: Let's play a game: You name a champion and I(other people are free to help out) assign it a Song
: What the heck is a Yordie? _Googles_ Ok, forget I asked.
It's actually cuz yordle was taken
: What's the story of your Summoner Name?
: [MEGATHREAD] Champions that we want in the future
I want a zaunite information broken support to be honest. Lore wise it should be very likely that the chem barons have to rely on someone for a massive information network since it would make cementing their criminal empires an easier feat. Plus, he could be some kind of rival to Urgot as he would be low-key controlling all of Zaun while Urgot murders who he thinks are the rulers. Pus, they're contrasting ideals would make a decent narrative since one guy is an anarchist trying to make Zaun into what Noxus could have been while the other is a manipulative underboss that keeps Zaun in check in his own twisted way. Gameplay wise i think he'd be focusing on one of two things. He could either be some kind of trap-setter using chemicals or some kind of character that relies on disrupting the enemy team as much as possible. This is because the trap-setter captures the idea of always controlling the map while allowing some cool zaunite gadgets that will most likely involve dangerous chemtech. Meanwhile a disruptor would capture the manipulation portion of his character as he would deny the enemy team from going through with their plans while setting himself up for victory.
: Roast your Summoner's Name!
Self-explanatory Also a Fake
Saewin (NA)
: Your three highest masteries are your waifus. how screwed are you?
{{champion:203}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:82}} Well, Kindred has a nice ass and Poppy is adorable, but man all that metal is gonna hurt
: NEW JAX Skin
Icathian Jax Janitor Jax Gentleman Jax Definitely Not Jax Traffic Cop Jax Beast Hunter Jax\ Blood Moon Jax Would all be great skins tbh
tysup (NA)
: Braindead champs that will get me to silver
Azir, y else would rito nerf him, kappa
: Good Name for Bard One-Trick?
: Why is Poppy getting nerfed while Jayce isn't?
And Poppy is strong in pro play, sadly :l
1337JMAN (NA)
: Sentences Only League Players Will Understand
tonektar (NA)
: Pirate Lulu skin
New Quote: > Yep, that tasted like Booty! {{champion:117}}
: Canadian Kled
Make it an expensive skin through new VO making Kled the nicest champ in the game.
: Blood moon Kindred
Rito please, make this my reason to keep playing Kindred even after the nerfs.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Legendary skin concept: Hair Removal Singed
{{champion:20}} Gonna be the biggest red rocket you'll ever see
Serferox (NA)
: Idea: Kled's third ability while unmounted
Hb he drinks it instead, giving him even more movespeed since I think that fits his character better.
: Sneak Preview on Yin - Yang Kindred Skin idea.
: {{champion:99}} Garen is my brother you sick fucks.
As the internet likes to say, "Incest is Wincest."
: Nevermind, I found one. > [{quoted}](name=Glory ln Death,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=G93EBIXF,comment-id=00040001000000010002,timestamp=2016-10-09T16:46:09.984+0000) > > Noxus Poppy: They saw this picture of her: > > https://i.imgflip.com/1c1g3p.jpg
Ahhh yes. Poppy fanart, things that make me question my moral compass.
: {{champion:78}}: "I knew I wasn't the hero. I mean, look at this fan art, what Demacian hero in thier right mind does that!?"
Fertsa (NA)
: [Item Concept] Hextech Rifle
Akali + Lich Bane + Hextech Rifle + Gunblade(Your probs just gonna build it for the passive anyway)
: When someone calls surfer singed bald
Poolparty singed does not exist.
: Caitlyn Early game or Late game?
She's strong both early and late while her power kinda dips in the mid game. Doesn't sound very fair, but that's how she works.
Runner (NA)
: Could you make Whistler Village Twitch look like the splash art in game...
They're updating Twitch splashes eventually, not sure when
: No they aren't cause the System has some tolerance concidering Technical difficulties. You have to leave/dc multiple tjmes and 20 min means he already had 5/10minutes before
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/player-behavior/play-games-matter/remake says here that is it's ranked, they're flagged by leaverbuster
: Damn that sucks. But why do you leave so often that this time you get 5 20 minute leaverbusters? I've literally never gotten a 20 minute leaverbuster in my 2 years playing.
I think remakes are guaranteed ones.
Ralanr (NA)
: I think someone did the math and said her dps suffers going that route. She and twitch are the only marksman who can use the true damage proc, and both of them are more attack speed focused than burst focused.
She also loses out on a lot of damage since the true damage of duskblade scales with lethality and that's basically the only item out of all of them that she might want to build.
: Will Duskblade and Youmuus Ghostblade become melee only during Assassin reworks?
It doesen't need to. The new stat, lethality, isn't as strong as the old armor pen as it scales with level. Since adc's only used those items to boost their early game, there's no reason to get it anymore since its a scaling stat now. So crit builds are probably going to be back again
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: [Map Mode Concept] - Juggernaut Game Mode?
Too strong of a gamemode for assassins
: Watching two tanks fight each other is pretty funny to be honest
It's evenv funnier in Heroes of the Storm. I literally 1v1'ed a guy for 2 minutes
: > [{quoted}](name=RyuzaBahamuto,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=AWYXf6Uh,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-10-16T06:18:40.449+0000) > > {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} Ok you can pick poppy at least well she's kinda cute and I actually forgot her too srry m8 xD
: "Worldbreaker Nautilus"
I think Rito is implying they'll make some last minute buffs to Nautilus at the Worlds finale so, he breaks the entire thing.
: Who is the cutest Champion?
{{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}}
Neamean (NA)
: ShyaNyan
Guntech (NA)
: [why do ferryman have the same name.](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/gELuL3zd-charon-the-ferryman-of-the-blessed-isles-champion-concept)
Just a placeholder name since I don't have a better name yet
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: {{champion:78}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3009}}
I haven't actually tried that build with Poppy yet. Is it as fun as full armor pen Poppy?
: The best build to ever come across in League.
Full Ap {{champion:120}} when runeglaive was a thing.
: Agrees, as udyr you don't wanna give up either utility or tankiness for ap. Such that only makes him a utility tank, which is not the case he should be.. After the nerfs, i felt like udyr was a whole diffrent champion, in a bad way...
There is 1 Ap Juggernaut. {{champion:82}} HUEHUEHUEHUE (But he's kinda meh)
: Detailed CHAMPION CONCEPT: Ragnar the Warborn
Ult is kind of bland, E is Darius E so you might wan to to change that, E#2 is Teemo's W, Both W's are interesting. Q#1 is interesting, Q#2 is panth passive so change it, Passive is kind of bland. He seems like a juggernaut due to his lack of mobility, but he lacks any possible way to sustain through fights so, you need to add that. His ult is incredibly underwhelming for a "warborn" as Olaf screams that out with his ult better. He needs to feel like an unstoppable and skilled fighter who uses a lot of brute strength, not an idiot who just threw an important weapon away. The passive is just a stat stick and is basically a worse Jayce ult passive. Overall, he needs more work in terms of fitting his overall theme better because right now, he feels kind of underwhelming for his title
Mitcito (NA)
: Kindred Buff
Her current ult is kind of needed in her kit. She's a low range, squishy marksman in the jg. Low range and squishy does not make for a great combo since you can easily get blown up in any fights. Plus, removing most of her utility makes her even more useless when behind which is something rito has been trying to stay away from. Lastly, if the ult is removed, there would be no reason to pick Kindred over graves as he'd basically do everything Kindred does, but way more reliable due to his tankiness.
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: Lore Based Power Ladder
When Jax isn't high up on the list when his lore literally talks about how bs he is. Btw, Morde was a monster in his lore. He was unkillable since he kept getting revived and took down an entire army before his first death. He became even stronger when he became undead so, you might want to put him at least on Hecarim's level.
: What's your guilty pleasure when browsing the Boards/Reddit?
Looking at champion concepts and rework ideas
Porocles (NA)
: I'm not aware of any server issues that happened during this time. If you're still experiencing this problem, then you could be having an issue specifically staying connected to the game server. Go over our [connection issues](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues) guide to help get that fixed up. Let me know if you have any questions.
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: Name a skin line and a champ that would be redundant together
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