: Balance Teemo please.
Teemo needs two things, a hop as his W active instead of doubled bonus movement speed and to remain stealthed for a short period (0.5 - 0.75 seconds) upon leaving a bush he was stealthed in. He just won't feel like a scout without it.
Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
{{champion:45}} Baby, where do you think you're going?
: I did a Veigar model thing.
Veigar doesn't need a rework, but he does need a VU. Pretty low priority though, IMO.
: Patch 5.15 - Teemo Nerfs, Not Buffs
Honestly I can live with the halved shroom duration, it hurts but I can see why it's there. Personally i wish it scaled with rank 5/7.5/10 minutes, but that's beside the point. It's the increased arm time that's really bugging me. 1.5 seconds is way too long, **especially** if you're going to be throwing shrooms directly into the enemy team. I don't much care if my arm time is 1.5 or even 2.5 seconds when I'm just warding objectives or placing strategic mines, but when I throw a shroom directly on top of somebody it needs to be ready to go off in no more than a second.
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: The number of times I've been yelled at for this. *support problems.
I usually end up doing this when I'm top or mid. Whenever I support my ADC is an asshole 90% of the time so I don't feel like saving his butt. It's especially satisfying when I'm Teemo, because it's guaranteed that the whole enemy team will chase after me, and then if I somehow stay out of their range I can sometimes use my stealth to hide, or perform a sick misdirection Flash+Move Quick.
: When you know you've lost a teamfight, so you sacrifice one member so the rest may live.
I find myself doing something similar fairly often. If I'm with other people on my team and we're all low / being chased by several members of the other team and it's clear that we're all gonna die, I pull a 180 and try to run past the enemy pursuers. This usually makes them all change direction, or stop to kill me. So I die but the others live.
: Why is it a good idea for a hyper carry to have a better laning phase? It makes more sense to smooth out his power curve so his mid-game isn't shit (unreliable stun means the peak of burst pressure results in less kills for Veigar, especially with reduced ratio on ult and probably being behind from early game). And his late game needs to be an actual hyper carry, especially since 40 minutes isn't always going to happen. His Q is fine, if not a design choice I agree with. But I'm not so certain about the rest of him. Least of all his E and his Passive.
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: Not enough damage on Veigar's Q to justify it being an unreliable source of damage
Actually it does a great deal of damage, I know it has average base power and only a 60% AP ratio, but Veigar get's a LOT of AP. By midgame I'd guess it does around the equivalent of an ability with an 80% ratio on somebody else. The worst thing about Veigar in his current state is his early game. His late game isn't what it used to be either, but it's right on the edge of acceptable. With a horrible early game and a mediocre late game he's not in a great spot right now. However, his extremely late game (like 40-45 minutes in) is amazing if he's been farming throughout the match.. and the match lasts that long. What he needs is to not be quite so squishy early on, or maybe some form of sustain for lane (like a mini Morgana passive).
Errastas (NA)
: There's enough of that in League already, I can just imagine what this board would look like if players had perks on abilities that bronze level players find op already.
Bronze folks often find everything OP. It's often because they don't understand an ability. Then they take the time to learn about the game, and suddenly they leave Bronze and stop complaining (as much).
Errastas (NA)
: That is because there are no item in HoTS.
Indeed, which is why I'm saying we should have both in LoL. The more customization, the better. It leads to a more varied, less stagnant, more interesting form of gameplay. I can't imagine that being a bad thing, unless you WANT everything to be overly predictable and the same every time.
: I think that would run into the same problem Kha's evolutions have that one or two are clearly the best to get everytime. For the Blitzcrank example, the lower Q cd is the best to get almost everytime, as that makes his gamechanging ability up more; while you COULD theoretically get the other 3, they are all outclassed by the lower cd (lower cost is only useful first 10 or so minutes, passive shielding more is meh compared to getting even more grabs, and W having less slow time is meh compared to just grabbing more). While the other effects could be buffed, you'd then run into the same problem (I can get lower cd on my grab...or have basically no cost on them! Early game grab spam for massive leads). You'd need to make every single effect unique and offer more than just a straight numbers buff. Which could reasonably happen, though I'm concerned about the burden of knowledge you would have then. You'd need to either A) have what perks everyone took visible before the game starts and tell the player what each chosen perk does, or B) ignore that and hope your playerbase is fine with learning what every single champions perk is and does. And B isn't very fun to play as or against, as you would be forced to play safe and find out what perks they had before you could try anything.
>I think that would run into the same problem Kha's evolutions have that one or two are clearly the best to get everytime. But is that really any different from how item builds currently work? While you can technically build anything on anyone, there's always one or two builds on each champion that are just so much better than the others that you might as well never build anything else. What Perks would do is open up more doors for champions to be viable in. For example, what if there were a later game perk for Blitzcrank where his Ultimate looses 30% of it's AP ratio, but now applies a "shock" DOT that deals 20% his total AP, lasts 3 seconds, and slows by 10%? Sure it wouldn't be used in every match, but that's okay. It would make Liandry's quite effective in situations vs tanks with lots of health but lesser MR. >You'd need to either A) have what perks everyone took visible before the game starts and tell the player what each chosen perk does, or B) ignore that and hope your playerbase is fine with learning what every single champions perk is and does. And B isn't very fun to play as or against, as you would be forced to play safe and find out what perks they had before you could try anything. A valid point, and something I neglected to mention in my original post. It would be something similar to how HotS does it. When you press TAB or view the champion screen, you can press a button to toggle between showing items and showing current perks. As for knowing which perks a champion has, yes it would be something you'd have to learn, but if you're against that you'd might as well never add anything new to the game again.
UberAffe (NA)
: Thats actually alot like how kha'zix's evolve worked I forget what levels he gets them at but at certain levels he gets an extra evolve ability that fundamentally changes an aspect of one of his abilities, although in one of his last changes they made it so that he gets all of them at some point.
Indeed they are similar, but no champion could get all of their perks in a single game. I guess it would be kind of like Kha's evolve system, but greatly expanded.
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Mitrogi (NA)
: Can we have a cute little yordle champ that negates buffs?
Maybe someone who can "dispel" a beneficial enemy buff and receives a buff of their own for doing so? Maybe the same ability could be used to dispel a negative debuff from an ally, such as a slow or a DOT. I could get behind this, they would definitely bring something now to the Rift. The ability would need to have a fairly large CD though, to account for it's usefulness and the fact that they would always build CDR.
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DoFr (NA)
: i really do like Liandry's Torment but i honestly don't feel it's worth it
Liandry's Torment {{item:3151}} is extremely potent on some champions and abilities, like {{champion:17}} Teemo shrooms, but definitely lacks that punch it feels it should have when the enemy is low. I think that the problem lies in it's %currentHP burn. Honestly, by now we *probably* have the technology to make Liandry's do something along the lines of "burns %currentHP unless enemy unit has less than 20% HP, then it burns a lower %maxHP amount", but the item is old and probably hasn't been really looked at in years.
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DrCabes (NA)
: Veigar - The Counter Mage.... That Get's Countered By Every Mage.....
**IF** they're hard set on not decreasing his stun delay further, they should considerably increase the range of his ultimate. It's a point and click, but he needs some reliability to offset his awful stun and less reliable (but honestly better for farming) Q.
: @Meddler Can Garen's W Tooltip display how much Bonus Armor and MR we are currently getting?
I think this should just be standard procedure. I mean, Riot wanted clarity this season right? Might as well start with the ability stats themselves. If it were my decision, there wouldn't be a single "x%" tooltip left by the end of the season.
: ARAM is fun every once in a while sort of as a mini URF. There's still really annoying tryhards that complain about me going movement speed Hecarim and kiting the enemy team throughout the map. Dominion isn't that fun in my opinion from what I've played of it, I feel like it could be extremely popular with some updates. 3s are something I haven't played much of but they can be extremely entertaining if you like good dueling champions or want to play a more faster paced type of game since pretty much everyone dies at level 2 I know that people run a lot of custom games with certain objectives aside from the typical kill x team Nexus to win. I don't really know many of these but I know they're really fun with the right people from what I've heard Trying new crazy off meta stuff in 5s is fun too, I played River Poppy and it was probably the most fun I had that week. Building an Ohmwrecker and being unstoppable at turret dives, and I even played full AP Poppy which for whatever reason is so overpowered. Or at least I think it is considering one of my first games I one shot a full tank Renekton while his ult was up If you're simply not enjoying League I feel like taking a break for a month or two will help. There's a lot of other games and I think you'll eventually find one you like. Personally I might take a break for Heroes of the Storm as it looks fun and I don't want to exhaust the funness of league
I love playing oddball things like AP Poppy and AP Rammus. I find them to usually be a refreshing change from the meta. That is, unless you get stuck with a couple of negative Nellie's and you end up getting your ass verbally and physically handed to you... Also I looked up on the Poppy Wiki, just by numbers and the fact that you'll need to AA between Q's AD Poppy looks stronger, but if you built a Luden's then that extra burst probably helps a tun, eh? I might try her with Luden's.
: Arcane, im sorry you feel this way & i share you pain... [Then Click This To Sign The 2015 PETITION To Make Ultra Rapid Fire a Permanent Game Mode On Change.Org](https://www.change.org/p/league-of-legends-make-ultra-rapid-fire-a-permanent-game-mode-2015) i used to play LoL on all game modes all maps, [Twisted Treeline] - has gotten better but it requires map awareness, however some champs can carry the game. zyra plant warding is really strong [Summoners Rift] - love the changes but its STILL JUST SLOW. {{summoner:3}} [Dominion] - is alot of fun, games arnt as long, you start with more gold all 3 ability's, not so focused on killing minions as it is team fighting & objective control but bots are in that game mode & sadly are better then most human players however its easy to bug them out and make them derp out so you can kill them i hate to even recommend trying a new game, no one likes to change to a new MMO, MOBA, because they have made so much progression with so much time invested, i know im like that with world of Warcraft and thats why i dont play any other MMO too much time invested into it smite - give it a try if you haven't i dont play it personally anymore but it requires more skill load times & game play are faster, and it has more game modes then you can shake a fist at, idk if your a blizzard fan but Heros of the storm is still in alpha, not sure if you could get in but i did its alright, i dont like the fact you dont buy items or it requires ALOT of objective control but if you could it would become 2x more in depth then any other current moba & would make builds and game play much more interesting i am also struggling to play LoL this is my story & how i feel everything is slow, i can count my enemy's cooldowns in my head without a problem, know when and when not to engage, wards and watching my enemy movements only prove a gank is inc i have quit LoL 2 years ago because i didnt find it fun anymore, when i heard about URF 2014 i decided to play it again. it was the most fun ive ever had playing any kind of moba. when they removed it i played for a week or 2 then quit. it wasnt fun anymore... i was depressed for awhile thinkn id never ever see that kind of fun anywhere in a game. then this year came around, a friend linked me something about "NURF" i was a joke as soon as as i read it. it just made sense that that was the april fools joke and URF would really be 2015. i downloaded the client made sure all my patch's were done. and played 2 games before urf dropped...i could not even explain how anxious i was for it to drop i had so much fun this year i played every chance i got for as long as i could because i knew it will be another year before i can enjoy this game the only thing i can compare this too is the fighting game marvel vs capcom 2, [Normal- normal speed playing] - you play this for so long it becomes no challenge you have just become so fast at reacting [Turbo- increase speed playing] - you move to this mode & its a whole new game on a whole new level, it changes how you should combo how you approach situations
> idk if your a blizzard fan but Heros of the storm is still in alpha, not sure if you could get in but i did Yeah I actually got into the HotS beta a while back too, I find it really fun to play it just lacks any sort of Rune/Talent page system as well as any sort of items. As a result it's fun for a while but with the extremely tedious grind to get more Heroes I find myself getting bored rather quickly at times. It just doesn't have the customizability of LoL. I do love certain things about it, I often play Stitches and Anub'arak. I don't know exactly HOW I got into the beta... I just opened my email one day and "Oh, cool, a Beta key from Blizzard". *Oh, and it's in Beta not Alpha anymore, it's actually close to official release
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: What are u talking about? I never heard different voiceover.
I'm pretty sure Pulsefire Ez has that, but I could be mistaken.
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: wait a sec, isnt his q the blind? that should proc the effect
Yeah it's been a long day D: I was putting Q instead of E for a little bit.
: idk about the whole fizz thing, but brands passive is a damage over time spell thing, not coming from an auto attack, so thats why it would do that. its sorta like a spell
Ah, I was referring to Teemo E when i said "coded as an on-hit effect". After rereading I can see how you'd read it differently though, ill fix it.
: Maybe Fizz's W is somehow coded to act as a spell and not an on-hit effect? Brand's W is something that procs from his spells, so it's not an on-hit effect, while Teemo's E is proced by basic attacks and is an on-hit effect. Fizz's W might be coded to function as a spellcast for some reason.
Maybe, I would assume it to either be that or just that Teemo's code for ~~Q~~ E (not Q, d'oh) is significantly older and doesn't support things like Luden's. Although on the Wiki both are listed as on-hit effects, so I dunno. Pretty lame either way though, imo.
: please. teemo is powerful enough. we dont need it on that too. (plus, it wont proc from autoattacks, cause even if it is an ability, it is a passive. there is no activating it. i had it explained to me a while ago by someone, i forget exactly how it works, but i dont think rito is gonna change anything.)
But it's a passive in an active ability slot. Brand's actual passive even procs Luden's. Teemo's E is even coded as an on-hit effect, exactly like Fizz W while passive.
: It might be because of the range difference, though since Teemo is short range with low mobility, where as Fizz is melee range with high mobility I see no real difference. It would really only effect the laning phase, and if you get a Ludens during the laning phase your opponent has bigger things to worry about.
It would affect a lot more than just the laning phase though. His E is prominent throughout the whole game. Also, while Fizz is a melee autoattacker, his range is longer than most melee champs and with his abilities he's got superior range compared to Teemo. Fizz Q is only 30 less range than Teemo Q, and his E and R are much further. Not to mention invincibility on E and damage amplification on R. Seems much more like a slip up in the code due to it being older in Teemo's case if you ask me.
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: @Riot: Noxus Poppy's Texture Update look horrible
They probably cant get away with such obvious references anymore, hence why Noxus Poppy can't look like a KISS band member. Back when this skin was made LoL was obscure enough that it probably didnt matter or it just went under the radar. However, once Riot gained a real following they couldn't monetize such a blatant replica of KISS's signature (and probably trademarked) makeup. Thus it was removed from the store and untouched for years. Now that they're forced to bring it into the modern era, they cannot keep the signature KISS getup. It's unfortunate, but I'm sure that when Rammus gets an update his King Rammus skin will have somewhat altered colors as well.
: Zilean's passive
I like the skillshot bombs, but I'd like to see the improved in one of two ways. Either: A) Bombs move faster OR B) Bombs have a larger "pickup" radius It's just really difficult to land those bombs on opponents while they're moving around. Pickup range is so tiny. I'd also like to see his passive changed, maybe to something interactive. Something like _**"When Zilean's health reaches 20% he casts his current rank of Time Warp on himself without mana cost and without affecting it's cooldown. Can happen once every 100 seconds."**_ Or something. That's his speed up/slow for those who don't know. Or maybe _**"Every 10th/8th/6th Time Bomb creates a temporal rift when it explodes, dealing (10/13/16% AP) magic damage per second to enemies within it's radius".**_ Or even something like **_ "Upon taking fatal damage, Zilean leaves an Empowered Time Bomb where he died, exploding after 1.5 seconds and dealing 135% AP magic damage in the radius." _**Which is 50% stronger than his normal Time Bombs. Zilean has a lot of potential, and I feel like it's largely wasted as he is now.
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: Riot removed Veigars instant stun cage, gutting him. What is annie?
As a Veigar player, The solution is pretty simple. Give Veigar increased range all around, then he becomes the "longer ranged annie", albeit less reliable. Long range is pretty significant.
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: What if Singed ignored unit collision passively?(Addition to Empowered bulwark)
Ignore unit collision? He's got a big ass shield! I would like to see him push folks away, not just ignore them!
: Lesser known URF powerhouses.
{{champion:32}} Amumu. Go full AP on this guy. Once you hit 6 you can completely take over pretty much any lane with ease. Start out with {{item:3152}} Will of the Ancients or {{item:3116}} Rylai's first, personally I prefer WotA for the spellvamp recovery in lane. I usually start with my Q for the 1 second stun, higher damage, and potential level 1 cheese kills. I put a point in each skill then I level Q whenever I can. When I can't level Q, I level E. I pretty much ignore W after the first point. The CD on Q begins at around 4 seconds, but drops considerably with each rank, eventually rendering you a stuncannon. Pair that with your E, your R stun, and the fact that you're pretty much nuking your enemy, and you'll find that it's pretty fun to run around actually LOOKING for your enemies. Definitely the most entertaining thing I've done in URF. Nobody can escape you.
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: Urf mode should never be released again.
I've actually had the opposite experience. I've hardly experienced any toxicity in Urf, and the only toxicity I've seen is when someone is genuinely trolling, like a Bard that just places and rides portals all game long, or someone who deliberately walks into the enemy turret 3 times in a row. I guess I've seen people get mad when someone makes absolutely terrible bans and that comes back to bite us in the ass later (Like when we end up facing AD Malz, Sona, Zed, Blitz, and Ezrael). Generally it's MUCH lower than the toxicity in normals or ranked, though. OP, I'm not saying it's your fault, but I know from experience that if you get raged at it will affect your mood and how you play. Take a break, watch a show, and then come back to URF with a carefree attitude. It's all in how you view and react to things.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Arcaneswrath,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=23dJFhdA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-04-04T09:29:02.900+0000) > > I didn't realize that lol, I quit LoL for a while after the veigar nerfs hit. It was a sad day for all the ap burst lovers out their. Wait rito is killing ap burst mages. Veigar nerf and DFG getting removed. The new age of tanks is here.
Riot DID give burst mages some major lovin' with Luden's though. That item is amazing.
MrSc0tty (NA)
: So has Veigar now officially been slapped by the ChampUp Trademark "Fixed" sticker then?
I agree that Veigar isn't back up to par yet, but keep in mind that his E stopping dashes is still to be put into effect after they work out the bugs. I also heard something about them increasing the range of his Q by a fair amount.
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