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: can you just revert the goddamn jungle to earlier seasons?
Just revert the game back to before Greg "Ghostidiot" Street joined Riot and fire him.
: Wind Wall is also a situational ability at best. It can block major ultimates, but when not being used, it just sits and takes up an extra ability. It's obnoxious both playing as, and against
: How to quickly lose 4 lp
Fun story, if you d/c and then reconnect and your team wins the game you still lose LP! So just don't reconnect.
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: Lets be real for the new-players sake
I don't think Riot's current policy on banning players at the drop of a hat is helping much.
: Context and/or explanation?
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: Proof that Riot has abandoned their design values on Counterplay
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Lan Fan (EUW)
: I agree in everything Just look for the post that people did when Ghostcrawler ~~get fired~~ left Blizzard. Everyone was celebrating it and asking what was the next game he was gonna ruin. Now u got the answer. Also idk why a guy that is Gold with negative wr decides what has to be nerfed or buffed. They're digging their own grave with this trash changes. Peak ranked: Dia 3 80 lp
: Nice Zhonya's. Nice Bard ultimate. Keep in mind in this same clip Camille and Fiddle almost 2v4'd the rest of the team.
Oh right, I forgot as an AD champion I should be forced to build AP items to counter assassins.
: Hell, I'd like for both Duskblade and Stormrazor to be removed - lethality and thunderlords are strong enough in themselves, and following underperforming champions can be brought up to snuff.
Or make stormrazor ranged only since it was intended to be an ADC item.
: Or just return to old Duskblade (the one that left a mark that then detonated. Make the duration till detonation 1.25 sec (something like that) so then it gives time for people to survive or just die afterward. Having current Duskblade making Rengar R become the presence of death to anyone on the map SOUNDS nice, but in reality just makes him a pain in the ass to deal with. Combined with the heal on w, yada yada yada you get the point. Deleting an item only makes sense if it is warping the game extremely (take banner for example). Yeah, only if it is warping the game completely like doing 3/4 of peoples hp from halfway down the map right?
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: State of the Game Here's the state of the game
: Yep its bullshit but its not a new thing, these assasin divers or whatever they are called nowadays have been dishing out this kind of damage for sometime now
Yep, eventually the only people that will be playing this game are the asshats that enjoy this design.
: Better work on that whole being visible to the enemy thing you're doing there, it's getting you killed!
I know, I need to just AFK! That'll show'em!
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: Figure out this one trick to not getting banned!!! The report system HATES him!!!
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=YourAreMyQueen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1AZYKPGZ,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-07-06T21:42:02.518+0000) > > So Zed should get to kill full hp squishies instantly without them being able to react at all without a lead because he picked zed? Found the ad assassin main. I have actually never played Zed once in my life, but what you are asking would make assassins not viable. He was an ahead assassin vs a squishy champion, of course he is going to 100 to 0 a squishy, if he couldn't, he would be shit.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=YourAreMyQueen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1AZYKPGZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-06T21:33:35.554+0000) > > 1/0 Zed with 30 cs shouldn't just automatically kill a full hp squishy target simply because he picked Zed and the other person picked a squishy. Make him do more than bang his head onto the keyboard and walk away easily with a free fucking kill. They would suck then, if you are squishy, and he is ahead with a kill and gold...why wouldn't they kill you?
So Zed should get to kill full hp squishies instantly without them being able to react at all without a lead because he picked zed? Found the ad assassin main.
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Malak (NA)
: Actual Issues in League
Old niche AP Trist. Removed Old mage Sion mid. Removed. Old unique battle mage/support Karma. Removed. Old unique poke adc Urgot. Removed. You will play this game the way Riot wants or they will remove your champions from the game.
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: Just a reminder that the skill disparity in silver and gold is disgusting
There's a lot of high skill players in gold and silver who's champions just can't compete with the meta bullshit anymore and don't care to try so they just "troll" by picking non-meta bullshit and watching a meta slave play an op champion for the first time slaughter them.
: I played like 5 games today and I only enjoyed 1
I've been playing less and less and have even gotten into champ select more than once this week and just left because I knew it wouldn't be fun. And I am a serious addict to this game. So I guess thanks Riot for weening me off by making the game so, so unplayable!
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: It's the nature of assassins tbh. For Assassins to be strong, they have to reliably be able to burst a target quickly and get out. To players, this feels _horrible_. The counterplay to an assassin is something you did 5-10 minutes ago or 1-2 minutes ago by not being vulnerable. You'd never know it but you realize it because they don't kill you. It's never going to be a clean class because people _hate_ dying to something they perceive as having no counter.
So when I'm standing under tower full hp as support zilean and a 0/0/0 51 cs zed comes and kills me in one combo without his ult, please enlighten me as to what I did wrong. Because the only thing I can think of is that I didn't play a tank. Which is the definition of no counterplay.
: Remember back in Season 0/1 when Assasins were just Katarina, Shaco, Evelynn and maybe Nocturne? Those were good times. Eve was trash (coining the term "Eve Tier" for a long time) but other than that they were all great! Katarina's job was to go in and liquidate >40%HP targets once a team fight was wrapping up, and if she could catch other semi-low people in her AoE moves intended for that original target, she could get resets and keep whittling everyone down as she danced around the battlefield. It was very strong, but it came at the price of forcing your team to perform acceptably under 4v5 circumstances as you waited to get an opportunity. Unless you had presence in other ways, you could easily be useless if your team needed that extra fighting power from the get-go. It was risk and reward in equal parts. Give and take. Shaco was the best. He'd come in all spooky-like and start jabbin' you in the back. You wouldn't die from it but boy was it unsettling. Now you've gotta try to run away because it's 2v1 against laner and clown man, but what's this? You're slowed and it keeps renewing itself every time Shaco autoattacks as though he had a Frozen Mallet? Curse you, Two-Shiv Poison! You make it difficult to reach my turret before these two guys pummel me to death! It still takes a grueling 8 seconds one way or the other, but either I'm gonna reach my turret and flip you two off with 3hp or you're gonna get me and start spiraling the early game out of control. Shaco was always an Assassin you could deal with under normal circumstances because he required lots of time to get the job done, but at the same time he was still a tremendous early game monster and a great Shaco could end games in 20 minutes (big deal back then) if you didn't play cautiously. The trade off? Dude couldn't team fight for jack! He was an early game monster because he was a late game creampuff. Give and take. Risk and reward. No oneshots, it was manageable... but still terrifying in the right hands. A perfect example of what Assassins should strive to be. Evelynn was... a mistake. Back then at least. But hey 2 out of 3 ain't bad. If you count Nocturne though, he was just some dude who would come in globally (used to be global, it was awesome) and start autoattacking you. He didn't nuke you, it was more of a whittling kinda thing really. But considering that was always being added atop whoever else you were fighting from literally anywhere on the map back then, it's understandably still threatening. Plus he does fear you so he's got that going for him too. Back in those days, damage and mobility were not nearly what they are today. That means you took longer to get away, but it took longer for you to die too. In other words, it was less condemning to make a single tiny misstep, and one mistake wasn't gonna cost you the game. Assassins were still threatening because they were great and coming in and making your life harder. Back in those days, they were specifically designed to fight dirty. Shaco and Nocturne would gang up on people 2v1 and just slowly assist at taking them down, Katarina made your team's retreat turn into a trip to the meat grinder, and Evelynn... theoretically would also do what Shaco and Nocturne did. Assassins were GREAT back then. They were scary but you enjoyed having to deal with their shenanigans. Nowadays they just faceroll you in 4 seconds when you have 300 armor, solo style. Power fantasy be damned, give me my slow and steady Assassinations back!
Holy shit you survived vs an assassin for 4 seconds recently?
IainG10 (EUW)
: People seem to forget that there are other class games than MOBAs, and assassins are toxic as fuck in all of them. Having played PvP in WoW and Guild Wars 2, I can safely say that assassins are horrible there as well. Now WoW has its' own other problems as well as Rogues (like Blood DKs, *looking at you Ghostcrawler*) but GW2 it's pretty much limited to Necros (read {{champion:8}} or Rhaast) or Thieves. Now there are varieties of Thief, and which ones you see is determined by which ArenaNet have currently failed to balance. Currently in are dual pistol ({{champion:29}} with Ult), staff Daredevil ({{champion:105}} ) and Rifle Deadeye (now {{champion:202}}, weaving spells and autos at long range; but it used to be {{champion:142}}, one careful setup then *BOOM*). Past iterations were sword/dagger (dual or mixed), which played like {{champion:91}} or {{champion:238}}. The one thing they all have in common is/was they are/were molten liquid AIDS to fight against; the only allowed any fun is the person playing the Thief...
It's funny that two of those games started going down hill because of this when Ghostcrawler came on board. I wonder who the problem could be?
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: Nah. What decides games is who feeds and who doesn't. And how well teammates play with teammate based champs like {{champion:201}} . And your options at taking turrets down.
No it really doesn't. Have your bot go Tristana/whoever and their bot go MF/Zyra, your mid go Heimerdinger while they go TF, and your top go Nasus while theirs goes Darius. Unless the enemy team is actually a bunch of inbred dipshits, you WILL lose the game no matter the lead.
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: Tanks are pretty pointless right now imo
No it's all levels. I had 250 armor one game and got blown up by a 2/5 wukong for 2700 dmg by his ult alone.
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Trontie (EUW)
: ADCs are not dead because the itemization did it but...
They're dead because champions like wukong can 100-0 tanks in under a second with literally no counterplay, let alone adcs.
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Ghazter (NA)
: There's a difference between someone who has high base damage scaling and builds lethality ({{champion:238}}) and someone who has no skillshots, true damage, and an ability that makes them invulnerable along with a damage reducing spell that also heals ({{champion:11}}). I think you're crying about the wrong champion here. You can get by zed pretty easily with armor and (shocker) {{item:3157}} . I agree that the amount of AD assassin midlane champions that are viable right now is unbalanced, but at least Zed has dodgeable skillshots and can't really 100-0 you without his ult (bring {{item:3157}} {{summoner:21}} and you're fine, or play someone like {{champion:127}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:105}} ).
You're lying to yourself if you think that's true.
: I dont play zed I dont like zed I dpnt think his entire class is a good part of the game But that dpesnt mean im going to say zed mains arent talented at what they do amd that they didn't put the effort in to show their skill So you're wrong and ive downvoted you
It takes neither effort nor skill to play Zed.
: Malphite can do the same by going AP and ulting in, pressing E, Q. Its called you are a squishy little marshmallow that hasnt figured out what armor is, and he is the mouth that has roasted you and then eats you. Also, get a dang Zhonyas.
Yes getting a Zhonya's at lvl 4 should be the only counterplay to someone goin, Zed -> lock in. Got it! So smart and innovative!
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: Being able to play anything botlane is not a problem
I personally love getting one shot under tower from a 0/0/0 45 cs lvl 6 zed in under .2 seconds while he's exhausted! /s When Riot decided to hire the cancer that is Ghostcrawler literally everyone who knew who he was from his time ruining both AoE and WoW knew what was coming and literally no one was wrong.
: Rework Tryndamere already !
At least Tryndamere actually has to auto attack. You ever had the "pleasure" of playing against Zyra? She just has to spawn her -3210948023948509234850932485093242580398509348560934850293458034968304w9580234985-20395-02934856039853209-485 seeds that land on the ground and she wins the game.
Nosnide (NA)
: Does Udyr deal too much damage right now?
He doesn't do more than Graves and Graves is a highly mobile tank caster assassin with better CC.


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