: The game deserves to have a satisfying ranked system. Losing the bid for your next big rank up because of the pure chance of getting an AFK in 2/5 games and a troll in 1/5 is terrible.
That is a different problem entirely, relating more to this game's awful playerbase.
SirLapse (NA)
: Koreans don't hesitate to pick Lucian into Kassadin and crap all over him. Kassadin has a terrible time vs. AD champions and Zed is one of the highest banrate champions in Korea because of how many people play him.
Which him? Zed or Kass?
: That's the name of my rune page for him.
Isn't it everyone's?
: Why are people getting put with people above/below them by a multiple divisions? You can't just say "oh it's confirmation bias that i'm playing with silver 1s in my plat 4 game" Sure confirmation bias might actually be the reason behind the "winstreak=loss streak" thing, as I have done thinking about it and it makes sense, but confirmation bias does not address other questions I had.
That's the MMR system, which admittedly could work a hell of a lot better, but is functional, if not satisfying.
Penns (EUW)
: What exactly do people expect from assassins?
They expect not to get 100-0'd and then have the assassin jump out immediately after and live. I don't know why they expect that, mind. It's kinda assassin's job to do that.
Azureee7 (EUW)
: Old LB uses combo and does 70 percent off an ADC's health or uses W>R for AOE damage perfectly timing it on a grouped up team = BALANCED! #UNHEALTHY Zed uses entire combo and gets the kill = WTF SO BROKE OMG! #adcin2k17 LUL Syndra uses Ghost then misses everything, presses R and one shots adc = It's fine, she has no mobility Wonder which one the assassin is.
Syndra is not an assassin any more than Kalista. The term "backloaded damage" comes to mind.
: Show me a first time Lee Sin player that does well in jungle. Ivern and Graves....yeah you're right, they are easy mode.
>Graves And you've never played Graves before.
: I don't even understand why riot did that I have to change my ap rakan build now rip {{item:3001}}
: Can we please get a rioter to explain the reasoning on matchmaking?
Say it with me now. "I am a human with confirmation bias. Realizing this will make me less of a twat."
: I don't know, since Runaan's no longer proc's on-hits, does that mean it no longer stacks her passive?
It still does. You're misreading the patch notes. What they're removing is the 15 bonus damage on-hit, not the application of on-hit effects.
: I woudl also like to add my main to the list, who quite a few people have tried to tell me is broken as well: {{champion:254}} Assault and Battery RANGE: 800 COOLDOWN: 150 / 115 / 80 Let us also not forget the fact that lee has a 200% Bonus AD ratio on that ult, along with the extra damage if he hits someone else. That's the main issue I have with Lee. Vi, Hecarim, and Talon's ults all require them to jump in. Lee's requires him to get within melee range, granted, but so does Darius' so it isn't like Lee needs to make any risks with his ult, especially with his W to just jump away to wards. Which is even more BS because enemies cant see green wards, at least Braum or Kat have to jump to a visible unit so you can at least get a bit of an idea of their possibilities. And while Jax can wardjump, he has to use his main damaging to do so. Gotta love that favoritism, huh.
: I queued for Top-Jungle
: most meta junglers can solo infernal pre-6, just shows how strong it is.
Most meta junglers can solo any dragon at 4.
: wheres the counterplay in these matchups. {{champion:75}} vs {{champion:127}} / {{champion:117}} (top) or {{champion:30}} vs {{champion:238}} {{champion:119}} vs {{champion:81}} my fav {{champion:33}} vs {{champion:157}} there are tons of matchups out there where regardless of what you do or build, they win.
The counterplay there is counterpicking. Try it sometime.
: I agree with most of this, but counterpicking isn't counterplay.
Yes it is. Always has been.
: "Counterplay"
I made a similar thread to this once. Alas, you are much better at talking than me. Also, you missed murderswording.
: I'm talking about 1v1 scenarios here. In teamfights, of course, anyone and anything has counterplay. However, you can't dodge Vi's ult and she can't be CCed while casting it. She also moves pretty fast while casting it so unless your champion has great mobility, you can't get really get somewhere safe like under turret. I love Vi. When I have a shitty day, I know I can get home, play her, and immediately feel much better. However, I know that her R can be pretty unfair.
Okay, yes, in a 1v1, Vi's ult is a death sentence. But Vi can 1v1 most champions without her ult anyway. Again, the counterplay here is to stop 1v1ing Vi.
: I know exactly why, but they had to nerf his damage, mana costs, silence, and indirectly his mobility by introducing so many other hyper mobile champs. All I'm saying is we know from experience that it doesn't take much to push Kass back into a really strong spot.
They buffed his damage and mana costs repeatedly post-rework, and they literally nerfed his mobility, not indirectly. That's not even how mobility works.
: Because Riot's balance team doesn't like (or understand) late-game champions needing to scale because explosions from minute one is the desired vision of gameplay for them. Who cares if he hits late game faster? What's the worst that could happen? It's not like Kassadin is an extremely delicate champion to fuck with or anything right? ...oh wait.
Uh... He's not though. They removed both volatile elements of his kit a while ago. He's now just as balanceable as any other character. And these buffs didn't make him hit lategame faster. He still needs 3 items to do anything.
Eedat (NA)
: Why was Kassadin buffed again?
Because literally no one was playing him and so they thought he was bad. He wasn't.
: When people try to defend an overpowered champion's WR by saying "low sample size only Plat+"
When people try to pretend that winrate means much in terms of balance
: Then what is it? I mean, I know that pressing R as Vi means my opponent is most likely screwed unless it's Xayah, Fizz, or Zed.
Then your opponents can't position for shit. Ulting in as Vi is a death sentence to yourself.
Arakadia (NA)
: Diana's ult doesn't CC you, doesn't knock enemies out of the way, and isn't paired with another dash that CC's you. Diana has to land her Q if she wants to stick to you for very long, and she doesn't have another dash. And Diana requires a target for her dashes. Yes what does and yes what can? Don't assume I can read your mind. Are you saying her ult has counterplay and her W can be counterbuilt? Because someone who shreds armor AND health at the same time certainly prevents any build choice and _highly_ reduces your ability to counterbuild.
The first two things you said we're what the first two things I said we're replying to. What a surprise. And yes, her ult has just as much counterplay as Diana's, who, by the way, also has CC, a shield, and a higher range. Learn what the word counterplay means. And no, it doesn't prevent you from counter building. Vayne cannot be counterbuilt. Vi easily can.
: Was it the damage? No. Was it the Silence? Nope. Was it the mobility? Abso-fkn-lutely, Half-screen teleports, ew.
I mean, I won't argue, 700 range blinks are disgusting, but it was also partially his silence.
: Every competitive game in major regions right now happen to consist of Graves and Camille being picked or banned.
Seeing that his argument about diamond+ was entirely incorrect with no factual basis, AorKingNeo attempted to pretend he was talking about pro play this whole time in order to salvage his argument. It failed.
: Can't speak about the others since I don't play them much, but Vi is one of my mains on my main account in LAN. I definitely think she's stronger than a lot of champions and most junglers. And her R has no counterplay, to be honest. I would even say she's a Lee Sin without a reliable escape.
That. Isn't. What. Counterplay. Means.
Arakadia (NA)
: In what world is Vi very counterable? Her ult, LITERALLY has no counterplay. Her W LITERALLY cannot be counter built aside from attack speed slows. Her E is an auto attack empowerment, and thus cannot be dodged. She is a generalist melee. I am **not saying she is OP or broken or in need of nerfs**. But she has much less counterplay than someone like Kha'Zix or Ivern or Yorick or Poppy or Diana.
Yes it does, and yes it can. That's not what counterplay means or how counter building works. And if Vi's ult has no counterplay, Diana's most certainly doesn't.
: Meanwhile those of us who were playing back when he was 100% pick or ban for roughly 2 years saw the buffs and were like "This gon get ugly fast..."
Really? Because you clearly have no clue why he was 100% pick/ban then.
: Wow, Graves is considered a pick ban. Shocker. Didn't see that coming from pro play. No one bans Lucian because it's usually on their team in that elo. Or better bans, like Fiora and Camille.
Reading isn't hard. Camille has a banrate under 10% with a pickrate under 5%, Fiora under 15% for both. Graves' banrate is only around 35%, with a 15% pickrate. None of them are pick/ban, even in competitive.
: Were you around for Season 3? Because we don't talk about **that** Kassadin.
Well, to be fair, no one actually ever saw that Kassadin. He was banned literally 95% of the time.
: _Looks at diamond pick-ban rates_ _Laughs_
At yourself? Graves has a high banrate, but low pickrate, Lucian is the opposite, and Fiora and Camille aren't banned or picked much at all. Seriously, what source are you looking at? http://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/diamond/by-banrate
Ralanr (NA)
: What does it mean to be "squishy"?
I mean, yeah, that is what squishy means. The second definition is basically what tanky means, or at least what being a bruiser means.
Rioter Comments
: How do you counter Eve?
Vision. Eve has to be visible when doing certain things like taking camps, so ward around her jungle to detect her. Buy shit tons of control wards too.
: wheres urgot man everyone knows riot forgot about urgot
: Actually it's a core item now since now it gives more life steal, has more ad, has more attack speed, is cheaper, and has % health damage/100 magic damage. It can also be rushed as fast as a stattik shiv. Look at Lee, Caitlyn, Lucian, Elise, etc. all of them are unbalanced right now and extremely toxic to play against
>Look at Lee, Caitlyn, Lucian, Elise, etc. all of them are unbalanced right now and extremely toxic to play against Not necessarily. You feel like they're unbalanced and toxic to play against, but you have no hard evidence to back that up. Besides, 4 champions out of 134 does not mean nothing is balanced.
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: 1. ok stop licking their asses , nothing is balanced on this game . living example : Yasuo and BoRK 2. crafting system : you barely get boxes and keys , so what ever , by BUYING the boxes+ Keys doesn't mean anything . 3. jg s6-s7 yi is still the same . lee sin was like that s6 4. rotating game modes are the most boring thing i have ever seen except of URF (not the random one..) the rest are just random stuff 5. SoloQ is the most unbalanced thing someone ever experience , for example you are diamond and you get on your team silvers and bronzes (same in reverse) -------------- Sandbox : all games in the entire world (moba games) have sandbox , so league made one too ...
>nothing is balanced in this game Funny. >Example: Yasuo and BoRK That item he doesn't build? Sure.
: Lucian is pick ban. Fiora is pick ban. Camille is pick ban. Graves is pick ban.
No he isn't, no she isn't, no she isn't, no he isn't. Looking at any reliable stats website would tell you this much, stop spouting bullshit.
: His wave clear is crap now. E by itself, even with early AP items, cannot kill a caster minion unless you refresh it with Q and have voilding attacking the minion. So let say at level 3..you need 60 mana for rank 1 E, 40-80 mana for rank 1 W (if you are summoning 1 or 2 of them) and 80 mana for rank 1 Q. That is anywhere from 180 to 220 mana being used just so your E can kill a caster minion so that it can spread to another minion and give you 3% of your max mana back. It either that...or just trying to auto attack the back line so that you can start a chain when the front line get low to spread the E...but then you run the risk of losing CS....and your lane opponent is clearing the wave easily or poking you down as you are trying to get the wave low to start the spread.
Oh, so they gutted his waveclear. That makes sense then.
: Out of curiosity, have you played Malzahar mid recently...or at all?
No, I haven't. I haven't even played Malz, or chances are I wouldn't be asking. I ask because I look at his old abilities vs. his new ones and I can't see why he's so bad mid now.
: Goodbye Malzahar ☹️
Out of curiosity, what makes Malz so bad mid now?
: Fiora passive change
So she gets to ignore grievous wounds...why? How does that help her?
: > Followed by nothing. Was this a shitpost the whole time? He was referring to what he said before (control wards, map awareness) But I guess that's really not much of a case because it applies to almost every ganking jungler.
>by just doing the following things >He was referring to what he said before Perfect syntax.
Dragfin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=jHshZXE6,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-04-25T07:44:48.550+0000) > > it's not taken lightly and the reporting system does work, it just does a horrible job in letting you know that it did something. > > Currently, you'll only get a notification if the game you reported the person in was that game that got them punished. If they got punished later down the road, you'll never get to know. > > Riot is aware of this problem, but they have to do some ground work first by completing the new client. When they do start working on the system's visibility, hopefully we can get something like [this](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/aFmEtAVK-riot-should-add-monthly-status-cards). If it worked we would have a noticeable decline in the problems it is supposed to detect. We don't. It doesn't work.
No we wouldn't. This game has tens of millions of players, and not every case is crystal clear. I'd be surprised if they can eliminate more than 1% of toxic players annually, either through reform or bans, and a 1% change isn't very noticeable. The system can only reasonably go so fast.
: What people complaining about Lee Sin really want
Mmhm. You're aware many of them main junglers who can gank pre-6, right? There are far more pre-6 junglers than there are post-6 ones. Stop exaggerating. People want Lee to be nerfed because they don't like the way he removes agency from them, or are just tired of seeing him so often. Hell, the other 2 junglers everyone is currently complaining about barely even gank. Graves is content to just farm your jungler all game, and lacks enough mobility or CC to gank well, and Ivern, guess what, can't gank pre-6 and would rather steal all your camps anyway. Wait, hold on. >because anyone that actually has would know that he can get countered so hard early by just doing the following little things. Followed by nothing. Was this a shitpost the whole time?
Aptest (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=YoungSirJ0ey,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OJg1hEKj,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-04-25T19:04:17.294+0000) > > He probably isn't the same person. EUW. NA. servers. different.
2 things. One, didn't see that, and 2, I was joking. I know that was supposed to rhetorical.
Aptest (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=YoungSirJ0ey,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OJg1hEKj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-04-25T18:57:24.823+0000) > > I mean, he probably isn't. Is his name the same? i do not understand the question
Aptest (EUW)
: do as you wish. but if you are that 40% win WW who didn't show his pick today? I'm happy i took that chance on getting you to play your fall back. your Ivern was absolutely beautiful... ...in a bronze sort of way, ofcourse.
I mean, he probably isn't. Is his name the same?
: Zac isn't reworked for being unhealthy, though. They just thought that his fantasy of being the jolly jumping jelly could be better represented in the game. They just have to figure out how to implement it in a healthy way. Zac was one example. And a problem with Aatrox was that he is a drain tank. But with Warwicks update they managed to design a healthy drain tank, too. So there is hope we will see more HP casters with fair gameplay in the future. ^^
I know Zac isn't being reworked for being unhealthy, I was just pointing it out.
: The list of champs that Riot forgot
Illaoi: IDK where dunkmaster Illaoi is, but I do know that she gets bug fixes frequently. Irelia: Primarily in "better nerf Irelia" memes. Karthus: They literally just improved his spell buffering last patch. Lissandra: Riot seems to remember her, given the buffs to her passive. Malphite: I think you mean Yasuo's ~~only~~best friend. Morde: More of a bug than K6. Seriously though, they're doing a full VGU for him eventually. Nasus: Is that a bad thing? ~~Yes, fuck Wither~~ Nunu: During that Nunu support incident. Ok Surfer Singed tho. Skarner: yeah basically. Tahm: Oh yeah, that guy who everyone hated when he was strong. Wonder why they'd ignore him? Zilean: *cue laughtrack*
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