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: Kindred Skin
Ugh, this is upsetting. Why is such a cool designed champ being shafted to the far waste side? Not only are they not popular and getting good skins for them, but they also have been thrown out of the meta for a while now with no hope of coming back up. I do hope Riot has some sort of plan for them or even still remembers them cause it sucks that such a character is getting as much recognition as a knock off, straight to DVD film at walmart.
: Make an actually cool champion like Kled for once?
I do agree that Kai'sa is meh design wise. She just looks like your average badass girl in purple magic armor and her gameplay doesn't really change much other than the adaption mechanic of changing how your abiltities work based on items bought, but other than that, she looks like another ADC. But I wouldn't call {{champion:240}} "cool" but more "fun". I'll just go ahead say what everyone else is saying but {{champion:202}} is an example of a cool character. {{champion:240}} is an example of a fun character with a fun design, fun personality, fun lore, and fun gameplay.
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