damage is always good. Often the most contested drake since people want them damages. Can help you catch up or make you fall even more behind because you lose the teamfight and the other team steals it and gets even stronger to secure their lead XD but, is simple, everyone likes being able to kill the other team/minions/camps faster. Also psychological value from having bonus damage. Mountain: My least favorite drag, even though it has it's uses. I feel like it shines the most during laning phase; if you can make some really good pushes, mountain drake can really help you put some dents into their tower plating for some extra cash. Breaking the plates faster also means you can get out faster and not put yourself at as much risk of being ganked by the jungler. A mountain drake or two can also significantly speed up killing dragons/baron/herald, but mountain drake has the least utility out of all of the drakes IMO, only working against towers and large camps. Again, it can be useful...but I never find it to have as much impact than the others. Maybe Im weird. At least it's the easiest drake to solo, since it attacks the slowest (but also is the tankiest) Cloud: Always nice to have, though it's a pain in the butt to kill solo/early since it attacks so much. Movespeed is a fairly rare commodity, at least in large amounts in LoL, the biggest permanent source coming from boots (not counting ghostblade since its just a burst of speed and not active all the time). Helps you with getting back to lane or moving around the map to split push or counter splits, escaping, dodging skillshots, gap closing...movespeed is always a nice thing to have. Ocean: Personally my favorite drake, especially if you get one early. Unless your opponent constantly over-extends and tries to poke you down, you'll basically have constant HP and mana regen in lane, making you an utter pain in the ass to deal with, as you can just back off and regen a bit. Makes you a whole lot harder to force a back unless you get all inned severely, which means your opponents will be spending more resources to try and kill you. If you can stack two or three, your team will basically recover all of their HP after a teamfight, meaning you can continue to push towers and objectives instead of backing. On top of that, it only deactivates against champion damage, so it helps the jungler clear camps too.
: Do you still enjoy this game?
When everything goes right, yeah... Otherwise there's just so many things going on right now that can kill my enjoyment. I've found myself playing a lot more CS GO to satisfy my pvp fix now, because as many issues as that game has, whether its bugs or smurfing, the developers aren't needlessly buffing some weapons to be disgustingly strong just so they can have some big pro plays :v
: All my concept skins
Id ask for Thunderlord Aurelion but I cant stand playing my main anymore x.x
: Confession, I eat chips just like this, I never use salsa or guacamole, I just eat the chips. Have I gone rouge?
> [{quoted}](name=AIQ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=eE397g4g,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-25T13:52:35.904+0000) > > Confession, I eat chips just like this, I never use salsa or guacamole, I just eat the chips. Have I gone rouge? i applaud thee, for I too, eat tortilla chips plain as I have a dislike of salsa and guacamole. Take myupvote, fren.
: Aurelion Sol rework feedback
"For a completely new player maybe, but he/she will quickly realise that there are champs who can do the current Aurelion's job but far better. For an old Aurelion sol player , definitely not.... his unique playstyle is gone, now he is just one from the many." Pretty much summed up all of our bitching right there. His early game is terrible and his late game is...workable. But there's far better options out there if you want to burst someone down. And we don't want that because he was never about bursting people down.
: Ex-Rioter Stellari on the Divide between Unpopular and Popular skin sales
Well, are they saying great from a Riot perspective or great from a player's one? Cause the two seem to be very very different which makes it hard to determine anything
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=L Psy Kongroo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Mz3MPyLb,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-09-04T19:32:02.494+0000) > > What are your thoughts on Genghis Khan? Guy was a brilliant military tactician and technologist for the era, but a _brutal_ warlord and tyrant. Yea not much else to say besides that o.o
> [{quoted}](name=Bazerka,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Mz3MPyLb,comment-id=000e0000,timestamp=2019-09-04T19:35:44.650+0000) > > Guy was a brilliant military tactician and technologist for the era, but a _brutal_ warlord and tyrant. Yea not much else to say besides that o.o Should you ever have some free time and like learning about history, check out their series (this is the first episode) on Genghis Khan, from childhood to death. It's quite interesting to see how he turned a bunch of loose tribes of barbarians into an empire. And while the series does perhaps downplay the bloodshed he caused, it's actually rather eye opening to see how he accomplished such loyalty amongst those under him, and WHY he did what he did, like how in one of the later episodes they discuss how he changed the looting system (basically every man for himself, loot what you can when you can, even at the cost of the raid maybe failing) to distributing all the loot at the end of a raid, so everyone gets their share, and allocating loot for wives that lost their husbands in battle (ensuring that what happened to his mother would not happen to any other families) Its a really good series. I think most people have this stereotype that Genghis Khan just killed for the sake of killing, but he actually did pretty much everything for a reason.
: How do I beat Garen
Learn to control the minion wave well. Get good at last hitting and knowing when to push the lane (going to back to base) and let them push (jungler on their way) His passive makes him regen hp if you havent hurt him in a short while. If you damage him in an engagement poke him with auto attacks to reset the timer. If he runs off just leave him unless you are absolutely sure you can kill him and the enemy jungler isnt on their way. Garen wont leave lane much due to his passive and the fact he has no mana to worry about to force him to back. Just play it safe most of the time. Try to freeze the minion wave (kill them enough so that the next wave isnt too close or too far from your turret) and keep your bushes warded. If youre very intent on killing him try to chip him down with short engagements and poke him with auto attacks to keep him from healing. Garen needs time to deal his damage through his spinning attack (E) so attack him after hes used it. His Q will silence you and stop you from using abilities so also poke him after he uses it on minions. If you find yourself at low HP get out of there. Garens ultimate deals more damage the less HP you have so if youre at less than 1/3rd hp theres a good chance he will all in you even under turret as hes tanky and fast enough to get away. Also as tempting as it can be, if you know youre gonna die and he ults you resist the urge to use flash. His ult is unavoidable and you will just waste the spell and still die. Flash before he can get you too low. Hope that helps a bit. Im on mobile so i cant be very in depth rn.
Rioter Comments
: The Dragons of League of Legends
i like wind dragons yasuo hair
: The Dragons of League of Legends
water dragon is still good tho :v i find that the buff is quite useful for staying in lane a bit longer or recovering after a teamfight.
: While Riot is busy removing large parts of their game like 3v3 map
I tried to get into dota after a few years of playing league. dota feels like it has some...very odd design choices. i feel like league is nicely streamlined compared to dota, and also has higher polish in some aspects, namely champion design and voices and stuff like that. i just couldnt stick with it. it felt so ....dated? its a shame because LoL is kinda falling apart...dota being the closest thing i thought id be able to move over to but i just didnt enjoy it
: Bring back the uniqueness that old runes provided
just gimme back gold gain seals and quints xD
Xavanic (NA)
: the problem is riot severely overtunes the numbers of high skill champs for some reason...which is honestly just bad design...i can understand giving riven a bit of a dmg edge over say...diana....but right now its ludicrous....riven is doing 500 dmg level 1 with a single combo..which she can pull off within 2 seconds because of her animation cancelling, she does have counters, but as of right now...riot needs to be a little less generous in terms of numbers on high skill champs
> [{quoted}](name=Xavanic,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=F4ztpt1j,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-15T23:20:23.169+0000) > > the problem is riot severely overtunes the numbers of high skill champs for some reason...which is honestly just bad design...i can understand giving riven a bit of a dmg edge over say...diana....but right now its ludicrous....riven is doing 500 dmg level 1 with a single combo..which she can pull off within 2 seconds because of her animation cancelling, she does have counters, but as of right now...riot needs to be a little less generous in terms of numbers on high skill champs i dont play riven so idk if this is a dumb thing to say but would removing animation cancels for her make fix the problem?
: Nah man. Just make another kaisa skin. It should fix riven.
> [{quoted}](name=letsfeedtogether,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=G4eMOXIs,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-14T20:15:45.705+0000) > > Nah man. Just make another kaisa skin. It should fix riven. could always change a single thing with old mordekaiser, I mean every bug is because of old mordekaiser according to vandiril xD... if only he was still around to cause bugs
GenoXx (NA)
: How would you all feel If CD Project Red were to offer making a game out of League's lore?
Hard to say, as much as Id like to see a story based game set in a universe like LoL, at the same time I feel like LoL is very fractured with it's lore, and that while there is something to build off of, it would probably be easier at that point to make an entirely new IP. Runeterra is a big place and I don't know how you'd make it feel like it takes place there without leaving anything out and have a meaningful, connecting story for it all. Like do you focus on just Demacia and Noxus, or do you risk having a shallow ocean by trying to cover every region and their own wars and events going on? And there's of course going to be the inevitability of people being unhappy that their favorite champion doesnt show up which again I feel like is why it'd be easier to craft an entirely new IP instead of trying to shoehorn everyone in and try to connect them, which is pretty much what the old LoL lore was with the Institute of War. You could have a few people show up but having them all be connected to the story would be a nightmare to design. It would probably be easier to just have some cameos or gear based on champions show up, ie Yasuo's sword legendary loot or something.
: 650,000+ people have signed to storm Area 51
700 000 people won't show up to storm Area 51, as amusing as it would be to see the guards stationed there just stare on blankly at the mass of people. You can sign up with next to no effort. Actually traveling there? That costs money. Potentially dying before you even get to see what's in there? Not something I think the vast majority of the people on the internet who signed up are going to do. While I have my doubts that the guards stationed at Area 51 are as heartless as North Korean border guards, and that I do not think the people stationed there could ever live with themselves if they gunned down tens of thousands of (stupid) civilians, there's no doubt in my mind if someone's gonna get hurt if this even gets anywhere near remotely off the ground, if it's not stopped outright before people can even get close to Area 51. The whole place is landmined. A weird part of me is just kinda curious what it'd look like though, seeing that many people storming a military base, which is unheard of in history, real army or otherwise.
: Why do we have to go to League of Legends Wiki to read champion abilities?
It'd be fucking nice for sure. So many champions have things that aren't explained in the limited descriptions of the ability videos in the client. It's honestly mind boggling. For example for Syndra's ultimate, the way it is presented in the client makes it seem like only the three spheres around her are thrown, when in reality it's any created spheres as well. Nor, IIRC, does it explain what Irelia's marks do (refund cooldown if Q is used on marked target) Honestly it just needs a big update overall. Some of the descriptions are flat out wrong. Especially the ones that list ultimates as doing "massive damage". I think it would be very beneficial to update the videos and descriptions with more in depth info like scalings, damage type, damage per each level, etc.
: here i am still wanting Dominion back
I wasnt around early enough to play dominion but I played Definitely Not Dominion and some of my most fun matches ever were in that mode. I absolutely loved those down to the wire moments and the music in the map is really really good for hyping you up. I loved sneaking to the enemy base and yoinking their gem to spawn a super minion...ah good days
: What's the most evil thing you've done to win a game?
how evil is it to lie to a team of new players who ask you to go easy on them? cuz i told them what to buy. except it was all the wrong stuff, told them to not follow recommended constantly invaded jg and when they asked where their camps went i said that it must be a respawn bug. kept the kills rather tame so they wouldnt catch on but i mean telling a new adc to get steraks, jg to get crucible, midlaner to get ohmwrecker, top lane to get redemption and support to get guinsoos as their first item is pretty fucking dirty i think
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Madjack01 (EUW)
: I never understood why people ask for an old champ.
I always liked the old characters in video games since they tend to convey a sense of power and experience. That old age doesnt necessarily mean frail and weak.
: There is a bug on yas's windwall right now half the time shit will just go thru it.
> [{quoted}](name=ORB1TS,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=fYd5VMbq,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-05-16T19:49:23.822+0000) > > There is a bug on yas's windwall right now half the time shit will just go thru it. can confirm...was fighting a lux and at some point her spells just went right through. was using blood moon skin, dunno if it matters
TacoBrain (EUW)
: On Nagakabouros, Celestial Bridges and Star Dragons
Really cool and interesting read. And for the curious, this tops out at 10598 words, and 61448 characters.
: Yasuo is Unhealthy for the Game
Yasuo is my most played champion right now, mostly because he's more consistently safe pick than playing my 2 season main, Aurelion Sol, or at least that's how I've felt for a while. He's either very good or very bad, which I don't think is healthy. This results in him being banned a lot because people don't want to gamble on it. Well, that amongst other issues. Another big problem I think is that he's quite strong alone; but if you have anyone with a good knock up on your team, his power grows exponentially. Malphite comes to mind. Maybe making him unable to R off of allies would be a healthier change? I'm not really sure how they would go about changing him. I like how his Q is right now. Tornado from a sword swing is really cool. While it lets him stack damage really fast he has to push wave to do it, and frankly tornado is kinda easy to dodge. I feel like changing this you would want to look at it's range, cooldown, and damage. Maybe more emphasis on comboes like Ryze in order to make it less ...well, easy? Since right now it's just Q-Q-Fire. Maybe holding down certain buttons would change property of Q third stack, I dunno really. A lot of my ideas probably arent so balanced. Windwall is pretty iffy. Can be a complete engagement changer, like how it blocks Ornn R or crucial stuns/slows etc or big damage like MF R. I feel like putting his shield passive into windwall would be better. Windwall consumes shield passive and blocks damage based on shield passive consumed before breaking, size and health of wall increases with level. Or maybe blocks a certain amount of hits like Yoricks wall. E is probably what people hate most about yasuo aside from windwall. Unable to run away from him if you get minions nearby, and you have to be very careful of how close you are to minions during laning. Maybe add a limit to dashes, like 3-4 dashes that recharge. This way a yasuo needs to commit to a kill and cant disengage easily if they get cocky and bite off more than they can chew. So they wouldnt be able to dash up through a wave, if they see enemy team coming they cant dash back through the wave. R is another big point of contention I think most people hate the tower protection most. I think personally it would be better if they turned it into a very fast dash instead of a blink, so you dont just mash R when you see someone getting knocked up by Q, so you have to aim it. Im not really sure what to do about the armor pen passive. I feel like it should be changed but I dont know to what. Maybe small amount of raw or percent damage of some sort but not 50% armor pen. Maybe even AoE basic attack while its up but Q is already AoE. I think more emphasis should be placed on it's damage instead of it's utility, but that's just me. But like I said earlier make it so it doesn't work off of friendly airborne. I know people dislike high damage game right now.
: I'm tired of hugging the tower while Zed gets to free farm and harass me endlessly for 10-20 minutes
Biggest issue is that he has quite a lot of range as well as damage, so you just fall further behind because you get zoned off. Even if jungler comes by its not a guaranteed gank cause of W and if he uses R theres a good chance at least one will die if ignite is up. I dont really have issues with his kit aside from him a gap closer, escape, and damage, lets him dive easy..
SnupRawr (NA)
: When i see the balance team eyeing my main:
They don't tend to poke Kindred, Aurelion Sol, or Yasuo much as far as I can tell. They don't receive huge changes anyways, biggest ones that come to mind were Kindred's W heal, Aurelion's Q change and Yasuo R stuff.
: Me: I'd like to play a normals game with my friends today!
I hate it when people use the excuse of playing blind/draft as justification to do completely troll things that ruin the experience of others. "Oh calm down lol we lose so what it's just normals" Doesn't mean I like it when I lose after wasting half an hour of time...
: Imagine if riot put their champs as guest chars in soul calibur, MK, and smash?
iiCOMAii (NA)
: League is disgusting to play now, even when all I'm trying to do is have fun I get stressed out...
Im that one person who enjoys playing LoL because of the the characters I like to play and less so the game itself (how I've always been since starting a few years ago) I really enjoy their characterization and there arent really any other games out there where you can play as a space dragon or a tornado-launching samurai (at least i dont think so?)
: Top 10 Anime Betrayals
I had a situation similar to this, malphite got big knock up, 3 targets, and just as I hit R janna knocks up a target closer to me, and ult goes after them instead
Rioter Comments
: If you're going to do missions like Odyssey, add a group finder.
They shouldnt have made the mission "everyone needs to have X augments or less" it shouldve just been you.
: @Riot about their Odyssey missions.
Yep. More or less. I cant even clear the difficulty either because the 2 augment people gimp you so bad
: Dem sneaky Riot are at this again
im kinda sad now cause the skin isnt as good as i thought it was gonna be :( no new voicelines
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