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: It's almost preseason
Meant to just fix a spelling mistake, not delete. Oops. Here's what I posted: Besides the spires, Skarner's kit is pretty good for the type of champion he is. The main issue is that most people, including the pros, have forgotten that he isn't an engage tank: he's an extended skirmisher. He's not designed to zoom in, steal the carry, and then be useless. He's meant to follow up on engage from a real tank in a team fight and use his ult to peel, and outside team fights he's meant to be one of the best duelists in the game. Riot has made the mistake of giving him so much cc that he can't be allowed to have decent damage numbers, or he becomes too strong. This leads to his current pro play style of being a Righteous Glory Predator ult bot. The original Skarner, the champ I learned how to play League on, was a sticky bruiser. The perma slow on his Q was a bit cancerous, but that and his ult was all he had for cc so he had to get on top of you first to do anything. Skarner was part of the juggernaut rework of season 5, but he's never really been one. Other juggernauts (Darius, Illaoi, Volibear, etc.) don't need a full damage build to be able to win. Skarner, on the other hand, does not have their level of damage unless he devotes 3 items to doing damage, at which point he gets one-shotted by anyone with burst. Skarner's not a tank. He's not a juggernaut. He's a skirmisher and duelist, and it's time Riot was reminded of that.


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