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: When you think you survived that fight, but you forgot about Vlad's ult
: You are now on a date with your highest female Mastery Champion
"So sure you wanna go through with this?" {{champion:45}} "KNOW THAT IF THE TABLES WERE TURNED I WOULD SHOW YOU NO MERCY."
: Do u still call twitch's E expunge?
Twitch has been my favorite champ for 3 seasons now, so yeah, i find myself saying expunge a lot too. Old habits die hard I guess.
Alëk (NA)
: Never forget this one time. Perhaps literally one of the scariest and exciting moments of my time playing league. I had just stolen the enemy jungler's red buff. Then started backing right in that chicken bush (mid had went mia and i was scurred). Their jungler (wukong) literally came and stopped right in front of the bush i was hiding in to message me "you douchebag you took my red!!" I was just sitting there crying. He walked into the bush just as I finished recalling lmfaooooooooo and this guy raged so hard i thought he'd d/c. Was so memorable.
Back when I just got Olaf 2 seasons ago, I counterjungled the Aatrox's red and once he noticed he just said the words "Dammit Olaf". Sometimes something so simple just feels so good.
: Good Sportsmanship Day: If you received the clasped gauntlets icon for good behavior, use it today!
I wondered where this icon came from. Nice gesture of Riot to send it to us, it was a nice little unexpected surprise!
: Disco Heat's an asshole.
Yeah, he's an asshole for occasionally breaking the meta, doing his best, and exposing people who act like self-entitled children when someone dies once and forever ruins their games because they didn't go 100/0/100.
: Hand out pain like candy eggs with Cottontail Fizz
{{champion:105}} Nyeeeeeeh *munch* what's up, Doc? {{champion:36}}
LaceUp23 (NA)
: When someone is trolling: YES
Because fighting cancer with cancer works so well.
: Defending A Tower Alone
{{champion:90}} is about to use Voidling. Switch champions? Yes/No
OniBee (EUW)
: For the MJ fans
Well TF is a...SMOOTH CRIMINAL. I'll see my way out.
: Top Lane Tahm Kench vs Gnar
Ah, Lulu and Twitch was my favorite Rito Film {{champion:117}} {{champion:29}}
: The bug i see here is that you're using it on minions.... you're that kind of soraka.
1 - Who said I played him support? 2- I did say it was a BOT game.
: [GAMEPLAY] Garen spin not cancelled by Tahm Kench Devour
Garen's spin isn't cancelled by ANY form of CC, including polymorph. Fairly certain that it's working as intended, as it's a non-channeled ability similar to Fiddle's ultimate (after the channel of course) and Swain's ultimate.
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: Mysery Champ Day! (or skin otherwise) Still Waiting
: Eemo Teemo
{{champion:17}} Crawling in my fur These shrooms they can not peel Nice art by the way.
: The Star Guardians
Wasn't there a joke way back when where someone at Riot wanted a Magical Girl Cho'Gath skin?
Rew711 (NA)
: He deserves that hat he wears. I'll take 5 if no one minds.
: ++The Gifting Fairy++ (NEW THREAD)
IGN- YingYangYoshi Skin- Outback Renekton Honestly, pretty cool of you to do this for folks. Wish I could contribute too, but college kinda leaves funds to the wayside :/
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: When Lee Sin misses his Q
That boy ain't right.
darkdill (NA)
: Suggest skins that you know Riot won't make!
A legendary {{champion:33}} skin that turns him into a fast-talking car salesman.
: The next League band
I just want {{champion:33}} to star in an MJ cover band just so I can hear him say "{{champion:1}} are you Ok?"
: Pool Party Urgot
He reminds me of that fat tourist from Lilo and Stitch who never got to finish his ice cream before it fell off the cone. Silly, but interesting idea.
: Which two champions would make the worst married couple?
{{champion:115}} and {{champion:18}} For sure. Sure, they'd be explosive in bed. And in the car. And the park. Hope they have good insurance.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
i may get miffed sometimes when people act like jerks to others, but I think my chat is fine. I'm alright with seeing it here.
: The Doom Bots of Doom have come
Just won our first Doom Bot match. You know something is wrong when a Fiddle that can ult from anywhere is less terrifying than the small child with a MASSIVE bear.
: Whole point of Twitch's Q is kinda to ambush enemies, not really meant to be used when your out of position as a way out.
I agree with you on that point. If you can't kill Twitch within the 6 second win-up time, you're doing something wrong. Hopefully this won't hurt him too bad, though. Lucian hardly suffered compared to my favorite rat {{item:3070}}
: I was so excited about this IP'd everywhere. ;)
{{champion:19}} Bad dog.
Aikado (NA)
: All the free week Zeds bringing a bad name to Zeds everywhere T.T
The unskilled Zed is the deadliest. Wait a minute...
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