: Not able to move camera in TFT
not sure if there is movin camera, but if u move ur avatar around u can c the map.
EtoVito (NA)
: Ward skin disappeared from my account.
i have just a bit of a different issue. i cant change mine. the area next to the summoner spells where the wards are to be, just isnt there. it is just a blank spot that can not be clicked. all in due time i guess, but the comment above, where there is no eta for the fix is a bit disheartning. i disenchanted 2 skins to unlock my wardskin, and one was a "bluegem" or something. rarish i believe, and would have saved it, if i knew i was going to have to wait for the ward skin. i would have unlocked more common ones by the time it comes back
: Dino Gnar will eat you up!
lol, they pulled my post about gettin skins for ip b.s. riot, b.s.
: Dino Gnar will eat you up!
one day, one day, perhaps offer skins for the broke dedicated players w tonnes of ip saved. or a conversion from ip to rp. that would truly be Gnarly. there. a champ pun. i did it.


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