: But what if I only want a Quadrakill?
Downvoted this so you'd have 4 upvotes
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: In memory of my brother
Holy shit dude. I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the pain I'd feel if I lost my brother. I'm sure it must've been hard for you to type that out. I'm praying for you and your family
Destaice (NA)
: Sexuality harassed at work today
Hey, what's his number? Asking for research purposes...... also fuck everyone who's making distasteful comments trying to make a joke of sexual harassment. Just let her vent in peace, it really wouldn't hurt you to just leave the fucking thread.
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: You get what you deserve. Now you know what it feels like to waste people's time. gg
You'd still have to sit in the queue for 5 whole games. It just bypasses the queue for those games that aren't full games.
: Why are name changes so expensive?
Probably to avoid confusion. I don't like it but it's not really that big of a deal. I actually hated my original name because I made it years before I actually got into the game and it was really corny and childish, so I shelled out some birthday money a few years ago to change it to this.
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ItsOrval (NA)
: Im guessing its from the possibilities, A. Riot tracked my IP Address and banned my accounts I logged into. B. Riot went into my clan and saw they all had identical names, "Im the jayce god", "Im A Jayce God", "Jayce The God", "I Am A Jayce God". And banned them all. C. Riot said fuck it, ban all Jayce mains for the lols.
IP addresses can be tricky to track, since colleges and libraries can have the same IP address externally. That's why Riot doesn't ban IP addresses (I made a thread about it a long time ago). Many clan members change their names to be something similar to each other. Granted, they usually aren't that similar, but it's still a common practice so I assume they'd be cautious about banning an entire clan. to be honest, I'd be okay with that :P The only reason that I can think of is that every account had been reported for negative chat logs. Riot always allows people to have other accounts if they get permabanned on their main, unless you're Tyler1.
ItsOrval (NA)
: Riot Banned All Of My Accounts At The Same Time...
How does Riot know that all of the accounts are owned by you?
SSmotzer (NA)
: [Rework Concept] Malphite, Voice of the Mountain
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: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I think you should treat yourself to an ultimate skin. E. lux or Sg Udyr, probably.
THANK YOU!!!!! I'll definitely consider. :D
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Happy birthday :^)
: Buy everything Ahri cause Ahri and Ahri <3 Also happy birthday :D
Ahri is a dime. Thanks brother :)
: Happy Birthday, Man. U should buy one of ur favorite champion skin. Its ur birthday , not ours. Have some fun.
Thank you sir :) I own all of my most favorite skins but I'll buy some cool new ones. Any ideas?
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: Vi in a nutshell
Not gonna lie, when I saw "vi in a nutshell" i first thought it meant "I busted a nut" i'll leave it up to you to interpret why...
: I really don't want to get spammed with trade requests every game. Which is absolutely what would happen in solo q. It's very common for someone to be upset they get support. There are certainly some benefits to be had with it but they're pretty minor.
There would definitely be a limit to how many times someone could request to trade with you, just like with trading champions. But still, I get spammed more frequently to swap roles now with the current system than I think anyone ever would with a system like this.
I7A6X2v2 (NA)
: **Cool idea.**
: I would want two buttons, though. One that says "will you trade with me?" and another that announces "I'm _willing_ to trade if anyone got autofilled."
I feel like a simple announcement in chat would work better for the second idea, but the first button idea is what I'm trying to get at with this idea. Neat idea though!
Bootless (NA)
: I personally would love a reminder or notification that someone would like to switch roles with me. instead of feeling like a jack ass for locking in and realizing in the middle of all the chat chatter someone asked if they could switch. it would also help with the autofill problems and allow more team work communication before the game even starts.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Yes yes exactly, that's the point!! Thank you :)
: How, exactly, does this matter?
This would just avoid confusion with people, since now the only way to tell which role someone is going is to ask in chat, which may or may not give you the answer you need. Plus, it would alert those that are involved in the trade so that they could give a definitive answer.
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: That CD to CC ratio on W is pretty broken on 40% CDR thats for sure
I will fix it, thanks for the input
: I like the 'one axe' concept but I dislike how he can CC someone for 3 seconds on a 6 second cooldown. With 45% CDR they would be stunned all the time (with like a 0.1 second window) before the next stun.
hmm, I didn't catch that. Thanks for the input.
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: When someone mentions Jhin in boards
I want to upvote, but this currently has 44 upvotes. So take this comment instead.
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scazzman (NA)
: how to fix toxicity in ranked
Please no. I play normals to get away from toxicity and tilted players and to just have fun. Forcing the tilted/losing players into norms would make me quit.
: Yes I did.
Do you have any other information to add other than saying "you're wrong"?
: Yes it does.
Did you read what I posted? Also I changed the title to make it clearer
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: You are correct. That was a normal though, this was a ranked game.
: This made my day, hopefully it brightens yours
Weren't you the guy that also surrendered that game where the toxic Lux was ruining the experience?
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: Thank you :) You're a beacon of positivity on these boards. Permission to add you when I get the chance?
: TIL: video evidence is an exaggeration of reality. I'd link to you what I've found, but considering I've been banned for a link to a video displaying graphic violence already, I think you'll just have to take my word that it can be found and look for it yourself.
I love how quickly this turned into a political argument lol
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