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: Nah assassins are here to stay (so is electrocute); best get used to it it promotes strategic diversity, there's long range DPS styles and there's close quarters high risk calculated burst play styles
> [{quoted}](name=Vlad Maine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5Ztab4V1,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-07-26T08:55:28.517+0000) > > Nah assassins are here to stay (so is electrocute); best get used to it > > it promotes strategic diversity, there's long range DPS styles and there's close quarters high risk calculated burst play styles I wouldn't say that assassins are high risk nowadays, atleast the ones that are viable. The closest I can say is Rengar who needs to be upclose and personal to do his damage with little to no Mobility at the start once up on his target. Fizz has an ult and E that he can use to just kill things, Zed has an ult that gives him a free escape tool and can do a lot of damage all the while easily being able single out his opponents, even during team fights and due to the changes of guardian angels, I don't think assassins, at least physical ones, aren't as risky as before they have more ways to go in and do their damage without even doing anything risky. Its why Pyke is having a hard time, cause he actually has to spend resources and do his damage and the reason Rengar is doing well is because of him easily adapting the new runes and having the ability to quickly go in, do lots of damage, and get out using your empowered W. Assassins need more risk in their gameplay cause no one likes being one shotted cause with these champs, theres nothing they can do. When you see Zed running towards you, the best you can do is run and hope you outrun him.
Gramps69 (NA)
: Before thunderlords, electrocute, when it was't League of Keystones, masteries were very minor enhancements to champions' individual kits-- now champions are just picked based on which one can proc Electrocute, abuse Conqueror, etc. the best. See where the problem is?
> [{quoted}](name=Gramps69,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5Ztab4V1,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2018-07-26T18:37:33.948+0000) > > Before thunderlords, electrocute, when it was't League of Keystones, masteries were very minor enhancements to champions' individual kits-- now champions are just picked based on which one can proc Electrocute, abuse Conqueror, etc. the best. See where the problem is? It is a understandable complaint. In past seasons, masteries were felt like they were just enhancement to get slight edge in a match. They felt like a secondary kit that you didn't really need to focus on since champs could hold their own without them. Now, they are as important as humanly possible, so important that not using them basically makes you a troll if you weren't using them (Although the game really makes sure you were using a rune set) and often, the meta would shift, not because a champion or a class and role was changed, but rather an item and or rune was added or reworked. With that being said, I don't want the new rune system to under appreciated. It has a lot of flaws and honestly, I'm sure characters like Zed wouldn't be a pain to deal with if it was the old system, but the one thing that seperates the old one with the new one is the amount experimentation and just some interesting ways to build a champ. You could say there were some experimentation with the old runes but none of it felt genuine, as if most these runes can work with everyone which could be another reason why people prefer the old runes in that it was accessible and no matter what runes you got, not a lot changed which is fine. But I like these new runes cause they help change up champions kit into something more interesting. The one thing I wish that I never thought of until I saw a post about today is that some of these runes were more towards the utility side rather than the GOTTA DO MORE DAMAGE, GOTTA MAKE TAKE LESS DAMAGE side like how they changed ghost poro and Zombie ward, 2 runes I thought were interesting since it helped give assassins, specifically those in the jungle, more vision to work with when their trinket is taken up by a control trinket but decided that they needed more damage, cause that's what everyone needs, more damage. The runes given are more fun and interesting it allows me to play more interesting playstyles and helps the game feel more fun and exciting to see all the different combinations I can make with a champ.
: electrocute needs to disappear
Removing electrocute would not be healthy for this game. I'd be fine if they nerfed it like increasing the cooldown on it or decreasing its scaling, but champs like Leblanc, Evelynn, Lee Sin, Zed, Akali, and Talon need this rune in order to be somewhat viable. Removing this rune ruins their playability and while it won't instantly turn to the most underpower shit none to mankind, they won't considered good especially since no other runes benefit them as much as electrocute, Phase Rush gives you movement speed sure, but movement speed is nothing to an assassin if they can't kill their target with their limited burst plus its in the Sorcery path so Lee Sin and Talon would have to decide on getting lethality with 0 ways to stay alive, sustain with not a lot of damage, or survivability which is pointless for assassins whose has health a small baby puppy. Giving Conqueror to assassins implies that they'll stay alive long enough confrontations to gain the damage boost to their Auto attacks and it also implies that they'll be able to kill with only their auto attacks once their burst is gone, and there's one big reason not a lot of champs use things like predator and dark harvest: They're not as effective. They certainly give some champs a leg up thanks to their kit but dark harvest only implies to champs who can quickly go in and deal lots of damage with their AA I.E. Hecarim, Kha Zix, and Rengar. What do these 3 champs have in common? They both have ways to empower their autoattacks and have the mobility to go in and deal their damage not to mention their junglers. Can't say the same to characters like Talon whose doesn't do well in the jungle and while having the mobility to going in, his Auto attacks aren't as strong as those 3 and Evelynn who is by definition a burst mage where focusing on your Auto attacks is kind of a bad idea and with the only mobility tool being her ult can't use this properly. Predator, a tool that gives you mobility from your boots and damage to your auto attacks, perfect for characters like Rengar and Hecarim, not so for champs like Lee Sin and Evelynn. And Hail of Blades just gives you attack speed, something assassin don't really need especially since it only applies to 3 of your Auto attacks. And if your solution is to replace it with something else, let me ask you a question: What is an alternative rune to replace electrocute without it being completely more powerful or even broken than its counterpart? Assassins are suppose to deal lots of upclose damage. If you take away the one thing these champs need, which is damage, you might as well rework them from a ground up to like bruiser or duelist, cause at that point, all they'll be is a ward bot who you'll throw into fights as distractions rather than a viability. Rather taking their strongest point away from them, we need to think of weaknesses that these champs have (I.E. low defensive options, low range, often being force to confront their targets upclose, etc) and expand on those rather than destroying the one thing they're good at and making them unplayable or trying to take away those weakness and making them unfun to play against.
: If a meme is a true emotion I don't see the problem. I might be a bit biased because I did one of the most memey emotion, but it works. Will it win or even get in the top 100, hell no. Was it fun to make and am I proud of it, yes. The really well done ones will win, its just fun to meme. https://woobox.com/f4sis9/gallery/QrXHusKK1u8
While there are some memes that show off some intense emotion, not a lot do and this is where people's complaints come in. There are a lot of memes that don't detail what sorta emotion they're giving off without context to the image and while the picture may have been welldone and detail, this contest is mostly about how expressive you draw your champion and how easily recongnizable or detailed his/her/its emotion is, not the art by itself.
Tanz827 (NA)
: Champ memotion participants not following the rules >:(
You are allowed upload more than one entry as long as the difference was noticeable. This includes resubmitting your art, but with your summoner's name on it (Something I had to do during submissions), changing the facial expression or pose of your champ, or just wanting people to check out your collection of champs doing different things and showing off different emotions. The problem is that Riot didn't take the time to dispel any entries that didn't follow the rules or were past entries that a summoner redid for the 2 reasons I stated above and its easily reasonable considering the number of entries this contest have, but even then, there are some obvious "not here to actually art" ones and I didn't expect my past entries (My defective entries I would call) would appear in the pool of other entries.
: Fiddlesticks Shrug Emote (for League's Memotion Contest)
I love this one, I love the line work and the general art style and the coloring is really helps bring the image together
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: Kindred Skin
Ugh, this is upsetting. Why is such a cool designed champ being shafted to the far waste side? Not only are they not popular and getting good skins for them, but they also have been thrown out of the meta for a while now with no hope of coming back up. I do hope Riot has some sort of plan for them or even still remembers them cause it sucks that such a character is getting as much recognition as a knock off, straight to DVD film at walmart.
: Make an actually cool champion like Kled for once?
I do agree that Kai'sa is meh design wise. She just looks like your average badass girl in purple magic armor and her gameplay doesn't really change much other than the adaption mechanic of changing how your abiltities work based on items bought, but other than that, she looks like another ADC. But I wouldn't call {{champion:240}} "cool" but more "fun". I'll just go ahead say what everyone else is saying but {{champion:202}} is an example of a cool character. {{champion:240}} is an example of a fun character with a fun design, fun personality, fun lore, and fun gameplay.
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