TakaDama (NA)
: "Oh No . . . Not Another Skarner Rework!"
Although I don't like his current passive, it really does allow him to clear at extremely fast speeds compared to other junglers. Paired with his shield and his stun, Skarner has a lot more health compared to other jungler after his first clear. Having bonuses such as fast clear speed and a healthy clear is optimal for junglers to gank earlier and more often, as well as invading the weaker, slower clearing enemy jungler. The problem with your proposition is that it completely destroys Skarner's early level clear advantage against his opponents. His main objective is to clear fast enough so that he can reach level 6. Although, his ganks pre-6 are strong, they aren't as powerful without his ultimate. So he needs the strong, reliable and consistent attack speed steroid to clear his jungle fast or risk being counterjungled like Nautilus in order to reach this goal. There is a reason why in every iteration of Skarner's rework, there was some kind of an attack speed steroid in his kit; whether it was on his W, Q, or his passive.
: Riot please read <333
The problem with a QSS AP item is that most mages have at least one hard CC in their kit, making a cleanse effect incredibly powerful in an all-in duel against other mages. This most likely will cause it to become a second rush item instead of niche item as it almost guarantees that you will win the all-in against your mage opponent with their hard CC negligible and mitigating some of their damage via Magic Resist. Tied in with other safe itemization choices such Zhonya's Hourglass and Banshee's Veil, to me, this makes mages too safe and would make mid lane pretty boring. Also, your recommended stats make the item pretty gold efficient and a decent second rush item. * Quicksilver Sash (1300 g) + Fiendish Codex (900 g) + 600 g = 2800 g
: Kogmaw Rework ideas
You may have overlooked this in the lore: "_This particular Void-spawn needs to gnaw and drool on anything within reach to truly understand it. Though not inherently evil, Kog'Maw's beguiling naiveté is dangerous, as it often precedes a feeding frenzy—not for sustenance, but to satisfy its unending curiosity._" Also, you underestimate Kog'maw's E too much. It actually is very helpful toward maximizing his DPS. His E is a 1280 range specialized slow with the same (or more) strength of Frozen Mallet that constantly reapplies as long as they remain in the area. This allows him to easily land a lot more W empowered auto attacks and Rs on his enemies. Upon release, Kog'maw's E was 8% stronger at all levels, but it was nerfed in patch V1.0.0.139 for being a little too obnoxious.
: (Champion Idea) Mokil
I'm sorry, but your link doesn't work for me.
: ITS LEGIT RIVEN 2.0. This shit is nothing that Aatrox was originally like
On the contrary, I feel it might be a better version of what Aatrox currently is. Current Aatrox has the following problems: * Due to the removal of the bonus AD scaling, he more than likely **NEEDS** to max W first to have a decent laning phase and sustain while reliably generating Blood Well. But it's kind of a gimmicky ability due to its conflicted purpose: either heal or deal extra damage for trades and generate 20% Bloodwell. He also may take more damage from the enemy laner than the actual heal just by attempting to gain stacks to proc the effect. (This to me feels really bad...) * His E is a decent harass tool, but has a long cooldown, the hitbox is weird, and slow strength is weak compared to other skills of the same type. If he wants to have a decent laning phase, he will have to sacrifice the sustain from his W and max this skill first. * His sticking potential kinda sucks due to his E and Q being somewhat unreliable. * His Q hitbox is awkward and causes his engages with it to be clunky and predictable. * Due to the previous two points, he tends to get kited hard and lacks reliable self peel. * His full damage output is completely reliant on filling up his Blood Well to receive the Hellbent bonus, which pretty much causes the rest of his kit to be subpar without it, especially when he revives. * He has pretty strong AD scalings to be a burst AD caster, but is gated into building attack speed and tank items to maximize survive-ability and damage in fights. This makes his gameplay quite stale and linear. * Due to his item requirements, he becomes dominant mid game, but becomes quite squishy compared to other bruisers late game. * Due to the 30% max health revive restriction on Blood Well, popping his passive in a teamfight pretty much guarantees that he is going to die shortly after reviving. Also, the attack speed bonus from Massacre does not pause while in passive stasis. ___ New Aatrox: * His new Q is a mixture between his old Q and his old E. It provides stronger, consistent waveclear while harassing opponents and provides more consistent and harder CC. * His new W pretty much his old E's skillshot hitbox that slows and (if it lands) guarantees you'll land your Q combo on immobile targets while adding a lot more sticking potential. It also aids in solving two of his greater weaknesses of being kited by enemies and not having self peel. * His new E is literally a combination of his old Q's mobility along with the passive toggle effects of his old W. His E has two dash charges that temporarily increase his AD by 15-55 (which affects all his abilities and his auto attacks) and passively heal off 15-20% of all sources of physical damage. It also allows you to reposition your Q so you have a greater chance to land the amplified damage and CC while playing mindgames with your opponent. * His new Passive is a more reliable, useful dueling tool, tank shredder, and squishy killer. * His new R has grants him a more reliable revive (that allows him to move while in stasis) that is reduceable by CDR while giving him 30 extra AD. * The rework basically changed him from an auto attack dps champion to a spell burst champion, which makes more sense in thematic context. Aatrox is the Darkin that embodies War and wields a great sword. His attacks are supposed to be powerful and cleave multiple foes, not just one target 10+ times. * The changes also allow him to diversify his build more rather than focusing on attack speed. His new rework basically takes all of old Aatrox and increases the quality of life significantly while fulfilling more of the design thematic. ___ You also claim that this champion is Riven 2.0. However, this is a half truth based on the 3 casts on his Q. Their Q's may be similar in appearance, but their playstyle and uses are quite different. Aatrox's new Q is not a mobility tool/juking tool/gapcloser like Riven's. He needs to use his E to be able to move while casting, otherwise he is stationary. Plus, he needs to micro manage his distance between himself and his targets to maximize damage on his Q, unlike Riven. Also, as far as I know, it is not an attack reset or animation cancelable, so he can't weave auto-attacks quickly in-between. Additionally, Aatrox's new Q is his primary source of damage and does not immediately reset his passive like Riven's for an enhanced auto attack. His passive has a 25 second static cooldown that is lowered by 2 seconds every time he casts a spell or lands his Q on enemy champions. Moreover, his animation speed and cooldown in-between casts are significantly longer. I feel that his fights are more focused toward dealing consistent damage over an extended period rather than short skirmishes of burst damage like Riven.
Yuvn Ti (NA)
: Yuan, The Cultist
The problem with this design philosophy is that Critical Strike items are vastly more expensive than Lethality items. Most AD Assassins invest in Lethality because it is cheaper and has a noticeable and reliable damage spike. Also, assassins need to get as fed as possible from early to mid game while the squishy enemy targets still don't have defensive items. Once the game transitions to late game, most priority damage targets will outscale assassins. Additionally, it will be harder to isolate and execute priority targets as assassins need to build somewhat glass cannon to continue to be viable and risk being bursted down and CC'd in teamfights. In order to counter this gold sink problem, I recommend inputting a damage mechanic that changes the next basic attack/skill to critically strike similar to Shaco's Backstab and Talon's Noxian Diplomacy. Perhaps make it so his basic attacks/spells debuff the enemy, and after X number of stacks, his next attack/spell on the target will critically strike (critical strike damage scaling with level).
: Concepts for a Mage Jungler and Juggernaut Support
I'm not sure what exactly Xan's idols do. Are Xan's W idols the only ones that deal damage? Would you care to clarify?
: I've found that she falls off really hard once the enemy team buys armor and stays grouped. Around the 28-35 minute mark she starts to fall off pretty hard. However, she is a POWERHOUSE from about 8-25 minutes in the game. I wonder if there's a certain nerf that would decrease her midgame power but leave her early and lategame untouched?
To be honest, Irelia's power spike usually occurs when she buys her Trinity Force tied in with Sterak's Gage. However, there is a tentative nerf to Sterak's Gage for Trinity Force users on PBE which changes the passive +50% Base AD to +50% Bonus AD, which will hurt her damage during mid-game to late. Additionally, it will make all other champions that build Sterak's Gage with Bonus AD scaling significantly stronger (e.g. Darius).
: More Hextech Item Ideas
Just my two sense, but mixing Kirchei's Shard with Hextech Revolver may get a little messy as the item needs to maintain a 40 second cooldown restriction that matches with the other Hextech items while maintaining the passive effects of both items. This is mostly for balance reasons. Additionally, I think you forgot that items do have combine costs as well rather than just the sum of the individual components. Anyway, I personally like the idea of Hextech Bow, though I'm not a fan of the build or the range enhancement. I recommend that it just comprises out of Hextech Revolver (1050 gold) and Recurve Bow (1000 gold) with a 650 gold combine cost (2700 gold total). That way, it's easier to focus on the item's passives and base stats.
: champion idea
Do you mean something like this? > https://youtu.be/YgjUv5ScRgY In this game, it's a skill called Chain Rush which deals additional damage and provides a stackable Atk. buff whenever the player successfully times the ability correctly. If so, I'll be all for it. It'll be interesting to see a champion that has depth based off of combo attacks.
nasu010 (NA)
: [champion concept] Sebian the light stalker (aspects of heat champion breakdown {1})
No offense, but there are several reasons why this champion wouldn't work or be considered viable. >##Sebian's kit is heavily overloaded The amount of utility Sebian has is insane, and needs to be toned down significantly. Allow me to list them out for you: -Passive: 20% magic damage reduction -Passive: Quasi-permanent camouflage -Q: 3 attack resets -Q: Attack speed Buff -Q: Enemy slow debuff -Q: Armor shred -Q: Damage amplifier -Q: 10 sec. Bleed -W: 10 sec. invisibility (This is unnecessary with already built in Quasi-permanent camouflage.) -W: 7 sec. Blind (No blind lasts this long and is unnecessary with stealth TBH) -E: 6 sec. Suppression (This lacks counterplay and should be removed.) -E: Mobility skill -R: Enemy knockback skill -R: 6 sec. Bleed -R: Aura that grants allies bonus AP (This has no business in an assassin's kit) -R: 8 sec. Confusion (? I have no idea what this is ?) ___ > ##Sebian doesn't fulfill the role of an assassin Assassins are designed to be naturally selfish champions that excel in quick 1v1 skirmishes, kill securing, and unparalleled mobility. For balance reasons, they are heavily prone to crowd control, are mechanically complex, tend to be glass cannons, and tend to lack significant hard CC. ___ To be honest, Sebian's assassinating capability is heavily hindered by the internal cooldown on his Q. For the most part, it's Riven's Broken Wings but with extra steps and a cooldown between casts. The internal 2 sec. cooldown heavily nerfs Sebian's ability to dish out damage in a short time frame, expanding the required kill time from roughly 1.5 seconds to over 6 seconds. 6 seconds is a lot of time for the enemy to react, escape, and lock down Sebian. Also, the ability usage is incorrect. It's actually more optimal to Aa -> Q -> Aa -> Q -> Aa -> Q -> Aa. But at this point, he might as well be a skirmisher than an assassin. ___ >Additionally, the OP's ability usage wouldn't work with Sebian's Light resource. It would cost a total of 65 Light to pull off the combo, where as, Sebian's maximum is 50. The only way Sebian can gain Light is to go out of sight within 800 range of an enemy to regain his Light. This heavily gates his kill potential. ___ >Most importantly, I feel that Sebian lacks a satisfying and significant coup de grâce in his kit. Majority of his damage output is outfitted on his Q, but that alone lacks depth. Take a look at the assassin Rengar for reference. Usually his kill combo works like this: Ult -> Activate Q -> W-> E-> Tiamat (Cleave) ->Jump Aa (with Q damage) -> Empowered Q. This happens in a span of 1 second. A more optimal damage combo would be to activate Q after the Jump Aa followed by Q enhanced auto, Aa, then empowered Q, but this gives the enemy 0.25~0.5 seconds more time to react. Rengar's Empowered Q acts as the coup de grâce here. Take a look at the skirmisher Riven's kill combo as well, she usually executes enemies with the 2nd R activation. Your champion lacks this type of final attack, and thereby lacks the kill potential of both an assassin and a skirmisher. This is due part to the W and R not offering much in terms of executing enemies but rather providing massive utility, which is usually akin to that of a support.
: Azir Small Rework
Please explain to me why the changes are necessary. I don't see the reasoning behind any of these.
: Itera, Scion of the Oasis
A heal that is constantly up and activated by moving is pretty toxic in a farming focused, sustain lane such as Bottom. There needs to be significant limitations for it to be considered balanced.
: [Champion Concept] Masquerade, the Phantom Face
To be honest, I do not think that the idea of turning into an enemy champion would work very well. Any enemy keeping track of their allies and having decent Map Awareness will be aware of Masquerade's disguise. Plus, the existence of Team Chat, death timers, target pings, the Mini Map, and shared LoS heavily nerf this ability significantly. Also, players could probably hover their cursor over Masquerade's Disguise to check if it turns into an Attack symbol to determine which is the real one.
Skorch (NA)
: Champion Concepts that we dont currently have that I would like to see.
It would be difficult for players to play Cho'Gall in LOL since it requires a huge amount of communication. There are also a lot of other variables to consider, which include trolls, the non-competitive scene, lag/disconnects, map presence, item builds, stat balance, etc.
Asterfix (NA)
: Skin Ideas to spend your money on.
Veterinarian Zed would be an awkward skin considering his V.O. lines; especially when he says the quotes: "Cut the last breath from them." and "Only the worthy will survive."
Zaphrose (NA)
: Hiesin - The Sovereign of Luck
I'm having issues figuring out how this champion plays in-game. Two skills in particular are bothering me immensely. Firstly, the E feels really out of place. Could you please explain your reasoning for this skill? Secondly, the R does not feel like an ultimate skill. It feels like a passive skill that should have been a basic ability.
: The Void Samurai - Cheng
Hello, Unknown Territory. I'll critique your concept. >###Passive: The passive is interesting, but it seems very situational and a little under-powered. Define "heavy ap damage." Additionally, 45 seconds is a long time especially for late game. I would suggest looking at Maokai's passive for reference. You may need a way to gradually lower the cooldown of the passive. Perhaps add a slight cooldown reduction every time Cheng takes damage similar to Amumu's Tantrum? ___ >###Q: This skill is very gimmicky and seems to be missing something. Try and experiment more with this skill. Either that or move the damage steroid to his passive upon taking significant ap damage, and make this a different skill. ___ >###W: I'm a little confused on how this skill works. Is it a skillshot or a targeted AoE? Do the soldiers attack a point and click target? If this skill deals as much maximum health as stated, it may be more beneficial to build this champion as a tank, which may contradict the AP/fighter aspect of the design. ___ >###E: I have no quarrels with this skill. ___ >###R: I'm not sure why you added a blind to this skill. Mages for the most part don't rely on auto attacks as their primary source of damage, so a blind would be pretty useless here.
: Support Item concept - Mana battery
Using current health seems a bit impractical. But it kinda fits due to the health regen effect of Harmony. Here's a suggestion, why not add more into the battery aspect of the item? Why not make it similar to Luden's Echo where you charge it up via moving and casting spells? Then at max charge, use the active to donate mana equal to 100+X%. (On a cooldown of course)
: Champion idea
A character that scales off of gold is an interesting concept, but your execution here is extremely flawed. First of all, never design a character to be extremely useless early game. If they don't have a chance to survive the early game, they will never make it to late game. Second, it's best not to submit an incomplete idea. Other members of the community cannot completely critique what you are trying to display here. **Design Analysis:** Your initial proposal for the passive is basically TF's passive but with extra steps. Try add something else that focuses on the "thief" aspect of the kit. Passive Part 2b is an awful idea. You shouldn't have to buy ammo from base in order to auto attack. Auto attacks are supposed to be the most reliable form of damage. Passive Part 3 should be meshed into the character design, not an upgrade. Right now, you have way too much emphasis on the champion buying things. Isn't the champion supposed to be a thief? (You know, stealing stuff?) Passive Part 4 is a terrible idea. Let me explain: 1) Level-ups are not only there to grant you skill levels, but also grant you an increase in base stats. If you don't back consistently to buy the Elixir of Skills, you will always be under-leveled. In turn, you will spend more time and lose more gold Recalling to base and returning to lane rather than actually farming... The amount of time doing this will make your lane presence significantly negligible. 2) It costs a total of 8,500 gold to get to level 18 for your champion. Sure, he can level before anyone else (especially level 2), but you need to farm to get that gold. Although you have a level advantage, not having a starting item is detrimental to the laning phase. Additionally, if you are constantly using your gold to increase your base stats rather than your items, you're going to fall into a problem. ADCs in particular need items to optimize their stats. A champion with a completed item will outscale another champion of the same class who is 2 or 3 levels higher but with no items. As is, there are too many sub-passives to do this champion any justice. You are creating artificial depth to your design by adding hindering and unnecessary passives. By doing so, you lose the identity of the thief and instead present a generic FPS gunner character. I suggest that you significantly review and limit what you have here.
Thair (NA)
: Could a support be made to give a person limited range?
Greatly increasing the attack range of melee champions defeats the purpose of kiting counterplay. Imagine a Mordekaiser or Jax permanently hitting you from 500 range with their on-hit skills or a ranged champion like Caitlyn or Ashe with farther range. That doesn't seem fair. If anything, the range increase needs to be temporary and have a hard cap like Rapid Firecannon. Instead, I would suggest the opposite; temporarily lowering the enemy's range. The closest thing to a CC like that in game would be Nearsight which lowers the vision range of a champion from 1200 units to 300 units. Players really can't use Attack Move if they are unable to directly see what they are hitting.
: Anvil The Weapon Master champ concept
I recommend that you dive deeper and expand on the idea of the "Weapon Master" fantasy. In terms of the concept, I suggest not limiting the champion's weapon selection based on the ultimate's level. Rather, the champion should have access to every weapon being able to switch at a moment's notice. Maybe the weapons can be changed via skill toggle (similar to Jayce), or on-hit gimmick, or a unique item (similar to Viktor) but with an active to switch items. <-- Maybe the item gives adaptive bonus damage that scales with level. Or maybe the champion can periodically spawn spirit weapons nearby and grab them to change weapons. Who knows? If you want to keep the ultimate level idea, you could instead use a "weapon proficiency" upgrade passive effect; which increases the passive effect of the specific weapon leveled. Then, the player can choose whether they want to invest all weapon proficiency in one weapon or be the jack of all trades, but the master of none. Remember, these are just suggestions; you don't have to do any of them. But, keep this in mind: always strive for pushing the concept fantasy to its limits. Keep questioning your design with, "Yeah, and what else?" to push your imagination and make the concept more unique. Then, you will create something truly magnificent.
Oneshøt (NA)
: [Champion Concept] Hung The Bounty Hunter
Hey DragonBoy66256 , I'll critique your Champion design. Firstly, I recommend re-exploring your lore. Right now, Hung's backstory is pretty subpar. All that it explains is that Hung is constantly in a state of unfortunate circumstance and is always saved by other people. It details nothing about his motivations or his character. The backstory mentions he affiliates with a group of Bilgewater pirates and later becomes an infamous bounty hunter, but it's just glossed over. Flesh out this story more. What significant acts did he do during his time with the pirates or as a bounty hunter? How do the Bilgewater pirates affect the character? This information is important as it adds depth to his character. Lore is an important factor in character design as it significantly shapes how your character plays. For example, is your character reckless and rushes into battle? You got Garen. Is your character a unnecessarily-flashy brute narcissist? You got Draven. I hope you are getting what I'm trying to say. Secondly, you state that this champion is an assassin. What kind of assassin exactly? Does this champion deal primarily magic or physical damage? How does this champion fight? Thirdly, I'll examine Hung's kit. ###Passive: How does he apply this mark? Is it applied via spells or attacks or both? Is it just his E? Does Bounty need to kill the target or does Bounty just need to be applied to the target to get the gold? The wording isn't very clear. ###Q: Why are there 3 levels on this skill when there should be 5? How large is the hitbox for this skill? This skill's base cooldown is way too high for this type of skill. I suggest lowering it significantly. Also, considering its waveclear potential, I suggest minimizing the cooldown refresh to 50% instead of 100% for balance reasons. ###W: Is this single target or multi-target? By itself, this ability is pretty bland. Try explore more options with this ability. ###E: When I first read the skill name, I thought he was going to be able to parkour over enemy champions while applying some kind of debuff. I'm kinda disappointed. :( Anyway... Flipping enemies over seems kind of out of place for an assassin. Usually champions that can do this are visually bulky ones that are tanky enough to get in range to do so (Urgot, Singed, Volibear). I wouldn't consider a squishy assassin to do this kind of thing. ###R: Is this skill single target or multi-target? What's its range? Does it need to be true damage? Just by itself, dashing forward dealing true damage is kind of... unoriginal. And, considering that this is his only mobility spell, you'd probably use this spell first to get to your enemies, which won't exactly kill them or be their "final strike." So, what else could it do? Additionally, his other abilities don't mesh well with this one. He doesn't have a grouping mechanic to make this skill work optimally for damage output. Consider putting one in somewhere. ___ ###Synopsis: To me, this champion doesn't really have the qualities of an assassin. He doesn't have the skill-based outplay potential that most assassins possess nor does he have the mobility. His damage is mediocre at best due to being gated by low base damage and high cooldowns for his basic abilities. Also, when analyzing his bounty hunter theme in relation to his kit, it doesn't seem to fully explore the possibility of his design thematic. Try work with this more; I'm sure you can find more interesting ways to portray this.
: [Champion Concept] Oznat, Heir Apparant
Hey Hildebrand. I'll be willing to comment on this, but I'm going to have to apologize in advance. I'm not going to sugar coat anything pertaining to this champion design because in its current state, it's a mess. >###Base Stats: Oznat's HP and HP regen are really low compared to traditional top laners. On the other hand, his AD per level is phenomenal but his starting base AD is pretty poor... Having all this extra AD is great, but damage by itself means nothing if you have no survive-ability. Most top laners nowadays have some kind of sustain mechanic and heavy harass capability. If your champion cannot survive this kind of abuse, then he won't survive the laning phase to be able to transition to mid or late game. I recommend shifting some of the AD power to his HP or HP regen or increase his defenses slightly to allow him to have a chance early game. ___ >###Passive - Unrestraint Bloodlust: I'm not going to lie, this passive reminds me a lot of Tryndamere's. But, this one is a mess. First of all, the only way this champion can reliably gain Crit Chance is by auto attacking or landing his W; items cannot contribute to this factor in any way. Secondly, all Bloodlust is consumed when he critically strikes any target or auto attacks a champion (regardless if it crits). These two factors are "bad" for a number of reasons: ____ **Scenario 1:** When Oznat is CS-ing, this become a burden, as the player will not know when the Critical Strike chance will activate. Let's say you're at roughly 70% Bloodlust and you are generating Bloodlust to get a guaranteed critical strike on your opposing laner. Instead, RNG decides to proc on a minion. Now all your Bloodlust is gone, and you have to generate it back up again. **Scenario 2:** Pretty much the same scenario as before but instead of auto attacking the minion, you auto attack the champion, but you don't critically strike. Again, all your Bloodlust is gone and you need to generate it back up again. **Scenario 3:** Oznat is attacking his opposing champion, but none of his auto attacks crit, but keep refreshing his Bloodlust which means they will crit at an extremely low percentage chance or not at all. ___ There are quite a few more bad scenarios, (especially while being grouped for teamfights) but you get the idea. Gameplay-wise, this passive feels awful and is too RNG reliant to deal damage. As for the Lifesteal/Attack Speed conversion, you never gave a ratio for it; so I cannot critique it. This passive needs to be reworked ASAP. If you want to keep the crit mechanic in the kit, you can explore the following recommendations: 1) Remove the Bloodlust consumption mechanic when the auto attacks a champion. Only consume Bloodlust when it crits. Optional: If the auto attack crits on a minion, Bloodlust consumption is halved. 2) When the auto attack does crit, make it so Oznat deals additional critical damage (based on level) or he gains a temporary burst of attack speed and a small heal or lifesteal. 3) When all Bloodlust is consumed, it resets back to a base value equal to Oznat's Critical Strike chance from his items. (This means he does benefit from Crit Chance directly.) ___ >###Q - Skull Sunder: This skill is not very interesting, it's just an attack reset that deals % HP. I know you can do better than that. Additionally, the skill is very counterintuitive. First of all, why does it cost Bloodlust to cast? This just lowers your chance to deal a critical strike and your overall damage output. Secondly, why does this skill have an AP scaling? Why would this champion ever buy AP? It doesn't make sense and only hinders the champion's build order. Thirdly, why is there an additional note stating it consumes 25 Bloodlust, when you stated earlier it consumes 15? Does it cost 15 or 25? Design-wise, this skill doesn't make sense. Thematically, this doesn't feel like a "Skull Sunder." If anything, I thought this would be stun or something that works with/amplifies crit. ___ >###W - Bloodbath: Like many of the other skills before this one, the W is counterintuitive. Maxing and spamming this spell is dangerous considering that Oznat's base HP and HP Regen. are subpar. Be careful as he might actually do more damage to himself than his laners will. As a Bloodlust generation tool, I'm pretty sure there's a better way of doing this visually and thematically instead of it being a Vladimir E that doesn't slow. ___ >###E - Unchained: This ability is very hit or miss. What happens if you are fighting a laner who has no CC? Then the skill is useless. What happens if the enemy has CC, but chooses not to use it when this ability is up? Again, it's useless. In terms of balance, this skill will need to have a high cooldown considering its utility. These qualities make this skill pretty unappealing as a smart enemy will know how to bait this skill out and punish you for it. Optional: I recommend changing either your Q or E to a mobility tool. As is, your champion will suffer immensely from being kited or harassed from range. Additionally, I suggest you move the healing aspect of this skill somewhere else. Relying on your opponent to land CC is too hit or miss. ___ >###R - Ultimate: The Abandon stack generation is unnecessary. Just find a way to incorporate it in some way into your innate passive. Why does this ultimate have so many forms? Does each form have its own cooldown? What's the cooldown on this skill? The cooldown factor is especially important to know since you don't want to waste your ult on one of its lesser forms. ___ Anyway, I'll critique each form individually: **0 Stacks:** A mobility tool, this would have been better as one of his base abilities. **1~2 Stacks:** This too could have been part of your base abilities, particularly your Q **3~4 Stacks:** This should have been your ultimate. **5+ Stacks:** This should be the finishing blow of your ultimate. ___ Overall, this skill uses alternate forms and an additional resource to present a unnecessary layer of complexity in its gameplay. To me, this is an inefficient way of designing a skill, as most of its components could have been added to the other basic abilities. ___ ###Synopsis: It's hard to completely critique this champion and fully explore the depth of its design as its thematic and lore haven't been provided. Right now, this champion requires a lot of work, particularly in minimizing its counterintuitive abilities. But there is potential here for an interesting champion design. Anyways, good luck out there Summoner!
: [item concept] Shuriman Conductor + Magimancer
Interesting take on the Tear of the Goddess build line. Just a suggestion: restrict Magic Conductor to Enemy Champion spells and attacks, it makes no sense to go OOM when fighting in minions, neutral jungle camps or someone with Sunfire Cape.
MrPipper (NA)
: How to fix Lucian short and simple
Your proposed change wouldn't help much for ADC Lucian, but it would aid Mid Lucian considerably. I could see this change as being pretty obnoxious late game considering how fast his Relentless Pursuit goes off cooldown with Lightslinger and 40% CDR. But, there are a few problems with this. First, it adds too much utility in one skill. The granted mobility from his E is almost enough to dodge most AP harass since Riot hates point-and-click spells. Plus it resets every few auto attacks and grants more damage via Lightslinger, so it could get a bit obnoxious. Second, Lucian probably wouldn't get the full benefit of the change when he needs it the most. Lucian shines from Early to Mid game, so he needs that magic shield advantage to get his lead otherwise he will subpar throughout most of the game and be at a range disadvantage late game. He won't get the full effect of his E until level 13, when he has the skill maxed, which is too long after his dominance phase.
: Risk and Rewards... where is it.
To be honest, there currently is risk and reward for playing {{champion:101}} , {{champion:99}}, and {{champion:142}} . >###Xerath >In order to stop Xerath from snowballing hard early game, his Mana costs were increased significantly. If he wants to deal consistent damage and keep up pressure, he needs to utilize the on-hit mana restore on his passive to spam his spells. His passive causes him to go out of his safe zone to auto minions or champions. To optimize his mana restore, he has to hit enemy champions within 525 range. So in a way, he still has to go into danger to utilize his kit's full capability. ___ >###Lux >Lux has the same type of risk and reward gameplay. When she lands a spell, she needs to get into auto attack range to detonate her passive. A Lux that doesn't proc her passive deals significantly less damage in trades and fights. ___ >###Zoe >Zoe became more tolerable after the nerfs. She now needs to rely more on her More Sparkles! enhanced auto-attacks to deal significant damage in trades instead of just relying on her Q to one-shot. In order to dish out the same amount of damage as before, she needs to take the time to weave auto attacks in-between spell casts; something her kit should have primarily focused on in the first place. ___ >###Kai'Sa >Don't use BunnyFuFuu's stream as a accurate representation of how a champion will be played in most games. Most decent AP scaling champions can do the same thing to squishy enemies being that fed and having 1000+ AP with 40 min+ of Gathering Storm.
: {{champion:30}} Exists. We already have a champ without an auto attack.
Karthus still needs to auto attack. A skilled Karthus weaves auto attacks in-between casts of Lay Waste. Additionally he uses them to attack Turrets, Inhibitors, and Nexus. ____ Regardless if you have a champion that does not auto attack, you still need a method to siege global objectives. Remember, League is an objective based game, not a kill-based one. But, the substitute method doesn't need to specifically be auto attacking. The champion's Q has this effect, but I feel if the Champion had the ability to auto attack it would probably be more beneficial towards his sieging and trading potential. Right now, I don't see a significant enough trade off for not being able to auto attack here. His Q auto attack range is incredibly small; only 50~100 range which would make it the shortest out of all melee champions which has 125 range minimum. He'd have to go right next to the enemy model to deal any damage. Other champions with slightly superior attack range will take full advantage of this. The OP needs to buff this range significantly in order to for it to be useful. Take a look at Riven's Broken Wings; it's effect radius is around 112~200 while granting a small dash in-between casts. Additionally, there shouldn't be a cooldown punishment for missing a champion with Q. Most players will be using this skill to CS instead of dealing damage to champions. Putting a restriction on this skill would be bad design. It would be like putting a cooldown restriction on Lay Waste for not hitting a Champion.
McBiskit (NA)
: Volibear -- Reworked [From An Old Main's Perspective]
I have to disagree with your suggested rework. I believe it may cripple his playstyle significantly. Here's why: * I think you underestimate the power of this E change. It will make his jungle clear speed and wave clear insane. But this leads to unhealthy gameplay as most Tank champions don't have constant exceptional waveclear like this. In terms of balance, the damage will have to be severely gutted, which could potentially make this skill pretty useless... * Moving his Fear and slow to his ult really hurts his trade potential and sticking potential in general. First of all, the fear on minions in lane is exceptionally useful as it enables Volibear to trade for free without minion harass. Secondly, the slow allows Volibear to stick to his enemy and continuously deal more auto attack damage, utilizing his W's passive. In jungle, the fear actually helps out quite a bit as it negates some damage from monster aggro. This allows him to finish his clears faster and be relatively healthy compared to other junglers, enabling him to gank more in the early game. * With this change, Volibear's ganking potential is hurt significantly. Currently Volibear's strength is his early game ganks. At this point, most players don't have substantial movement speed to outrun him nor the damage to burst him down. His current E, usually in combination with his Q, is a very strong gank and follow up tool. Without it, his ganks feel a lot more subpar. Your change however, will make Volibear completely ult reliant to pull of ganks effectively, making him a mid-game champion. Thus you significantly hurt his early game gank potential, which is a lead he **NEEDS** to stay relevant throughout the game.
: New champion :Myrophorus ,the ancient druid
I applaud you for trying to think outside of the box with this Champion design here, but I recommend that you instead think that there is no box. The presented idea here has a little too many restrictions for comfort for the player, limiting his/her ability to play the champion effectively. Thus, you are thereby putting the Player in a box. Allow me to explain. The Q, W, and Passive design heavily display this quality. The Q is too reliant on way too many varying factors to be truly effective. In order to heal their allies or himself, he needs to aim the skill, land the skill on an enemy, and has to rely on his allies being within the range of the AoE to receive the Heal (which can be easily zoned off by the enemy). Not only that, but this skill is his primary damage tool, which gives it a conflicted purpose for the Player. Do they want to use their main harass potential on healing their ally or dealing damage? <-- This is not a very satisfying situation to be in because either way, after your Q goes on cooldown, your enemy has an advantage over you. Additionally, it doesn't pass through targets or deal AoE damage when it hits the target, making its damage potential pretty meager to say the least. I recommend you take a look at release Ezreal's old W. It used to function similarly to what your Q does here, but better. Try instead to incorporate something like this. I'm pretty sure allies wouldn't want you to CC them in any situation, especially a Root/Snare. It really doesn't matter if you block all other CC with this ability if your opponent can get to your carry and effectively blow them up. That brief time frame when your carry gets rooted and chooses to become unrooted is enough time for any burst damage Champion to capitalize on. Also, I feel that this ability may create more unhealthy gameplay for allies than anything else. The Player could use it to intentionally troll their allies while escaping, similar to Tahm Kench's Devour. When compared to its cast effect on enemies, the ally effect becomes dwarfed in comparison in terms of utility. Finally, your Passive is the biggest offender here. You heavily gate your Champion's gameplay potential to collect Plant Essences for bonuses. To be honest, from a designer's standpoint, additional skill changing bonuses like these should be already incorporated in the kit in some way. Upgrades via Plant Essences or any skill upgrade in general should only change a small aspect of the skill and not add a completely different component. Look at Syndra's Passive and Kha'zix's Ultimate upgrades for reference. Additionally, in order to collect these essences, you are required to Roam, but this champion lacks strong roaming capabilities. I recommend you reference the Champion Bard here. He can easily collect Chimes due to the roaming potential of his E, as well as leave lane presence for their carry with his W. The Chimes are quite reliable in terms of their generation, and don't require (most of the time) traveling great distances to receive their bonuses which include more damage, experience, mana, and movement speed. Jungle Plants on the other hand spawn in designated locations, pretty far from the bottom lane. Traveling this distance without any form of lingering lane presence puts your carry in relatively deep danger as well as making you lose out on a significant amount of level experience. Thus, you'd be obligated to stay in lane and not collect the passive stacks to prevent your ally from losing lane.
: Darkin could league idea can be connected to the 4 horseman of the apocalypses
The Horseman of Famine is an interesting idea to think about, particularly since his/her weapon/symbol is a Weighing Scale which is popularly known as the Scales of Justice. Lorewise, it would be kind of interesting to view this champion whose host is/was a Former Demacian or Solari who acts as a self-proclaimed warrior of Justice but brings nothing but cruelty, famine, and despair. Also, if you want to incorporate the idea of "Balance" from the scales, this champion can be one of the few/or the only Darkin who is in complete symbiosis with its host, being able to change forms at will similar to Nidalee or Elise or maybe Swain's old toggle ult. In terms of gameplay, the Champion will have to be incredibly aggressive in lane being able to deprive enemies of farm (gold) and slowly dwindling down their Health while keeping his or her side in power. Perhaps this champion can fall under the subclass of a Controller - Disruptor Support. As for a passive, it could be something similar to the militaristic use of a Scorched Earth Policy. Gameplaywise, this would possibly mean denying minions similar to DoTA2, but that would have no counterplay for the enemy. ____ An alternative could be a passive that is a DoT activated by ~~attacks/~~spells that scales with enemy Missing Health which, at max stacks, applies a status ailment similar to _Zombify_ from _Maplestory_ for X seconds. This status ailment will make the next instance of healing be lessened and instead deal a percentage of the value as true damage to the target. To make this champion work with this passive, it will probably need a strong harass tool as well as a built in heal of some kind. Maybe an AoE heal or maybe something. Or it could be a point and click or delayed DoT tether ability similar to Karma's W or Swain's old Q that functions like Pain Split from _Pokemon_ which slowly equalizes the current HP (via healing or damaging) between two targets within a certain percentage rate that scales with skill level. <--This skill can be used on an ally or enemy. In turn, this champion would scale really well if its HP is low especially if it is below the enemy's.
: Missions: It'd be nice if we had small goal-oriented objectives for either co-op or practice mode
It's not a bad idea. It could help new players grind for more Blue Essense while making Level Botting less efficient. Plus it creates incentive for more players to try different things other than playing one role in a low stress environment. It might help even more if they reset these missions once every two weeks or a month. Here are some more things they could experiment with this in bots: * Use item actives X times. * Placing/Eliminating Wards. * Play and win X games with less than Y Deaths. * Use your Summoner Spell X times. * Take out Scuttle Crab/Dragon/Rift Herald/Baron as a team/solo. * Take out X turrets or X turrets with Rift Herald * With the Summoner Spell Smite, get both Red and Blue Buff within the first 3~4 minutes of the game. * Pick up X fruit from the Honeyfruit. * Reveal X champions with Scryer's Bloom * Get First Turret/First Blood within X minutes. * Reach Level 6 before your opponent laner. * Have 100 CS by 10 minutes (<--- VERY HARD) * Get a Double/Triple/Quadra/Pentakill or assist a team member in these * Play X games without losing a turret * Play X games where you take all of the enemy's turrets and inhibitors * Play a game where you take an enemy inhibitor in 10 minutes. * Use Sweeping Lens/Oracle's Alteration or Farsight Alteration X times. * Cleanse X CCs on yourself or allies with Mikael's Crucible, Cleanse, QSS or Mercurial Scimitar. * End a game before 20 min. * Heal yourself/ally for X amount * Use your ultimate ability X times
Zelorxon (EUW)
: My brainstorming for a possible Noxus Support
I have admit, we are indeed short on supply for a true Noxian support Champion. A DoTA style courier type champion is interesting, but it may add too much in terms of global presence on the map as well as granting too much of an early-game lead to allied laners if they can buy normal items. But, you can restrict this while incorporating all of the above. For example: You can have the Champion similar to an apothecary that occasionally creates potions which he can sell to allies via the courier. The variety and strength of the potions scales with his level, but the advantages from said potions cannot be overbearing (probably similar to potions from Kleptomancy). To create some kind of trade off for himself, maybe he has to buy recipes from the actual item shop to expand his Potion variety or make them more potent, or use gold to create said potions and sell them to allies for profit. (Probably the latter) The courier acts as an targetable alternate entity that grants vision, moved by ALT + Right Click, and can be clicked upon like Thresh's lantern opening a shop for allies. 100% of the gold generated goes toward his gold income. ____ The problem with designing a Noxian support champion is that it has to match thematically in terms of Noxian values; which in most cases is "Strength above All." This may be difficult to portray via this design thematic.
Ares2341 (EUNE)
: Kinoe, the shadow king
**Passive:** I really disapprove of this champion's passive. It really doesn't add much in terms of interactivity for the Player and has no counterplay for the enemy team. In order for enemies to see this Champion on the map, they would have to manually search for them via Camera where they have vision. This defeats the initial purpose of wards on the minimap which is to prevent players from having to waste time manually looking for enemy champions. Instead, players should be spending majority of their time watching their opposing laners and CS'ing rather than wasting more time searching for this particular enemy champion. Additionally, searching in this manner becomes counter-intuitive if the champion already has some kind of stealth mechanic. This passive in combination with the quasi-permanent camouflage from his E leads to very toxic gameplay. At least with Evelynn, enemies can SEE her on the minimap with Pink Wards. **Q:** What do you mean "becoming slightly thinner"? Do you mean the champion's hitbox gets slightly thinner? If so, is this necessary? Also, for balance reasons 100% movement speed buff should gradually scale with skill level. **W:** I'm not a fan of a point-and-click Nearsight especially in combination with any type of stealth and/or dash. If anything, this skill is too overloaded in-terms of utility for its purpose. I think you heavily underestimate the utility and power of the Nearsight debuff. **E:** For balance reasons, this champion needs to have a higher risk associated with his E; the camouflage here is too free. He needs an initial mana cost as well as a greater cooldown in-between toggle casts, similar to Swain's old ult, to prevent abuse. **R:** The amount of utility this skill grants is too high. Consider the following: * Akali's Twilight Shroud has an effect radius of 270 and lasts for 8 seconds. Kinoe's Ultimate has an effect radius of 650 (the same as Caitlyn's auto attack range) and can last up to 12 seconds at max rank and grants the same invisibility effect. * Kinoe's Ultimate denies the enemies inside the AoE vision of their allies and opponents outside the skill as well as denying vision for enemies of their allies and opponents inside the skill. This skill basically grants Kinoe and his allies Quasi-Stealth. * Additionally, he deals up to 40% additional damage in combination with his Q's damage amplification and heals for the same amount. I recommend that you tone down this skill significantly. ____ **Synopsis:** I must give praise to the one who created this skill design concept by creating some decent fighting potential mixed in with varying skill interaction. However, there is way too much similarity to Evelynn's playstyle here as well as too many unnecessary features in the skillset to be considered fair.
: Illusionist Champion Concept
I'm going to assume that this champion is ranged due to its safe nature. If that's the case, I wouldn't really play this champion as a mage/assassin; rather it would be more abuse-able as an on-hit DPS ADC. Not only does she have 20~60% extra damage per auto attack, but she also has three mobility spells, two sources of Hard CC, and untargetability. In addition, if her illusions can proc on-hit effects, she can gain more illusions 2~4 times as fast by auto attacking as well as abusing the full effect of Runaan's Hurricane, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Wit's End, and BotRK.
: [Champion Rework] Irelia, the Will of the Blades
Firstly, please explain to me why you removed Irelia's Slow/Stun. Her trade potential in lane and in fights is heavily reliant on her E for chasing and outplaying opponents. Secondly, her new ultimate introduces unhealthy gameplay TBH. A post death damage + revive reminds me of First Release Karthus in 2009. Though, it really depends on the effect radius of the skill, which is something you did not specify.
: Towers should be something you're scared of, Paper can't achieve that.
Although I agree that Towers should be more powerful, this isn't the right way to approach it. You're adding way too many defensive stats to the Inhibitor and Nexus Towers imo. With the amount of Armor/Magic Resist they have, it makes them block 80% and 83.3% damage respectively along with granting them 40000 and 60000 effective HP respectively. In comparison, current turrets have roughly 35% damage reduction and 5,580 effective HP. Even Baron Nashor with 10000 HP at 20 min doesn't have this much effective HP, being 22000 HP against Physical Damage and 17000 HP against Magic Damage. These changes will make securing towers harder than taking Baron. As for gameplay, these changes will do the following things: * **Minions become worthless at sieging:** The turrets are too tanky for the minions to deal considerable damage. You'd need a Baron buff with Banner of Command to deal any considerable damage. * **Make games significantly longer (40~50+ Min):** Due to towers being so tanky, early game snowballing/objective becomes significantly less effective. Thus, most early game champs will become unviable as the game goes on. Additionally, in order to get to the enemy Nexus, you'd need to deal at least a whopping **196,000 effective HP** [12000 HP (Tier 3) + 24000 HP (Tier 2) + 40000 HP (Tier 3) + 60000 HP (Tier 4) x 2] worth of damage to enemy turrets. Even with its base HP, that's **38000 HP**; that's more damage than most players deal to champions in an average game. Also remember, Nexus towers respawn and Inhib and Nexus towers can still regenerate HP. This will make games considerably longer as well... * **Makes strategies such as Backdooring, Splitpushing, Objective Trading less rewarding:** Backdooring will be less effective since you don't want to take multiple inhibitors at the same time due to the Nexus Turret respawn mechanic. Inhib Towers with Sunfire Cape destroys the incentive to create monster minion waves. Also with their defensive stats, Splitpushing becomes significantly less effective due to one person being unable to deal enough damage to take towers. Because towers take forever to kill, players will have more incentive to take neutral objectives in order to speed up the turret taking process. Otherwise they will just farm or slow siege a tower for X min until a neutral objective spawns. Trading objectives will not be a factor either since taking an inhib/nexus tower would take longer than taking Baron or Elder Drake. * **Promotes 5v5 tower slow siege gameplay:** With all the other options stated earlier not being effective, most players will spend majority of their time playing farming simulator or slow sieging turrets one at a time until a neutral objective spawns. This leads to quite uneventful linear gameplay. * **Heavily limits play potential late game:** Usually when your team manages to get a pick/kill on the enemy team, you want to force an objective (i.e. tower). However, since the towers are so tanky, your team probably won't be able to fully capitalize on that person's death. The enemy will probably respawn before you even manage to significantly damage the tower. You better pray that one or more players on your team has the Demolish rune.
KiterzG (EUNE)
: Champion Concept: Avlayle, the priestess of the darkin tower shield.
This concept has quite a few interesting design paths. I'm willing to critique this, but I'm having a difficulty understanding what you are trying to present here due to your word choice and syntax.
: Some item ideas for AP on-hit/attack speed builds
I wouldn't mind seeing some of these items in game, particularly Ionian Chakrams. Nova's Storm is a bit tempting as well; being a mage version of Runaan's Hurricane. But, I feel it's too expensive and its stats too diversified. Anyways, I could see these items as a plausible alternative build path for mages rather than full burst to utilize their ranged attacks similar to on-hit Kennen, Kayle, and Orianna. However, this probably wouldn't change the mid lane meta since it would still be dominated by ranged burst poke harass. It may open more mages to go top lane though.
: Champion Concept: Kill Joy, the Hextech Healer (An ADC Healer)
Very nice way of limiting the heal from the passive. However, it's a bit impractical for a support champion to constantly auto attack enemy minions in a wave. In doing so, you are inadvertently pushing lane as well as making it somewhat harder for your allied laner to CS, especially under tower. If this is the case, you probably should design this character to be more of a Lane Bully to support its wave-pushing playstyle. By pursuing this path, the design would be somewhat more balanced due to the champion having very little CC to counteract hard engage. Additionally, I would recommend increasing the base attack range. 425 Range will really hurt this champion's laning phase since its kit lacks innate tankiness to take continual harass in short trades.
: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
: The Weft And Weave Of Fate (Kindred's Poem Finished)
Lovely poem. It exemplifies their personalities and personifications of death very well. It's a pity that the champion's skill design didn't fully reflect these qualities as well as your poem did.
: Harder Quests
Although this would be a nice feature, this is something that Riot has discussed in much detail. Allow me to quote Riot_Mort here: >"ASKING PLAYERS TO PLAY SPECIFIC ROLES/CHAMPS >What hasn’t worked: >We knew this one was something we needed to be careful with. The example above can be completed by pretty much every role—except support. What we hadn’t counted on was how resistant some people are to playing their non-main position. This one had a lot of support players simply saying, “Oh well, I guess I don’t get to do this mission,” which was not at all our goal. We’re going to be really cautious about how many times we ask players to do this in the future, but we also have some improvements coming." _**Source:**_ https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/10/dev-missions-update/ We had missions similar to that during the Riven and Yasuo event. However, Riot claimed that those missions were incredibly unappealing to most casual players; so they reworked them into easier achievable missions. Additionally, they stated that they didn't want to make missions too difficult or force players to go too far outside of their comfort zone. Missions should be accessible to everyone, for the most part, and not feel like a chore. If anything though, your suggested mission ideas should be applicable to those who have reached Mastery 7 on their champion, but they shouldn't be completely reliant on one's progress in a single game. They already claimed that they have something in the works for it, but it's not quite clear.
Noktem (NA)
: Elinet, the Glitch Bane
Hey Noktem. If you don't mind, I'll critique this for you. I'm not sure that this passive is healthy for gameplay. It just encourages the player to intentionally die every 5 min. I feel that your Q is too similar to Vi's R. Additionally, most assassins don't have reliable hard CC, let alone point and click ones. Elinet's W should definitely not be a heal toward allies; that's mainly an Enchanter's skillset. If anything it should be heal for herself, but it cannot directly scale with her primary damage source. To be honest though, this skill feels incredibly out of place The E feels pretty subpar to me as a basic ability. If anything, this skill should have been your main passive along with the Glitch generation. I'm assuming you can only have 100 Glitch at max. If so, your R has a conflicted purpose. It costs the same as your E, which doesn't make sense considering you need your E to synergize with your R to make full use of its damage output. As for the CC, again most assassins don't have such strong CC. ____ What seems to be bothering me the most though is that you didn't incorporate much of the character's lore into its design. What's the purpose of the cat motif? Is this supposed to be an energy being or a cat homunculus? I'm not quite sure. Also, I'm still not clear on what Glitch is or its purpose. Is it supposed to be a damage inhibitor or a steroid? In the lore, it's a restraint, but in the kit, it's an amplifier. Additionally, you don't elaborate on the Weapon's energy cravings in the skillset, which could have been an interesting design opportunity. Another interesting idea would have been a skill that capitalized on overload from the Glitch. Again, you could have made something interesting with the memory manipulation aspect, but instead it's glossed over. I believe that this champion has the potential to be something that is unique and awesome, but it seems to be suffering from an overall thematic crisis. I believe if you commit to one/two unique concepts, you can come up with something interesting. Anyways, good luck out there, Summoner!
: A blazing rework idea! (Brand)
Excuse me if I seem a little critical about this, but I don't think Brand needs a rework. I think he's in a decent spot at the moment. As for the suggested rework ideas, it maintains Brand's identity as a generic fire mage, but it heavily infringes on everything else. If Brand needed a rework, I'm not sure if this is the right direction. With the ultimate change suggestion, it puts majority of his kill potential on his R since he has access to all three of his upgraded abilities. This means, in terms of balance, all of his basic and ultimate upgraded skills need to be nerfed/changed heavily to compensate the huge powerspike at level 6. Also by doing this, it effectively nerfs his early game potential as a lane bully, which is required for him to scale relatively well into the mid-game. Additionally, by suggesting changing his Passive and his E to new alterations, which also probably means getting rid of all the additional ability interactions with Blaze, this will severely cripple his kit, utility, and his playstyle. Without Blaze he cannot effectively wither down his opponent (especially against tanks) and be as effective in teamfights. By removing Blaze and its additional effects, it removes the depth from Brand's playstyle and makes his kit incredibly linear. The suggested change will make his skills completely reliant on the damage from spells rather than their utility. The Player will no longer need to consider the additional effects of skills or the rotation of skill order, but rather he or she would be spamming spells for the sake of damage. To me, this is pretty unfun to play. Without the reliability of his E, the Blaze effect on said E, and the stun from Q, Brand cannot efficiently combo into his E>Q>W. This will tremendously affect his trading as well as his damage output. From the description of the suggested E, it will become a lesser replica of Morgana's W. Although it would be somewhat effective as a harass tool, it is incredibly inefficient due to it being both easily avoidable and a DoT. As a DoT, its damage would be lowered substantially and become inconsistent. On the other hand, Morgana can utilize the full effectiveness of her W since she has a Snare to capitilize on the DoT. However, the suggested Brand change doesn't have a stun or slow, thereby, the DoT's effectiveness is significantly lowered. **TLDR; ** I think this rework suggestion needs a little more work. When reworking a champion, you want to hopefully achieve the pinnacle of its thematic persona as well as maintaining/upgrading the champion's gameplay. As of right now, to me, it seems to be going in the opposite direction.
: Unique Champion Design - shapeshifting
>"They could choose **any champion they wish**, even one already being played in the game" The problem with this idea is that it completely negates the strategic purpose of bans or picks. I recommend limiting the pool to the champions currently in-game. >"For champions that use different items, the ultimate could be designed to swap out the player's current items for ones in the recommended tab of the other champion, and then revert back once the ability ended." Absolutely not; balance-wise this is an absolute nightmare. A champion should not be able to instantly change their build, regardless if it is temporary. This completely negates the consequence of the Player's item choice and eliminates the enemy's ability to counterbuild your champion. ____ If anything, it would be incredibly difficult to pull off a Champion design like the Spy in TF2 since it requires access to the enemy's field of vision. It could be next to useless if the Enemy team has decent enough communication. Instead, why not have a Champion similar to Zorua from Pokemon instead with its Illusion ability. Allow me to explain. The Champion has access to transform itself and nearby allies temporarily into another selected ally on the team with an HUD similar to Kindred's. This is purely cosmetic, copying the Player's level and Player name. IDK about the stats (display to the enemies copied false info, but keep actual stats). Think Shaco Clone, but without the damage. The illusion lingers for X seconds after taking damage from enemy champions and cancels immediately if the transformed ally uses a spell. In order for this to work though, the skill would require some kind of camouflage/stealthing allies and/or Nearsighting enemies (probably the latter) upon cast. Afterwards, it's just a game of Magical Hats for the enemy. This ult will cause the enemy to pause in a teamfight, making them reassess and find their priority targets. Thus, it allows your team to briefly, but effectively, reposition.
: Adding health to boots of swiftness.
Boots of Swiftness is a very niche item. It's very good for champions who don't have dashes to catch up to the enemy as well as benefiting those who need the extra movement speed to dodge enemy skillshots. Considering the fact that most Hard CC's these days are Skillshots, I'd rather have the extra MS to dodge them instead of the Tenacity from Mercury Treads. But at the moment, I agree; it's not in its best state. Within the past few seasons, its stats and total cost were being consistently nerfed without compensation. As for why it's not popular, I believe the reasons for this are that the item lacks gold efficiency compared to the other boots and its passive doesn't feel very impactful. Right now, in terms of the stats it gives, it sits at the bottom of the gold efficiency of all 7 boots upgrades. In order to be completely efficient, the Resistance to Slow Effects passive needs to be worth at least 240 gold, but in terms of how it feels in gameplay; it's pretty underwhelming. I feel adding HP won't really change the situation to the boots much nor does it fit much thematically as a rush item. For the most part, most people buy the boots to get a 200g MS advantage in lane, which is relatively strong already. By increasing its cost to 1100 gold to match most of the other tier-2s, I still feel that most people would prefer Mercury Treads or Ninja Tabis due to the _effective health_ granted through defenses and to counter the plethera of % damage skills that keep coming out... Instead, they should increase the base movement speed back to 65, making it a stronger counter to kiting champions and the League of Spooky Ghosts (Twin Shadows) that is coming back in 8.4 or 8.5.
: I really do think it'll make the concept work much better.
Okay. I changed it. Not gonna lie; it does look better imo. Thanks for the suggestion. https://imgur.com/i6ZtL4k
: The artist should have gone all the way and given her feet.
You know, I thought the exact same thing while drawing her. I'll see what I can do to try incorporate feet.
: Next, draw {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} as Ritos!
Thanks for the suggestion! This was a bit tricky. I wasn't sure if the beaks would take away from their actual appearance. Here you go. https://imgur.com/lmpszZ2
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