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dominusx (EUNE)
: i prefer the lethality builds over the cancer crit draintank builds tbh. i mean they shreded the fk outta us melees but they didnt oneshot us.( except MF with pene build) now if they remove fb tower i might become a draven main again since he is viable XD
honestly i used to be a draven main. i started playing him again yesterday because of the buffs. And he is pretty strong right now
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: I'm done on playing ranked flex placement and get a Platinum I division. What now?
idk its kinda weird. i know plat 1 is the highest possible you can place after placements. But they also said Solo/duo que and flex are going to be completely seperate ranked que's. They said what you place in preseason will be taken into consideration when season 7 starts so i guess if you go 8-2 or higher in placements then youll get plat 1? dont really know XD
ItsOrval (NA)
: Nameless Draven?
his name could of possibly got banned
: What do you do with Thresh in One For All?
You build Full AD on him and wreck
: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
dont forget the part in the middle of all that where everyone accepts but then the guy with the very last pick even after bans doesnt lock in.. A player didnt lock in a champion. You have been returned to the Que
Sledgy (EUNE)
: How will rank flex affect me in the new season?
i dont think it will. they are adding solo/duo que within a week or two and i think that will impact what you place instead of flex. since flex is going to be a completely separate rank que
: As vayne main, this is how you should nerf vayne.
> And this beautiful lovely marina joyce preseason update Wut?
: Getting better is fine. But having a higher rank isn't really an important goal unless again, streaming or trying to go pro. Otherwise it's just a title on a game that millions of people hold and provides few in game rewards.
Well i guess it just depends. I dont think you should only try to get a higher rank if you just want to stream or go pro. It could just be to get into a higher elo to player against other people who match your skill level. So then you could get better. Although i understand what you mean about playing it for fun. Although if i play a game this much its only natural to want to get better at it
: You see your 8/0 mid laner start to jump someone bot lane, but then gets solo killed and then by the end of the game goes 9/8. The team, when 3 enemies are dead, decides to recall instead of pushing for more towers/objectives. No one decides to ward with the trinket they have either.
> [{quoted}](name=Jazzyforcefield,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rNm34tMK,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2016-11-05T15:39:43.194+0000) > > The team, when 3 enemies are dead, decides to recall instead of pushing for more towers/objectives. Yes. very common
: Good summary... So while people are trying to take objectives or "be good" by warding they push their limits and just die?
yeah basically. And just alot of the time people don't prioritize right at all. For instance - Chasing one person all though the jungle after a team-fight instead of taking towers or objectives. Or just simply leaving a lane after getting a kill instead of helping to take the turrent. Another reason i feel people get held back is too many players going into ranked thinking they need to carry the whole team every game. They begin to think that since they are a bit ahead that the whole team must listen to them and play around them. So instead of trying to help all lanes win and get the entire team ahead they only worry about their sole lane and give no map awareness too incoming ganks/roams
: Account was hacked, managed to recover it only to be hit with a permanent suspension
i would recommend going to "i need help recovering my account" then fill out the info. Even if this is the wrong section you should get an email within a day or two. and theyll redirect it to the right section. My brothers account was hacked not too long ago and after it was recovered it was perma banned aswell. Keep an eye on your emails and respond when you get them. it can take anywhere from a day to a week for a response
ive been thinkin about these for like a year now and have only come up with a couple.. Zac - obviously majin buu Ezreal - could be goku or some super saiyan caitlyn - Adult Mai Draven -- some super saiyan lux - female super saiyan viktor - frieza maybe wukong - super saiyan or super saiyan 2 obviously yasuo - super saiyan 3? idk its difficult to come up with skins like that. itd be interesting to see what they come up with tho
: Looking for frands to play lvl 100 DOOM BOTS with
: Could we get a chance to outplay the Doom Bots please???
well its doom bots lmao. its possible to win.. just a small chance. ive won 2 out of 17 times so far. lvl 100 is impossible imo. highest ive almost beat is 60.
dominusx (EUNE)
: One thing i notice on every bronze/silver/gold players account.
lmao yeah thats me. only because ive just never thought to rescale the map. i hardly use the chat since i play with friends most of the time
dominusx (EUNE)
: Please make Draven passive proc on towers.
oh his passive procing on towers would be too good. Draven getting a first blood with more than 100 stacks already puts him really far into the lead. it just wouldnt be fair if he could take your tower then get all that bonus gold
Dragfin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fear the Harvest,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hiRWEhhH,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-09-23T15:14:59.495+0000) > > So are people that take every criticism of the Rune System as entitlement. Millions of people put in the time to earn what they have. Entitled children don't want to work for what they get so they start whining about stupid shit. Yes, every criticism of the rune system is entitlement for that reason alone. Put in the work like most of us have, STFU or don't play league.
its not that no one wants to put in the work.. but when you want to buy champions but you need runes it kinda is a toss up. you play for a week or 2 to get 6300. then it is like either buy a new champ or buy a rune page... then make another 6300 to fill up 1/3 of that page..
nami tf (NA)
: A full rune page is worth around 14,000 IP, which is like, a month of playing 24.7 without boosts?
exactly. and depending on what you want it could be even more than 14,000 IP
: Yea i would definitely buy a new champion over a rune page if i had the ip
yeah same lmao like some of the tier 3 runes are 820.. to buy 9 of them is 7380 IP and thats not including the quintessents that are 2050 each. then you have the other 2 sections of the run page
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Kälista (NA)
: more bans please
i heard a couple weeks ago they are making it 10 bans. so everyone gets one ban. im not sure when this is going to be implemented though
: typically you take 12--18-0 as liss with the cdr mastery giving 5% at lvl 1 then cdr runes for 13% cdr lvl 1 dont really need {{item:3165}} its not a bad item but with 13% cdr and {{item:3157}} gives 23% cdr and you most likely get {{item:3001}} for 33% cdr and then {{item:3152}} gives another 10% cdr for 43% if you change 2 or 3 runes to scaling cdr you get 45% cdr
well another big reason i like morello is for the mana. cuz without any bonus mana you run out pretty quickly
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Dehitay (NA)
: I also haven't got a mystery gift yet. And everybody I know who already had Riot Kayle didn't get one either. I'm also very curious whether or not anybody has actually gotten a mystery gift. Riot says not everybody will get it at once, but it's highly suspicious if nobody has gotten one yet. Either their coding is bugged, or they're giving out mystery gifts in a second wave which is something they could just tell us.
just letting you know. i got mine just now. it does pop up. i got old saint zilean
MyIoo (NA)
: Does the 10 year anniversary show up in my purchase history?
i have the same problem. i havent gotten any pop up for the mystery skin.
: every player i know got the riot kayle skin and the summoner icon while me who already own her has got nothing :'(
lmao i still havent gotten anything yet what about you
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Oogok (NA)
: Can people who already own riot kayle get a border to show that we are special snowflakes?
bruh ikr XD i wonder if it just a mystery skin or the gift itself will be a mystery. like maybe its a set thing we just dont know what it is yet. id bet either riot blitz or riot singed
Tonkuhz (NA)
: When we started this journey 10 years ago, we had no idea what Riot and League would become. Luckily, we were carried forward by the passion of a player community that continues to grow and evolve, ten years later. And another 10 years it will be!! Cheers and thanks! But might I suggest adding 10 days of U.R.F?! Since it hasn't been on the rotating game mode anymore!
this weekend is one for all then after that is ALL random URF mode
: What makes you have the best feeling in league.
Best feeling for me is picking jayce when people dont see him often and have no idea how strong he can be then continue to basically one shot people and see their reaction XD
RageQ2 (NA)
: Wierd thing in Game Mode Rotation
black market brawlers is one and i highly doubt doombots because that will take a lotttt of time of testing on the PBE before it could be released
HibHib (NA)
: My girlfriend died today
damn man im sorry. i completely understand how the situation was. the online and distance. People always say you cant really love someone unless you are together in person and thats bullshit. You can get through this.
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: What does it take to get an S
idk its pretty weird. how long did the game last. i feel like if the other team surrenders under 25 mins its alot more difficult to get an S
: Top 3 champions you find completely unacceptable in their current state?
id say {{champion:98}} - i agree with you on this one. i tried playing shen after the rework and early game hes kinda good but my god does he fall off so quick. ive never felt so useless as a tank before. also {{champion:45}} - now im not sure if hes that much of a problem yet but i feel like riot keeps looking at veigar and saying "it needs to be easier for him to one shot people!!" lastly {{champion:86}} - i just cant get over how annoying it is to fight against him. like when im a 12/0 draven and this guy can tank me with his 2 tanks items vs my 4 items. not only that but i feel like if im an AP champ with 400-600 AP and he builds just one MR item i should do a little more damage to him than about 1/8 of his health.
: > [{quoted}](name=Happy Honker,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QlP4ORL7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-10T16:14:04.336+0000) > > I don't believe yasuo needs a nerf currently. Then buff him elsewhere in a place that's less frustrating. No other champion is so frustrating to play against.
yasuo is frustrating late game ill give ya that but laning phase?? he has to be one of the easiest champs to beat in laning phase. ive played against yasuo many times with many different champions and ive even bought and used yasuo. he just has too many bad matchups.
: what league has become and why i feel its not as fun as it use to be.
i understand the mid or feed part but are you saying you dont like the game anymore because it is more balanced than before?
: /remake (lets your team remake in a 4v5) can't come soon enough
i dont see why people have such a big problem with yasuo. yeah late game he is annoying to deal with but laning phase is his worst thing. any range character easily beats him and even most melee characters shouldnt have much of a problem with him since most of them have a projectile attack
spombjop (EUNE)
: How to play Yasuo pro guide
yasuo is actually really easy to beat in lane. ive never had a problem against him. there are so many bad matchups for him to go up against. he basically has to go in on you. just get his shield away then when he goes in out trade him
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Jhon004 (EUNE)
: Do you want urf to be permanant? Discussion/Strawpoll. RESULTS
one for all and doombots are better than urf honestly. urf is fun and all. but after awhile it gets pretty repetitive playing against sona,zed,fizz. One for all gives you a chance to play champs you dont own and its just funner overall.
Raiyza (NA)
: I'm.....disappointed.
well his Q does like double damage every third cast and just adds more too it. and his E is completely different now
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Jxg (EUW)
: Galio Buffs - Welcome, but more is needed to make him useful!
i never played galio before and i always thought he wasnt good enough. But after playing him recently i think he can be very useful. if you play against an AP mid hes very useful due to his passive. His ult is great for flashing into a teamfight and ulting.
: I did the same thing just yesterday with Urf Rider Corki. I put in a ticket to see if they could reverse my rental. No dice. I think at the very least Riot needs to consider making it more CLEAR (Isn't clarity one of the big design goals these days?) that "rental" means you DESTROY the shard in order to rent the skin for 7 days. I am a smart person with pretty good reading comprehension... nothing in the current UI made it OBVIOUS that the rental removes your ability to unlock the skin with essence after the rental is up. Renting gets a one line mention at best in the current Hextech Crafting FAQ... there is no explanation of the permanence of that choice in the FAQ either. To me, the way the rental feature currently works is counter-intuitive and makes no sense from a "value" perspective. Why would you want to rent a skin for a week, when instead you could use it to unlock something permanent that you actually want? I think the assumption that the rental is "temporary" and you get the shard back at the end of the period is far more prevalent than Riot expected/anticipated... but definitely something they should address... either by changing "rental" to what is intuitive, or updating the Hextech UI to make the function more clear. Personally, I am heartbroken that I "threw away" Urf Rider Corki. I honestly thought I could just try it out this week, and would still have the option to craft it into permanent once I rounded up the remaining 200 Essence I needed. :( Much regret. Much sadness. Rito, please keep other people from knowing this sadness.
yes very true. i did the same thing. I had annie in wonderland and i just wanted to try it out. Rental should be to where you try the skin out then if you like it you can make it a permanent or if you dont you can disenchant it.
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Rew711 (NA)
: I found fun counters. If they think Hecarim is OP, why not place a little {{champion:83}} into the rift? The amounts of W's will be endless and he will forever have 15% reduced damage. If they think Nidalee's spears are insane, have you not seen {{champion:9}}'s combo of Q and E? Never ending Q's and E's!! {{champion:42}} never stops bombing people. {{champion:3}} Has tons of peel. All of the champs with high mana costs can come back into this mode and finally harass those that have always been able. No need to pick {{champion:157}} unless you want the constant windwalls and ults.
dont forget about having the forever {{champion:50}} ult with constant Q and E combos
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