: Reasons on why Thanos would be a great addition to the balance team [Infinity Spoilers]
: I hope it's true as a 1:1 ratio. He gets 800 AD from Warmog's but anyone over level 9 kills him in one hit.
Except at 800 ad with one item, and him having a stealth, you would build a ruby crystal, start the game with 150 bonus ad, and one shot them at level one. Then once you finished warmog's your execute alone 100 to 0s anyone at this point in the game. There would be no killing him in one hit, because he'd stealth up, and kill you in one auto, if your flash was down he'd ult you.
Ifneth (NA)
: Gargoyle Stoneplate + Duskblade, anyone?
How do those synergize? At all?
nelogis (EUW)
: ADCs abused it and walked around with 1/3 of their HP as a permanent shield, thats why it got removed. Courage on the other hand would be a nice keystone that could replace Afterschock and give tank supports their shield back instead of that Guardian thing.
It's such a crime that adc's abuse a tanky item to survive the amount of one shot assassins in the game, so they remove all quests, forever making support items a joke again, but no one bats an eye when half the ezreal players build an iceborn gauntlet becoming unkillable when combined with his flash on a 10 second cooldown.
meowwow7 (NA)
: what has me worried is what will his interaction be with {{item:3193}} or {{item:3190}}
Gargoyles is gonna be garbage, gives him a bunch of AD but lowers his damage by 60%. Locket shield will never go above base shield, and since it has no health, it's just armor and mr with no health to buffer the resistances. A small amount of armor and mr will be great on him, just like any other squishy, but trying to stack resistances will be a waste of gold.
Pika Fox (NA)
: If he does well. He is a feast or famine champ who neees to get an advantage and press it to do well. He will likely have an expensive optimal build and a fall back budget build.
nm1010 (NA)
: It all is going to depend on numbers, personally I'm already leaning towards "this character is poorly designed and will be extremely feast or famine". But until we see the actual numbers we won't be able to know for sure.
Well he is an assassin designed to steal kills and give full gold to the person he stole it from. He's most likely going to be incredibly feast or famine, but his ult gives him a way to just wait out a fight and then get back into a snowball at a moments notice. I think he's gonna be similar to {{champion:119}} when it comes to snowballing, and pairing the two will either be incredibly scary or incredibly pathetic if you never let them start rolling.
Pika Fox (NA)
: 1k hp champ gets 4k steraks shield for the luls.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Hes still a support and will have support gold income, so he will need a cheaper budget build.
Except he's also supposed to get a (hopefully large) amount of his lane's kills, as it's a waste for the adc to get them if he can give them both gold. Yeah, he'll need cheaper than standard assassin items, but he can build much more than normal supports. And since you'll be taking relic shield, you'll even be farming all the cannon minions.
: Grasp. Would give him a nasus Q / Veigar AP stacking effect since it gives you +5 bonus hp per proc. pick up Overgrowth too in the same tree. Lul.
Roughly 3 procs would give 1 AD and the bonus damage would never scale up. Overgrowth would increase your base health, but there would be no bonus health for it to increase, so half it's value is gone, and it would grant no AD. I think it's a cool idea, definitely worth testing how his passive interacts with it, but I'm thinking electrocute or dark harvest will be more useful on him.
: So Lulu will turn into Janna if she ults Pyke cool
Haha, that's true. I guess it would be a cool way of spiking his ad for burst, but using it as a save would be pointless and I hope lulu's don't waste their ult to save a Pyke ending up only giving him ad.
Eggbread (NA)
: I would not build Sterak's on Pyke as he would get a 0 shield from the passive. However, a build like... {{item:3111}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3800}} ...could be really interesting if the Passive does make "building Health" on him still gold efficient. He would still be durable due to the defenses provided and tenacity from Mercury Treads while still gaining tons of AD from the health conversion and the AD on Black Cleaver and Frozen Mallet. Dead Man's Plate plus Righteous Glory plus his W would undoubtedly lead to some pretty quick and hard to respond to initiations with his Q and E. He also becomes impossible to escape with his pretty wicked mobility plus Black Cleaver's speed boost and Mallet's slow. Spirit Visage also boosts his other passive to make him very resilient to quick fights so long as he can get away. Pyke is a very interesting champion and, if this passive is worth investing into, I can see it making for some pretty interesting builds for him. This is also not taking into note the interesting interaction he could have with Grasp for unlimited attack damage. If it is every 13 HP = 1 AD, that means every 3 procs = 1 AD. Depending on how much he can skirmish and the timing of how his fights play out, he could possibly abuse this to get really high attack damage by the late game against certain lanes that let you hit them a decent bit without too much immediate consequence that Pyke can easily dodge, such as Sion, Trundle, and Ornn. I'm not sure how his passive would work with Overgrowth, but it's likely underwhelming.
I love the Spirit visage, I didn't even consider that synergy. But I still want to keep a Trinity somewhere in my build for some extra burst so he's not as carry reliant. Nice to see Relic Shield will give him a whopping 4 ad as opposed to your adc's 80 hp 8 ad and 3% lifesteal from Doran's Blade for only 100 more. I guess the gold per 10 and ability to farm minions is worth the missing 226 gold value
: Steraks shield is based on bonus HP so with Pyke you would get a shield equal to 0. Not sure it would be good on him
I'm wondering if he'll get the shield based on the bonus HP pre-conversion, but I'll have to test that in a custom game. If he doesn't, not a good item on him, but if he does, great item.
: >Puts assassin sup in game >nerfs ADC powerspike so they get it further into the game while also decreasing the armor ADCs have hey but at least Pyke doesn't get health from items amiright
fuck i didn't even consider that. They just nerfed adc armor, and now their putting an assassin (the bane of an adc's existance) into the bot lane
higura (EUW)
: so...pyke's passiv is just poorly worded right?...
It will most likely be based on gold values. 13HP = 1 AD as far as gold goes. Using this ratio keeps items gold efficient, I couldn't see riot using a lower ratio as that would mean anything with HP tied to it (like cleaver or trinity) is a waste of gold. Passive's are supposed to strengthen the champion, and making half the items in the game gold inefficient doesn't seem like it would be very empowering.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: >Champion giving kill gold to others > Instantly labelled Support
Ignore the rest of his kit that screams support while his passive and w are useless for clearing and his q and his e are gonna be on such long cooldowns that you will have to rely almost solely on auto's to clear. It's also been leaked that a full combo will use half his mana in the early game, i don't think even a blue buff will fix the mana problems you'd have spamming that on camps.
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