: that sounds awful... like something a 17 yr old girl would drink at a party
why does everyone always flame me for this im sorry i dont like beer fuck off this shit was very good i got super drunk and had a good time go kick rocks bud
: no dont be like that. look when it comes to league just use two rules if you cant say anything nice dont say anything treat others as you want to be treated. if you follow those you will be fine. you arent the only one with issues, trust me. i have genetic blood disorder that leaves me with a chronic illness, i have thyroid disease , i suffer from depression/anxiety, i have multiple sleep disorders, im anti social. and that is just barely the tip of the ice burg.
you're a nice person so you have that going for you
: > [{quoted}](name=Ymir1906,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8TVWvfN1,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2020-02-03T02:38:25.007+0000) > > aww okay i was just being wild but if you say its bad then ok. > > i was having so much fun tho :( This sounds like something a movie villain would say to taunt the hero.
i am a villain i deserve death
: well here is the thing : after 2 week ban is perma ban considered your self a very very fat boy on thin ice at the 1st of spring the wrong step will lead to death ( of your account ) you will be on thin ice for a long period of time, most likely til you get to lvl 2 honor again. so the slightest toxic, infraction , etc that is legit will perma ban you.
yeah ive been permad a thousand times i have mental problems and sometimes wish i could just die bc my brain is defective. im a defective human tbh and dont deserve to be still alive. i just wanna play league and have fun without getting in trouble why am i having so much hard time. i wish i was dead
: stealing cars and going for high speed police chases are fun but against the rules too
yeah ok. i learned to have fun tho. jusrt within the rules. normally i just get super mad when people int in my games but im gonna try to just be funny within rules. i helped us win just by entertaining the carries
: Seems like you were more joking around than actual flaming but seeing some of the things in the log, I'm not surprised the system banned you.
i should have pulled back on some of the jokes. the team was entertained but cait reported me. i accept the 2 week. i just wanted to have fun and ve funny tho. we won the game, i didnt troll or int. bummer but i learned to have fun rregardless
: What a horrible chat log. I'm not surprised you got a 14-day suspension for that. Actually, I am surprised... that it wasn't a perma, for talking about how you wished you could beat up your teammate.
aww okay i was just being wild but if you say its bad then ok. i was having so much fun tho :(
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