: this happen to me 4 time already what do u expect
it's even more frustrating if you are in higher elo...
: I better get back my lp
Yiruma1 (NA)
: soooooo can we get our lp back?
if you guys agree with this post, please vote it so that riot can look over this
: brain cells?u think rito care about us?if u dont wana play u dont have to we got a lot of player over the world who cares about u
you sound like you are more mad than me :( explain to me
: u think this is the first time?it happen so many time already and i never had my lp back
i thought they have brain cells to give us back our loss lmao
: got demoted to p5 cuhs of a server problem
they should gift us rp and give us our lp back.
: give my 26 lp point!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;<
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