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: He averages less than 100 games every season except for 1, with stellar averages across the board, this is almost exactly what my gold elo smurf looks like LOL, except that its been gold for 5 seasons.
damn, so just naturally talented but chooses to not climb to diamond :/
: > feed and say nothing in chat which is super tilting Right, if they were complaining and getting into a flame war with you that would be better? Saying nothing in chat is by far the right call...
it's not a flame war i'm looking for. for instance i will type "bot chill with the dying just farm, you're playing ranged champs... i will roam" etc. but they dont want to respond and they are ignorant and do their own aggresive playstyle when the other adc has a bf sword compared to our adc having a dorans sword.
: Just looking at ur last game, u ran into a gold 1 support with a 70% win ratio that has plat 1 mmr and very few games played. Running into smurfs is not the game fucking you over lol, it happens, and unless u suddenly get really damn good, those guys are gonna crush.
TBH his mmr was high because he was in platinum for 4 seasons straight, he is definitely not a smurf.
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