GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Ranked matchmaking is broken in Silver
If you're still in Silver after 9 seasons, that is you, not the game. I was hard stuck silver. Played only one champ and really focused, was out in a month. It's not the game, it's you. Carry harder. {{item:3070}}
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: where is the "target champion only" option?
It's "~" which is right next to the "1" on your keyboard. That is the designated binding
Joman767 (NA)
: Rito can't much help that problem but YOU can. Become a support main. Shorter queue times guaranteed
They can code 120+ champions and create ridiculous amounts of buy-able content but they can't create a more balanced system in terms of people sitting in line. . . I disagree. I play a lot of support but when you don't feel like it, a ten minute wait is a huge downer. It's still my favorite game and I'm not saying it's bad but they can certainly work on this aspect.
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Mrs Girly (EUNE)
ERROR_CREATING_FFG_ACCOUNT_NICKNAME Same issue. Riot just deciding not to address this?
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