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GTHeavy (EUNE)
: Shaco invisibility power problem
I made this post a week ago and got downvoted into oblivion
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: You can still be punished for AFK'ing, even if your team is toxic or encourages you to AFK. You're not allowed to just throw up your hands and quit if your teammates are being toxic; simply mute them, and continue playing the game as best you can.
So if all 4 players flame you and tell you to afk, you have to continue playing with them otherwise you can be punished?
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: Why everyone is ragequitting even in ranked now?
Yep, just lost my promos due to an AFK. The next game, I was losing. So I said "You know what? someone just left my last game and made me lose, so I'm going to leave this game I'm so tilted". I'm going to start afking just like everyone else, because there's no point in wasting my time or being angry
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: Does it make you feel better to know that in lore, Gnar kicked Rengar's ass? In all due seriousness though, Renagr is not the biggest threat in the jungle right now. His early game is one without ganks, he needs to snowball like any other assassin, and he doesn't add much in team fights. The Rengar in your game (who appears to be a well versed Rengar main btw) who managed to get off strong early and carried his game. Didn't have to be a Rengar either, he could've just been any snowball champ really. It was just a bad game for you. Btw, why did you have Mortal Reminder as your 2nd item? (Or is it third? Does the jungle item count as a full item?)
Built it third because right before i killed him he pressed W and all of his health bar came back.
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: > [{quoted}](name=astralwit,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=js1ksEkI,comment-id=0010000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-07T15:54:27.573+0000) > > It's just a fundamentally broken approach. Imagine if you added this to sports rather than Win/Loss. You're letting an algorithm decide whether you played well or not. It solidifies a meta and may end-up punishing effective players with new strategies. The results will speak for themselves over a larger sample so there is just no need to have this black-box approach to LP gains. I hope Riot never does this and I think it would be terrible for competitive integrity. > > All it does is make you feel better about some CS stat, KDA etc. when it could be completely meaningless to the result of the game. Perhaps you have fantastic stats but you still misplayed a teamfight in a serious way or weren't where you should have been on the map. That can be game losing. > > I've lost track of how many fed carries made massive mistakes to lose a game (even if they didn't die) and they don't deserve to climb just because of stats. Many games wouldn't even have needed to get to a certain stage if they were played differently early. For instance if my bot is afk at a turret and doesn't watch jungle at the start, perhaps an invade bullies me out and I become suddenly very behind for no fault of my own. Maybe that bot player ends up 10-0 later on and we lose but he thinks he deserves to win. Meanwhile, here I am with my jungle ruined, my path revealed and my pace for map pressure greatly slowed. Had this player simply fulfilled his duty early, perhaps we'd win as a team even if he had a much worse KDA. In the first line you countered everything you used to try to explain why a system that takes into account how a player does is bad. Sports are made of teams that practice together, just like how premade teams work within esports. These premade teams are expected to play as a unit, and will win or lose as ONE UNIT. An all in win or loss system works perfectly for premade teams. From what I see, most people that don't think a system that takes K/D/A and other stats into consideration to dictate LP losses or gains will work don't understand the difference between premade team competition and solo queue competition. There is a HUGE difference between the two. Why do you think there are people at the top of the solo queue ladder that aren't invited into pro teams, or even collegiate teams? I'm sorry to say this, but your last paragraph is literally a statement to your lack of ability to adjust to the game, or to be a driving force to win yourself. You are literally blaming your team.....
I think taking into account individual performance of the losing team is a good idea. I wouldn't make worse players lose more, and the winning team would get LP based on their mmr like they do now. However, people that play better individually should lose less. I don't think this would be abused, because, like mentioned by Outrageously, if you decide to play selfishly... you still lose LP.
: theres an invisible counter of LP that counts up lp when u lose games in promos it works exactly like normal LP losses but the difference is that u only take that LP counter loss if u fail to pass ur promos if u have really high mmr u could only drop to around 80lp or even 85lp after losing two games that answers ur first question of "why we lose lp" now why we dont gain extra lp: after passing ur promos u get an invisible shield that can last up to 10 games! yes, 10 games! that u lose in a row without getting demoted! in reality u could have 50-100 invisible LP points protecting u from getting trolled just after getting promoted! hope that answers ur question{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Then remove the 10 loss shield and promos as well, problem fixed. It's messed up how you only break even after winning 2 in a row, but if you lose promos you go backwards.
: For the love of god please remove promos
Also, I was thinking... Why do we start at 0 LP after winning promos, but go down to 70 or lower after losing? If there are going to be promos it should be 90 LP after losing them and starting at 10 LP after a win or something.
: Remakes Should Not Cost Full LP Losses Until AFTER Riot Fixes their Client
I had the same issue and contacted support, they told me to go screw myself and I wasn't getting the LP back because it would negatively affect the game. No, players losing LP for no reason negatively affects the game.
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