: Catchup EXP should have been halved, not outright removed. On the flip side, the EXP gains for solo should be less than what they are now. The only reason top matters is if your poor toplaner had to FP and got shoved in a very shitty matchup where if it snowballs the game is over. Thats not top influence, its garbage design.
I see your point, I would be happy that catch up exp got removed but I find the removal of it as a slight nerf when jungle camp experience is already incredibly low if you know what I mean.
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: its because they want jungles to focus jungle objectives like rift herald and dragons.
But how can a jungler focus objectives like rift herald and dragons when he is down 4 lvls on solo laners.
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Jg gets nerfed for 3 seasons straight while laners exp gets buffed consistently a toplaner hits lvl 9 by the time a jungler hits lvl 6 when ahead.
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Dudu 01 (NA)
: Season 9 ranked loading screen Borders are too ugly..
> [{quoted}](name=OO PanPwin OO,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=qjizZEHE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-09T19:52:12.049+0000) > > Season 9 ranked loading screen Borders are too ugly.....i just hate it so badly,,no one like them...why do they have to create ugly border The loading screen chat concept is a huge shame and disappointment.

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