: Supposing Rito uses 32 bit integers, it should be above 2,147,483,647... Even if Kills, Deaths, and Assists were on 16 bit ones, they should be at least 65,536. I suspect someone discovered an exploit or hijacked a session and sent in fake data.
QancerClown (EUNE)
: Riot, just give us more base resistances
I haven't had issues with resistances, its mainly lack of HP on some of the champs I play. The only time I've felt a real difference with resistances is one piece of cloth armor vs. Zed.
: Who are the best scaling tanks in late game?
I'm assuming this is for top lane tanking; {{champion:14}} Has his W passive giving him free HP and Overgrowth, big tanky boy, but Q can be hard to land and without ulti {{champion:516}} Free money, really hefty resistance stick, plus scales with resistance on E, good engage and utility. {{champion:31}} Free HP on Feast Stacks, Silence is super good later when everyone is spamming spells and Q for pick potential.
Rioter Comments
: prestige skins 2019
I've got 75 prestige points, but thing is, I don't like the current ones in the shop. The only prestige skin that has catched my eye was the Irelia one only because I'm an irelia player. I just hope they add them so I can actually spend the points on something I'll like.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Looks like I need to start maining Cho'gath
I used to be a Cho'Gath main after watching summit1g play Cho'Gath, I played him in top lane for the beginning, then went to jungle when tank meta was a thing, now I stick to him in top. If you play him like a bruiser, and play super aggressive, a lot of players don't know how to play against him.
: Somebody posted a KDA so high that it broke Match History.
I'm really curious what it was and how they managed it. I'm sure Vandril will post something about it on his channel.

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