Ykaa (EUW)
: Hi James, I am refering to this bug : http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/31uem1/patch_57_bugs_megathread/cq5l3j4 It's about normal casted abilities. Before, if you had pressed Q + leftclick (holding), you could press right click and then when you release the left click, the abilities wasn't sent. Now it doesn't work anymore. It is really annoying because the people that were using this (like me) keep sending unwanted skillshots.
OK I just updated the PBE and it has been fixed. Now I guess I only have to wait for the live update.
Zee7h (NA)
: Is it just me or did LMB cancel abilities before, instead of casting them? Now as soon as I left click the ability goes off. I'm just wondering if it was always like this or if it is in my mind?
It' not your mind, or mine is going crazy aswell. I pray the lords of the league that they put it back the way it was before. If they do, it seems they won't hotfix it, we have to wait until patch 5.8....
: Recent changes to Quick Cast with Range Indicators
Hi, Will you hotfix the normal cast bug before 5.8? This bug makes the game completely unplayable for me since 5.7 as I keep sending unintended skillshots. ps : sorry for the name, account was created when euw was out of control on stability side (back in the days)


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